Tracy McGrady: Klay Thompson 'doing the right thing' with team-friendly extension | The Jump | ESPN

Published on May 11, 2018
Tracy McGrady joins The Jump and says that Klay Thompson is doing the right thing with talking about a team-friendly extension with the Golden State Warriors.
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  • Fuck that u want more championships or 50 million it's just a ring I would leave for 50 million more

  • Money cannot buy happiness

  • People who grew up with out money are always chasing money because you have alot of people around you financially dependant on you.

  • They be PLAYING KLAY!, if they do it again KLAY GONE FUCK AROUND AND BOUNCE TO L.A

  • RJ still sound hella salty..

  • GSW, Giving billionaires discounts on the daily! ✌

  • Klay needs to get paid period. He's done what he's needed to do - be the #2 in a dynasty that is now stretching close to 5 years, All NBA, etc. What would he need to stay for? So he can watch management pay Draymond and Durant? Would you be ok at your work if the 2 other dudes that sit next to you getting paid 2x-5x for contributing the same if not less than what you are? Yeah didnt' think so.

  • Awww that's sweet.

  • Steph should have taken just a little bit of a pay-cut for Thompson and Green.

  • per report. klay worth 35 mil a year same as lebron james. is this bullshit? obviously

  • Why the fuck does she always overtalk people?

  • 5th straight T-mac

  • Durant is better than klay though and he already took cuts...whats the fuss about?

  • tall money

  • What's sad is many wont catch the magic word??? "MONEY". Sickening!!! This entire clip was about "how much more these over paid players want".

  • Klay been rich since he was born it ain't about the money Klay a real warrior

  • these aint loyal Klay they will trade you

  • Well said Mr. McGrady

  • Kevin Durant will always be an outsider. He didn't grow together with the other three.

  • I hope he leaves. The team ain't gonna be so friendly to you when the time comes. So it's cool for Steph to get all that $$ but not him.

  • No player should give billionaire owners a "discount" for their services

  • This women needs to let folks talk!!!!!! Geez. They are on your show to respond debate shed light. She’s thinks talking a lot is “winning” 😏 I noticed her guests are never overly opinionated 😑

  • I know he is winning championships but sorry I need my Money cause I have earned it

    • The Dream he just signed for a 150mil contract with anta

  • That only makes owners and fans happy, because it's not really their money so they'd gladly have you be careless with it. Like everyone else, when you're 33-35 yrs old, they now use the terms "get rid of" or "package him with" or "bum". You want to chase a ring when you don't have it, after a couple, there's no real need for it unless you're in the talks of being top 10 ATG. They'll say, he makes it back through endorsements. Well, I don't really like the Lakers in particular, but if for example Klay signs there, he's in the marketing capital of the world and he didn't really need to give up 10's of millions of his contract money.

  • Players don’t look at it like an investment to win chips smh

  • LeBron came back from 3-1 to beat the warriors but the warriors beat him 3-1 in 4 finals ijs

  • No player should ever take a discount. The real question is...why aren't the owners willing to come out the pocket to keep the players? Don't tell me it's the luxury taxes when they can still a lot of profit even if the go over the cap.

  • If you're blessed enough to make this kind of money playing a game I hope you find a way to give something back.

  • I'm boycotting the nba. These guys make far too much money

  • richard jefferson is whiter than tiger woods!

  • Klay could be a number one guy on any team, why settle to be the third option?

  • Richard, Dude. Don't push your angle to make a point. KD already took a discount that allowed them to sign Andre and Sean.....No one expects him to do it again...

  • RJ u white washed af

  • Klay= greatest warrior. Without him in 2016 and 2018 wc games 6 warriors only have 2 titles

  • Klay is cool. He's like a kind of guy that could sit and watch the paint dry.

  • Mr. Secure the bag never secured a championship.

  • Richard Jefferson needs to tell TRUTH.. Durant already took a pay CUT/DISCOUNT to keep resign Iggy and Livingston. Do not make Durant sound like an ahoe.

  • He loses 50 mil? i like gsw but that just feels like they're taking advantage of him

  • Steph needs Klay and Klay needs Steph.

