Under $300 Kitchen Makeover! | Mr. Kate Decorates on a Budget

Published on Apr 19, 2018
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  • Woooow, the difference is incredible!

    • Melissa Moreno I have to 😂😂😂

    • Mr. Kate I loooooool love you 😘😘❤

    • Jaxyn F I live in Pennsylvania too and want them to come

    • Lindsey Hutchison it always is; they are so amazing with what they can do

  • So sweet!

  • So lovely but this is a kitchen, spills, stains, grease, steam etc, the backsplash and cabinets need to be washable.

  • Amazing

  • You guys should do a music studio in a garage or basement or something!!!! :D

  • Pls pls come my home i work sooo hard but i have 4 little piggies and a big piggy and my house is like blahhhhh pls pls help 11 watchman road pls pls

  • I'm done design 101 you never paint cabinets a dark colour if the countertop is dark SMH I already know this kitchen is gonna come out jenky before even seeing it done.

    • I was right the dark cabinets look horrible against a dark countertop.

  • Having a kid n buying a house is called adulthood not really a whirlwind.

  • This series makes me wanna put aside $300 and slowly but surely makeover different areas of my house. They make it seem not impossible and it’s very inspiring. Keep up the amazing work you two!! And keep being adorable ❤️❤️

  • Nice 👍

  • its so beautiful I have watch it more than once. I wish you could come to Ohio. Just a wish.

  • Really a superb transformation. Love you guys. I would be the happiest person if I have some money to renovate my very old kitchen. But love to see

  • I love it 😍!! That looks so Amazing

  • I took off all my cabinet doors, drilled holes for new knobs, painted everything, soaked the hinges, peeled off the paint layers, sanded them, painted them, and put it all back together in two days. It's like I have a new kitchen

  • Please tell me you can come to nj

  • One day I will buy a home and call Kate to help me with decorations 😍😍😍

  • It does look nice, but my OCD could not cope with cabinets being different colors.

  • They’re pushpins not thumbtacks

  • Joey is hot as fuck!

  • I just seen this and wow. Where are you guys from. And if the USA do you help Canadians too 😃

  • I was binge watching House & Home channel on US-tv where architects redid kitchens and other small rooms, for thousands of dollars and titled as budget makeovers 😅 but this, this right here is a true budget makeover.

  • How mush money does it cost.

  • wtf... magic?

  • What a transformation! I love it!! :)

  • Kate your pants math the kichen

  • This show reminds me of the decorating shows that used to be on HGTV, back when it was actually a fun and helpful channel.

  • Wonderful!

  • You are so kind and cute

  • Like everything EXCEPT...(why, why, why?) the hideous gold/brass 80s cup handles with brushed silver sink, appliances, etc.????

  • Incredible! And I just love the little breakfast bar area you added to the back of the peninsula. Never would have thought of that, but SO practical and so easy, Geez Louise!

  • Please come to do my house too. You are amazing

  • ....Is that an LSU shirt, Mr. Kate??

  • There kitchen is already good as compared to Indian kitchen, but yes it's so organized and amazing makeover. I love Indian kitchen as well😊

  • Joey is like my ideal BF😍

  • Does she take back the decorations like Joanna did in fixer upper or not?

    • In Fixer Upper, the point of the show is renovating the house. They took back the decorations so the client could put in their own. In this show, the decorating is the whole point, so it wouldn't make sense to take them back.

  • I wish I had seen this video BEFORE I tried to refurbish my own kitchen!

  • I love how silly you guys are in public😆

  • I did a $300 dollar kitchen too you might find inspiring us-tv.org/tv/video-pD0i3XWPVtA.html

  • You should do a house in under 1,000!!

  • This is honestly very helpful, thank you for your videos 🔥🔥🔥♥️

  • Ooohhhh my God he is sooooo handsome

  • Wow the intro is so cringey Lololol

  • Since you help everyone everyone should help you with something

  • Under Cabinet looks so Great!! Upper cabinet's too 'plain' tho :/ especially because the ceiling and backsplash is also white.

