Tonkotsu Ramen | Basics with Babish

Published on Oct 4, 2018
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Tonkotsu ramen: less an essential skill and more a right-of-passage for the modern home cook. And, you know, an essential part of Japanese culture and day-to-day life. Sure, it takes two some-odd days to make, and sure, you can burn your hands on the alkaline salt, and sure, getting every element just right is a constant barrage of challenges. But with that first steamy slurp comes a superlative sense of accomplishment - not to mention, a truly delicious dinner.
NOTE: Any time I said baking powder, I meant baking soda - do not write and perform voice-over at 7AM when you are not a morning person.
Ingredients and Method for Broth and Pork:
Tonkotsu broth:
Chashu pork:
Other Ingredients:
+ For the marinated soft boiled eggs:
Soft boiled eggs
Soy sauce
+ For the tare:
Vegetable oil
Dried anchovies
Soy sauce
Bonito flakes
+ For the homemade ramen noodles:
Baking powder
All purpose flour
Bread flour
+ For ramen assembly:
Sliced chashu pork
Cooked ramen noodles
Tonkotsu broth
Nori (dried seaweed)
Special Equipment:
Rolling pin
Pasta roller (stand mixer or otherwise)
Music: "Mr. Miyagi" Blue Wednesday
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  • just a couple of suggestions: try adding a tiny bit of oil to the bottom of the bowl. black garlic oil is 1 of my favorites, also a hot chile oil is good, even a basic sesame oil works. honestly, you could even just drop a 1/4 of a tsp of the grease that cooked out of the pork. but trust me, that little bit of extra oil makes a HUGE difference. also, you should use a wire to cut the eggs. theres actually a cool little tool you can get for it, or just use a piece of stainless steel wire, or a piece of thread...but if you make ramen on a regular basis, its more than worth the one or two bucks to order the tool online. it makes a cleaner cut, and you lose basically no yolk. also, if you use refrigerated eggs, and you ever get that problem where cold eggs crack when being put into boiling water, just use a thumbtack/push pin, and poke a hole in the fat end of the egg where the little air bubble usually is. it will allow the egg to release that pressure caused by the rapid change in temperature, and keep it from cracking. and finally, what the hell is up with that dollhouse sized ramen bowl?

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