  • Moreover, it's NOT a "tax." Against the players' vehement opposition, the owners pushed for the salary cap and the so-called luxury "tax," so that they would be able to cite them as a "legitimate" reason for underpaying for talent. The "tax," it needs to be noted, is NOT a tax being paid to a government, not to any players, not to any team employees, not to anyone else other than to OTHER OWNERS. Any luxury "tax" that owners pay goes to, yes, THEMSELVES.

  • You're crazy to think if theres no "Under the table" type shit to make up with a 50 MILLION loss of money... This is generational wealth we're talking here and Klay's not stupid; no one on the warriors is stupid, there is some sort of compensation... Definitely.

  • if klay stays on the warriors he’s a straight bitch, he could easily be the #1 option on another team but he wants to play 3rd fiddle to the snake and dude w a wife that doesn’t know how to shut up. lol winning ain’t everything

  • Getting down @1:59 lol Thats the dance u hit when u get that $111 mill!

  • Klay knows if he leaves . . . .everyone will see he is just a better version of Harrison Barnes. . . . . Better to be the best 3rd wheel in the league than exposed as below DeMar Derozan, John Wall, and Dame Lillard . .. . . He would instantly see his stock drop like a rock.

  • Want Klay it Draymond on the Bulls, no one is getting the other 2.

  • They make the money back in commercials.

  • Klay got shoe deals and other commercials that makes him extra side cash.

  • Number one rule is never talk about another mans money. Let the man choose the life he’s earned whether that’s taking a max deal or a discount. Go Klay

  • Fuck the warriors and Klay🚀🎭🎙🔫

  • Wtf is this sport coming to, how are these athletes getting payed that much $? Its ridiculous

  • How do Billionaires convince Millionaires to take a pay cut?🤔

  • KD took millions leave last season so they could resign Andre and Livingston so when did KD not take a pay cut

  • and i feel that's what the bulls are waiting they said they are waiting on 2019 FA to be big spenders and who's a big FA, Klay, and bulls will throw the max at him and the bulls could be a 5th or 6th seed team with klay, lauri, and whoever they draft

  • damn if they keep klay that's tough but i think it depends on him though because he's the best team player, he sacrifices for the team and leaves it on the court but to me it comes down to if he wants to lead a team to glory because i think he can, if he leaves a dream team i like him with his chicago him next to lauri and lavine could be nice and klay would look good in a bulls jersey

  • KD has already taken a discount. Guy passed up 9.5 mill this year! Idc how rich u are, almost 10 million dollars is a lot of money.... especially for a year salary! If Klay takes this paycut then I know Draymond will! No one on this roster loves this team & the bay more than Draymond. Guy definitely cares about winning more than 💰. For crying out loud the guy wrote a check for over 3million bucks to Michigan State Athletic department lol. Who donates there hard work money to a university 😂? Those big universities are freaking loaded lol. I think this team wants to see how this turns out. Especially if they win a championship in a month!

  • If you find your place, money doesn't matter that much.

  • I like the point RJeff made. To be brutally honest, since KD arrived, Klay was relegated to a 3rd option on a really amazing team. I think though, he recognizes the fact that he wouldn't have all these great endorsement deals on the side if he wasn't with the Warriors. Get him somewhere else, like Rachel said, we wouldn't have China Klay, which is basically saying Anta wouldn't have given him that massive $80m deal if he was, say, in Portland or wherever. I'd say take the discount and take advantage of any off the court deals he could make. Everybody wants a piece of a champion in their team.

  • KD took a discount once. Klay is doing it so KD doesn't have to again.

  • These cupcakes are doing everything in there power to keep screwing up the league ! Taking pay cuts to stay togather so the nba can continue to be boring and no one can beat them.

  • And extra 50 over 4 to 5 years or per?

  • This is luxury tax thing they can max all the guys

  • Owners loyalty is with the almighty dollar. They will trade or get rid of any player if it benefits the team or makes them more money. Klay should hit the market and make the extra $50 million. Him staying with Golden State doesn't guarantee more championships.

  • Klay’s in the ideal situation I don’t know why he’d leave either. He has no pressure in GS, if he plays great it’s a bonus and if he plays poorly it doesn’t even matter

  • Staying on the warriors can also increase his value in the future.. and come on at some point there has to be a drop off where you have enough millions and your legacy is more important

  • He comes from a well established family. There's nothing more he can seek than to just stay winning.

