Trevor Chats with His Grandma About Apartheid and Tours Her Home, “MTV Cribs”-Style | The Daily Show

Published on Dec 4, 2018
In this special Self-Deportation Edition of The Daily Show, Trevor heads back to South Africa, tours the neighborhood he grew up in, talks to his grandmother about Nelson Mandela and apartheid, and gives an “MTV Cribs”-style tour of his grandma’s home.
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  • Smart granny👏

  • Oh my goodness...Your Gran is wonderful.💓

  • This was beautiful and heart warming, something rarely seen on mainstream media

  • Amazing! I had no idea he was from Soweto.

  • That was awesome! Your Gran is awesome!

  • This reminds me of visiting the home my father grew up in in Haiti. This was refreshing Trevor. Much respect!

  • thanks so much for this

  • Broken glass on walls seems to be an African theme. Watching from Nigeria and I am further inspired by your talent and humility Trevor Noah.

  • Amazing. Blessed. Thank you for sharing your Coco in such a tender and humorous way. My daddy is a 91 year old pastor in the deep south. The stories a life like those have is so rich. I'm such a fan of yours, it hurts! 😍😍😍

  • This was dope

  • Lol Trevor's accent changed when he got around his grandmother. We all do it haha

  • This is amazing... she is amazing!

  • Trevor, you're truly what Americans need right know. I hope you realize that in your soul!

  • You have one heck of a grandmother. She radiates strength, joy, peace and beauty. I sure hope that she has her generator, t.v. and cable so she can watch her grandson. I definitely enjoyed this. Thank you for sharing her with the world. We need to see her type of spunk. God bless.

  • This is a simple lovely but amazing interview with the host 'Trevor Noah' granny...Who at 91 was still very alert witty and happily in full grasp of her memory...Despite being born and raised in her homeland country...That was ruled under a very harsh brutal state of forced Segregation...Power to a strong Granny!😍✌🏼🌹

  • Has he ever interviewed his mother or father?

  • Brillant clip i have watched there. Respect to granny & Trevor houmor. Super real talk.

  • She is absolutely adorable!!! I wish I could see her everyday!!!

  • This was so touching. I wish the interview could have been longer.

  • Soooo.. Does She Watch Your Show Now?😏

  • That was more than awesome!!

  • I would like to have a cup of tea with grandma😍

  • "He was just like our god, on Earth"-my grandmother said the same thing, verbatim, about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • this is beutiful and all, but why did trevor noah had to show that camps when reffering to all of blacks and showed 1 mansion as to show where white people live thats bullshit, i know atleast now 10 black people who i know personnally who live in houses that look better than that mansion,thanks for letting all foreigners think badly about whites.

  • I love her so much she is so wise... I miss my CoCo.

  • As a white South African, I'm sorry for what my ancestors did. I don't know how they could be that brutal. Another thing, being white isn't a sin. You can't help how you were born, and you respect as much a right to live like the rest of humanity. Don't ever feel bad for being white. The reason I'm commenting this is because I sense a lot of shade towards white people from this video, and from the world in general. Stick together and work together in peace. We can do this.

  • Loved every minute of this interview. You can see where Trevor gets his natural wit and charm from... Gogo is my hero!!! Please make this a series Trevor #TheThingsMyGogoSays

  • I really have to give it to Trevor, you can just tell he's a positive guy. Who really trys to find the good in things. 👍

  • But I know she probably is at peace of how she lives now..just give her the necessities

  • Beautiful....wonderful...a blessing

  • Love your grandma her a new house Trev she deserves it all

  • I am so moved hlee, makhulu uyathandeka maannn! I wish I could just listen to you moooore Mega love Trevor please make this a TV show.

  • I love his grandma Coco... OMG I love Trevor...he's hilarious! I want more of this Trevor... she's amazing.

  • And I'm just laughing...

  • lovely and funny grandmama Trevor you were lucky she is so strong

  • I don't have grandma educated to this extent... Trevor thumb up bro you lucky out there

  • Nice 💯💯

  • whites ruined so many beautiful things and ruined so many lives, millions of them. and now they wanna teach us about civilisation and human rights.

    • I am not a racist but the truth has to be spoken

  • Damn that load shedding! I love how the dish is just for show. Classic - I love her to bits!

  • So endearing. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • I resent the remark you once made, Trevor, that older people don´t care about the environment much because they´re old and don´t have many years to go. Does this kind of generalisation go for your gran too? I wouldn't want my grandchild to talk about people in such a disrespectful tone, especially because you are a journalist. So clean up your act.

  • This was dope! 👍

  • Trevor's grandmother deserves a whole house---a small one is fine. That area is not even safe. How he's letting her live says more about him that these between the scenes spots he does. "When you hit a woman, you have hit a rock..." Why do they HAVE to live as rocks? Why are they hit, is the real question? If he truly respects Black women in thought, word and deed, the women in his own family should live better and we know he has become too "Hollywood" to have one as his significant other but how he lives and lets the elderly who were there for him live says much about him.

