Published on Jun 11, 2018
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Loving tan in Ultra Dark-
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Products mentioned:
Dior no rinse cleanser
Ole Henrickson cold plunge pore mask
Drunk elephant c firms day serum
Belief moisturizing eye balm
Dermalogica active moist moisturizer
La colors sweet 16 eyeshadow palette
Maybelline city mini palette in chill brunch neutrals
Smashbox photofinish kid primer in light
Wet n wild catsuit liquid eyeshadow in
Makeup revolution liquid eyeliner pen
Lilly lashes in mink Miami
Smashbox photofinish primer water in so chill coconut
Tatcha silk canvas primer
Makeup revolution fast base stick foundation in f10 & f7
Tarte shape tape concealer
KKW concealer in #3
Morphe contour and highlight sponge
Rude cosmetics HD loose powder in banana
Morphe highlight and contour palette in 8H
Morphe 8W blush palette
Catrice eyebrow stylish in date with Ashton
Milani brow pencil in brunette
L’Oréal infallible eyeliner in brown
Bite beauty 014 lipliner
Maybelline vivid lip lacquer in unreal
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  • Hey girl. Your video is great as always. Love you. I have rosacea and decided to try laser treatment before my wedding. That was in 200. I had three treatments of IPL done. It worked great and my rosacea went away and is still gone. I’m sure they have much better laser technology today. Good luck sweetie. You are so pretty regardless of your rosacea. ❤️💋😍

  • I loooove belief eye cream. I got in my ipsy and am in love!

  • Why do beauty gurus always do that face when looking in mirrors lmao 9:47

  • Look up the Circadia skin care line - if you find a salon/spa that has it an esthetician can do the oxygen treatment with an enzyme and it will get rid of your redness!!!

  • I think it is definitely time for me to try Loving Tan!

  • I actually like that you don’t review much morphe it’s so over done... love your videos 💕

  • I love this look I might do for my baby shower

  • I know this vid is over a month old, but I can tell that mask helped reduce some redness!

  • Does anyone else see Kendall Jenner's profile when Casey turns to the side? Not sure if this has ever been noted before but damnnnn doppelganger!!

  • Your first impression videos are so good! Absolutely love them 😍

  • I love watching your videos , you seem so sweet & down to earth. watched your vids for a while and you haven’t changed ! you’re relatable as hell, thanks for making great content!

  • I've used the MR foundation stick a few times and I've figured out less is definitely more with it. Start with a bit, blend out with a brush and then add more if needed, then I go over all of it with a sponge to smooth and clean it up. I think it's also good with less concealer so I just dot it around my eyes instead of big triangles, I think it's too blotchy with too much concealer. I really enjoy the foundation in moderation though.

    • Also if anyone is Canadian, I picked Makeup Revolution up at London Drugs. They don't have the whole line, but seem to at least get some of the new products.

  • Thank you for listing your products in the description! That extra step is so helpful.

  • In your opinion, what’s the best top 5 drugstore waterproof mascara??

  • you should try the new makeup line “Flesh” at ulta !!

  • I just picked up that Olehenriksen mask too!

  • I'm just curious have you ever thought about becoming an esthetician and maybe creating your own makeup with the ingredients you like instead of doing collaborations?

  • you are officially my favorite human for snacking while filming!!! loveeeeeeeee!

  • Инструкция BBGLOW Как это делают в корее

  • Does anyone know what brush Casey is using to highlight?! I need that in my life

  • Love this eye look!!

  • A lot of people are talking about rosacea. However it almost looks like a butterfly rash, which is caused from Lupus. My brother has Lupus, as well as some celebrities like Selena Gomez, and it creates redness similar to the shape of a butterfly on the nose and cheeks! Just a helpful mention, as doctors misdiagnosed my brother for years until it was discovered, & multiple treatments actually made his rash worse! just something to look out for :-)

  • Love that you’re so honest in your reviews!!

