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Top 10 Most UNFORGETTABLE Singing Auditions ALL TIME

Published on Feb 8, 2017
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  • They sing better than real singers

    • Most good singers are in the modern world and they can't be discovered because they are in the shadow of the other famous singers. Finding new talent and exposing them to the world is what AGT is all about.

    • FACTS!!!


    • lol they are real singers 😉

    • Evelina o

  • 0:06 what song?

  • the first dude sucks ass lmao

  • 21:50

  • i love them!!]

  • I didn't know Etika could sing

  • The second singer. My God. Yassssss!

  • Sorry, but no. 8 sounded like she's screaming from the beginning until the end. She's not singing, it's like she's crying and screaming for help.

  • Damn, Stacey is amazing!

  • The first guy 😍😍😍

  • 2018?

  • First guy was brilliant, all different and brilliant but the first stood out for me.

  • It is great but, I would recommend similar clips in the future! should go little bit longer to see very end of the song in emotional part between Judge, public and the singer.

  • What's the name of the second song? Sorry, I'm young and not rich to have early updates..


  • That first guy is only going to keep getting more and more amazing with age! I love him!

  • What’s beautiful about these things is you can feel and see that these people simply stop existing and become the expression that they are conveying. There is nothing else happening in their reality except that expression. It’s beautiful.

  • 8:18 stop picking ya nose twat

  • love love love yyouuuu

  • wow amazing

  • 8:29 is that Justin biwner

  • I honestly thought that Susan Boyle would be number 1, but to not even make the list at ALL??

  • Number 2 is fake... no idea why you'd include that in!

  • so emotional beb

  • So many fucking ads

  • Wow amazing

  • Song..? Number ten

  • Sorry but how can you forget to put christina grimme?!!

  • 0:00 is my favorite

  • Its just me or the transition of the video is from the animal planet? 😂

  • 6:18 Wow!! 😍 13:47 Didn't expect that!! Double Wow ! Hahaha

  • The number 1 on this list is probably one of the most impressive live performances I’ve ever seen like holy shit that was actually insane. Why is someone like Fergie more famous than her like geez

  • Awesome

  • 15:19 i cant go after her now


  • Wow its amazing

  • Woahhhhhhhhhhh the 4th is the best best best world best!!!!

  • #2....The fakest lipsinc in the world....

  • who is the judge so prettyy

  • I loved the goths and emo peeps because of beautiful Andrew.

  • 5;25what back music?

  • Why all the Opera simgers

  • Last one was the best hands down. The ability to change immediately from opera to rock, crazy!

  • Animal planet 😹😹

  • émotionnelle, enthousiaste et assez beau pour dire tout, fantastiques....

  • Who else is watching instead of sleeping to prepare for an exam

  • I want to be on a show like this, but I won't ever be able to

  • That black boi good his voice and everything on point!

  • Ayee!

  • man this gives me chills and teary eyes. damn.

  • fan taste tick

  • Where is Christina Grimmie??

  • hay un poco de video en tus anuncios

  • 2020?

  • whats with "The Most Extreme" transitions?

  • Everyone I just uploaded a new song on my channel! I hope you can all take the time to have a listen! I'd really appreciate it!

  • 2018 anyone???

  • 14:09

  • Mon petit monsieur, tout cela s'appelle l'expérience de la vie…….et malheureusement formateur ou pas, vous ne pouvez pas avec tout l'amour du monde empécher ce qu'une personne est venue expérimenter ici…

  • Gave me CHILLS!!!!

  • I’m glad I found this particular video. I was just about to watch some interview about a serial killer for a criminal studies refresher course, and decided to watch something fun first, and there was this 📺🔝and to be honest I’ve been looking for that dark skinned chap that was on first for ages, because I want to put my own favourites together one day, of the ones I’ve heard worldwide as well as in the UK, a top 20 ( which will probably end up being 25 LOL) and he is definitely one of those. I couldn’t remember what series he was on and we don’t always get all of the American X factors and got talent here in England anyway. So he was a great start to this video :-) and of course the rest were a pleasure to listen to again. I was surprised Susan Boyle wasn’t on there, but young Amira makes up for that as the female favourite.

  • merveilleux

  • formidable excellent

  • wouah

  • What can you possibly say ! Except MORE Please!

  • There it is!

  • Expressions on faces say it all better than I ever could!

  • WOW! Who would have thought!

  • Sky! No limit!

  • sPassion! No limits?,

  • Wow what a wonderful way to start the day.. Listening to all that amazing talent......just blows me away, Tks for sharing

  • Good singing!

  • They are singing better

  • The first guy put a smile on my face lol

  • Louisa was my favorite!!

  • qu'est ce que le public de ces émissions ainsi que le jury est peu respectueux. Ne peuvent-ils se taire et écouter pour commencer?

  • The singers are incredible!!!!

  • so much ads in between

  • The incredible voice and stage act for the last performance....( No.1 ) I think she is mountain gold voice..!

  • アメリカ!!!って感じ!!!

  • 5:58😍😍😍❤️❤️💖💖

  • What's the first song??

  • Beautiful

  • Me watching @nd listening.

  • is awsome..I could listen to him all day

  • The last performance is a real goosebumps.

  • Binging on these since I never watched any of these shows. Amazing to hear all these talented singers. It's otherworldly to hear those voices come out of such small bodies. It's almost like they don't control it. If there is a god it comes out in the voice those child opera singers.

  • Where are they all now. ????? Fabulous singer's

  • Stay with me baby..... wooooow

  • 0:16 who is that guy and which is that song?

  • Louisa Johnson was so nervous and now look at her

  • Len Ken, elles s'en sont où toutes ces personnes maintenant , Leurs avenirs dans la chanson ???

  • Muito show essas vozes dom de Deus

  • Does anyone know where the thumbnail is from?

  • too good

  • Am a choir member in our church, but watching these n listening to such beautiful voices i think i should revisit my voice. I love it

  • Why at the end was it opera

  • Who is # 4? She is the best I have ever heard. I love her.

  • I love the first guy

  • #7 is the best by far