  • 26:03 😍 the way he was looking at her 😭 sooo cute .. Gosh I literally feel like I'm single , when I'm not 😓

  • You should Decorate/Transform my room because you are amazing!!!

  • You guys deserve a sub! I am in shock!!

  • I redid our kitchen based off your design and I love it thanks so much for your help

  • when counter space is at a premium, decorations or nick knacks should be minimal.

  • Looks great, but have to say bad choice for backsplash cut around the switch plates...cheapened the look.

  • It look amazing 😉 love 💕 it!

  • Do a mud Room! Coming from a Vancouver person lol 🌧

  • love the red lips, reminded me of Marilyn M. and loved the striped jeans. Joey always wears his best...it is his smile.

  • How can I nominate my home?

  • So glad you did this!

  • Wow you guys are incredible like how do you do this I wish you guys could come over but my parents won't allow

  • I live in India, I watch your s video, I love both of u. U both r genius

  • When he said “does anyone know what time it is” I yelled TOOL TIME...I’m I the only one that did

  • My first reaction when they walked into the kitchen was: hey, that's a really nice kitchen! Why do they want to redo it?! 🙈

  • Nope. After I wrote that comment an ad came on saying redo your bathroom on a budget.

  • A bathroom on a budget

  • Ive watched few transformations since morning and every ending gives me goosebumps! Mr. Kate team you two are amazing!!! 💘💘💘 more power!

  • I love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️. Great job !

  • What color is on the bottom cabinets?

  • I have just found your channel and I am already obsessed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mr Kate is so sweet and talented!!!!!!!!!!! And her husband is so supportive!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS CHANNEL! thank you !!!!

  • Do the people pay Mr. Kate to do the make overs?

  • The sisters were so happy! So cool! Great job Joey&Kate! Love!

  • Looks great except for back splash.

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  • Good collaboration. I would enjoy a little more if you can tone down the perky funny stuff just a tiny bit. Oo forced. Good work on the redo. Way better.

  • LOVE your Death Valley shirt!! #geauxtigers Loving your channel

  • Love it BUT a matte backsplash? That will not come clean! 😬

  • Only thing i didnt like was the fake brick painted white

  • Son Geniales chicos!!!! ❤️. She said I’m going to cook now 😂 I guess that’s what I need too 😆!!!!

  • Mr. Kate you guys did it again!🤓So fantastic!

  • Loved everything but... The clock has got to go.

  • Where can I find a designer to do each of my spaces for $300?

  • I wish I did kitchen makeover but my bucket little I could hardly makeover good luck to the people having makeover

  • It's so nice of u it's like change other peoples lives on the designs XOXO

  • Beautiful! What to do next? Come to my house!

  • Omg! You are incredible! Where do you go to get all that stuff for such a cheap price??!! You're amazing!!!!

  • This is my 1st time watching but I'm hooked! Y'all are awesome! Can someone school me why did you choose to use "Mr" Kate?

  • Wow!!! Beautiful

  • Why do we have the Kardashians and not this as reality tv show??!! It's so amazing what they can do with such a low budget!!! Keep up the good work guys. I can't stop watching your videos since I found your channel.

  • did i miss the color used on the bottom cabinets?

  • Way to rock it!!

  • Is it just me or is anyone else counting how many times she says “modern, farmhouse “ lol 😆

  • One or 2 commercials is fine but 10. Holy hell.

  • OMG! I remember Adriana from HMS & HMSA! Hey girl Hey!!!!!!!!! Awesome job!

  • We have a 5x8 U shaped kitchen and was quoted $15,000 to re do it... What???? I can't afford it. If you ever come down to Miami, please hit us up!

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  • 😅They made me hungry😅

  • I wish u could do my room it’s been my dream

  • This is incredible! I've decided how I want to do my kitchen.

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  • Loved it all, except - brass-toned pulls with stainless steel appliances?