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Top 10 Most UNFORGETTABLE Singing Auditions ALL TIME

Published on Feb 8, 2017
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  • They sing better than real singers

  • Love the opera performances ❤️

  • Architect palm hi immigrant stretch nobody serve primarily cotton invite.

  • Number 2 was so fake look at her mouth

    • #2 Jackie Evancho was definitely live. If you turn the volume way up you can hear her taking breaths and 'popping' certain words into the mic. Today Jackie is 18 with Platinum and Gold albums. She's sung at over 150 concerts worldwide while generating more than $70 million in revenue. Jackie is still the biggest selling singer to ever come from America's Got Talent. She sang 5 times for President Obama and and also for the Trump Inauguration. She's done duets with some of the most legendary singers in history including Tony Bennett and Barbra Streisand.

  • Old soul.

  • thankioo

  • 😱😱😍😍🤩🤩😘😘👏👏👏👏👏

  • The first guy on here WOW!!

  • The First guy omg😍i love this song

  • I’d go to watch a Goth Opera.

  • Красавцы!

  • Where's Sarah Ikumu?

  • The Opera singers were incredible.

  • 13:36

  • Pitch perfect

  • Ha this is funny every time he goes low everyone loses itttt. I mean the first one btw

  • 6:00 Am I the only one that thinks that that is one of the best female singing voices I've EVER heard?!

  • #3 was the best opera. Wow I am not sure what she said and don’t usually listen to opera but I would listen to her all day. The passion

  • Natural women!!! Yes yes

  • And I wonder, who’s loving you! I could listen to her again

  • The last one holy shit

  • Number 1 is unbelievable sexy and hot, she got the right place

  • First guy..omg,fabulous❤I'm back bcuz they're all excellent🐝

  • am from South Africa i vote for the girl in 4th position,cant hear the words bt but wht i truly understand is that she is going far with music

  • somebody knows the titel of the song (opera) in 15:01 (the little girl)?

  • That last lady had it all. How does one get so versatile and so drop-dead gorgeous and still have to turn up on a 'talent search' show to be recognised? Well, thank God for shows like this. God bless Simon Cowell.


  • Can never forget Willie Jones! 😍😘💖

  • Binge watching while faking sleep. Haha

  • 😚❤❤❤❤

  • Wow Wat a voic



  • who's the first guy

  • 9 gave me serious Faith Hill vibes

  • Can anybody tell me the name of the first song and singer. .thx

  • 16:33 Why did he do that with his finger?😂😂

  • I hope Johnny Manuel is on here

  • Did anybody else think nirvana when the goth guy came out

  • It was good but the ads.....

  • I watch all these videos to see Simon's happy look

  • The first 1 lol dont forget how talented we are. 😎🖤😇

  • They are awesome

  • Opera, can’t stand it

  • Ammazing😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲

  • 1st one was garbage haha they are correct, it is unforgettable but jesus

  • how are you? I’m 16 how old are you? I’m good that would be me tbh

  • 6.18 actual goosebumps!

  • the first one caught me off guard

  • 😀😀😀😶😶😶

  • And what is that last song the lady is singing? wow.

  • What was the song for 19: 25 I LOVe that song and want to do a cover for it.

  • You

  • Mel B should have shown some respect towards the mom. Didn't even acknowledge her. Awkward!

  • My God I love the last performer..she rock ..

  • so good song!

  • waw

  • .

  • Amazing 👍👏

  • OMG, most female singer got very nice crystal sharp voice

  • Why the first one is on here is a mystery. Every other performance is amazing to say the least.

  • Yes!!!!

  • If you can sing opera, you can sing anything. That was some seriously incredible talent.

  • Whats the name of the first song

  • Louisa a big star current day

  • America’s Got Talent

  • Anyone can tell me who is the no.4 little singer's name?? 15:10 Her voice bringing peace....

    • Her name is Amira Willighagen :)

    • yes, her voice like coming from heaven. she has a sound like myhtos goddess. ı do not know her name. I hope someone know and tell us

  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • what is the title of the first song?

  • Wow, this is real talent boy I love u with that deep voice

  • My favorite singer is............Susan Boyle!!!!!!!! An unemployed, average looking woman. But when she started singing, God made her from Beauty and the Beast to the Beautiful Princess! What an awesome voice.

    • Susan & #2 the young blond girl Jackie Evancho did a duet of 'The Prayer' which is on Jackie's album Dream With Me. There is a video of it on youtube:

  • My name is Kenny Rogers II, yes same name as the legend ...Kenny Rogers. These singers on American Got Talent and Britian Got Talent are awesome! !!! Music will solve all problems. United States is having internal problems, political and regilious hatred!!! Everybody hates each other..... Music will make everybody happier, healthier, friendly. Music is the most beautiful word that creates LOVE!!!!!!!! Thank you for the opportunity to share my comments.

  • That Australian audition was a rare one

  • First one hit that opening line so well

  • First contestent reminds me of charlie pride

  • Holy Sweet Cheese And Crackers!! The First One! Wow!!!!

  • That little girl has a great strong voice!

  • When Simon gets up you know that performance was AWESOME 😍😍🤞

  • Judge: "how can i help her calm down? Let me point out how nervous she is in front of an audience of thousands of people and a tv audience of millions. Yeah, I think i helped" 5:40

  • They sing so good it sounds fake asf That’s how good they are

  • Wow the last one it was amazing!

  • I really hope the first guy isn't taken.

  • They sing Better than justin

  • Some of these kids sound grown

  • 1 st songThe bass was good but everything else? Nope

  • 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Both young girls singing opera are incredible. Nice future for them I hope!!🍀

  • A última foi simplesmente sensacional!!!!

  • 8:30 kid Donald Trump is that you ?

  • 15:33 her face tho

  • 素晴らしい‼️

  • Amazing 😘 performance the who sang Natural Woman🙌👏👏👏

  • Yes Baby 😘 stand up this little kid nailed Whitney's Song.

  • 8:03 Justin Bieber's little brother.

  • Tf is up with all the Opera shit?

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  • So the guy who made this video likes Opera, eh?

  • The opera singer dang! A great voice.

  • These are so old

  • So many talented ppl in the world.