Try Not To Eat Challenge - Disney Food #2 | People Vs. Food

Published on Feb 7, 2019
Teens & College Kids try not to eat Disney food!
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Try Not To Eat Challenge - Disney Food | Teens & College Kids Vs. Food


  • Which of these foods would you eat in a heartbeat? Because those pies.... 👀🔥 Also, I know we've been talking about it a ton across all of FBE's Channels, but we're so, so excited about being able to share the SuperFam with you all. If you'd like to support all of us here just a little bit more, you can join by clicking on "Join" above! And if you're not seeing the "Join" button, you can click here: Thank you for supporting us all & our company! You’re all amazing! - FBE Team

  • I want to taste those foods so yummy 😌😌😊😊😊😊🍛🍛🍛🍛🍛🍛🌝

  • Why is that Little kid destroying the pie? I would like to slap him silly for that!

  • I think you should throw cold water balloons on the loser

  • oh yeah

  • do a try no to eat from yume-iro patissiere challenge

  • Thats my people. K bud

  • "that's my people" lol okayyyyyy

  • I think for the winners they should put a little bit of a bigger treat and also a chance to try one of the foods they were tempting you with but the challenge is still great🌟🌟

  • I wish i could do that the food looks so good:) and sub and like to me

  • Well that’s just unsanitary 😂😂😂

  • New OrlEEns it’s New Orleans NEW OR LINS

  • Stay strong carson

  • 12:05 ive heard that before

  • NOT EAT THE SPINACH PUFFS?! I would never do that to Kronk. No matter what the punishment was.

  • I tried to make the princess in the frog treats and....I kinda burned something😩🤫

  • Yeah, that wouldn’t work at ALL with me. I’ve waited to long to eat Disney food. I would eat my food and my opponent’s-

  • When the white girl at 3:03 says “I love Cajun food, they’re my people” smfh

    • Cajun is like,, white white.

  • They should play fortnite

  • "Pst vertebrae"

  • You guys are great! You should make a youtube channel!

  • Because I want to only if it is is Australia in Queensland 😪

  • I kinda what to try one 🤗

  • The real winners are the ones who ate the food 👍

  • How do you join the challenges

  • This makes me sad because every time I smell food I feel like I’m going to puke and I’ve started to barley eat and once I’ve eated I feel like I will puke

  • smh the ratatouille

  • When she said she was gonna go to cafe du mond to get her own beignets I felt that

  • Free food!!!

  • I would eat all of the food just because.

  • The ones they ate weren’t fluffy

  • 🌚 it would’ve all been worth it cuz guess what idgaf i eat everything

  • 4:54 i love how everyone just ignored the fact that the bird puked out the frosting

  • In wite me please

  • You should do these try not to eat disney foods but with youtubers instead of the teens/college kids

  • Hmm ok


  • You got to go to Café Du Mond in New Orleans for the best beinges

  • Mealworms are actually pretty delicious

    • Alko Survival yea my lizards like em

  • she had a negan lather jacket on

  • I wanna work with you guys 😭❤️

  • 4:31 she just swore in vietnamese

  • Guys my b day is coming up can I have some ideas of some cool tech (gaming)

  • I’d only be there to eat the food, no challenge. Just eat. Idc if there’s a punishment 👌

  • I want to eat all of that right now yum 😋

  • I had a stroke

  • Try naruto

  • those are all just friend mealworm, should get like silkworms or something that's juice


  • If you pass can you eat the food at the end.

  • For the people who win they should be able to eat all of the food plus the bonus dish

    • Spooky Scary Gerards then nobody would want to try the dish they are served at first. I think the winners should get a meal all to themselves

  • I want to be on fbe

  • 11:15 when eating hottest chip in the world

  • Lmfao the Asian girl “I swallowed it whole.”

  • not gonna lie carson is hot af !!

    • all carsons are

  • I just wanna try the bugs. Whats wrong with me? xD

  • Ary: This could change your life Carson: You know I like to wave at those moments as they pass me by Honestly me

  • Food from scooby doo episodes always look soooo good! You should do that next!

  • Try not to eat more like try not to sleep

  • I’m just not gonna look at it Looks directly at it

  • *Anime food* looks ten times better just saying

  • Who else came here for Kronk's spinach puffs?

  • Louisiana Cajun VIBES❤️🔥

  • imma run to my pantry now... bye

  • Everytime someone says New orLEANS it makes me so uncomfortable

  • I wanna know how you get to be a contestant on REACT or FBE?

  • Man those spinach puffs have been on my "I wanna eat list" for almost a decade 😩😩😩

  • If I eat one... I would *ALL* of them

  • What was that movie called? The one in min 1:31

  • *i like choco flan* bye...

  • "I like to wave at those moments as they pass me by" that pirats of the Caribbean reference👏

  • Darius and Carson are so adorable.

  • Why do you ruse people

  • They did not think their choice through 😂 you can’t eat one thing you eat all of them

  • Dude just picked up the pie with his hands!

  • PRO TIP: when you go to New Orleans for the beignets, don’t wait in the line like tourists. Go sit down at a dirty table and the server will attend to you and clean the table. (Coming from someone who lives in New Orleans) I know how these things work.

    • You’ll never be seated if you wait in ‘the line’. Just here to help!;)

    • Shadow Thunder no problem! I just always see tourists waiting in the line.

    • THANK YOU!!!

  • Madison sounds like Azzy Land

  • Try not to eat challenges

  • I ironically love spinach puffs, pie, and basically everything they ate, but not chocolate (I would rather eat a bug) so I would have been fine not eating the gray stuff...oops I hacked the system.

    • Yes I know, but even if the bug is covered in chocolate the chocolate is so little compared to the gray stuff chocolate....

  • 8:37 such a mood😂

  • I got hungy after watching this

  • What’s flawn

    • It's called "flan". It's a baked dish consisting of an open-topped pastry case with a savory or sweet filling in it.

    • Eva The diva flan * and it’s the best thing ever

  • Food is my weakness so I would eat every dish

  • Great idea😉

  • Tbh I’d eat the food every single time despite the challenge except the spinach stuff

  • I ate a potato chips actually happened Oops wrong channel!! 😂 😂

  • I don’t care what he punishment is I’m eating all he dishes

  • I was eating while watching this

  • Winnie the Pooh is my favorite thing in the world.

  • That really fun. I just did a Twizzler eating challenge on my channel.

  • Toni x Eric

  • Did anyone else hear the big WHITE girl say she was Cajun😂😂😂

    • You can be white and Cajun..

    • I think you are getting Cajun and Creole mixed up.

    • most Cajun people are white lmao

    • What’s wrong with that?

    • Dani Wilson yeah it was a little... not okay bahah

  • Not gonna lie I could pass up the gray stuff for all the other dishes especially the flan

  • Why you make me wanna ieat so much

  • 11:11 The way he was eating the chocolate thoo

  • Im the girls getting a penalty on every food thats presented to me 😂


  • So wrong making them eat bugs .

  • Hahaha i thought of Taemin eating ants 😂

  • That’s not a gooseberry pie