Time: The History & Future of Everything - Remastered

Published on Apr 8, 2018
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Time: The History & Future of Everything - Remastered


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    • Remake "What is Life?". That will be good to know about life in a new and modern way.

    • Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell what do you use to animate

  • Technically the 21st century started on January 1st, 2001; as there was never a year 0. :)

  • whats is life ? remastered

  • Time is important and I am a clock tick tock

  • It's called Entropy.

  • *M I G H T Y C H I C K E N S*

  • What is life? Plz made a remake thats my fav video in your channel!!!😍😍😍


  • 宇宙が死ぬとか興奮する

  • Make a video about’What is fire’?

  • Remake "What is Life?". That will be good to know about life in a new and modern way.

  • Keep it up for wong hay

  • Great video,keep it up for hay to watch!👍👌

    • Hello264 264 representing wong hay

  • Wait, wait wait. You called the setting of year 1 ARBITRARY?!!! It was set there because people thought that's when Jesus Christ was born! I have a feeling you guys at kurzegazgt don't hold a very high opinion of Christianity.

    • There is a reason for that. It hasn't been doing us any favors for a while now.

  • Kurzgesagt isn't christian i think

  • I luv your voice btw! Keep up the good work. I'm enjoying your vids! :-)

  • Please make big bang

  • planets and stars die but new ones are born.

  • ...

  • I love you guys and what you do you've taught me a lot and I'm currently working on a public speaking speech about one of your topics


  • I want to go to dinosaur era With a protection !!!!!!!!!

  • That would not be the end of the universe. After the last black hole evaporats, the universe would be filled with subatomic dust, extreme cold and dark. Then, after a eons and eons of time, all particles would converge to the same point. That is impossible, someone can say, but it is just statistic. If you give enought time, all molecules of air in your room would all be in just one place. Of course, you will never will see that happens in your lifetime, but it would happen one day, in the far, far future. So, when this happens, all the universe would start over again, a new Big Bang would arise.

  • Have you considersd making wallpapers and stuff that video about alien life could've made some BEAUTIFUL backgrounds

  • في عرب هون؟ بدي اناقش افكاري مع شخص مهتم بالافكار

  • I love Germans

  • Celino Jaramillo died a few days ago. The confirmed oldest man died today

  • Maybe its just because I've watched it like 200 times, but I prefer the first one! Still amazing work tho, I love you guys!

  • Excellent video! Do a remake of What is Life.

  • Make the immune system part 2

  • True

  • Do this every year

  • GREAT VIDEO!!!! but can you tell me what programs you used to make the video? :3

    • whoops!! I commented before seeing the video :x

  • I wanted to see a big bang after heat death, disapointed :(

  • Why are we still here, just to suffer

  • Meh... I still preferred the original video

  • Please redo 3 ways to destroy the universe :)

  • Rip. Celino Jaramillo, died a week ago u-u

  • It would be cool if u guys did a video on a realistic world vs an idealistic world

  • Who know that this video already upload in 2013?

  • Half-Life 2 is closer in time to Doom (1994) than to us.

  • I prefer eternal life. You folks can keep your heat death. Perhaps you folks evolved from slime but _I_ was created by Goᴅ.

  • Didn’t you say that one day the universe can be reborn after heat death? Just asking.

  • celino jaramillo just died oof

  • Plz make another video about our immune system!

  • huh where is god this is dumb

  • That..was.........WOW

  • Redo the Fermi paradox

  • We don't want remakes we want new videos!

  • Can you make a video about what happens in our brains?

  • Re-Upload.

  • I didn't get the notification

  • Awesome!

  • economist drive away penalty once cultural file musical grand Iraqi charge fabric.

  • I am officially going through all of your videos again. They are so good but there are only a few in a year, so I watch them again now.

  • You are the best!

  • Wow... just wow

  • I don't know if it's a comfort or not that I will have been dead for a few billion years before all life goes extinct. Oh and a shout-out to all those bible thumpers out there. Fuck you and your unfounded beliefs :D

  • the schools are making us stupid while youtube is making us creative and informative,ahsan mumtaz

  • So Universe will ultimately lose all forms of energy (heat), die out and end up in mere darkness. Apparently this is surprisingly close to the world concept of Dark Souls in which the Fire represents life (somehow i guess) and one day the last fire will fade and the world will fall into darkness.

