Published on Aug 11, 2018
Do you know all top 10 Gordon Ramsay knife moments? As a world-famous chef, it’s obvious that Chef Gordon Ramsay needs to know his way around a set of knives. But you might not know about all of his most impressive and most memorable cooking experiences involving knives and cutting, which is why we’ve compiled a list of Gordon Ramsay’s top 10 knife moments!
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0:20 Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Kit
1:21 Ramsay vs. the Onion
2:25 How To Sharpen A Knife
3:23 On the Chopping Block
4:31 Gordon Ramsay Snaps A Knife!
5:49 Ramsay’s Expertise
6:50 Ramsay and the Brazilian Chef
8:13 Salmon Slicing Record
9:25 Ramsay Sharpening With Stars
10:34 Gordon Ramsay's Own Kitchen Nightmare
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  • 0:27 - *DUMBEST thing you'll ever hear said* If a Tradesmen Blames his Tools, fire the Hack. A Master will only ever Blame self, especially when it comes to the state of His tools. PS, Chef Ramsay could likely cook to & exceed Michelin standards using only 🐄 Dung and Sticks 😉

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  • the 'weird' technique with his fingers is actually the first thing you learn when you start working in a restaurant, this way you will never hit your finger

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  • I have my Wüsthof knife trio. Best knifes in the world xD (at least for me)

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  • I don't know if it's just poor resolution, but at 0:33 and 0:36, the edge on the chef's knife shown appears to be *_thrashed._* I've seen that clip in another of his videos and it looked the same. Personally, my guess is that the knife actually looks like that, and is that way because Ramsay is ridiculously hard on knives, and doesn't give a crap, because he has other people repair the damage he does to them. He's not a good one to learn knife skills from.

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  • focus is key when teaching people how to use knives.. it doesn't matter who you are, its sharp and you're risking a cut! wow, gordon ramsay cuts himself on Ellen's show.

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