Trying The Cookies Served At The OSCARS 🍪

Published on Mar 3, 2018
Last year, during the 2017 Academy Awards, Jimmy Kimmel commanded the skies to open and release parachutes of cookies down to the audience. These were no ordinary cookies -- these were the iconic DeLuscious bakery cookies, baked with incredible care and attention to detail. I decided to try them out in celebration of the Oscars this year!
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Edited by Garrett Kennell
Music by Animus Volt


  • HELLO AND HAPPY OSCARS WEEKEND!!! Weren't these cookies INSANE? Would you try them? :) P.S. Who has notifications on...b/c I'm releasing a HUGE video tomorrow... :) :)

    • Michelle Khare I'm so jealous!!!! They looked amazing!!! 😁🤗🙊

    • YAASSS😍

    • Michelle Khare notification squad is #excited ❤️❤️❤️👏✨✨

  • I need to find me a woman like Michelle. She is Perfect

  • 🍪🍪wow....

  • Was going to order some of these things to try, they’re expensive which I expected but the shipping was out of control expensive and so I didn’t want to pay almost the same as my order for shipping ! Bummer because I really wanted to try that red velvet thing

  • You know that feeling when is soo much that you'll just explode? Yeah, the envy is real, guys.

  • _i see you've included my stranger things boys_

  • Michelle why are you so cute?!? I loved the vid and now I want a cookie :9

  • I need to eat all of the cookies

  • I'm on a diet and I'm watching this :(

  • Internationally? Whaaat! I may have to order some of the vegan cookies once I finish my cut :P

  • I thought you had stopped posting much. Turns out US-tv just hasn't been showing you under my subscriptions tab.Sad.


  • By 4:18 I had to stop watching this everything looked so good. I am about to raid my pantry. Uuuhhhhh it looks so good.

  • My name is Lydia :D I'm happy :)

  • I wants

  • Be right back! Going to order some DeLuscious cookies and have them shipped to me.

  • As someone who just went gluten free, that chocolate chip cookie made me want to eat my phone lol, there's nothing like those in stores

  • You reminds me of Gal Gadot

  • Hey! Those cookies look AMAZING!

  • Even tho she has dude shoulders--I still kinda want her to sit on my face;)

  • Your videos are really going downhill

  • The Red Wedding music though. Aah!

  • 😍😍

  • Annnnnnnd now yo quiero cookies too because oh my gosh 😭😍🍪

  • Im here in my bikini prep diet, eating my chicken and crying.... T_T ....

  • 87 dollars for 2 dozen cookies....bruh

  • The red wedding music tho 😂😂😂😂😂

  • i too get emotional over good food

  • You look stunning 😻

  • I love soft cookies so much that Michelle just talking about the texture made me really happy

  • "Why do I feel like I'm going to cry?" Well they are called "Oscar cookies" for a reason haha shoot I'd feel like a winner just having one of those cookies bump that little golden trophy give me a dozen of those cookies!

  • Soooooo jealous!😋

  • I love your makeup❤❤

  • Jordan is doing open work outs and Michelle is chowing down on these cookies from heaven lol love this! Love the new lovely addition to the channel, you have the coolest/crazy beautiful friends! I'm jelly

  • You are so lucky!!!!! Those must have been the greatest cookies ever!!!

  • I want that tee you're wearing! Where is it from?

  • Just wanna say, if you're ever in Austin and wanna taste some bakery sweets, I would happily and enthusiastically volunteer to go with you 🤣

  • The $100,000 gift bag each of the 2018 Oscar nominees receives includes some nice vacation trips.

  • Please do anything Game Of Thrones! Visit the places, training like Brienne of Tarth or Arya Stark. Go behind the scenes...

  • Hey, can you try the Japanese long breath diet with Candace 👀 I think it would be super fun to watch.

  • Try cool sculpting! I'm really curious about it!

  • Michelle is 100% me eating perfect dessert.

  • I love how you close your eyes while tasting the cookies.

  • Wear the same clothes as Janelle? To compare what clothes look like with someone on the opposite of your color season and body type?

  • I just tried visiting the deluscious site🤤 and it seems to be down... I think you just caused a server overload...😂

  • I can’t believe I just watched this while on my period. I’m now on the website and I think I’m about to have some sent to me in FL!

  • Those brownies and cookies look so soft and yummy ! I love soft bakery cookies.

  • I love oatmeal raisin cookies !!! 😄😁😁😁

  • Michelle ❤❤❤you're so beautiful! Your video are a great quality!