  • I love your videos. It helps me a lot for documents that I write. Also can you do a titanic video or a series on the Human body?Finally can you do history on alchemy or the romans?

  • Why your name ist kurzgesagt in a nutshell

  • Who will remain before the universe is formed (ie before the big bang) and the black holes evaporate? God is Allah Because Allah will rule from time and place and will rule them. Our goal is clear and clear what we can accomplish Did we get the message of your god right? Read the scripture with the name of your God (ALLAH)

    • I did. Wasn't that great. I suggest you read The Great Gatsby or Lolita. Those are pretty darn good.

  • New video every Sunday

  • The older version of this video gave me my first existential crisis. For the sake of anyone else feeling this way, a mini-guide to resolving an existential crisis may help you out: 1. Believe in God 2. Try to forget/ignore any and all thoughts of what comes after death, because if you couldn’t do 1., then you won’t find any answers other than inevitable, permanent death.

  • poster?


  • The reason dinosaurs are smaller now is because of us.

  • You're not allowed to say boy or girl - Canada

  • Kurzgefagot - Depressing Space Videos

  • if dinosaurs are chickens... We eat chickens... WE ARE MORE POWERFUL THAN DINOSAURS!

  • RIP Celino Jaramillo :(

  • This is amazing

  • This video puts another thing in perspective - human devolpment. Imagine a graph of constructions vs. time of Earth. It would be 0 the whole way until the very very last value, where it would spike so incredibly high it's scary. In the scale of time in this universe we have developed so fast it's insane. If there were some organism that existed over millions of years, humans have risen in a literal blink of an eye. Really makes you wonder what's to come

  • Bring back the plague!

  • Hey kurzgesagt Could you make a Video about the current state of US,GB and russia?

  • Sad fact: Celino Jaramillo recently passed away on April 18th, 2018 due to a fall which compromised his ribs and lungs. Rest in peace.

  • That ending when you said now is the only time that matters sent chills down my spine for some reason

  • This video kind of sucked. You're telling about lots of things that happened in the past of what humanity has accomplished and the only thing you're saying about the future is that everything will die. Like there lies nothing cool in the future just death. We're all likely long gone by then. You're just trying to get people scared of nothing which is just fucking dumb seriously.

  • I just checked to see how old celino was. he died yesterday

  • You guys need to talk to Mat Pat (Game/Film Theorist)!!!

  • and as always thanks for the existential crisis

  • *Jo aapne Celino Jaramillo ji ke sath kia use hamaare yahaan tokna kahte hain :p :p*

  • help. i'm having an existential crisis.

  • A video on Area 51 and aliens please

  • So... évolution theory is now proven? With the chimps and all the kit? Smh...

  • this actually makes me sad

  • What if the big bang happens for the 2nd time?

    • You will be completely unaware of it. Sorry.

  • History of deep voice people XD like the narrator hahahahaha

  • You bastards killed the oldest man in the world, goodjob

  • As a Star Wars fan, I'm proud to see Episode VII in this timeline!!

  • Your Earth is spinning in the wrong direction.

  • RIP Celino Jaramillo :(

  • *_Please, Can you remake you're 1st video (Solar System : Our Home in Space) ? That's will be great to see !_*

  • If the *Big Bang* had formed from *Nothing* then do you not think this could happen again after the universe ends, in fact there was probably a present universe and another before that universe etc. this could be a never ending cycle witch i like to hear, what i dont like to hear is "The universes gonna end forever"

  • Amazing.

  • These videos always make me question my existence. Like I’ve never felt so small but looking at time me, myself is only a small part but humans in its entirety is a major part. It’s like a “All is one and one is all”- FMA moment!

  • Wow

  • *video ends* me:oh shit i need to grab my stuff and go to another planet fast!!!

  • RIP Celino, he died today