Published on Nov 16, 2018
#tryingmakeup #fullfacefirstimpressions #newhudabeautynudepalette
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  • First time I feel back to myself! Hope you enjoy this video!

    • BabsBeauty first time watching your videos and I’m in love 😍

    • BabsBeauty absolutely beautiful look!! obsessed with your hair too!!😘😘

    • Ok.. LA is a county and calabasas is a city on the other side of Malibu. So the cities you most hear about are all in LA county. Malibu is on the coastal side and calabasas is on the valley side. Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, and Santa Monica are all pretty close together. Orange County is not part of LA so the beach areas (Newport, Balboa, and Huntington) are all in The OC.. there you have it.. and the fires were affecting the “Valley” Calabasas and thru to Malibu. Hope this helps..:)

    • Wishing you well.. love, happiness, and tomorrow is always a new day and struggling with depression is tough but you are amazing and don’t ever forget that. 💕

    • You can tell and it’s great! I feel like you’re just talking to us like friends! ❤️

  • Wait you’re from Ohio? I live in Dayton 🤗

  • This look is absolutely positively stunning as are you! ♡

  • you need to forgive your enemies and retaliate with kindness. The depression will go.

  • This look is so stunning


  • Baby girl your 30 !!! 🤯I thought u were like 23 24 holy shit what is your secret

  • You are beautiful

  • Tape is so cute

  • Huda beauty new nude Palette pairs perfectly with the Kat von d Lolita palette it's a match made in heaven really gives u the depth u need

  • You're beautiful! Praying for you! Continue sharing your light with others. Jesus loves you!

  • You are so beautiful and omg your LIPS!!! Anyway.. now that you’ve probably used the palette more, same opinion still? And you said you can find pressed glitters in any palette but I can’t! Haha so do you like all those and do you think that new way she did those pearlized or whatever shades did anything to make them look different or do they look like all metallic shimmer shades? Sorry for such a long comment!

  • I always love how your makeup turns out 😍 beautiful ❤️

  • I'm so glad you're feeling better, and I understand the struggle with depression as I suffer with it myself. You are a beautiful, confident, extremely talented young woman who always comes off on camera so genuine and honest and I fully intend to be following you as long as you upload. Take care of you and everything will work itself out, for better or worse it's life, so keep being your genuine gorgeous self and know that your subbies love who you are!😘

  • You are gorgeous... The make-up is only as beautiful as it's canvas!! 💄🖤

  • Honey I feel the same way! Been diagnosed with body dysmorphia. Please don’t believe anything these people say ❤️ sending lots of love you are so beautiful

  • Milani makes some pretty good drugstore stuff and haven't been jacking up their prices like others. Another beautiful look, and yes, those nails are everything! 😍 I love that you try different brands.

  • I explain so much in my tutorials because I’m new- so I explain every detail 😂 I envy how quick you can get thru a look- I know once I get better I won’t be sitting there explaining every single tiny little thing😂😂 I got that pallet the first day of the rouge VIB events. Yes the kardashians live in Calabasas which is in LA county.

  • New subscriber here. I just want to say... You are gorgeous with and without makeup whoever thinks differently they can go f themselves ❤️🔥

  • Just wow!

  • What a beautiful look! Well-done :)

  • Thousand Oaks which is VENTURA County is about an hour away I believe from LA. That’s where the fire started. It’s 100% contained!

  • I'm glad your feeling better! How long did it take for the P louise eye primer to come? :)

    • Haha! Nm you said 5 business days 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • You’re beautiful and if people don’t like what they see then that’s their problem.

  • Aww girl I’m sorry to hear your having some struggles . I can’t imagine what it feels like to deal with depression . You are an inspiration to me so take time when you need it . I get up early in the morning to do my make up and it is very therapeutic for me . I look forward to it , I go to bed thinking about what looks I want to do . It’s my “ me time “ so I very much enjoy doing my make up . Love you take care of your self .