  • ok now lets not argue the sliper beating was invented in AFRICA

  • This touched my spirit.... His grandmother's house may not look like much to others, but to me I see all her years ,labor, and love placed into it!

  • Any thoughts on the slaughter of white farmers ?

  • So special

  • Aww she reminds me of my beautiful little granny from dominica 🇩🇲🇩🇲miss her little soul

  • This is deep,man.Thanks for letting us into your space.

  • Trevor , I am one person the love all your shows , i respect you man , and the fact that you have made it in life give me hope as well even if i don't have much to start with , but their is one thing that i want to ask you man , why not build you grand mother a house as a surprise , you do not even have to move her from where she is . but just show here that you are grateful for what she did for you , no offence my man but its all we dream about as black people. just surprised to see that here house still looks like that.

  • Respect 4 the people who understood umlungu

  • Shout-out Julius Malema

  • This made me so so happy!

  • This is a bulshit I was around then as well And the electricity cutting out must of been caused by the white man as well surely

  • find the good deal for this up coming christmas

  • I love her joy, humour and enthusiasm. Trevor really grew up in good hands and his talent has some roots. She is a good person and a strong woman. I can't believe she 91. Incredible!

  • Athi loadshedding😂😂😂 yohhh

  • Trevor thanks for sharing your grand mama with us. She's precious. You are an awesome down to earth young man. I wish you much success❤

  • This brought tears for many reasons. I am a Grandma of 32. Trevor God Bless You And Your Grandma.

  • LOL! We Polynesians walk in the street because we fit on the street not the sidewalks. Once a car comes by, we separate to opposite sides, and then walk in the middle of the road once the car passes.

  • l love this young man. He is so funny. Watched all his comedy videos in one day.

  • This is like home! Your granny has the same fridge magnets I had at home.

  • She is absolutely beautiful and alluring. Many blessings. This was awesome!!!!

  • It remind me of my granny, she is really old and she no longer speaks or walks but she occassionally has clear mind moments. She used to talk about her childhood days vividly.

  • i'm screaming from Kenya

  • LMAO. ''and your neighbors scream when you walk by...''

  • 😍

  • "Fix the cable" Come on now Trevor. Say satellite at least if you can't say DSTV

  • She reminds me of my grandmother, from kenya

  • I know now from where he got his humor his grandma is hilarious

  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • "We dont have road rage, we have road joy" hell yea!

  • why is he tearing up the whole video ?

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    • Hey! Stop with your muti here, What is wrong with you?

  • Beautiful

  • Beautiful Story" ... Love Coco XOXO Grandmom XOXO

  • You're grandma reminds me of mine. She passed at age of 60yo back in 2003. She raised me well and I thanked her for all the brutal spanking she gave me. Most white people probably won't understand what tough love is.

  • My goodness, give Coco a show, please. She is sooo funny!!!

  • The Grandma is so sweet and wise

  • This is amazing!! Powerful and vulnerable Trevor!,

  • Lol, globally we have something in common: fruit&veggie fridge magnets. It is always a pleasure watching your videos on US-tv, especially this one of ugogo. Thanks to Trevor & his amazing crew, for collaborating videos to keep us entertained. Big up guys. XOXO from SA.

  • Sweet lady!

  • I loooove it ❤️

  • hard to type from a cellphone.

  • She refers to Trevor her Grandson as a "white man" he basically is.

  • Powerful. I thank you for sharing your grandmother. I love the fact that you embrace who you are. It brings tears to my eyes. I have so much more respect for you. I, like you, take pride in my roots. Your mother, no defeat, is an amazing woman. I feel the love and pride. Thank you.

  • Who else cracked up at 9:32 eish I remember those days😂😂😂. Now I live in Australia so I don't have to.

  • Awww, this reminded me of my own grandmother and great grandmom

  • Trevor Noah made it quite literally out the mud. #mudboy

  • Oh Trevor singaba yini ngaphandle kwakho.

  • We were not allowed! Such a vivid reaction after all those years. Incredible. You can literally see the pain coming all over again

  • now South Africa is a shithole

  • Why don’t you stay there DICK

  • "You were born a crime". This whole thing made me smile because when I read his book the story about him shitting on the floor as a child and his mother and grand mother went outside to burn the shit after they thought someone tried to curse their family made me feel like his story was so real, which it is.

  • Your blessed, home is always home no matter who you become.❤️and respect ✊ to you Travor

  • I wish it was longer...I can't get enough of it

  • 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Hope to go back to those time Go go. No no no

  • Oh no why do you make a short video, i can't have enough of it, it's so interesting. Seeing your grandma at 91 and still remembers everything is indeed a blessings, May Allah continue to give him long life and good health, Ameen.

  • Gogo is the word for Grandma