  • Who the eff gives Casey a thumbs down? I just don't understand. She's just so lovable and down to earth.

  • Love all your looks!!

  • You eating while doing your makeup is soo me! Can you do a video on the best foundations for summer for oily skin?!

  • I absolutely love LOVE your videos, especially the first impressions and GRWM!

  • Im getting those morphe palettes now! 😍

  • I love a lot of Morphe products and a lot of the youtubers that work with them but it’s so refreshing seeing such a successful youtuber that doesn’t feel the need to work with a company just for the money or the publicity. Good to see fully honest reviews on morphe products. Stay real Casey we trust your opinion!

  • What would you wear at a music festival in the summer time?

  • Damn! Those Morphe palettes were so on point!

  • Hi Casey! I have also had laser treatment for keratosis pilaris atrophicans on my face. It caused some scars on my cheeks and I had 3 laser treatments. As a warning (which my doctors did not give me), I had severe swelling and bruising. My cheeks swelled like a chipmunk and remained a dark purple from the broken blood vessels. I basically stayed home for a week following the treatment. I was happy with the results, as it led to a resurfacing of my cheeks and really flattened out the scars. It wasn't too painful, but it definitely stung. Best of luck and I'm open to talk if you have any questions about my experience. I hope you love your results!!! :)

  • My friend was shooketh with your face mask, she thought it was foundation lol

  • love the eye make up though

  • I tried the laser treatment. I have rosacea also. Def the numbing cream prior. My dermatologist told me before she started that it would be mildly uncomfortable. It felt like a rubber band snapping my face and that was with the cream, however, I didn’t have the cream prior to my treatment.

  • I would love to know the “oh hell no’s”.

  • Love your haircolor 😘

  • "The size of Texas "😂😂😂💗

  • These are my fave! I was hooked when the disastrous Mac foundation first impression 😂


  • you are EXACTLY like mee

  • I can’t believe you said shiitake mushrooms. I say that all the time!

  • Love your US-tv videos!!! Excited for your first laser treatment I’ve watched you for years now so it’ll be different to not see you with it. 😊

  • I just got the notification right now , and it shows u released the video 5 days ago 🤔

  • What brushes did you use for your eyes? Looks like maybe MAC?

  • sorry plane= miltary life! i love you casey your awesome!!! i know your busy but i wish you could vlog for us more. :)

  • This makeup look is so pretty , your eyeshadow color is everything!

  • I found you while searching for videos about "Open when" letters to leave for my boyfriend when I deployed and now I'm deployed and I binge watch your videos to keep me pushing through :)

  • Casey i adore you but this did look heavy and sorta grey-ish. Thanks for reviewing.

  • I've been subscribed for awhile now.. but never really watched your videos 😣 IM SORRY!! But honeyyyy... I've binged watched your videos for the past 2 days and I am OBSESSED!!! And excuse me✋ Morphe, GET THIS GIRL A CODE 👏👏👏👏👏 and some PR 👐👐👐

  • where is your shirt from?!?! it is gorgeous !!!

  • You should have tried the Makeup Revolution concealer, they say it’s a dupe for Tarte Shape Tape!

  • I’ve had two laser treatments now and it is SUCH a difference! You will notice a huge improvement after the first one. I’m so excited for you! Definitely use the numbing cream. I didn’t the first time & it was the worst pain I’ve ever felt!

  • That maybelline vivid hot lacquer, is the best! And, I have that color, it’s my favorite!! I wear a lot!!

  • I have rosacea and did the laser treatments and after the 3rd one it was almost GONE!!! They increased the strength of the laser each time and the 3rd time I had the most swelling *my eyes were almost swollen shut* BUT the results were amazing. One thing I learned though, it will come have to keep up with the treatments :-( It gets super expensive but it is definitely worth trying it! Good luck ;-) Love your channel!!! xoxo

  • wow you saved this look. I was worried but you slayeeeddd it.