  • Love Your channel, your videos & honesty. We support you 100% Stephanie!! Always stay Beautiful, always stay YOU!!! Wishing you health & happiness in your heart. Love Jenxoxo!

  • your so gorgeous ❤️❤️love the eye look

  • Hope you feel better. 😍

  • I’m excited for the Milani setting powder 🤩 Beautiful eye look, I’m still debating if I should get the palette 😩

  • Hope you have a great holiday 🦃

  • The P.Louise base is amazing!! I have the white base which is 0 and the 2 shade which is the perfect skin tone shade for me.I also have their original palette. I preordered a Christmas set of Bright vibrant colors of bases and the base in black. They have a new palette Secret Sinner and another Christmas set of pastel shades of their base which is all preorder also which I plan on purchasing next. You can use the code PlouPlease for free international shipping over 55 pounds but it's not applicable on the new Secret Sinner palette. The eye base is perfection. I've been using it for quite awhile and it is the only eye primer I use now. I have the new Huda palette and 2 shades of the Overachiever Concealer and I love them💗

  • You look like you’ve lost weight! Always beautiful!

  • You look great without (and with) make up! In case you find it helpful, I’ve heard MmmMichell say that the PLouise base is supposed to be applied with a finger in tapping motions, not sliding it through the lid. I haven’t bought it yet but you’ve convinced me to try it! Thanks for another awesome video :-)

  • I really want to try the P.Louise base but shipping is sooo expensive to the US. ugh :(

  • calabasas is about 50 minutes south of LA. i live in thousand oaks/agoura hills which is ten mins from calabasas towarda malibu and our entire area has burned....

  • Your nails are drop-dead gorgeous!

  • I can't wait to get my Huda beauty palette!

  • I just wanted you to know that I absolutely adore you and love your videos. I hope you get well soon. I hate being in depression funks. Much love 💙

  • Bullshit your 30? Absolutely shook, I hope I look that good at 30 my god girl yes 🙌

  • This eye look thoooooooo! I want to order the BPerfect eyeshadow palette too!

  • Love your videos 😊💜

  • girl! you're the best. I need more snaps of Ian feeding the ducks. I was literally weeeeeping I was laughing so hard.

  • I’ve been wanting to try that P. Louise Eye base for so long it looks amazing! I really liked the color of the Melt Cosmetics Blush very pretty peach blush. I need to get some of the new Huda concealer to cover my dark circles! The stick foundation looks really nice. The look you created turned out so beautiful!

  • I finally got to watch a video and I checked your page first. I’m in Chico CA right where the Paradise California Camp Fire is and it’s been devastating! 10 members of my family lost their homes, animals, my great gram passed away, friends passed away, friends of my parents passed away and we still have loved ones missing 😢 this fire has destroyed so so much, I cannot believe it I’m still in shock and in fight or flight mode. The fire is so bad everyone has to wear masks if you even step outside. All the shelters are at capacity, all our family is staying with us and my aunt. Over 800 hundred animals made it out of the fire horses, deer, Donkeys, cats, dogs, rabbits so I’ve been volunteering at the temporary animal shelters as well as the temporary shelters for all the fire victims. 57,000 people are without homes including the people that didn’t loose their homes but you can’t get to Paradise, areas in Chico and surrounding areas. I can’t wrap my head around the fact that there is so much devastation 😢 I have anxiety and depression and all I can do is try and help out where I can or I feel like I’m going to just fall apart and not want to get back up. If anyone reads this please say a prayer 🙏 for all the people and animals that are affected this has been the scariest 12 days of my entire life! It was nice to watch your video Steph just to escape for 25 minutes xoxo 😘 sending you hugs I hope you feel better I know and understand how crippling anxiety and depression can be!

  • Gosh ! I’m living for that eye look girl! Stunning!

