Published on Aug 11, 2018
Do you know all top 10 Gordon Ramsay knife moments? As a world-famous chef, it’s obvious that Chef Gordon Ramsay needs to know his way around a set of knives. But you might not know about all of his most impressive and most memorable cooking experiences involving knives and cutting, which is why we’ve compiled a list of Gordon Ramsay’s top 10 knife moments!
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0:20 Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Kit
1:21 Ramsay vs. the Onion
2:25 How To Sharpen A Knife
3:23 On the Chopping Block
4:31 Gordon Ramsay Snaps A Knife!
5:49 Ramsay’s Expertise
6:50 Ramsay and the Brazilian Chef
8:13 Salmon Slicing Record
9:25 Ramsay Sharpening With Stars
10:34 Gordon Ramsay's Own Kitchen Nightmare
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    • Fuck Silverton Gordon don't need to impress that bitch

    • Gordan Ramsey does not look like a plastic surgery gone wrong

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  • 4:19 the chopping board is stained

  • This bitch has such an annoying, relentless voice.

  • The commentator has a beautiful voice. 🥰

  • in ×my universe the blade fatally **wounded ramsey when he snapped the knife++

  • I hope for the youth if ur an adult and have to be taught how 2 sharpen a knife order out ur not safe

  • Gordon shall not escape the blue eye edit

  • shaper the knife is the less juice comes out from the oniones RTFM or stay out the kitchen

  • Dammit ramsey!Now its battle scarred!

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  • What a load of crap.

  • When Ramsay rolls up the basil I think he rolled it then tried smoking it but realized he put the wrong leaf in the food and wrong leaf in the blunt

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  • This Is So "Knice"

  • Bruhh knife moments... really you couldnt think of anything else to post

  • In my head according to the description, choosing knives must be like going to Ollivanders' to choose a wand. You don't pick the knife. The knife picks you.

  • Execution, the tools help, but it's doing things in the proper order, at the proper time, I've been a chef for 16 years and learned it's about the process of doing the dish more than cutting down an onion quickly.

  • Oooooo i got a knife commercial during this lol

  • "He uses his same fancy finger trick." You don't cook much, do you? That's just what you do.

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  • Root trick for onion is false.

  • It's herb not erb Edit: and its fillet not filla

  • Lol I just saw a brod and Taylor knife sharpener ad

  • Closed the video on "Queen of comedy" What a load of shit

  • Why do people think making eyes brighter making people click the vid

  • Ellen queen of comedy? gotta be kidding me fam... ? hahaaaha joke of the millenia

  • Ellen queen of comedy? gotta be kidding me fam... ? hahaaaha joke of the millenia

  • I learned Ramsey's Onion technique, and I nail it everytime .

  • Japanese knife master race. One sided bevels are harder to sharpen and to get used to but are much more effective in niche and general cases. Look at the yanagiba. It is curved on the non-beveled side and much better at slicing sashimi or tuna for a nigiri. I rest my case. *GOD I SOUND LIKE A NECKBEARD*

  • FYI a "steel" especially the smooth ones are NOT for sharpening purposes, they are meant to reset the edge hence "honing steel" to sharpen a dull blade on a steel alone you would be spending many hours at a time to get it there, conversely they do sell steels meant for sharpening purposes they have grooves or actual grit in the metal or ceramic coated, that being said, some steels are NOT good for some knives as it will totally ruin them and some knives used on the wrong steel will ruin the steel as well. Generally speaking most steels we see in most kitchens are the smooth bar style meant to keep sharp knives sharp, and should be used often so the edge stays true, not only once a week like some kitchens I have worked in. Most cutting boards will save the knives edge, but just the act of cutting things will wear that sharp edge down. Water is not "tough" but plain old water will eventually dull out pretty much anything given enough time. Add paper, sinew, tissue, lemon juice, vegetable matter etc and the process speeds up dramatically ^.^

  • Theives

  • WTF is this shit? You're just talking over a program where someone else (Gordon Ramsay) has already explained everything much better.

    • sorry if you do not like the style

  • When Ramsey cut that onion I started crying

  • I don't get this style of video. Like this and watch mojo where instead of showing the clips they show clips of the clip and talk incessantly about the actual clip. It makes no sense and more than that it's extremely fucken annoying.

    • +BabbleTop Ok Ok I get this type of video. It's just that it doesn't click with me. But I get it. Just like reaction videos are a very big thing here. And comparing your channel to watch mojo in any context can be nothing but complimentary.

    • sorry!

