Under $300 Kitchen Makeover! | Mr. Kate Decorates on a Budget

Published on Apr 19, 2018
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  • Woooow, the difference is incredible!

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  • You are so creative! I am moving into a very small room. I have milk crates to add storage. We are also on a budget. Help !

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  • If we can nominate, i would like to nominate my mom... shes had a tough couple years with losing two mothers (blood and in-law) and her father and within one year two moves and she hates that it feels like shes never "home" just kind of staying in someone elses house. I think something like decorating her space will make her feel like she belongs somewhere again

  • His eyes are insane, I think I just lost what was left of my mind.

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  • This help many family like me that lost there job and barely have money to eat that can create anything in a budget

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  • Adhesive stickers can also be used for kitchen cabinets.

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  • Hello there mr. Kate! I was just wondering, have you considered using www.thesmarttiles.com on a project? Not at all a sales pitch, just have been curious as to how they may work & look in a space! xx

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