Tiger Woods answers: LeBron James or Michael Jordan as the G.O.A.T.? | ESPN

Published on May 8, 2018
Tiger Woods gets asked to weigh in on who he'd pick as the NBA G.O.A.T. between LeBron James and Michael Jordan.
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  • my sister is from LA and went to a party where magic and john salley were kissing

  • LEBRON is like an ugly magic johnson without the homosexual proclivity

  • tiger has less athletic ability than Howard cordell but they used him and the williams sisters to try to motivate blacks to do something and bring in new welfare class the midgets mexicanos

  • This is such a dumb argument, if the media were unbiased, this wouldn't even be a debate. Give this to any person who actually debates and they'll laugh at you. This just really goes to show how dumb people are.

  • "At the end of the day, they both win" Uh, MJ won 6 finals. LeBron has lost 6 finals.


  • Here`s a couple facts: I GUARANTEE that the majority of people that say LeBron is the GOAT NEVER watched Jordan even play. How can anyone even think LeBron is the GOAT when he moves to different teams(with the PRE-Guarantee certain players are on that team) and STILL only wins 3 championships and has a LOSING record in the Finals(and was basically bailed out in 2 of the wins by other players). Plus, Jordan did all his in 11 full seasons with the Bulls(I personally don`t count the 2 seasons with the Wizards, since he literally owned part of the team and worked for the team, helping ticket sales by going through the motions AFTER he already retired, and there wasn`t 1 player on that team that wouldn`t be a bench player on EVERY other team in the league) whereas LeBron is still trying to achieve what Jordan did after 16 years and counting. Will the LeBron side consider him the best if LeBron plays 30 years in the NBA, wins 7 Championships and has a finals record of 7/18, not even winning half of the Finals he played in? For the record, that is what the rest of the world calls a LOSER, one who loses more than he wins, not the GOAT. Michael Jordan was SO great, he was the most recognized human ON EARTH. Not just the most recognized athlete, the most recognized HUMAN BEING on the whole planet. If you don`t believe that, just look it up. Plus, the NBA started changing rules because of Jordan. After the Piston`s used the "Jordan Rules", the NBA finally started implementing the fouls and penalties for "flagrant fouls". And during virtually all of LeBron`s career, the NBA has gotten rid of hand checking, making it now IMPOSSIBLE for a penetrating player to be stopped on the way to the rim. Plus, the 3 second rule wasn`t in effect during Jordan`s time, making it legal to just stand in front of the rim and guard it. Now that the 3 second rule is in effect, a defender cannot just stand there defending the rim, so someone like LeBron can drive the rim more often.

  • They're both great. But the "GREATNESS" obviously belongs to MJ. Just simply watch the PRIME of MJ and Lebron's . Now compare! MJ = 6-0 Lebron is still in the process... But he can never be a GOAT.

  • If there was no MJ, then Kobe Bryant would be the 🐐, Leboring Lame still wouldn't be able to claim that title, he needs to stop overlooking Kobe cause he is not on his level yet, plus, Kevin Durant, whom is also passing Lame in greatness, dominate him almost every time they meet, 🐐's don't get dominated! Just cause you look like a 🐐 doesn't mean you're the G. O. A. T!

  • At the end of the day MJ wins, not so much for LeBron.

  • Thanks Tiger for that non-answer.. I just wasted over 3 min of my life.

  • 6 lost swept last season then no clutch in finals..drama king and thanx those two co player ray allen and irving to won the title beat 73 warriors injured bogut and suspended green if draymond not to touch two salted egg of lebron maybe proclaimed himself the CHICKEN

  • Well said Tiger very diplomatic....those guys has given a lot to the game and they are both G.O.A.T

  • Well said Tiger!!! 👌🏼

  • this is not fair to otehr great players. Lebron James is not even better than Kobe Bryant or even Magic JOhnson. the guy is nothing well traveled glory chaser with no spine to stay & build his own team