  • I mean Malibu is sad but have you heard of whats going on in Paradise CA? It doesn't get as much publicity because there is no rich an famous there but the whole town burned down this week, burning all homes and 77 people found dead so far. Search California Camp Fire and it will come up. Its considered the worse fire in Californias history. Sad. Right before the holidays 😞

  • You were amazing in this video! ❤️ 💋 I’m already on the p Louise site getting that base! 😍

  • Love these videos! So proud of you for filming even tho you have been struggling! You amaze me!

  • 💜💜💜

  • WOW Love dis nd beautiful nails❤️😊

  • Love your nails and hugs and prayers girlie depression/anxiety sucks.

  • Glad ur feeling better girl. Love u xoxxoox😘😘😘

  • New York is half the size of LA with 10x's the amount of people :/ La is probably a 70 square mile County it's really pretty big and it's really spread out it's probably one of the biggest big cities cuz it's so spread out so yeah it's not close together at all ALTHOUGH BURBANK AND West Hollywood Are pretty close about 15 minutes apart. that's probably why you think it's so close're so cute though watching u contemplate. Hehe.!!! My dads house burned dowm in the Thomas fire last year i live in ventura .. calabssis is' on the boarder of ventuta countu and la county .. being north west part of la ... ooffthr hwy 101 if u ksdp om that hwy north u run into my Ventura beach about 35 mins :) Hope that helps REALLY into Indie brands also like Nabla Cosmetics they're liquid lips that smell and taste like vanilla and they're so creamy .. hands down the best liquid lips I've ever used I love them so much kind of like Nars liquid lips and Beauty Bar baby they have these Quadro Chrome eyeshadows omg theyre out of this world and Dawns eyes Cosmetics they have some pretty dope metallic duochrome metal things but this new eyeshadow its Quadra Chrome it literally will change 4+ different colors just the way you look at it but it's like so metallc they change red then blue then green it's crazy I don't know how they do it I'm obsessed! There is no major brand that can do anything like that and it's like major brands like Sephora and stuff they have so much money why would you want to give them more money I want to support these little Brands for sure. Im always seeing these people doing tons of hauls these constant Ulta and Sephora Haul's it's like they never want to support these small Brands and the makeup is so much better it's so made so much better it's so much better for you andit's the Democratic way to support the small businesses you know I don't want to support major corporations who own the five major corporations that run this whole entire world I don't want to give them more money I want to help the smaller business and it's just stupid how influencers they have so much pull but they don't want to use it. so thank u for being influential and real and caring about our fires. Ur so amazing. Watch youtube for the fire news. :)

  • I wonder if the huda concealer is a dupe for the BH cosmetics one? I say its a dupe for the BH one because that one has been out forever.... I have it and love it but I think its prob expired by now. I havent seen anyone compare the two though... Can u compare them?!

  • Love this video and I'm living for your nails so freaking beautiful. You are so talented and beautiful . I really like how honest you are not just about opiones but about depression and how not everyday is peaches and creams. Ur not alone a lot of ppl feel this way myself included! I think your personality is bomb. Your videos are very professional yet down to earth and relatable. I really don't wear much makeup but I would love to start getting back into it. Just to make myself feel better. After my husband died 4 years ago I just gave up on my apperance and could care less what I look like most days. I love that u do videos on good quality makeup that's affordable. And suggest. Some higher end products that are worth the splurge. These videos are very helpful for people that are on a tight budget that can't afford to buy a product and guess weather or not its gonna work. U are so talented thx for sharing

  • You are beautiful without makeup! And that's the first thing I noticed was your nails there gorgeous💕

  • Awh honey I'm so sorry you are struggling! I'm fighting with my anxiety right now and watching your videos is so relaxing to me. I love your content but never feel forced to put it out when you need a break. We'll be here for you either way take care of yourself first 😘

  • Loved this😍😍😍

  • I’m so glad you’re back and feeling better! 💓

  • That’s how I had my nails done for my wedding in Hawaii which was almost a year ago. ❤️

  • Glad you’re feeling better! I love your videos!

