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Troye Sivan - HEAVEN (Official Video) ft. Betty Who

Published on Jan 19, 2017
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[Verse 1: Troye Sivan]
The truth runs wild
Like a tear down a cheek
Trying to save face, and daddy heart break
I'm lying through my teeth
This voice inside
Has been eating at me
Trying to replace the love that I fake
With what we both need
The truth runs wild
Like kids on concrete
Trying to sedate, my mind in its cage
And numb what I see
Awake, wide eyed
I'm screaming at me
Trying to keep faith and picture his face
Staring up at me
[Chorus: Troye Sivan]
Without losing a piece of me
How do I get to heaven?
Without changing a part of me
How do I get to heaven?
All my time is wasted
Feeling like my heart's mistaken, oh
So if I'm losing a piece of me
Maybe I don't want heaven?
[Verse 2: Betty Who]
The truth runs wild
Like the rain to the sea
Trying to set straight the lines that I trace
To find some release
This voice inside
Has been eating at me
Trying to embrace the picture I paint
And colour me free
[Chorus: Troye Sivan]
Without losing a piece of me
How do I get to heaven?
Without changing a part of me
How do I get to heaven?
All my time is wasted
Feeling like my heart's mistaken, oh
So if I'm losing a piece of me
Maybe I don't want heaven?
[Bridge: Troye Sivan]
So I'm counting to fifteen
Counting to fifteen, counting to fifteen
So I'm counting to fifteen
Counting to fifteen, counting to fifteen
[Chorus: Troye Sivan]
Without losing a piece of me
How do I get to heaven?
Without changing a part of me
How do I get to heaven?
All my time is wasted
Feeling like my heart's mistaken, oh
So if I'm losing a piece of me
Maybe I don't want heaven?
Written by Troye Sivan, Jack Antonoff, Alex Hope, and Claire Boucher. Produced by Jack Antonoff.
Directed by Luke Gilford
We have always been here. we will always be here. this video is dedicated to all who’ve come before me and fought for our cause and those who now continue the fight. in dark and light times, let’s love forever. love, troye x
Music video by Troye Sivan performing HEAVEN (C) 2017 Universal Music Australia Pty Ltd.


  • This song is HEAVEN.

  • Beutifull xx.

  • It’s bad I can relate 😭😭

  • cant believe it'll turn 2 years

  • i like words of this song so much. Its so unusual for me to see man hugging.

  • I was literally crying about this minutes ago, I’m about to cry again.


  • This gives me goosebumps ❤️❤️❤️

  • This song legit makes me cry. Oml

  • Your going to hell because this is a sin!

  • 2019? :)

  • I'm not from the LGBT community but I support them and this video is just beautiful💗

  • Love conquers all.

  • I’m the B in LGBTQ+ and it just sad that sometimes I even thought that maybe if I continue to like girls I won’t go to heaven and it’s great to know there’s a song by a proud member of the 🏳️‍🌈 community

  • 😥

  • Troye this is AMAZING

  • will i ever listen to this and not cry

  • "If im loosing a piece of me, maybe i dont want heaven" This ❤

  • I forgot that this video existed and I’m crying again cuz some people are assholes and they don’t accept anyone. Like honestly I don’t care if you don’t agree with lgbtq+ people. But you have to accept them cuz we’re here. We’re people too. This video is so beautiful :(((

  • I cried throughout this entire song

  • I’m straight, but I enjoy Troye’s music When I turn 18, I’m getting heaven tattooed on my leg

  • the lgbt have come so far!! LET'S STAY STRONG AND KEEP ON CLIMBING.

  • Heaven

  • Бааааааалляяяяяяяяяяя

  • I just want somebody to hold me like Jacob held Troye in that video. Goddamn, the passion.

  • I love

  • This music video made me throw up with emotion

  • Almost two years. I'm crying. Again.

  • I just came out as bi to my best friend and it was the best thing i have done in my life. She was so accepting and not weird about it. We talked about it casually for an hour. And everything felt alright.She said to follow my heart and everything will be allright I just wanted to share this and thank Troye for giving me courage to do it. I am forever grateful.

  • This mv is really sEnsUal😏 I really have to check my gay kink. I'm a girl and I really love all the gay stuff.

  • i am crying


  • What a shit troye love you 😄😄😄😎😎

  • Such a beautiful song and video. 🤧

  • If we(gays) are all supposed to be going to hell, who is God? First of all, we will be with all of the other gays. Second, If God is supposed to love, why/how does He not love ALL? I’m sorry. This might not make since, but if there is a God, He loves and accepts all. Most of all, all of your famous artists, actors, and comedians that identify within the LGBTQ+ community the speak out, THOSE are your true gods. I’m sorry once again. This song and many of the comments are hated on. For no reason. And to all of my LGBTQ+ people out there who don’t feel accepted, we hear you, we understand you, and we’re here for you. Again, I’m sorry. I know I’m young but I’ve seen and been through some shit. (Also please watch Macdoesit please. We STAN that kweennnnnnn) Edit: yeah I know that was a lot. And I know I apologized a little much. : D)))

  • Most underrated song!!❤❤

  • This song is so damn beautiful it makes me cry everytime

  • this song is a piece of me, an important part and troye have my heart every damn time i listen to him. im so proud

  • jacob + troye forever 💛

  • this is by far one of my favourite songs by Troye I literally cry every single time I hear it. It makes me so happy and so sad at the same time.