  • Let’s stop this ridiculous debate about the GOAT, two different players playing two different positions required to do two different things in two different eras with different rules. Lebron does things Jordan was not required to do because of the system he played in, under different circumstances Jordan could do everything Lebron does but it was required. Jordan is one of the greatest scorers of all time plus he won DPOY, steals lead and All Defense 9 (NINE) times. Lebron has maybe 3 or 4 All Defense but has never won DPOY. It has often been said that Jordan would avg over 40 in this era due to the rules, Jordan did shoot threes in his era, his game was mid-range, he would have developed the 3 just as Lebron has developed his 3, that’s what great players do. Jordan is the greatest in his era, Kobe the greatest of his era, Lebron the greatest of his era. Let’s stop the nonsense about the losses to the pistons, the team loses not just the player, but when Bulls got to the Finals they didn’t lose and MJ was MVP every time. One person said in Lebron’s era other teams won championships (Mavericks, Spurs, Warriors), in Jordan’s era no other team won championships once the Finals came around. Let’s discuss best at their position instead?

  • Michael jordan dominates nba during the time there are so many greats nba player beside the defence is physical he rise when he was needed and i don see that to lebron james

  • Just watch the highlights and you can can see the difference

  • For me greatness is making greatness doing things nobody couldo michael jordan is the real Greates of all time period i dont see lebron second in michael jordan he cant win by himself he cannot do impossible shot and winning his team on the crytical time

  • He Barry Sanders that question!

  • Let LBJ play with the bad boy pistons , will he suffer a major injury or will he not? What do you think?

  • Only a basketball player that played in MJ’s era and in lebron’s or at least still be part of the game somehow, whether coaching or what not, can really tell who the best player is. The way they played then (including rules) were so different then. Even the mindset of the players nowadays are different as well.

  • Come on Tiger, don't be afraid. Say it: Michael Jordan is the Greatest of All Time 😃🏀

  • Lebron need recognitizion from others to be goat, jordan doesn’t have to.. People recognize jordan is goat

  • Stop the debate. The real GOAT, The only one TRUE GOAT is the ANIMAL. 🐐

  • Stop the debate. The real GOAT, The only one TRUE GOAT is the ANIMAL. 🐐

  • MJ wins and LeBron Loses pretty simple.

  • Also Bird, Magic, Kareem, Mr. Russell,McHale,Worthy, Parrish ,etc.,all had a higher championship winning record than lebron, but the single most important factor you young, and even a few of yu ole heads, but yu are excused because u been tokin, and on DAT Henny longer, the fact is that every damn time M.J. stepped his good shoe's wearing ass on the court, not only was he the best man on the team he was the best man on the court bar none, except when Len Bias put it on North Calkelaiki ,but he wasn't wearing Jordan's, hell lebron is a beast, a bad slamajjamma, but hell sometimes not only is he not the best man on the court, shit sometimes he's not even the best man on his team that night! Case, and point Wade, and Kyrie!

  • Your lying tiger look what MJ has done, no game 7's no final loses hell lebron got swept, all D team 9yrs. 6 time MVP final s,dunk chmp steals leader leading scorer damn near every year he played best two way player to ever live unstoppable on offense unbearable on defense won everywhere he played at the winningest, and highest level His Airness, never choked in a championship series never let his competition get the best of him never gave up, and JJ berata damn showed nuff would have gotten embarrassed lol, so I don't know what the debate is its not even close except for loses, Lrbron "5!",MJ-"0!" In the championship round Lebron"3-5!"M.J"6-0!" debate over, now compare their individual accomplishments even in a more physical dominant era MJ still is heads above the rest literally, figuratively! Need I say more when u have lost more championships than u have won by that alone says a lot about his below average championship pedigree, oldskool just telling it like it tis main,babeee!!!!!!!!! babeeee!!!!!!!!

  • What’s LeBron’s jersey number?

  • Lebron himself knows MJ is the Goat y'all ain't fooling nobody

  • one of the best answer i ever heard!...great great great answer!

  • The GOAT is a pathetic animal, so who's the GOAT?