  • What was up with the terribly photoshopped blue eyes?! What the fuck!? The spice must flow.

  • The tumbnail tho

  • Clearly the commentator knows absolutely nothing about knives, sharpening or knife techniques.

    • +BabbleTop didn't mean to troll and make you guys sad ;) :D But everying said about those things in this vid is clearly very uneducated. Choosing a knife is way more complex that "good handle and heavy blade", kitchen steel is for maintaining - honing or straightening the knife, which already needs to be sharp. Using your knuckles as a guide for the knife is very common nowadays and with proper technique it's very safe. .....That's just a couple of things. It just really screams at me, when people misunderstand these things and even educate other people with those misuderstandings. Sadly most people live without knowing much about these things and do them wrong. I know it's not really your mistake and you're just trying to make nice vids ;)

    • 🤔

  • Why do they make Gordon’s eyes so fuckin blue?

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  • Ramsey has blue eyes!?

    • He does on our channel... lol

  • 10:27 Annoying orange

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  • This dumb hoe just said it's his trick when he chops when that's the correct way to fucking chop anything. It's not a trick it's the proper way. Way to research you nut fucks

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  • Hey lady cutting the basil that way is called "chiffonade"

  • i regret watching this shit , so fucking annoying

  • Is this a vid to show that Gordon ramsey shows off


  • I was watching this, and a knife commercial popped up.....


  • Gordon and his knifes

  • Oh come on American people fuck up this is not only the guy knowing how to cut onions haha lol

  • Such a shit thumbnail. It’s like you colored it in with a crayon.

  • 1:27 yeah because ur cutting with a butter knife

  • That is a honing iron. It does not sharpen, merely straightens the edge.

  • Why is it always Ramsay Ramsay Ramsay... girl im tired

  • I legitimately just got a Gordon Ramsay ad!!!!

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  • gordon ramsay sharpens his dong before slicing vagen in the kitchen

  • Why did his eyes look so unnaturally bright and blue in the thumbnail

  • stop making gordon look horrifying he’s just a chef

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  • All cooking is boring after watching food battle

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  • GORDON RAMSAY cooking is shit.. only his cooking techniques are good but his food tastes like shit, I have tasted it once.

  • Haven’t you noticed all these compilation, and narration videos, have people that sound like news anchors do the talking?

  • Ellen Degenerate is not funny.

  • That's a honing rod

  • "Queen of comedy."

  • Wow. He is NOT a knife guy. Probably good at cutting, mincing and julienne cutting. "The most important part is the handle"???!!! He probably just buys an expensive knife and, luckily, it's a good knife. His knives must not be sufficiently sharp and he makes up for actually sharpening them with a vigorous honing. He must go through knives like they are disposable.


  • "Heavy duty chopping" *shows garlic and chives* Mkay

  • Talking way too much I didn't hear Gordon talk

  • Kitchen knife is like a football cleats, no matter the price...

  • And they even pick up some speed doing it!

  • What's up with the blue eyes, is it supposed to make them look better... Cause it really doesn't, if anything it just makes them look creepier.

  • Queen of comedy?!really?!

  • who else noticed "Tasty" from buzzfeed?

  • ...that steel is just for honing the knife. He uses it often because he uses his knives often using the sharpening stone isnt as interesting to watch as the steel tool. The onion thing yeah that helps but it also helps to keep your knife sharp. A dull knife does make the juices a lot more likely to run

  • Knives worst nightmare being used by gordon ramsay

  • the show must go on

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  • All Common knifes

  • They should do salt bae vs Gordon Ramsay

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  • 10.20 "and they even pick up some speed doing it

  • That voice annoys me

  • holy shit appropriate channel name this is just nonsense. at least as a chef i can call out most of their bs

  • chopping knife ? its called a chef's knife

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  • Idiots, that "knife sharpening tool" doesn't shapen knives, it realigns the cutting edge which, if sharpened, bends when you cut.

  • Does anyone believe I saw a masterclass Gordon Ramsay ad on this

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  • but it works for him? That is how you are supposed to how food when cutting. It helps one from cutting their finger tips. Also, great knives wont improve a persons cutting skills or make them a better cook. I swear, where do you find these people to commentate on these videos or better yet, the writers.

  • I legit got a knife ad.

  • Why the fuck did you photo shop to make his eyes so blue in the thumbnail?!?? It’s so bad!!

  • I have been trying to tell my girlfriend not to make scrambled eggs in the microwave for ages

  • I like when he said: the squid is so raw you can still hear it telling SpongeBob to fuck off!