  • I feel like Michelle just went through a religious experience haha

  • I amnt even a cookie fan but i wanna eat em all 🤣🤣

  • just an idea but u should cut ur hair shoulder length🙂 it would look cute

  • ooh your makeup is cuteeeee

  • Everyone that does not like oatmeal raisen cookies needs to pass then to me 😄

  • its literally $4.5 per cookie......... wut

  • watching this on a diet. send help.

  • Now I’m craving cookies 😞

  • Why is Michelle so fucking gorgeous

  • ur content is shit

  • When I was watching this I was eating cookies but they didn't look as good as the ones you had 😀

  • I’m hungry now

  • Worth It!

  • I’m so drooling right now 🤤

  • Man those chocolate ones looked good but I am allergic to mint :/

  • $52 for a dozen cookies? excuse me while i GIVE UP ON LIFE

    • kawaiikrew1 Ah I didn't mean to make light of your situation, I was just being sarcastic and and playing with the fact that the lady is so insincere. The lies and clichés are dripping from her like butter and rare-origin, vegan caramel. If you're so upset about how they treat their employees, tell someone who has the power to do something about it - make a complaint, state the facts blandly and without emotion, and know that even if no action is taken right away, you've planted a seed of doubt. Much more satisfying than trying to discourage the few potential customers who might see your comments from making purchases from an already successful and profitable company. I wish you luck.

    • kawaiikrew1 I'm sorry you had such a bad experience (I figured you're probably an ex-employee). Unfortunately, since people praise their cookies and Jimmy Kimmel orders from them regularly, I don't think they will change their practices unless someone reveals them for what they are.

    • kawaiikrew1 Wait, so they don't really infuse each and every cookie with love, positivity and calm temperament? I'm shocked!

  • Sounds incredibly delicious!!!

  • Janelle is really cute. 😊

  • how did you style your hair? I love love love that beachy look and I can never accomplish it

  • Damn yo make up game is on point

  • Now I’m craving cookies🍪

  • Was that a hint of a game of thrones song I heard there?!😉 really highlights the depth of emotion and love for cookies

  • YAS queen! Eat the cookies, serve the tea!

  • "Deluscious sends their regards" 😂😂 Looks like they're both having out of body experiences and I want that level of intimacy from a biscuit 😁

  • Those cookies looks delicious . Oatmeal raisin are the best!!!

  • Wait, what!? Cookies...... Awesome!!

  • So glad that they have a vegan option

    • the best part is that they have a vegan AND gluten-free​ option, my little heart is so happy

    • izziebelle scared? Well I was scared vegans didn't eat meat.

    • 최현수 I completely agree! I was scared they weren't gonna have one

  • I NEED those C🍪OKIES

    • SAME i get so hungry watching this video lmao!!

  • Why don't they try everything??

  • Nut😍😍😍😍

  • I was watching and started craving cookies but I didn't have any, so I had to have some rich teas instead😂

  • Love ur channel 💖💖💖

  • I wanna try the chocolate mint one soooo bad 🤤

  • You got a new subscriber

  • Omg I want ALL of them!!

  • Now I'm desperately craving some cookies...


  • If only I can try some of the cookies ❤️❤️

  • I need them

  • Hi Michelle! Love your channel! I literally saw every video you’ve done in one sitting. #notashamed 😌 this might be really weird but I love the music played at the end of every video. It’s just always puts me in a good mood! Lol So glad I turned on the notifications 🤗 keep doing you Michelle! You’re amazing 💕

    • OMG!! thank you so much!! ILY!! can't wait to hear what you think about tomorrow's video :)

  • Those cookies look amazing

  • Oh damn I'm real hungry now

  • I NEED!!!!

  • You are a snack. =]

  • I could eat 1,000 of each 😍

    • MyLittleGreenHairdedMermaid crazy stupid.

    • You are either crazy rich or crazy stupid then lol

    • MyLittleGreenHairdedMermaid I would eat 5 classic. I don't care about the money.

    • Thats not much of a surprise. Many people who try to oversell and price products like this, get money for a reason aka stepping on everyone like stairs

  • love your vid so much

  • 101 like

  • love u michelle vid was so great and i would totally try the cookies cant wait to see the huge vid tomm

  • What a dream! I wanna just taste test cookies!

  • Hi from Macedonia😍😘😘

  • This is another banger MK ! I just wish I had the opportunity to taste test too!