  • Love the nails!❤️❤️

  • Gorgeous

  • What kind of brush are you using to apply to the base on your eyes? It looks like it’s blending so well! In need of some new brushes!

    • Alli Reid its from spectrum collections ❤️ comes in a set

  • I looooooove the nails! and also you ❤️ happy to see you back and doing better :)

  • The look u created is gorgeous! So glad ur feeling better! Loves ya

  • I need to get the p.louise base. The shipping is the reason why I haven't purchased it so far 🙈

  • Love your nails n makeup 😍

  • I am so very sorry to hear u r struggling with depression...we love ur videos and u and u totally seem like a very smart, accompanied, beautiful person inside and out. We support u and hope u r able to get whatever u need to feel better!! Xoxo💄💄💄❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • I love the passion you have for makeup, I love all your content and ily

  • I love this look!! 😍😍😍

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Stunning xx❤️🇬🇧

  • Also, the P. Louise lasts forever!!!!!!!! ♥️

  • I believe Calabasas is 20-30 mins away. When I went to L.A. we legit walked from there to there ?? Soo it can be too far 😅😅 So sad to see everything going on with these fires. So disappointed so many people lost their homes. But I hope help will come to them soon! Home always is where the heart is though. P.s. Stephyyyy I’m so sorry about your depression. I used to have depression, it never truly goes away but it definitely got so MUCH better! My heart is with you! And prayers! Love ya! And kiss your bullies for me 😘

  • Hey, you are a beauty with make up and with out! Don’t let anybody bring you down! Youre dooing a great job!! Big kisses from Belgium btw love youre Chanel! 😘

  • So excited for your thoughts ♥️♥️♥️ Thank you

  • Hope ur ok. Don't be depressed doll. U have alot to be grateful for. Even though I don't know u. Ur gorgeous and very talented. Hang in there. Stay strong

  • You look beautiful with and without makeup! Just used the Huda palette today for the first time. Loved it.

  • The weird thing is, the more I've gotten into makeup, the more comfortable I've gotten to be without it.

  • Love the look!!! You’re so talented! Keep it up!!! I’m from Orange County between LA and San Diego and the last I heard about the fires they has been contained by 69% Hoping for the best!

  • Love you you look great

  • So beautiful 😍 I'm waiting For more videos ♥️

  • Your eye look looked amazing ❤️ I want this palette sooooo bad I normally do lighter daytime looks so the lighter tones are perf for me. Love you girl. Xoxo.

  • Love the look !! Your gorgeous!!!!

  • ❤️ happy your back

  • Btw yes I love your nails

  • Ahh yayyyy your back!!🥳🥳🥳 I love the way the look came out 😍 can’t wait for the next video 🤗

  • I am sorry to hear you are struggling with depression. Hope you get through it your videos are cool keep it up xxx

  • I enjoyed this video..I love the background..

  • Soooo preety!!!

  • Your hair looked adorable up in the bun . 😊

  • She's gorgeous without make up and with it

  • Hey keilidh is pronounced kaley it's Irish 😁 great video glad you're feeling better xx

  • What kind of brush do you use to cut your crease? I have such a hard time cutting my crease!! 😭

    • Dose of colors concealer brush:)

  • Ur stunning Steph! 😍 this look is beautiful. But I’m w ya, I’m hating this cold. Already ready for warm weather... anyways, can’t wait to see ur video on the James charles palette. 💜💜💜

  • I love that you are into smaller brands, I love them too because I feel like they are creating exciting products!!!

  • Love those nails 💕

  • Lovvee this look on you..:)! Great video. I’ve been dealing with depression myself. This time of year it seems to get worse..go! Hope your feeling better. I’m from Illinois, 20 min from St. Louis and it’s freezing here..have a great weekend and Thanksgiving..💞😊

  • This palette is so made for you!! Beautiful look!😘😘