TOP 10 SHOTS | Scottish Open Snooker 2017

Published on Dec 20, 2017
TOP 10 SHOTS | Scottish Open Snooker 2017
Outro Music: Back In The Days by Andreas Jamsheree
Cao Yupeng 曹宇鹏
Neil Robertson
Stephen Maguire
Judd Trump
Ronnie O'Sullivan
Jack Lisowski
John Higgins


  • There is my opinion on best shots from Scottish Open. For those who wants outro music and can't look at the description: Back In The Days by Andreas Jamsheree

  • Snooky pooky

  • No 2 shot by robertson... I can make those shots on my worst day...


  • The tow shot was so easy

  • I wanna start practicing that lip flippin first.. 😂

  • ลูก 2 มันไม่ได้ยากขนาดนั้น

  • @3:25 i was missing that THUG LIFE music.. haha

  • you must see the defination of best from DICTIONARY

  • rubbish

  • o

  • Cao's shot 🔥🔥🔥

  • 🙃🙃🙃🙃☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦

  • สุดยอด

  • Good yar

  • That last one was a foul shot in my view.

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • What did he actually do at 3:40? 'Twas phenomenal.

  • Bizzarre shot by cao

  • Будьте внимательны при просмотре снукера на стримах. По крайней мере на Руси в плеер встраивается какой-то код, который постепенно раскачегаривает процессор на 100 процентов. Так понимаю, кто-то майнит на ресурсах юзеров. Смотрел на разных машинах, разных браузерах. Везде одно и тоже.

  • The Robertson shot was nothing special..

    • he added top spin to avoid the contact with the other reds... and did that with perfection!

  • Wow! The title was won by Neil Robertson and O'Sullivan didn't play the best shot! And O'Sullivan didn't win the tournament! I don't understand, I thought O'Sullivan was the greatest snooker player ever?

  • lol the ending was shit...

  • 1:35 Ding shot huhu

  • Really wanted Cao to win this tournament, unfortunately he choked under pressure.

  • Now I need to see more from Cao and Akani

    • GaborBartal sunny akani is like the Judd Trump of Thailand. Terrific cue action

  • That cao is a flashy player. Gonna look out for him.

  • So glad for youtube cos can say how bent JOHN HIGGINS is

  • Why?! 2:31 It looks Maguire aimed without any side, but way it turned out to be strong left-hand​ side?!

  • "Snooker planet","Tequila","GTKomissaR" are the top 3 snooker channels on US-tv!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lol Ryan day at the end , last one was Shaun Murphy and his stupid face. Well compiled snooker planet, I always look forward to your uploads. But so sad for Cao yupeng. He deserved it more than Neil, and to claim that he doesn't have a strong heart shows you what He was going through.

  • Merry CHRISTmas, snooker planet. Thanks for another great year.

  • Cao is somthng special 😨

  • I laughed so hard when I saw 3:42. watching it live was even better.

  • Cao lost because the Yakuza match fixed

  • Who won tournament?

  • What’s the ending outro music called?

  • For all those curious, Baary Stark (Snooker coach) on US-tv actually said to do that with the tip of the cue. Never seen it done in professional play, though. Maybe by Mark Williams lol.

    • Steve Davis has also done it, but as far as I know, only in exhibition matches and some trick shot shows. :P

    • Mark Williams is a beast!

  • The best part of video was at the end ryans clip 😁😁

    • ههههههههه ايوة،هو ايه الي راين كان بيعملو ده؟ شكلو كان شارب سيجاره بني 😂😂😂

  • Only 1 shot from ronnie? Fanboys will go crazy

    • Ronnie went out early to Higgins! Lost 4-0 and and Ronnie potted less then 200 points! Take it your comment was for likes? Not for the relevance of the shots?(best shots)?

    • Fanboy here. he didn't really play that well in this tournament. Fatigued from overplaying. So .... not really going crazy.

    • exactly xD

  • 7.5 👏👍

  • 3:40 Barry Stark covers this option in his you-tube video 'rolling up to the cue ball'. Great channel; thanks for all that free advice, Mr Stark.

  • Cao Yupeng has some good cue the hell he is only 56-60th in rankings??

  • Good video -- had a nice laugh at Ryan Day at the end there :D

  • Cao is better than many pro players... One of the best in snooker 🎱

    • Chandrasekar K dude, he is not amateur, it's just that he hasn't played so well before

  • for a second i thought that the #1 was that little double

  • Great video as always, keep it up!

  • Lmao thought Cao was angling his shot at first

    • If he does this more often, that shot will be called 'doing a Cao'

  • the ender is the best..i laughed till my abs muscle toned up...

  • Whats the music name played at the end??

    • Harish Chary the song name is (Back in the days) by Andrea,Actually the uploader has written it above.

    • darude sandstorm

    • Ticcy Wu I was in a hurry, didn't really checked it...! Ty anyways!

    • Check the information of this video first.

    • Harish Chary same qs

  • 现在的斯诺克挺好看,出了不少新秀,老将还都挺能打

    • tark lee 没错没错,现在的斯诺克水准比以前高了很多。有了奥沙利文,竞争激烈了不少

  • Higgins safety should be higher it had perfect side and critical pace

    • Ibrahim Sherif I am not sure if side was used at all. But it stil is a great shot

  • This Cao guy is soemething else

    • That screw... I scared my dog screaming "what?!"

  • Who was commentating shot 7??

    • Thanks guys. Wasn't sure but having heard again it does sound like him

    • sounds like ricky walden

    • Rhys Howcutt Ricky Walden

  • Fantastic!