Tiger Woods answers: LeBron James or Michael Jordan as the G.O.A.T.? | ESPN

Published on May 8, 2018
Tiger Woods gets asked to weigh in on who he'd pick as the NBA G.O.A.T. between LeBron James and Michael Jordan.
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  • There are hundreds of thousands of people who ONLY WATCH GOLF because of TIGER WOODS!

  • BASICALLY, NO ANSWER OR CHOICE... If you read between the linesHE SAID THEY BOTH WIN.... Is that really true? MJ 6-0 ( 6 championships) 2 (3peats) LIL BRON? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Not a winner...... He's won, but he's not A WINNER...... 🤔🤔🤔🤔 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Clearly MJ IS BETTER !!!!!!!!!

  • I am the GOAT

  • It's disgusting that LeBron gets to leapfrog kareem and Bill Russell

  • The NBA G.O.A.T is Kaarem Abdul Jabbar. Wilt Chamberlain is the runner up. These two players the rules of the game were changed to stop them from scoring. Rules were changed in the NCAA to stop Kaarem from scoring when his name was Lew Alcindor. Kaarem is the all time league leader in scoring. Kaarems Sky Hook was unstoppable. Only player to block it was Chamberlain. The rules were changed in the NBA to stop Chamberlain from scoring. He is the all time leader in Points Per Game... Nate Archibalds name is never mentioned in the NBA G.O.A.T topic. Archibald is the only NBA player to lead the leauge in scoring and assists. The three guys I mentioned are the NBA G.O.A.T.s PERIOD. Not Micheal Jordan... Not LeBron James.


  • Well said, it's the overall. I'm 41 an I can remember everything MJ.

  • To me, MJ is GOAT. Not only was he better at offense, score wise, he was definitely better at defense. I would give Lebron as maybe the better passer/rebounder than MJ that's it. Also MJs emotional intelligence and will to win was unrivaled. Maybe Kobe (the black mamba in his prime) and some of the other greats had it too. Lebron doesn't have that. As an Athlete, Lebron is stronger, and could be faster but Jordan was more skilled and can create plays whenever he wants to. Lebron can be shutdown, while it's almost impossible to do it on MJ where it was a much physical sport. Nowadays Jordan can score freely without having to worry about being hand checked, elbowed, bodied, and etc..

  • It's this simple best player : LBJ(Aaron Rodgers) greatest player : mj(Tom Brady) rings is your only argument... But if LBJ gets 7 rings... You'll still say wat about his losses 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Mj would be scoring over 40 a game in this league of touch foul mentality. LeBron has only won one scoring title in his 15 years, Mj won like 10 I think?..... In a league where 3 pointers weren't the norm and defense was tough and gritty and every play by today's standards was a foul, many flagrant. Please people, just stop. Mj is the GOAT and LeBron knows it. Let me also remind all of you who are delusional. Mj would have won 8 straight titles had his dad not passed, we all know that. EIGHT! that would have also given him 10 straight years as scoring title holder. That's unbelievable

  • “At the end of the day hey both win”... but MJ won more.

  • washed up baby

  • He clearly prefer MJ over Lebron

  • Compare Kobe to MJ..closer argument.

  • Mj the goat 4ever...

  • I'm not a Lebron fan but Tiger preached 100% facts with this response. Gud shit Woods 👍👍

  • Golfers, Tennis players and Formula 1 drivers are the best athletes to answer questions.

  • Tom Brady is the GOAT athlete. He's led his team to 8 Super Bowls putting them into pisition to win 6 which is incredibly difficult in the NFL and just won the MVP at 40 years old. Name another athlete who is more accomplished

  • So MJ. Knew it

  • Do people understand what they are saying when they call someone the greatest of all time? By saying that one is calling someone the best that there ever is and was. There is really no such thing as the GOAT. A person can be the greatest of this current generation or the greatest of this time period but not of all time. MJ was the best in his era. Lebron is arguably the best in this era period. The game of basketball has changed from the 80s and 90s andwhat you were able to then, you can't do now. Lebron definitely would have been tough competition for Jordan if Lebron competed in the previous system but Jordan had tenacity a never say die attitude. Being down on points lit a fire under his ass everytime and he worked wonders. No bitching, whining complaining or floppin around from Jordan. He just played the game. Once again Lebron is the best basketball player in the world today. He's not the GOAT. Also being the best player does not win championships. The best team does which is why Cleveland lost 2 championships to the Warriors.