  • Lechoked

  • "at the end of the day, they both win"......Nop...they don't actually. Lebron's record is shameful, to say the least. To lose 6 out of 9 times isn't a good thing

  • Regular fans just support their players. I swear LeBron fans are too much, lieing and hyping every little shit. I just don't understand

  • Tiger is great at cheating on his ex hot wife

  • MJ Kobe Lebron #Period

  • Tiger, they should just arrange it so that your life depends on just one Lebron free throw, you retard.

  • Quick name Jordan highlights - the Switch Hand Lay up - the Shrug - the Flu Game - the Shot Over Eeehh-looooo ....etc, etc there are lots of them quick name LeBron highlights - quick name LeBron highlights - - quick name LeBron highlights!! - ?? - complain to refs? - broken cast after being swept?? okay, now WHY doesnt anybody remember an iconic LeBron career highlight when Jordan has so many?? case closed

  • "At the end of the day, they both win" Sure. But Jordan won more and 'at the end of the day' will always had won more.

  • Everytime that there is a good player rising in his era will compare to no other than the G.O.A.T. Michael Jordan. Did you ever realised that when the time of his prime by Kobe many says that kobe is the G.O.A.T. but unfortunately all the moves of MJ has been copied in short "immitation". Who is now the G.O.A.T? Fact check, Mj bring the NBA worldwide because of his greatness in addition to that because of his humbleness and down to earth personality , the NBA brings into the spotlight in sports because of him. Then Based on the record and passion in playing basketball MJ still the best of all time! Period. 😊🤔😎

  • Spell LEBRON JAMES - G-O-A-T

    • Jowel Calatayud cant spell Lebron without an L

  • Hakeem, Kareem, magic, wilt, kobe, malone, barkley, thomas, all better than lebron....better than Jordan???...please...😂😂😂

  • Lebron is close to Bird, but MJ is better than both.

  • Bro if Jordan played in this era, he's literally have 100 points a game.

  • LeBron is not even close to MJ. I repeat not even close. Unless you scrubs did not hear me I will say it again. LeBron is not even close to MJ

  • "...prolific scorer... Played defense like no other... All defensive first team all the time..." Both sides of the court. Nuff said

  • But he didn’t answer the question

  • No one ever beats Michael Jordan....EVER!!

  • Mj is clearly the GOAT!

  • Tiger is a class act, sure he messed up, were all human, love the guy.

  • He said, "at the end of the day, they both win". WRONG. I know one of them lose more often.

  • Respect for the shout out to Gretzky. You can dispute GOAT's in all sports with the exception of hockey. Wayne has more assists than anyone else has points, and he has the most goals of all time. Can't mess with that.

  • What an incredibly thought out answer and not incredibly not just incredibly thought out but so accurate as well. Idisagree on just a couple issues but all in all tiger nailed it in his humbleness

  • And so everybody still gone any lue jordan didn't go to the line ten times a game? Like that don't help your averages. Like that don't change how the coaches coach or how the players play.

  • I don’t care if how many records Lebrun breaks there is no human that will ever exceed in a sport like Micheal Jordan he invented his own unique style that no one had every time Jordan played there was going to be a 50/50 chance that you would see something you have never seen before and when he was under pressure his game would elevate to another level you won’t see that from any athlete in any sport when he had to make that shot to win or block that pass to win game in the last 10 seconds it was like he turned into Superman and he was a man of true class don’t get me wrong when he was on that court he wanted to rip your head off there will never be anyone that has such an effect on a sport like Jordan So don’t even try to compare labron to mike I don’t care if he breaks all of Jordan’s records he will never come close to Jordan and I fought anyone ever will

  • Messi is GOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! above and beyond any athlete!!!

