ULTIMATE Real Life Clean With Me!

Published on Mar 15, 2018
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  • My Bearded dragon is no longer on sand.

    • I was coming to make that comment! I'm glad you switched her. Shes beautiful. Paper towel was my favorite.

    • paper towel

    • Carah Amelie what is it on?

  • Very relaxing to watch. I also think a clean room allows you to sleep better. Maybe it's just me.

  • This was great. However, I've also been watching minimalism shows. My only suggestion is to eliminate most of your "products/toiletries". Cleaning up those took 90% of your time. The rest of your house is so beautiful.

  • Ok, finally a clean with me that is a mess based in day to day living and not actual hoarding. I think people confuse the two and post things as a clean when it’s a hoarding scenario

  • Beautiful home ❤️this was so satisfying

  • Can I have some makeup please I live in cape town

  • Essa moça não passa pano pra marido hahaha amei

  • I would love to clean your house Idk why I like organizing

  • This popped up in my suggestions feed and let me tell you....2 minutes in I got off my butt and cleaned and organized my 5yo and 2yo room. I threw away 3 garbage bags of broken toys and junk that worked it’s way in there. So satisfying 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 I’m recovering from a major surgery and was using that as an excuse (totally valid but still 🥴) for letting it get completely messy. They could hardly play in there. They helped and so did my older kids and it was actually fun. We played Christmas music and worked and sang together ❤️❤️❤️ Thanks for the motivation. You have a new subscriber 😘🙌🏻❤️

  • I laughed out loud at the ungodly amount of pillows on your bed 😂 11 is a bit excessive

  • That was so satisfying to watch. Thanks!

  • Please wipe the Jewelry Box in your Room thank you

  • This video made me clean my room thxxx😊

  • You have 11 pillow in your bed hahaha

  • Damn, 11 pillows on her bed 😂😂

  • So satisfying! great job👍

  • Who uses a washcloth to clean the floor

  • Love it; you are so authentic and awesome 💐💐💐


  • 4:44 where did you get the song music?

  • Sorry for your lost

  • My house has the same painting that was above her bed!!😀😂

  • If u belive in god u will see that person again

  • What's with all the makeup

  • Дура, музыку тише не могла сделать?!?

  • We need more videos like this😍

  • I'm glad watching someone not clean up after their husband. Husbands are perfectly capable people who can do their own chores. especially when both people work in the house. It's not a woman's job to clean up after a man. they're not children. Some will argue- but I feel when working women who do everything for their husbands are slaves. we're not slaves to our husbands. we are equal to our husbands. dont baby them. Thank you for that.

  • Plus geb my the makeup

  • What kind of cleaner were you using? The stuff in the clear bottle??

  • Dude this is like my version of ASMR

  • So sad to hear that you had a devastating loss! I hope you feel better soon❤️❤️

  • It sounds like Travis needs to pull his weight lol

  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • I dont mean to be in her business but does anyone else what to know what loss she talking about

  • Only the real ones know who this intro song was from ;(( jaystations (his old channel jaystation new imjaystatiom)

  • .1

  • 401

  • you’re such an amazing mom, i love your style and the decor of your house its truly beautiful!!

  • sorry for your loss, but glad you were able to clean to make yourself feel better! ♥️

  • We have the exact same makeup organizer, its literally the best

  • Thank you. ❤

  • Enjoyed it 👌❤

  • Woah! I didnt know leaving a plastic basket on the floor would bleed into the carpet o.o hope that doesnt happen with my green hamper. About the bathroom getting coated in hair spray... I use hair spray every day and I can feel the grit of my bathroom surfaces after a week or so of not wiping them, so you're not alone in thinking that. Putting cotton swabs in candle holders are a cool idea :D I use small glass jars to keep the hair spray from coating them.

  • Why does that mess look fake not hating just stating

    • lol not fake. I have kids and things get crazy

  • I'm sorry for your families loss. ❤ thank you for the cleaning motivation

  • How do you spell your daughters name because my name is Alayna too 😊

  • I didn’t know that lizards ate rOaChEs oh hell naw

    • 😂I don't feed em to mine 😂

  • What is the loss?

  • Nice and for the hair spray problem used firts alcohol wipe it and the used your favorite cleaning product!!!

  • I see a weave

  • The dutch bros cups😫😌🤤👍👍

  • How can I get free makeup from companies?

  • Lol she has a wine glass sitting on her stair surface thing.

  • Not matching your socks when you put them away means that you have to dig and find a matching pair every day, taking longer to get dressed. Also single socks get mixed in with all the matching ones, too.

    • Great! That works!

    • the thing is, 95% of his socks are the same brand.... so it's not hard to pick out matching ones it 2 seconds.

  • Tip for keeping hairspray off of your floor. After taking your shower, just put the towel you used to dry off on floor so you can stand on it while you're doing your hair, and then you won't have hairspray all over your tile floor.

