Timed Mile in P.E. | Hannah Stocking & Anwar Jibawi

Published on May 12, 2018
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  • I hate sweat if I was holding perry I would vomit and just run back and drop him 😂😂😂 Why would I do that to my team mate I would maybe be in trouble because of leaving my team mate

  • I'm Hannah

  • I hate the mile

  • Come on Hannah I am in Year 7 And I did this 2 times in my school

  • U r probably the least funniest person I’ve ever seen

  • Maybe Just Maybe I’ll Ship Hannah And Perry Pean

  • P.E *P* ointless . *E* xercise

  • I have to run 5 laps every Friday at school in under 10 minutes 😩😩

  • Omg we have to do a mile and under 15 minutes 😳😳😳

  • Fo

  • THIS IS ME IN MIDDLE SCHOOL i just run with my friends

  • You can tell she’s not throwing up

  • I did that 2 days ago *LIVING HELL*

  • Is that teacher dump or what? Because that guy is not hurt! Because Anwar is hurt!

  • Did anyone else see that at the end the vomit was coming out of her nose? Got me thinking “ Wow that’s some serious talent right there. “ My brother in the background was like “ What? “ I started cracking up.

  • When you throw up it comes from your nose



  • In my school we run 3 miles every month

  • 🏆🏅🥇👑😎

  • I have to do a mile every flippin day at school!!!!!

  • If you were in a car accident you shouldn’t even be at school

  • I did it in 6th grade(I'm in 6th grade) and when I did the mile run it took me 11:23

  • Chazz has stocking on the back of the sweatshirt

  • 🦗

  • Middle school be like

  • When I ran the mile it took me 16 minutes

  • This is suffer 😰😰😰😰😰😖😖😖😖

  • I like gym a little bit but the mile man.

  • Did brandon legit come out a bush with cheetos

  • Stupid teacher fuck you

  • W h y m e h I g h l I t e d

  • I love this vid

  • Hannah hi I love your vids

  • Where did the doctor even come from

  • Wait when he finish,perry shirt was sweaty then clean then sweaty again

  • To be honest that field one mile it takes me about 5 minutes but im 10 years old

  • I did ten laps in only twelve minutes and im only ten

  • I had to run a HALF MILE ;-;

  • 2:57 me in fortnite

  • You ar so laci

  • I sow that Hana you we're holding something on your hand to fake through up

  • Thats me at my sports all the time

  • OMG Hannah was me!

  • I got 5 minutes on my mile

  • Funny

  • did you really wath hannah did she really don that was that real don at the end

  • Great job Hannah you are a real best friend

  • That teach is a piece of shit

  • I do miles every day

  • 😄 haha haha

  • my teacher does her nails when we run the miles

  • i hate the mile we have to do 5 laps 😂

  • this is me

  • Y'all are really over dramatic at the end when he was crossing the finish line😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • I love your video

  • I did a mile in 7.45 sec

  • I do this at school it’s easy

  • Come on Perry

  • Marathon =over20miles 1mile they can't do bruh

  • 0:45 funniest moment!

  • I feel you Hannah, I feel you.. lol

  • Omg i did the exact same thing in a sports camp. I did in under 10. Another boy did 1/4 mile and threw up. One did 1/2 then fainted.

  • A mile is 8 laps idiots

  • 3:54 when someone feeds you Cheetos😂

  • 4:07 LMAO IM DED 😂😂

  • I run a mil in my school like 5 times

  • I hate timed miles i always have to do it every Friday in P.E

  • We have to do 7 laps in 20 minutes at my school Parry is me 😂

  • I'm way better! I ran a mile in 5:28 seconds! And I’m only in 4th grade!

  • And P.E right before lunch

    • I meant I have pe right before lunch I forgot the i

  • At my school we have to run the mile in under 11 minutes my friends threw up twice and she kept on smiling it was so weird

  • Watch your mouth davine jay

  • That wasn't good

  • That's me the whole time almost like every thing but the under but 15mins or start again I did not do that

  • This is too relatable

  • The trainer is a fucking bitch

  • Ya gotta have dat docta’s note

  • U can see it's fake

  • #Hannah

  • Perry is so me 😂

  • I run a mile every gym class...HELP ME!!!!

  • We all know that throw up was fake

  • Watching this made me super tired i was heavy breathing through the hole thing! 😩

  • I got 3:14 on the mile

  • Poor Poor Anwar..

  • In our school. We gotta run a mile every PE. Under 15 minutes? Easy. We only have 10 minutes. Walking? Unheard of.

  • My teachers name is Ms. Frabinchino I think that's how you spell it

  • Hi Hanns

  • Omg my brother practiced soccer there!

  • Anwar is hurt you dumb Coach

  • Who is the guys with long hair? Hes super cute

  • 3:17 lol🤣🤣🤣

  • I have a question why was Hanna swetting a lot AND not the boys?

  • I run a mile everyday

  • At my school we have to run a mile every week but some of my friends and I have to run the mile like 3 times a week because we’re off season it’s pretty easy I guess nowhere have some really fast girls(it’s all girls)who can run a half a mile in almost 2 in a half minutes

  • Omg lucky! We, 6th graders, have to run a mile in under 10 minutes.

  • Isaiah

  • If I was anwar I will die

  • Should I subscribe