  • It's funny how Lebron fans say rings are the only argument for Jordan being better than LeBron like Jordan didn't win 9 more scoring titles , 3 more steals titles , a defensive player of the year award which LeBron never won , 9 defensive first team selections which is 4 more than LeBron , has a higher player efficiency rating than LeBron, has a higher defensive efficiency rating than Lebron, shot the same % from 3 in the playoffs as LeBron in a league where 3 pointers weren't as prevalent, has 6 seasons averaging 30+ppg on 50+% shooting which LeBron has never done , shoots 10% better from the freethrow line than LeBron does 84%>74% , has more regular season MVPs than LeBron, has beaten more 60+ & 50+ win teams in the playoffs with only 1 other all-star while lebron has played with 6, dominated a tougher eastern conference than LeBron did , has a higher efg% and TS% in the final 2 minutes of games (clutch time) than LeBron does , has a higher mid range % (14-24 ft) than LeBron does , never choked in an NBA finals the way LeBron did in 2011, never been blown off the floor by a record nba margin in the finals as the favorite to win the finals like LeBron has in 2014, has more career game winners than LeBron does 29>17 , is the only player in NBA history to average 40+ ppg 8+rpg and 8+ apg on 56+ % shooting in an NBA finals series (91 nba finals vs the Lakers) averaged 28 ppg as a rookie , has a higher vertical than LeBron does 48>39 the fact that Jordan has 6 rings with 6 finals MVPs and never lost in the finals or even allowed a game 7 is just the icing on the cake but it ain't the whole cake Jordan is still and will remain the greatest player to ever play the sport END OF DISCUSSION.

  • 6-0 always beats 3-6, everytime.

  • CLICKBAIT. He does NOT answer this question.

  • Jordan is the undisputed GOAT. Lebron could even get his championship until he joined wade and bosh to form a super team in miami. Great players build dynasties arounds them not go ring chasing and he still has 6 finals losses to show for. NBA players that say MJ is the GOAT: Kobe Bryan, Shaq, Vince Carter, Gary Payton, Paul Pierce, Michael Cooper, Magic, Larry Bird, Jerry West, Allen Iverson, Jayson Williams, Charles Barkley, kevin Garnett, Dwayne Wade, Jason Kidd and Lebron James. Some of whom played against Jordan and Lebron. Stick to Golf Tiger your basketball knowledge is poor. I would like to add that Tiger woods is the Michael Jordan of Golf.

  • At the end of the day they both win? No! 3-6? With 2 swept in NBA finals?! Seriously?

  • doesn't matter what woods says he cant make smart decisions. did you see his wife and then the gutter trash hoes he was sleeping with...

  • MJ skills are unmatched. LeBron is just a big ass dude who can ball.

  • The big difference is Jordan and 90's basketball was actually fun to watch.

  • Well said Tiger 🐯

  • IF YOU THINK LEBRONS THE GOAT, YOU ACCEPT LOSING AS PRIORITY. 3-6 LMAOOO.. the other two rings were saved by kyrie and allen as well. mj never went to a game 7.

  • Tiger knows his basketball!

  • Fuck lebron

  • GOAT = Billy the Kid

  • Jordan wins, LeBron gets there every year but most of the time falls short. Jordan won two 3peats. If Labron could only win two in a row.

  • M.J... original #23 🐐

  • Jordan kept his mouth shut about politics and racism. Same with Tiger. They are both the GOAT at their sport. And they focused on what they were the best at. The atheletes today are race baiters and dishonor the country before games. Makes the situation 100x worse. You would never see Jordan or Tiger do something this stupid and racist.

  • Tiger brings up some excellent points about the differences between MJ and Lebron and what makes them great but in different ways...So I think the REAL question should be, who would you take in Game 7 of the Finals with 10 seconds left on the shot clock? Who do you want on your team to take the final big shot? When you look at it that way, it’s clear that it has to be MJ. That’s the one thing Lebron doesn’t have...that killer instinct. Even Kobe finishes better than Lebron.

  • Why is it that I am getting upset hearing from you Lebron is better than MJ.. it’s like natural... you’re still my idol though. But MJ is the GOAT 😎

  • There are hundreds of thousands of people who ONLY WATCH GOLF because of TIGER WOODS!

  • BASICALLY, NO ANSWER OR CHOICE... If you read between the linesHE SAID THEY BOTH WIN.... Is that really true? MJ 6-0 ( 6 championships) 2 (3peats) LIL BRON? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Not a winner...... He's won, but he's not A WINNER...... 🤔🤔🤔🤔 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Clearly MJ IS BETTER !!!!!!!!!