  • Sysys

  • Ysusus

  • hmmm quick tip, def consider having your daughter clean up after herself. i’m not sure how old she is but if she’s grown enough it’s not something you should have to do :) plus it teaches responsibility and discipline

  • too.much.stuff

  • Oh my god so, I have a beardie too! My boy his name is stitch and he loves to dance.

  • Its so satisfying to see people clean... butttt was wondering... do you ever let them clean their own mess like toys and i saw chairs were on the floor and toys all over... its good to let them clean up after themselves... starts them with good cleaning habits and they learn to respect more their space and toys

    • Yes they always clean up after themselves. but sometimes Im nice and do it for them

  • jeeeeeez

  • Your house is so crowded, I suffocate only by looking at

  • your house is heckin gorgeous

  • Omg I love your house so much it's so beautiful

  • These videos are so satisfying

  • Girl the hairspray is evil. Doesn’t matter what brand I use, it will get everywhere.

  • Who passed away???🤔😭😭😭😭😭I feel bad😭 p.s can anyone tell who passed away 😭

  • Wouldn't it be fantastic if it really happened this fast!!!😂😂😂

  • you missed a spot XD

  • What animal lives in that cage 4:40

  • I don’t fold undies and socks either!!! Husband says I’m the only one... This made my day!

    • aint nobody got time for that. i don't fold my kids pjs either. i just stuff them in a pj drawer and im like... who cares... its not like anyone cares if they are wrinkled. You gotta decide what is important in life. lol

  • Maybe if you placed one of the hampers on his side of the room he would be more likely to put his dirty clothes in it.

    • Yeah I put a hamper in our other bathroom and now my husband does put his clothes in it..

  • Your house is beautiful❤️

  • Hi I came across your video I hear you my mom passed and I let a lot go but then I said go do something make your mind clear but great job live cute home n style stay strong you n yours god bless..

  • Where did you get the wooden accessory cabin in your room from?

  • So motivational! How often do you clean?

  • Omg I see voltron in the back

  • Are you disturbed that's barely messy omg

  • My family had a bearded dragon when i was younger and we named her Izzy

  • How you did that with hair down is unknown to me

  • Nothing feels better than putting on some music and cleaning & organizing your space. Oh wait sleeping. Yeah sleeping feels better than cleaning.

  • When the grandparents are coming.😜

  • Who’s Izzy

  • You have a beautiful home!

  • Your house is so beautiful! I love your style of decorating!

  • Cutest lizard ever!!!!!!

  • my husband does the same thing. He usually goes like Where is my this or that And I go like It's in the same place you left it. He just can't keep his staff where they supposed to be and I no longer pick then up for him.

  • At 11:51, when she said "Make my downstairs match my upstairs," did anyone else immediately think of "Does the carpet match the drapes?" Haha!! 😂😂

  • Were did you get your makeup draws, the tall narrow one's on the left.Im in love with them. Xxxx

  • Amé tus mascotas🦎🐱🐈🐶🐕❤

  • Hermosa casa y hermoso gato🐈🐱.Saludos desde Argentina 🇦🇷

  • Primer vídeo que veo tuyo. Me imagino que todo este desorden, fue intencional. Fue preparado,para que vos puedas hacer tu vídeo. Quiero creer que vos,no vivís así,amé tu mascota🦎

  • How long did this whole process take? Anymore than 2 hours on my house and I'm beat lol

  • You are home is sooooooo beautiful❤❤❤❤

  • I'm sorry for your loss. This video is awesome.

  • Why do ppl always have their stuff lying on the floor lol makeup doesnt belong on the floor you will use it on your face lol drives me nuts :D

  • I love your carpets

  • Make your bed first! befffffore you dust everything around your bed. Or you're just going to stir up all the dust and it will land on and show up where you just cleaned/dusted. Just a thought.

  • Hey, I'm not trying to be rude but please please please remove that sand from the bearded dragons cage. When they go to catch there food they can ingest that sand it and will cause impaction which can lead to death. Even if you feed him with tongs you should still remove the sand because bearded dragons tend to lick there surroundings. It's just very dangerous to have the sand in there. I'd highly recommend repti carpet or paper towels

    • peach darling that’s his playing terrarium not wear he eats

    • Mrs. Kay I don’t have a bearded dragon I have a leopard gecko 🦎 Is sand ok for them? He refuses to eat crickets. Only worms out of a dish. I’ve always been told sand for them but they don’t always know what they’re talking about at PetCo

    • So sorry for your loss. If you have any questions about bearded dragons feel free to ask. Totally ditch the sand. If so just a tuny bit. It is totally not needed. Lighting is important as well.

    • +lauren kennett I know right, I was looking through the comments to see if anyone else pointed this out and they hadn't so I did. I'm a huge animal lover😂

    • peach darling , thank you SO much for saying something about this, I thought no one was going to say anything about it and I was very concerned