  • Holy crap, I recently got laser treatment on the spider veins on my legs. It was honestly the best decision I’ve ever made. No more hiding my legs and it wasn’t painful! I hope you love your results!!

  • Looks like I need to try the city mini palettes 🤔🤔🤔

  • Girl your skin looks so good these days! I'm also loving your hair. I recently went to highlights but regret not keeping my balayage Brown to blonde. Looks so nice on you.

  • You should watch Caroline Hirons and read her blog. She’s my skin care guru. 😂

  • Maybe you didn’t like the foundation because you applied too much, you should give it a second chance by applying less! But you looked flawless as always ❤️

  • Hey, Casey! I would love for you to do an updated video on the best foundation for Summer. We’re having our Gender Reveal next month and having pictures taken and I don’t want my makeup to Alabama humidity is no joke, I’m sure you can relate since you’re from Ga. I Love your videos.

  • Please try out the new colourpop foundation and powder!!

  • Girlllll love you but also. The laser HURTSSSSS. Good luck 🙈

  • Am I the only one that notices that Casey is the only one who does her eyebrows after eyeshadow? Cuz most girls I’ve seen do theirs before 😂🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Bought That Foundation Right Before Going To Myrtle Beach && It Held Up So Well In The Heat!

  • You should’ve tried the makeup revolution concealer. I like it so much more than shape tape

  • I have Rosacea and I can honestly say that having the laser treatment has worked brilliantly for my skin issues. Its helped to build up collagen in my skin and its certainly toned down the redness and the bumps that I was also getting. So I wish you great success with your treatments.

  • Just saw Too Faced Born This Way has a super size concealer for $29. Not sure if it's the exact same as the OG, just larger, or different for multi purpose. It is almost the size of a foundation, and their foundation, as we all know, is excellent.

  • Girl I’m soooooo stoked to see how the laser treatment goes! Did the dr say you’ll actually see major results after one round? I’ve always been under the impression that it takes many treatments!?...and that they can be quite painful AND expensive! Ooooh I can’t wait to see what happens!

  • How is belif water moisturizer

  • You're so pretty and watching your videos

  • that foundation is crazy! anyone else shocked when she said she was adding concealer?

  • You are so so so so pretty

  • i would DIE to have you do my makeup omg

  • Why thee in place of the?

  • But like why would Morphe not work with you?

  • I love how the eye came out ! It's different from all the warm tones look 😊And I love your first impression so don't give up these video please ! xx

  • Jeffery star did a review on it

  • Does ANYBODY remember that bra from Victorias Secret that Casey mentioned in one of her favorites videos??

  • “In touch with my makeup soul” omg I freakin love you!

  • What song is your outro? I need it!

  • i went and bought the makeup rev makeup stick foundation because of Jeffrey Star's great recommendation on his channel weeks ago. I love it.

  • Can you please do a decluttering video!!!!!!

  • Girl we do laser at my office all the time. You’ll be fine, the numbing cream will kick in and it will be all good. Generally you’ll see true results after about 2-4 treatments. Good luck !

  • Can you please use the mochi palette in a tutorial? It would be amazing to see your take on how to use it in a look :)

  • You’re the queen of first impression grwm💕💕💕

  • thanks for always trying new and different products

  • I don’t know where you’ve been but everyone IS talking about that foundation right now and have been for a while.

  • You look like Whitney Bates, searc her please

  • We want vlogs!!!!

  • I use the Makeup Revolution stick foundation & I LOVE IT. 💗💗

  • Keep us updated on the laser treatments for rosacea! I also have rosacea and want to do something about it that actually works.

  • Love your videos! One comment- can you do some new background music?

  • Casey, Can you do a video of the laser therapy for your rosacea please?

  • please keep doing these videos I looove them! xx

  • You should film your laser treatments!

  • What happened to your editing in this video??

  • Tried so hard to find your tank top on Target’s website but failed 😭 I love your hair tied back in headbands!!!

  • Is it just me or is Casey's videos like a breath of fresh air? I love your videos!