  • I am the GOAT

  • It's disgusting that LeBron gets to leapfrog kareem and Bill Russell

  • The NBA G.O.A.T is Kaarem Abdul Jabbar. Wilt Chamberlain is the runner up. These two players the rules of the game were changed to stop them from scoring. Rules were changed in the NCAA to stop Kaarem from scoring when his name was Lew Alcindor. Kaarem is the all time league leader in scoring. Kaarems Sky Hook was unstoppable. Only player to block it was Chamberlain. The rules were changed in the NBA to stop Chamberlain from scoring. He is the all time leader in Points Per Game... Nate Archibalds name is never mentioned in the NBA G.O.A.T topic. Archibald is the only NBA player to lead the leauge in scoring and assists. The three guys I mentioned are the NBA G.O.A.T.s PERIOD. Not Micheal Jordan... Not LeBron James.


  • Well said, it's the overall. I'm 41 an I can remember everything MJ.

  • To me, MJ is GOAT. Not only was he better at offense, score wise, he was definitely better at defense. I would give Lebron as maybe the better passer/rebounder than MJ that's it. Also MJs emotional intelligence and will to win was unrivaled. Maybe Kobe (the black mamba in his prime) and some of the other greats had it too. Lebron doesn't have that. As an Athlete, Lebron is stronger, and could be faster but Jordan was more skilled and can create plays whenever he wants to. Lebron can be shutdown, while it's almost impossible to do it on MJ where it was a much physical sport. Nowadays Jordan can score freely without having to worry about being hand checked, elbowed, bodied, and etc..

  • It's this simple best player : LBJ(Aaron Rodgers) greatest player : mj(Tom Brady) rings is your only argument... But if LBJ gets 7 rings... You'll still say wat about his losses 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Mj would be scoring over 40 a game in this league of touch foul mentality. LeBron has only won one scoring title in his 15 years, Mj won like 10 I think?..... In a league where 3 pointers weren't the norm and defense was tough and gritty and every play by today's standards was a foul, many flagrant. Please people, just stop. Mj is the GOAT and LeBron knows it. Let me also remind all of you who are delusional. Mj would have won 8 straight titles had his dad not passed, we all know that. EIGHT! that would have also given him 10 straight years as scoring title holder. That's unbelievable

  • “At the end of the day hey both win”... but MJ won more.

  • washed up baby

  • He clearly prefer MJ over Lebron

  • Compare Kobe to MJ..closer argument.

  • Mj the goat 4ever...

  • I'm not a Lebron fan but Tiger preached 100% facts with this response. Gud shit Woods 👍👍

  • Golfers, Tennis players and Formula 1 drivers are the best athletes to answer questions.

  • Tom Brady is the GOAT athlete. He's led his team to 8 Super Bowls putting them into pisition to win 6 which is incredibly difficult in the NFL and just won the MVP at 40 years old. Name another athlete who is more accomplished

  • So MJ. Knew it

  • Do people understand what they are saying when they call someone the greatest of all time? By saying that one is calling someone the best that there ever is and was. There is really no such thing as the GOAT. A person can be the greatest of this current generation or the greatest of this time period but not of all time. MJ was the best in his era. Lebron is arguably the best in this era period. The game of basketball has changed from the 80s and 90s andwhat you were able to then, you can't do now. Lebron definitely would have been tough competition for Jordan if Lebron competed in the previous system but Jordan had tenacity a never say die attitude. Being down on points lit a fire under his ass everytime and he worked wonders. No bitching, whining complaining or floppin around from Jordan. He just played the game. Once again Lebron is the best basketball player in the world today. He's not the GOAT. Also being the best player does not win championships. The best team does which is why Cleveland lost 2 championships to the Warriors.

  • This the most unfair respond, Tiger Woods is just trying to be cool. Tiger.... is M...j piriod man !

  • This guys a complete goof. Why would you ask this moron ANYTHING? I refuse too watch

  • to correct tiger Jordan did bring the ball up and do what James did, but it was early in his career cuz the Bulls were so bad. And he put up some pretty decent numbers too. just saying.

  • We'll said👍