Under $300 Kitchen Makeover! | Mr. Kate Decorates on a Budget

Published on Apr 19, 2018
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  • Woooow, the difference is incredible!

    • Melissa Moreno I have to 😂😂😂

    • Mr. Kate I loooooool love you 😘😘❤

    • Jaxyn F I live in Pennsylvania too and want them to come

    • Lindsey Hutchison it always is; they are so amazing with what they can do

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  • I love it 😍

  • Mr. Kate can you please come to my house and re-do my room i really need it re-done if you say yes ill tell you where i live so you can come. I love you Mr. Kate!!!

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  • Loved it!

  • YOU should ask what she likes. A DIFFERENT color cabinet on the bottom is for a large kitchen.You want t i ma ke it look bigger all ine color like white light green.

  • I just found you guys and I love you guys already.this kitchen make over was awesome. I just bought me alil house and that's what I'm going to do to my kitchen, in bout a month, I should have the money to pay for it then. Loved it!! You guys are a cute couple. Good luck in all you do!!!

  • Ppl while cosmetically Beautiful! Don't do your cabinets an a back splash, without consulting how to do the refinishing of cabinets properly! And also sealing the cabinets & the back splash! 1 St time she wipes down anything! the paint will come off cabinets & back splash & will be a Nightmare! too redo it ALL!😱😔 You shouldn't attempt this unless you have the Time! to do it RIGHT...🤔😩👎👎👎

  • Does anyone one else wonder where the people go when Kate tells them to leave......😂😂😂

  • what paint did you use?

  • they're literally the cutest couple💕

  • Can you guys do my room??? Also love the stuff you do

  • wow this is amazing ♥_♥

  • THAT is a million dollar makeover. Re-do? No. You guys NAILED it. It's beautiful.

  • Dayum! I need Mr. Kate in my life.

  • What brand of paint was used on the cabinets?

  • I was super skeptical on this one... however it turned out REALLY NICE!!!! Great job guys :)

  • AAHHH!! I just recently starting watching your channel!! This show is the bees knees! I think you should do a closet make over. Oh the joys!! Shoes, jewelry, handbags and more all organized and displayed

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  • My kitchen is probably half the size of that and is has mismatched coughbured draw doors and is missing some nobs so 😑

  • Love it. Big difference! I wish I can give my mom new kitchen like that( $300)😍👍

  • World win. LOL

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  • Beautiful Excellent job mr Kate Amazing

  • I really wish someone would nominate me. My house hasn't been updated since 2008 just because I can't afford it or know what to do. Love this! You two are great!

  • I would like that they could help me to transform my kitchen with that amount since I am out of work but I would like to have such a beautiful kitchen for my birthday I live in Dallas Texas I wish you could read my message thank you and god bless you

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  • I meant her reaction

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  • It is not a world-win, it is a whirlwind.

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  • Can I nominate my sister for a kitchen makeover? Our mother recently passed away and my sister's kitchen needs plenty of updating. It is extremely gloomy and I want her to feel a little bit of brightness this year. Please help her.

  • I loved the dark cabinets so me, they so should of gotten a hen wire egg basket for that farm look they were going for

  • anyone else like the old kitchen better...

  • Love it so much

  • No way 300?

  • 1st vid ive seen by mr. kate and i already subscribed and love them both!!!

  • Kate... U and Joey did a great job...🙂👏👏👏 Yall work awesome together...u guys rock the way ya'll bless people!!!

  • I came across this channel absolutely randomly and I am so impressed by your enthusiasm, talent, and creative genius that I am now a new subscriber. I wish you both continued success with your channel and your projects. I am now going to binge watch every Mr. Kate episode I can find!

  • Looks awesome

  • The kitchen was beautiful before after. I don't know why they act like they hated it so bad. it was a very nice kitchen, but they did do a good job

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  • Puzzling that so many are asking what colors the paints are, but I don't see it posted of replied to. Sad

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  • just started watching these videos last night. I have insomnia. I redid my entire room.

    • Waiting for my fiancé to come home and be like tf

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  • Hey it’s a great kitchen but not to be offensive or anything but you should of made the top cabinets the same color as the bottom cabinets

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  • That kitchen came out amazing! Great job for less than $300, WOW

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  • it was still pretty before

  • Great! I use Denby (what appears to be the green ceramic ware) to add a vintage feel to my home. A pitcher is a vase, and I use various pieces in two of the bathrooms. A salt and pepper elbow tray is used as a soap dish in the bath because it fits the shape of the tub--so it hold both the soap and my face brush. Denby comes in so many different colours that you can mix and match for interest. I use the covered soup bowls to hide small things that I need access to all the time (e.g., dental floss, etc.), as well as for powder. There's plenty of Denby and similar pottery on ebay.

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  • Does someone know y she's Mr Kate and not Mrs Kate or Kate

  • the white bricks look nice but the red brick wall would have looked better in my opinion

  • My grandma is genuinely concerned that you cut the “brick” after putting it OVER the outlet covers rather than taking the covers off and putting the “brick” underneath.

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