TOP 10 SHOTS | Scottish Open Snooker 2017

Published on Dec 20, 2017
TOP 10 SHOTS | Scottish Open Snooker 2017
Outro Music: Back In The Days by Andreas Jamsheree
Cao Yupeng 曹宇鹏
Neil Robertson
Stephen Maguire
Judd Trump
Ronnie O'Sullivan
Jack Lisowski
John Higgins


  • There is my opinion on best shots from Scottish Open. For those who wants outro music and can't look at the description: Back In The Days by Andreas Jamsheree

  • Snooky pooky

  • No 2 shot by robertson... I can make those shots on my worst day...


  • The tow shot was so easy

  • I wanna start practicing that lip flippin first.. 😂

  • ลูก 2 มันไม่ได้ยากขนาดนั้น

  • @3:25 i was missing that THUG LIFE music.. haha

  • you must see the defination of best from DICTIONARY

  • rubbish

  • o

  • Cao's shot 🔥🔥🔥

  • 🙃🙃🙃🙃☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦

  • สุดยอด

  • Good yar

  • That last one was a foul shot in my view.

    • Foul by what? He did not left his legs off the floor, neither his cue hit back the cue ball when it's was being first hit nor did he violate any rule. It's just the way he played innovative

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • What did he actually do at 3:40? 'Twas phenomenal.

  • Bizzarre shot by cao

  • Будьте внимательны при просмотре снукера на стримах. По крайней мере на Руси в плеер встраивается какой-то код, который постепенно раскачегаривает процессор на 100 процентов. Так понимаю, кто-то майнит на ресурсах юзеров. Смотрел на разных машинах, разных браузерах. Везде одно и тоже.

  • The Robertson shot was nothing special..

    • he added top spin to avoid the contact with the other reds... and did that with perfection!

  • Wow! The title was won by Neil Robertson and O'Sullivan didn't play the best shot! And O'Sullivan didn't win the tournament! I don't understand, I thought O'Sullivan was the greatest snooker player ever?

  • lol the ending was shit...

  • 1:35 Ding shot huhu

  • Really wanted Cao to win this tournament, unfortunately he choked under pressure.

  • Now I need to see more from Cao and Akani

    • GaborBartal sunny akani is like the Judd Trump of Thailand. Terrific cue action

  • That cao is a flashy player. Gonna look out for him.

  • So glad for youtube cos can say how bent JOHN HIGGINS is

  • Why?! 2:31 It looks Maguire aimed without any side, but way it turned out to be strong left-hand​ side?!

  • "Snooker planet","Tequila","GTKomissaR" are the top 3 snooker channels on US-tv!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lol Ryan day at the end , last one was Shaun Murphy and his stupid face. Well compiled snooker planet, I always look forward to your uploads. But so sad for Cao yupeng. He deserved it more than Neil, and to claim that he doesn't have a strong heart shows you what He was going through.

  • Merry CHRISTmas, snooker planet. Thanks for another great year.

  • Cao is somthng special 😨

  • I laughed so hard when I saw 3:42. watching it live was even better.

  • Cao lost because the Yakuza match fixed

  • Who won tournament?

  • What’s the ending outro music called?

  • For all those curious, Baary Stark (Snooker coach) on US-tv actually said to do that with the tip of the cue. Never seen it done in professional play, though. Maybe by Mark Williams lol.

    • Steve Davis has also done it, but as far as I know, only in exhibition matches and some trick shot shows. :P

    • Mark Williams is a beast!

  • The best part of video was at the end ryans clip 😁😁

    • ههههههههه ايوة،هو ايه الي راين كان بيعملو ده؟ شكلو كان شارب سيجاره بني 😂😂😂

  • Only 1 shot from ronnie? Fanboys will go crazy

    • Ronnie went out early to Higgins! Lost 4-0 and and Ronnie potted less then 200 points! Take it your comment was for likes? Not for the relevance of the shots?(best shots)?

    • Fanboy here. he didn't really play that well in this tournament. Fatigued from overplaying. So .... not really going crazy.

    • exactly xD

  • 7.5 👏👍

  • 3:40 Barry Stark covers this option in his you-tube video 'rolling up to the cue ball'. Great channel; thanks for all that free advice, Mr Stark.

  • Cao Yupeng has some good cue the hell he is only 56-60th in rankings??

  • Good video -- had a nice laugh at Ryan Day at the end there :D

  • Cao is better than many pro players... One of the best in snooker 🎱

    • Chandrasekar K dude, he is not amateur, it's just that he hasn't played so well before

  • for a second i thought that the #1 was that little double

  • Great video as always, keep it up!

  • Lmao thought Cao was angling his shot at first

    • If he does this more often, that shot will be called 'doing a Cao'

  • the ender is the best..i laughed till my abs muscle toned up...

  • Whats the music name played at the end??

    • Harish Chary the song name is (Back in the days) by Andrea,Actually the uploader has written it above.

    • darude sandstorm

    • Ticcy Wu I was in a hurry, didn't really checked it...! Ty anyways!

    • Check the information of this video first.

  • 现在的斯诺克挺好看,出了不少新秀,老将还都挺能打

    • tark lee 没错没错,现在的斯诺克水准比以前高了很多。有了奥沙利文,竞争激烈了不少

  • Higgins safety should be higher it had perfect side and critical pace

    • Ibrahim Sherif I am not sure if side was used at all. But it stil is a great shot

  • This Cao guy is soemething else

    • That screw... I scared my dog screaming "what?!"

  • Who was commentating shot 7??

    • Thanks guys. Wasn't sure but having heard again it does sound like him

    • sounds like ricky walden

    • Rhys Howcutt Ricky Walden

  • Fantastic!