Under $300 Kitchen Makeover! | Mr. Kate Decorates on a Budget

Published on Apr 19, 2018
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  • Woooow, the difference is incredible!

  • Those golden handles on the cabinets look beautiful

  • I dont like white though. What could be the second color you guys suggest?

  • I’m suffering from thrift store envy here.

  • Can you please help me find a solution for a craft room and storage

  • Awesome!!!!!

  • in england, our blue apron is called gousto and it's literally the exact same thing and my parents are always ordering recipes to cook.

  • wonderful

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • It's incredible when I hear people in US have low budget but huge houses like millionnaires here (in Switzerland). Anyway, congratulation again for the beautiful work, Mr Kate !

  • I love how appreciative you are to your hubby🥰 and his hard work!! I’m glad he’s so supportive 😘

  • My favorite part lol 27:27

  • you guys were so amazing👍

  • Why is her name mr Kate

  • Who decides how "little" time they have to complete these tasks? I feel like so many shortcuts were taken, out of necessity, but could they have had more time?

  • Love it!!😍❤️❤️❤️

  • What paint color was used for the bottom cabinets? Can't tell if it's dark grey or black

  • I so love this make over OMG yes you did great Mr Kate

  • She looks like Elsa Pataky

  • Did she go to LSU??? I see that Death Valley tiger shirt!!

  • great job on your remodel of this kitchen ! It looks fantastic !

  • they painted their hand to do the kitchen makeover

  • How do I send a video in to you?

  • The painted back splash looks untidy!

  • you two just complete each other it's so cute

  • The kitchen came out super cute. Great job Mr. Kate & Joey...

  • I met you guys tonight and I cannot get off the channel😂😂😂. I have to go study 🤣

  • Waiting songs 😂😂😂😂

  • why are u called mr kate not mrs

  • I would kill for that kitchen even in it's before state it's a makeover compared to mine. Broken drawers, peeling paint, broken dishwasher and no money to fix it. Nothing cosmetic is gonna change that altho I'm still hoping to find a video that will show me how to make it into something nice and familylike.

  • Was joey in a band or a soap drama before? He looks super familiar but I just can’t recalll urghhh help!

  • Is Joey look like Tom Cruise 🤔

  • It's just beautiful! Maybe I can try that faux brick back splash

  • wanted to know about the kitchen in want colors are you doing.

  • Looks GREAT

  • The kitchen before is 100 times better than my kitchen now

  • 🌹You talk a lots not necessary 🌹

  • You guys made that look like a brand new kitchen....👍🏾

  • I am here trying to find a fault in joey... Cz i want someone like him😆

  • YESSSS more kitchen makeovers!!!

  • Mud room/laundry room

  • Joey, so cute...😍

  • I like the idea of blue apron but the plastic is very excessive! And bad for the environment.

  • Joey and Kate remind me of chip and joanna when they're thrift shopping

  • amazing transformation loved watching thanks

  • I don't like Blue Apron. Anytime I used them, the food was not fresh.🙄

  • The black cabinets looks amazing! I want to paint mine ashy blue hope it ends up looking as good as this


  • Wait what happened in the corner at 10:18

  • Me.Kate and Joey are seriously people I need to have come do my room!!

  • Hey mr Kate it looks amazing

  • Joey is amazing!! I have so many project I want to do but don’t have the help I need to do so. Joey definitely helps a lot. Me. Kate you are an amazing designer!

  • Gorgeous Job and Couple!! Would you please share the source of your brass hardware for this make-over?

  • How about a craft room?!?

  • You guys are sooooo amazing ‼️🥰🥰 I had to share with all my friends. I would like to see or know how to upgrade an apartment with strict rules like no painting😫

  • honestly... its ugly and ur annoying

  • Omg if that was me walking into my new kitchen I would be screaming and jumping up and down lol 😂 I hate my kitchen plus it’s like the size of a closet (literally) anyways great job again!!

  • Mr. Kate, can you come to NJ? Please please please contact me.

  • You guys should do more vids

  • Omg ..u guys did a wonderful job.. on low budget.. u guys are cute ..

  • 4:3:

  • what are those - tattooed legs?

  • Great thumb tack trick! Beautiful updated kitchen! And u guys are so funny!

  • Awesome makeover! Congratulations!

  • Amazing work for $300, you guys rock

  • Too much talking....

  • joey looks like till lindemann lmao


  • Omg Adriana is my name !!!

  • Silly people. So juvenile....sorry.

  • Blue apron is great but so much plastic packaging for the portion divides. CNt they use twine or something to just tie it in small bunches?

  • will you do my room next

  • omg is so bueatiful

  • That is amazing and just goes to show you how far you can stretch a budget with some clever ideas. That backsplash was genius!

  • "Women belong in the kitchen" Mr. Kate: "omg this kitchen could use some renovating..

  • Thats really different and just wow

  • What's the song at 19:27

  • Love it! You two are so creative. Here's a suggestion, how about creating some holiday cheer or a setting for a receiving guests for a party to the entry of a home? First impressions are key! In my case we have a little entry way with a closet and a couple of chairs. (On this last kitchen I have a quick question - how will the homeowner keep that matte paint on the faux brick clean?)

  • Click clack on horrible music, sucks ass. I'm out

  • I really like it, except for the matte paint on the backsplash - cool in theory but it’s called a back “splash” for a reason and I imagine the chalky finish will be super difficult to clean.

  • When are you coming to Sweden? I have a lot of friends who could need yore help!

  • Love your pink hair!

  • I love your channel! Been sick in bed and nursing a back injury so I’ve been binge watching your episodes! So much inspiration!! Love how the cabinets turned out! Is the brick panel backsplash “splash” resistant? Also I looooove your blue ring in the video! Any info on where you got it?? Keep up the amazing work!!!😍😍 @laura_w_smith

  • Amazingly beautiful! You guys rocked that kitchen. So 😎 cool!!!

  • Can you do a full apartment for young people moving in on a budget? (First apartment)

  • I didn't expect to be this blown away😳

  • Love minus the backsplash... ! Well done!

  • absolutely amazing!!!!

  • Que lindooooo love you guys 😁😁😁

  • Kitchen idea for me. What bottom cabinet paint did you guys use?

  • Stop playing we are all so busy. Get to the point

  • Nice, fresh, update on such a small budget. Well done! Sometimes, just getting creative, and seeing things differently can inspire a person. The 753 thumbs down, apparently don't have this vision. So sad for them


  • It's so cute how well their personalities mesh. #couplegoals

  • Ahmazing. I love you guys

  • Can you please come to chicago Il and do a kitchen makeover

  • YOU GUYS... THEY NEED 51 MORE SUBSCRIBERS TO BE @ 3M.... Let's help lol... I love them

  • When I first moved into my house I painted my cabinets white. It was nice for a time but the top coat started turning a yellow color making my cabinets look dirty. I would like to change the cabinet colors do I have to re-sand the old paint off or can I just use the de-glosser?

  • Love your hair! Their kitchen looks amazing!

  • I love how she fixed his shirt at the end in the car. They’ve been together a while I think 😋