  • Life is about what is a priority for you. If 111 million dollars in 5 years with an amazing team to have your back makes you happy, why not?

  • hi

  • Thats because KD doesn't have to. Same with Steph. Team can't afford to have 4 max players, KD and Steph are irreplaceable. To most teams Klay and Draymond are max players, but the warriors can only get them at a discount. The team is still a title favourite IMO if Draymond or Klay leave. But trading one for a couple of pieces if they won't sign would help their rosters depth.

  • Like I told my coworker, I can't see him leaving that's family!

  • He's a fool. Get your money, dude. They won't have any loyalty to you, if they can dump you they will.


  • Secure the bag= no championships Kevin Durant’s selfishness might be the end of something good

  • This bitch is so annoying! She thinks she knows more than the players - really? Get these know-it-all white women off these sports shows PLEASE!!!!!

  • KD did take a discount though

  • Honestly, if I were an NBA star player i'd probably be like, just give me whatever the minimum you can give me. its still like 10 million, I would have no idea what to do with 9 million of that shit. I have simple tastes

  • For an average man even a mil sounds like a enormous amount of money. Not to mention 50 mil. So how people think, when they have that much money is just beyond me.

  • And im tryna survive off of $13 an hour :\

  • Of course you don't know Rachel. You talk about luxury tax, but you don't have the slightest clue....

  • his shoe deal in china is like 200 mil, he’s chillin bro lol he’s not just making money from the warriors.

  • Klay to LA See Ya

  • Hell nah I'm not giving up 50 MILLION dollars for one team when all the other All stars on my team getting max money... This Amercia you pay for services rendered.

  • Klay should stay but he shouldn't take a pay cut. These NBA owners are billionaires. They can afford to pay what the players are worth. Why should they get a discount?

    • Daniel Orteez, I'm u certain why players are getting a physical share of the team? Magic got that deal in Los Angeles, and Jordan left Chicago when they turned him down. A super Max deal is great, but owning a piece of a Billion dollar team is better.


  • Richard Jefferson is that dude

  • Better get that money... business is business at the end of the day front office can be crazy enough to trade for sone

  • Anybody think if the cavs trade away love and prob TT theyd have enough money to pay KD cuz im sure he'd love to play with lebron and get his money just a thought

  • Hey woman, dont hate on the Orlando Magic! 2030 NBA champions!!!

  • Laker fan's can now stop, predicting, Klay, to Lakers. he would have to play harder & try to carry that team before it's ready to be a contender.

  • Rj Kd is a different level than klay get real

  • Tracy "Non-Champion" Mcgrady fuck outta here bruh!!!

  • Klay so underrated.

  • If T-Mac took a little pay cut, the Rockets could've gotten some more help for him and Yao. Maybe they would've stayed healthier? Less minutes? Who knows...

  • The main reason why I would take less money would be to form a superteam 😈

  • Naw homie.. They gave steph.. 200 million.. U get less than half that… is Steph twice as Good As u.. Or twice as valuable?

    • RAMSRT500 u literally just made that up

    • MrJreed1000 You mean the unanimous MVP that has the 2nd largest following in basketball next to Lebron. Steph by himself brings in more advert. $'s than any two warriors players combined if not more.

  • Fuk no nigga. Klay trippen. I bet if a contender gives him the max he’s gone.

  • Joe Lacob knows he has to keep Curry, Thompson, and Green together. These athletes represent the Bay Area the most because they win the most. He doesn't want another Monta Ellis moment lol. I appreciate KD but people wouldn't mind if he decided to leave.

  • Why would Thompson not demand a max from the Warriors? Why would Steph (who got his supermax) demand that Klay gets paid as well? Only for Lacob to save luxury tax money? "The right thing for the team" = making a multi billionaire richer

  • Smh So many bandwagon fans in the comments.. fuck the warriors they need to be broken up.

  • That being said, Klay would be awesome in Philly replacing JJ or Bellinelli. They can afford Klay + PG next season too. Simmons (Fultz, McConnell) Klay (JJ/Bellinelli) PG (Covington) Saric (Holmes) Embiid (Johnson)

  • Nothing beats happiness *cuts to montage of Klay doing happy shit*