  • Conspiracy theory, it’s Jacob

  • Counting to fifteen 💛

  • Without losing a piece of me how do I get to heaven? 💗🏳️‍🌈❤️

  • I cry every time

  • Troye dancing aggressively is my new otp

  • A éste cantante su video es del asco cómo el infierno

    • Dale, nadie la fue a juzgar por ser hetero, usted vino a este video por gusto

  • No soy homofobica, pero no apoyo el pecado.

    • Entonces ¿qué hace aquí, viendo a personas del mismo sexo besarse y amarse?

  • Pero Dios ama al pecador más no el pecado

    • ¿Quién lo dice? A nadie realmente le importa si le gusta o no.

  • Anticristo. El demonio es un transgénero y homosexual

    • Así que iremos al infierno por amar... Al menos no estará alguien de mente cerrada y poco respetuosa como lo es usted.

  • Hell

  • Heaven dice, pero su realidad es otra, si siguen por esta senda verán el Hell!

    • ¿Acaso entendió el mensaje de la canción? y ¿le importa a donde vayamos después de morir?

  • ¿O no sabéis que los injustos no heredarán el reino de Dios? No os dejéis engañar: ni los inmorales, ni los idólatras, ni los adúlteros, ni los afeminados, ni los homosexuales, es palabra de Dios.

    • Es bastante desagradable ver como escribe, como si usted tuviera la verdad absoluta, esta bien si adora a Dios, pero no venga a querer decir lo que esta bien o no.

    • you're insane

    • señora usted esta bien?????

  • VIH

  • AIDS

  • Demonios, demonios , demonios!!!!!

    • Usted puede dar su opinión, siempre y cuando respete las diferentes formas de pensar y lo haga de manera respetuosa y responsable, no sabe quienes pueden ver esto y sentirse mal con ellos, por ser ellos, deje de andar buscando a quien decirle que esta mal ser quien es, y haga algo más productivo con su vida. .

  • That's jacob right?

  • I'm CRYING dkjfhsklvishodwesdlhfobisdkf

  • 2019? Sigo amando esta cancion

  • :))


  • kinda wish Lana del Rey was featured

  • Im I the only one person who notices that gay guys just so happened to be really hot. Like can you be straight and my age so we can date. JK 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • love how it wasn’t awkward at all for jacob to just stand there without a shirt, hugging and dancing with troye

  • Troye you are so beautiful

  • Where's the people who comment "2019?"

  • this song helped me a lot, to understand me, to accept me, without doubt the best song of troye sivan, with a perfect clip, and that summed up my 2018

  • ❤❤

  • I'm a straight guy but I like his song very much

  • Started my 2019 with this and bloom...;)

  • I just got a sudden wave of emotion halfway through the song because I understood what the song meant. I dont know why but it makes me sad to think that he is basically asking how he can go to heaven without taking a big part of his life away which is him being gay😢

  • We stan

  • I think this is the most important song i have ever heard in my life.


  • I’m not crying, your crying, no, I’m crying. This songs messes me up so much

  • My great grandma found out accidentally one day as she was up state to see us that I was transgender and just recently found out I was athiest/ignostic (idk yet) but she says that I'm "sick" and that I "need help" and that I need to try contacting Jesus through church and everything, but this is who I am. I know she loves me, but it's hard to believe with everything she disowns me for. Being bisexual, being transgender, all of that. At this point, I don't care if I end up in the Hell I don't believe in. As long as I can be myself, that's all I need.

    • Benny Boo That last sentence is so true.Just stay who you are,love who you love and ignore those people.I hope your grandma starts to understand and accept you. Just stay true to yourself and dont forget how precious you are.❤ Love you!😘❤

    • +One of Dan and Phil's many children Thank you so much

    • Keep being who you are, we love you!

  • This video is beyond ICONIC😌

  • watching gay couples makes me so effing happy i can’t explain. they’re so happy it’s my favorite thing ever.

  • i cant believe this is almost 2 years old already 😢💕

  • This makes me cry every time I watch it!!!


  • This song is like a candle in my life :)

  • ❤️😭😍😍

  • His voice is amazing....i really don't care if his songs relates to LGBT or not ....his way of expressing his opinion , experience and story through his songs is ...AMAZING....and BEAUTIFULL ...💕💞RESPECT..👏

  • Love this troye, very nice

  • This is the best thing to describe me, I've ever stumbled over.

  • Just a question is Troye gay?

    • Thanks😊

    • **facepalms** Yes, he has a boyfriend (the guy in the music video where he spent 4:17 minutes cuddling and kissing) and is a huge LGTBQ+ advocate. He starred in a movie called Boy Erased the focus around ending conversation therapy. He's very gay

  • i dare every homophobic person to watch this... feel guilty yet?

  • This is disgusting to me

    • Why? Is it Troye's amazing voice, meaningful lyrics, or the stunning beat and vocals. Is it the deep meaning, the raw honesty and emotion in his voice? How about the indescribablely perfect and sweet music video or the perfect moral?

    • The only disgusting thing here is you

    • you're disgusting to all logical people

  • Damn

  • who is the guy kissing him?


  • Im crying so hard right now

  • The whole story of my life is in this 4 minutes song :)

  • Troye Sivan, maravilhoso! Ele nos Representa 😍😍❤

  • This song always makes me cry help

  • Tracob Stans have entered the chat

  • Comment the ad you got before this vid.

  • My wig is flown to the next century

  • I'm dead

  • god i remember hearing this song when the album first came out and lying in my bed just staring at the ceiling and that was a turning point for me and it still so emotional to hear this