  • This the most unfair respond, Tiger Woods is just trying to be cool. Tiger.... is M...j piriod man !

  • This guys a complete goof. Why would you ask this moron ANYTHING? I refuse too watch

  • to correct tiger Jordan did bring the ball up and do what James did, but it was early in his career cuz the Bulls were so bad. And he put up some pretty decent numbers too. just saying.

  • We'll said👍

  • he doesn’t say who’s the goat btw

  • Kobe said count to 5

  • I haven't see tiger woods in a while.

  • I remember Michael Jordans aunt who was a teacher when i was a kid in my Elementary school in the early 80s saying my nephew Michael will be the best of all time....she was right...plus MJ is a class act..Lebron not so much to me

  • Tiger Woods is the best Asian golf player ever

  • Jordan is a few gaps better than but damn near neck and neck with Kobe, slightly better still. Kobe is a couple gaps better than Lebron. Why are people even comparing LeBron with MJ the tru G.O.A.T? LeBron still got Kobe problems

  • 9 Finals for Lebron and only 3 Championships. 6 Finals for Jordan; *6 Championships.* Conversation over.

  • MICHAEL JORDAN THE GOD 6 RINGS!! 6 !!!! Little lebron only 3! Simple like that! 🇺🇸🐐

  • Kobe is better than Lbj period. 5 beats 3

  • Well MJ didn’t get swept in the finals.

  • Can't be GOAT as a whiny bitch that can't play defense. Sorry - different game today yes, but Michael's quote sums it up. Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships. Is he talented? Of course. Is he the best? Of course not. He hand picked his team and instead of raising them up he has to do everything himself. Who is BJ without Jordan? Grant? Cartwright? That's right, these guys are mediocre NBA players... Who were they with MJ? Part of the best team ever for any sport...because their leader was the GOAT. Lebron can go suck himself and play all by himself and handy himself...nobody gaf.

  • MJ never played point guard? He did that full-time for 2 seasons during the 88-90 seasons. He did very well indeed playing point guard.

  • So good to see tiger back

  • GOAT Salt or Himalayan salt?

  • Tiger puts himself w/Jordan & Gretzky.

  • Kelvin Durant could be the best, so to say LEBRON is better than everyone by a long shot is a long shot, also Russel Westbrook is up there, SALUTE

  • What about Ronnie O'Sullivan, he's considered the greatest sportsman alive by 500 Mil+ people and He truly admires Rodger Federer and tiger woods,

  • the Real question is who is better Jack or Tiger?

  • Look look Ima let you finish... But Beyonce had one of the best videos of ALL TIME!

  • JESUS would take both of them at the same time. wink wink😁😁😁

  • 69 gotti

  • Tiger still understands what level =s Greatness. There is Jordan level or James level. Take your pick...apples or oranges. Personally James is the GOAT!

  • If I reaaaaallly think about it.. acknowledging LeBron's greatness and not trying to be biased or anything... if I'm picking a team.. and I have to choose either LeBron (Point Forward) or Jordan (Shooting Guard) as the greatest player on my team.. I CAN'T HAVE BOTH... I'm choosing Jordan. I don't care what anybody says. I'll get the passing and all that from someone else.. Jordan was just too beautiful of a player to not pick.

  • Jordan will always be the greatest! 6-0 in the finals and 6 finals mvps! Plus Jordan ALWAYS had the killer instincts on the court, LeBron had to learn to play that way.

  • I like how he said they both win. Uhh lebron hasn’t won a finals in two years. He usually loses when he gets to the finals. He’s not clutch. He’s a cry baby for fouls and there is no fucking way he could play in the 80s or 90s compared to the way they fouled back then. Watching lebron now and seeing him complain for every foul is like watching the nfl with they unnecessary contact bullshit calls. It’s a soft generation and he loses. Jordan is perfect and he just all-around better. I hate how there’s a debate every year after another LeBron finals loss!! Fuck lebron and he’s woman’s purse. Fucking pussy. Who wears a nice suit with shorts??

  • what is a point forward?

  • Ohh God. So many young people here...

  • MJ did bring the ball up a lot so Tiger got that wrong.

  • Talks like Elon

  • Tigers comments on Lebron and MJ are the best Ive ever heard! People need to stop the GOAT talk. Or maybe talk about the GOATS for each individual type, position, size, supporting players/coaching, era, and more! They are BOTH amazing, and Bird, Magic, DrJ, Barkley, Pipp, and on and on. N E HOOTERS!

