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Top 10 Most UNFORGETTABLE Singing Auditions ALL TIME

Published on Feb 8, 2017
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  • They sing better than real singers


  • 2019 anyone ?✨

  • Animal planet lmao

  • 2019 anyone?

  • And they don’t need auto tune 😉

  • Subscribe pewdiepie by the way

  • 乇ㄗ丨匚 匚尺乇丂乇刀ㄒ

  • bruh what are these transitions?

  • Everyone who does not like the opera parts just don't know how to appreciate real singing talent.

  • Need to change your intro.

  • All of them where opera like it was so boring

  • The beginning of the video was good until all of this opera came and i disliked.

  • 2019 anyone???

  • Our next Charlie Pride.

  • The last one and the Australian boy singing i have nothing was no doubt the best

  • 14:00 never judge a book by is apparence

  • That first one was incredible

  • excuse me, why isn’t Aida Nikolaychuk on this list 😤

  • the little girls made me cry

  • What is the little girl's name rank 4

  • 13:45 😱😱 WOW That is all

  • dislike for cut the reactions!

  • 2019 any one

  • 2019 anyone?

  • louisa johnson is the best!


  • Hey Wanna Sing Like a pro go to this :

  • Young beiber looking dude was a black woman in his past life. He nailed that shit

  • As a country fan I wasn't a fan of the first guy

    • it didn't sound right to me i could see that choice being his only because he knew he could hit the lower notes.

  • 2019 anyone????

  • Does anyone know the name of the 4th one, the little girl? Please, I need to know! Her voice is absolutely marvelous!!! Edited for #2 also. If anyone knows, please tell.

  • i was wondering if the judgests at America's got talent was really smiling or just showing off their teeth

  • Motorboat 12:16 anyway everyday

  • 6:36 I honestly started to tear up by watching her and hearing her sing omf

  • Nothing makes my heart burst out in happiness like a good performer and a huge smile on Simon's face.

  • number 10 is honestly the best personally. He probably sings better than Josh Turner.

  • 2019 anyone?

  • The first voice is amazing, what’s his name please?

  • What song is number 5 and 4?

  • No susan boyle?

  • Name of the first Song pls

  • what is the title of song

  • Wow. Number one though😂😆

  • The fact that they start crying shows just how much work, pain, and effort they've put into their passion. It truly touches my heart, and I can't help but cry myself. These singers deserve nothing less than everyone's utmost respect.

  • Britney's in pain!!!

  • from 5:51 to 10:20. those are my two favorites

  • Only good one is first one and last

  • I gave a dislike just for the last couple being opera singers

  • I almost died in Oprah ,but the last one saved me

  • 22:00 howard the alien lulalol

  • Theses kids singing opera got me like Wtf Damn!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • The last girl...holy shit i'm gay

  • I’m watching this in 2019, anyone else?

  • Like if the last audition was incredible!!!!

  • 1:01 I love how he makes the crowd so happy

  • 2019 !! Lol

  • I don't remember this

  • I'm in love with the first guy

  • lucy sugerman should have been here

  • Blonde boy channeling WHITNEY HOUSTON like her spirit was singin thru him SLAYED ME. I'm in tears and keep playing his piece over and over again!!

  • *Baby lock the door and turn the lights down low*

  • lol animal planet's most extreme countdown. miss that show. nice list! kids were soul hitting, that #1 was unbelievable!!

  • I swear to God the song on number 5 was off Yuri on Ice.

  • after seeing that blonde justin biber i quit

  • At 6:10 what is the song? I like it so much. Thank you.

  • I wish simon saw that last girl perform. I mean how does one go from opera singing to rock and nail the entire performance?

  • they sing better than real singers yes

  • that animal plant countdown is KILLIN me

  • Wow this is great! You gotta check this girl rap skills out🔥..

  • That lil girl is an angel!

  • Had to come here to counteract the half and hour of horrible additions I've binged.

  • why the fuck is there no Grace in this video and no Gabriella. I mean Gabriella played the violin and Grace was 12 and played an original

  • Is anyone watching this on 2019???

  • I have to say the first performance should change things

  • 2019 anyone??

  • srry but n1 is so hot

  • Louisa.......WOW. Didn't expect that

  • 5:59 *Mariah Carey left the chat*

  • 15:11 is that Donald trump 😂

  • 2019 anyone?

  • Animal Planet has gotten very vocal lately.

  • #1 was my favorite before she even broke out into highway to hell and then I almost fell out 😆

  • 2019!!🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • When someone can actually pull off a Whitney Houston song it makes me miss her that much more.

  • Is that first one Etika???????

  • That last singer is THE BOMB! I actually teared up and it looked like I was crying. AND I watched it a second time after recovering, AND did it again. What a great talent, and a great quick change artist. I would have liked to see a finish with a high operatic stretch vocal. GREAT!

  • Walks out with freaky white contacts, slick hair, looking all goth n shit, and then drops AVE MARIA????? Are you kidding??? I....

  • Love the Animal Planet Countdown lol

  • 10:22. SMOOCH

  • Still listening in 2019?

  • 4 should have been 1

  • Going out on a limb and guessing the person that made this video likes opera?

  • Ruined by opera

  • is that albino kid justin bieber?

  • I only ever watch these sorts of shows on a very irregular basis,... and USUALLY when a dang cutesy KID comes onstage I just cringe like oh GOD, judges have to award them the mandatority CUTE POINTS even if they're not even any good... but, holy crap. That little blonde chubby boy (3rd singer?) Who looks like he should model for boxes of German chocolates... wtf- that kid is UNBELIEVABLE! NICE WORK, Agustus Goop!!

  • Studying for my school's talent show ignore meh

  • 5:50

  • What is the name of first song?

  • i thought simon doesnt like the song “who’s loving you” 🤔