Published on Nov 15, 2017
In honor of the upcoming release of JUSTICE LEAGUE, I had the amazing opportunity to meet with Caitlin Dechelle, Gal Gadot's stunt double, to try out the SAME workout that the incredible women on this movie did to get in shape! This is the workout that Robin Wright, Gal Gadot, and all of the other women playing Amazons did in order to get in top shape! They sometimes trained multiple times a day to get ripped on set! THIS WAS HARD 😵. I hope you'll subscribe to keep joining in on more super cool celeb workouts like this! 😃
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Check out the video I did with Jordan!
5 min row
5 min treadmill (increasing speed)
5x5 vertical jumps
Mobility stretching
MAIN CIRCUIT - 11 (YES, ELEVEN. OMG) rounds of:
5 pushups
10 dumbbell thrusters
15 kettle bell swings
Foam roll, stretch. (We didn't show this in the video but we did it!)


  • You've got biceps ;)

  • I don’t remember seeing Caitlin in Teen Wolf. But she’s awesome.

  • Couldn't this chick play wonder woman instead? Gal can't act that great.

  • I'm so jealous of your arms!

  • Can you do a Harley Quinn and Black widow workout/diet? I feel like that'd be cool

  • I tried the warm up and the 11 reps at the gym today and holy fuck I was exhausted, but I felt so accomplished 👏🏼

  • 11 rounds wtf

  • You got some muscles

  • Why is everyone mispronouncing 'Gadot'? She's not French, she's Israeli. You pronounce the T.

  • 👎🏼

  • Don't get me wrpng, hg looks fashionable af, but who wears a choker to the gym?

  • I know wonder woman’s arm thing looks very similar to the wakanda one but there’s something about the thumbnail that makes it look like she’s doing wakanda instead of Wonder Woman

  • Lara croft

  • Try to workout like basketball players .....pleas Because i really excited when you upload the basketball players workouts

  • Teen Wolf 😢

  • Im eating donut right now and im looking at dis and im like :I hmm NOPE ILL STICK WIT MY DONUTS SRRY!

  • i know this is marvel but please do BLACK WIDOW

  • she should be famous, not more than, but at least equal to Lilly Singh.

  • Linda!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Thanks for doing this. I attempted it this morning and it was great. However, what were the weights of the kettlebells you ladies used?

  • I love Wonder Woman!! but I can barely do a push up smh.

  • Do you like marvel or dc better

  • No Jessica Jones or Black Widow workout routine? 😕

  • I've never been so proud to be a Caitlin. You go girl! Setting the mark for Caitlins everywhere. :D

  • Is it just me or does the stunt woman kinda looks like a young, American Miranda Hart?

  • Jajaja yo hago plancha 1 minuto y me duele todo el cuerpo por 1 semana

  • We're ready for a female superhero, the height and color of Michelle please!

  • i screemed when teen wolf was mentioned😂

  • OMG she was in teen wolf!!?

  • Too bad Gal Gadot is such a poor actress.

  • Kind of hurts to see that even the stunt double doesn't know how to row properly...

  • You make this look so easy but I know it's not. Both of you are an inspiration I love how Caitlin is so positive

  • Something I love is how concentrated Michelle is every time she does a superhero video. She gets so into character!

  • Michelle, I did the Wonder Woman workout you did with Jordan as soon as your video came out andit was a killer! This looks...impossible though. Lots of love!

  • She looks like Alexis from Are you the One the tall one lol

  • I love your videos. May I ask how many the dumbells and how many the kettlebell do weigh?

  • What watch are you wearing?

  • Yass gal gadot

  • i love the way you put your body through real tough(for me at least) workouts to show us that its not super easy to be like superheros as it seems. love

  • I absolutely love this!

  • omg I wish Caitlin had her own channel too, this was so rad!!

    • they should have just cast her as Wonder Woman, tbh

  • GadoT ! GadoT! T! T! 😅

  • Hi all, wondered if anyone knows why they do a circuit with so many sets? Like is there a difference in like the effect of high set training?

  • Don’t know how I stumbled across this but I’m glad I did. You did so well! Great job!! Now I want to give a try to 😬

  • This was a super empowering video, but Michelle, you've gotta learn how to row correctly. Hurts my college crew team self

  • all due respect by does it seem the interviewer is more muscled then the the stunt double. I see a bit of tone and skinny fat but then again that is the same as gal gadot. great movie but the workout not so much if male superheros need to get jack for their role so does she and don't give me the shes a amazon bs . should have got a Victoria secret model at least they have more muscle and the height.

  • “She’s a wonder woman and she doesnt even know it” * Michelle blushes* omg! So darn cute!

  • Tries to do these at home with no equipment but still determined

  • pls do Aquaman's workout!!

  • looking jacked

  • I did that workout today in the gym and I'm exhausted😱

  • "If I had to wear that Wonder Woman outfit in front of Chris Pine, I would do this." 😂😂

  • Tried this workout yesterday at the gym, i was so pumped to try it out and it was so much fun! Everytime i felt like falling short on my set i pushed myself by telling myself i was wonderwoman and it was so strengthening physically and mentally. Thanks for the vid, excited to try more of the superhero workouts. Get the gainz!

  • How can these two gurls stay so fab while working out? I feel like a constipated panda everytime I workout on the gym.

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  • I’m so psyched that it was the stuntwoman! 😍😍

  • I run out of breath just by watching them! Lol. Absolutely adore athletic women!

  • Aquaman

  • Alright! Challenge accpeted! I'm trying this work out this week!

  • Hi Michelle, hope you could do the Supergirl workout next, the one Melissa Benoist used in the TV show, also love Wonder Woman, the movie is awesome.

  • "If I had to wear that outfit in front of Chris Pine, i would do this too." Same, girl.

  • Loved this video! Do another workout with her!!!

  • That choker tho 😅

  • aaahh yassss!!!!! this is what im doing, i found my calling

  • When are you going to train like her for a month a produce a short film on it??

  • encypt... wen im in the gym doing anything... i just picture myslef standing in front of god and hel tell me i gave u gifts.... wats a little pain wen ppl have cancer

  • Such a great video! Did she happen to tell you what her diet was during her training?

  • Michelle is #armgoals

  • You girls make me want to get back in shape...

  • I started this today but only managed 7 rounds as I was getting shaky. I have not been to the gym since March so I was pleased that I could do that much. Thanks for posting this, it inspired me to try to get fit. Keep up the good work.

  • I like how you outworked the trainer haaha

  • The real wonder woman

  • Caitlin seems so sweet!

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  • I think I met (i saw, said nothing) you at mall Starbucks Tuesday. Anyway, Deadpool had some crazy stunts.

  • I love all of this so much but please learn proper rowing technique!!! you'll really hurt your back if you keep rowing like that

  • You’re a total badass!! You’ve come a long way, you’re definitely one of my fav youtubers Ly!💙💪🏽

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  • I just saw Justice god the moves these girls can do it's insane.

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  • Any recommendations for weight for the kettlebell?

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  • I'm really just surprised that they held a conversation throughout the entire workout

  • At first I didn't believe this was actually her stunt woman then she just causally does a flip standing up

  • Cool vid but that's some hideous rowing both of your

  • I have a question about form- when doing push ups should your elbows come out to the side or in line with your shoulders? I've had conflicting info from videos

  • Training with#supergirl would be cool

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  • Perfect 5/7 Michelle.

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  • Did any one notie side to side in the background?