  • They both win? Cmon now. I watched last year's championship. 🤔🙄 ahhh nah. Not really

  • Tiger Woods: I always wanted to say this.. "for shizzle"

  • MJ Kareem Kobe LeBron

  • Why he look like Lucius ???

  • Tiger forgets that MJ did that in 87 and avg 32 8 and 8

  • Kareem Adbul Jabbar, Micheal Jordan and Lebrn James.

  • One is the GOAT and the other is Lebambi.😁😁😁

  • Absolutely correct

  • Worldly people!

  • I cant believe he's not smarter than this. The answer is Jordan! Hands down. As a friend of MJ he should know & say this proudly. No more respect for Tiger

  • fuck. this right here. this mans next step after gold is to have his own NBA talk show. i was so vested in his opinion, the way he had an indepth breakdown of the players and youncan tell he's not jst a casual fan. Id like to see him take over colin cowherds show. very very impressed with this interview. thats what greats do, study other greats of all sports!

  • Basketball is Michael Jordan's world. LeBron is just living in it.

  • He just said some real shit. LeBron is more comparable to Scottie Pippen, lol

  • Why do you keep asking him about My or LeBron, mostly MJ that is carrier is over.

  • Jesus Lebrons been playing for 15 yrs already.... time flys

  • Great answer Tiger.

  • Tiger knows his stuff.

  • Tiger with them NBA Facts 👀

  • Fence sitter. MJ>LeFlop.

  • Thank you 🐅 ! He hit it right on the head! They are different and there is nothing wrong with that. Its all perspective.

  • LeBron doesn't dominate basketball


  • I agree, Messi and Ronaldo 15+ Years still dominating!!!

  • Look into my eyes and tell me what you see is what I think about with MJ Killer instinct is in his eyes like a great White Shark. If a game decides my fate I want prime JORDAN. MJ is the more consistent player. More skilled, stronger mentally. We never saw a player quite like MJ from 1985-1990. Sure Dr J was exceptional but MJ took it to another level. Then 1991-1993 never saw any player ever on that level of artistry. Then 1995-1998 never saw any player dominate his will on opposing players and teammates. Scoring Champ 10 times 6 times Finals MVP 6 Championships. There can be only one. MJ

  • Too bad no one listens to you anymore. If you could just win a couple more majors... You let the crackers win asshole.

  • GOAT???? What’s this mean.....

  • MJ is the GOAT , and Lebron is the goat that Tiger had just mentioned, which is bad.. hahaha..

  • "What I'm think Jordan" all I had to hear

  • Tiger who?

  • Lebron is just different...Woods in his most PC way of saying Lebron is better.

  • Tiger still relevant?

  • MJ.

  • Can you just answer the question please in one-sentence. Like MJ is no doubt the GOAT!.

  • Lebron, who??? How many rings???

  • Sidney Crosby he has been the nhl top guy for years

  • He's got a point. People will always remember Tiger Woods over Jack Nicklaus because Tiger dominated the sport in such a unique, superior fashion and for such a long time. He revolutionised the sport, and didn't just win tournaments, he destroyed everybody competing against him as well.

  • Couple clues in there, he's an MJ fan. No wonder though given he's a gen-x.

  • Fuck up tiger.

  • really big difference between mj era n james era, because in mj's era OMG LOTS of legends out there, unlike now.

  • This was the best answer to that question there both great in there own way and i hate mj btw not cause of basketball but cause how Arrogant he is.

    • T Money LeBron is way more arrogant. He tells you how great he is. MJ just showed you

  • LeBron is a scavenger of Championship rings. MJ is the GOAT, for He got his 6 Championship rings with the same TEAM with the same players. He could have got 8 Championship rings if MJ did not left the NBA when his father was murdered.

  • bring bak the sonics!

  • also, ppl say, “jordan needed pippen” ..? hmm ok. kobe needed shaq. lebron needed a stretch big/ bosh & lovdand a closer. wade & irving. if he doesnt have those, he isnt winning. sit down

  • if lebron wins this year. he is goat. BUT if he loses and joins another team. he has to win 2 more or maybe tie him at 6 to pass him. and he cant be the 3rd or so best player on the team. he needs to win while he still is alpha or its over


  • We need to change GOAT. It's a negative thing. If you made the basket, you were the hero..if you missed it you were the GOAT. Change to ATG to remedy this. ALL TIME GREAT is better anyway.