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Troye Sivan - My My My! (Official Video)

Published on Jan 11, 2018
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[Verse 1]
Shine on, diamond
Don't make me wait another day
'Cause passion is passion
You know it just as well as me
Now, let's stop running from love
Running from love
Let's stop, my baby
Let's stop running from us
Running from us
Let's stop, my baby
Oh my, my, my
I die every night with you
Oh my, my, my
Living for your every move
[Verse 2]
Spark up, buzz cut
I got my tongue between your teeth
Go slow, no, no, go fast
You like it just as much as me
Now, let's stop running from love
Running from love
Let's stop, my baby
Let's stop running from us
Running from us
Let's stop, my baby
Oh my, my, my
I die every night with you
Oh my, my, my
Living for your every move
Oh my, my, my
I die every night with you
Oh my, my, my
Living for your every move
Oh my, my, my
Should be the last night ever
Should be the last night we're apart
Got my name on this treasure
On this treasure
Oh my, my, my
(Oh my, my)
I die every night with you
(I die, I die, I die, I die, yeah, yeah)
Oh my, my, my
(Oh my, my, my
Oh my, my, my)
Living for your every move
(Living for, living for, yeah)
Oh my, my, my
I die every night with you
(Oh my, my, my
Oh my, my, my, oh)
Oh my, my, my
Living for your every move
(Living for your every move)
Oh my, my, my
Artist: Troye Sivan
Released: 2018
Songwriter(s): Troye Sivan Mellet; Brett McLaughlin; Oscar Görres; James Alan Ghaleb
Genre: Pop
Label: Universal Australia
Producer(s): Oscar Görres
Length: 3:24
DIRECTOR - Grant Singer
PRODUCER - Saul Germaine
EDITOR - Nick Rondeau
PRODUCTION COMPANY - Anonymous Content

© 2018 Universal Music Australia Pty Ltd.


  • its not cause he is hot cause he is not

  • how does he have any likes and subscribers

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  • LGBT rights activist praises Taiwan as 'Island of Hope'

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  • Hold on wait just a minute not trying to be offensive or anything but... did anyone watch this video and thought “he’s too beautiful to be straight” cause like *opens* *door* I’m just gonna leave ✌🏾

  • Same vibe as Move by Taemin ❤❤

  • This is the type of music that would play at Hollister

  • this song played in waitrose the other day n my wig flew

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  • David Bowie today :)

  • So cool, love it. Oh my my my.

  • I'm obsessed with this song! Love it! Love you !

  • As a straight man, I have to say...Troye is undeniably sexy and should be totally ok for me or anyone else who is hetero to think that. Damn, dude, hot!

  • 😍

  • I want to say Troye Sivan is the sexist young man alive on earth at the moment. I can't think of anyone that comes close but his boyfriend is gorgeous too. Eva,Ribarovski Perth Western Australia. and this is my most favorite song I love it 365 days of the year. I love dancing to it. Bon swa

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  • Fua wacho sos hermoso! Esos movimientossss lpm😍 I love u, come to Argentina 🇦🇷

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  • Released on 10 Jan 2018, and i come here on 10 nov 2018. Really nice song troye sivan! Keep it up...

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  • another gay video pfffffff

  • My teacher at my school screamed “HOMOSEXUALITY IS A SIN!” And I was like yeah sure whatever. People be what you want. Wave your flag in the comments. 🏳️‍🌈


  • 100% excellent track!!!


  • my husbanddd look so hott in this mv:*


  • are you gay ? you stupid

  • i swear on my lord this is the album of the year. period.

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  • After watching him dance, I immediately want him to collab with Lorde! Their dance moves will be awesome! Lol

  • is he gay? from north korea

    • He's south African born lives in Australia


  • Wow, This is my favorite favorite song it's always on replay. And the video does it absolute justice to the song. congrats to Troye Sivan and everyone who put this song and video together the energy Troye exudes is extraordinary. love from Perth Western Australia Eva Ribarovski. ❤❤❤❤❤❤

    • OMG troye is also from Perth. Did you ever see him or his family?

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  • Me home alone blasting troye on the speakers full volume

  • Absolutely stunning..musically stinging. am not hopelessly a gay fan but this troye pride i must say i like.. i just like how he carries the pride confidently...and troye, your evolution and mastery in music in this ecosystem is breathtaking. I listened to a couple of if not all your recent songs and i just couldn't stop playing back...amazingly my wife just became an addict and a troye junkie at the first second of listening to a troye song *especially the my my my track*

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  • We need more gay singers dont think weve seen one since adam lambert ❤

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