Tiger Shark FACE-OFF!

Published on Aug 29, 2018
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On this episode of Blue Wilderness, Mark and crew set off for world famous Tiger Beach in hopes with coming face to face with some very LARGE and very hungry Tiger Sharks…and they do just that!
In fact they get so close both Mark and Coyote have to pull off underwater maneuvers when confronted by tiger shark face-offs! Mark does a barrel roll to escape and Coyote…well you’ll just have to watch and see…
Get ready…the Brave Crew are about to take the word adventure to the next level!
BIG THANKS to Jonathan Bird, Tim Geers and Bill Murphy for their camera work and expert guidance in making this video possible. Make sure to take moment to check out their channel Blue World TV, it’s jam packed with awesome videos - bit.ly/JBBlueWorld
Special thanks to Gerard, Houston, Cory, Dave and the rest of the crew on the Dolphin Dream for making this voyage such a memorable experience…you guys are AWESOME!
Thank you to Gates Underwater Products for suppling the camera housings for this dive.

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  • What does everyone think of those tiger sharks!? Mark will be on the channel starting at 9:30am answering your questions:)

    • Brave Wilderness how resci is your adventure

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    • Great vid those tiger sharks are creepy my grandpa has fought one off before though so he taught me not to fear

  • why all shark have a guard???😕

  • Really cool video footage but so dramatic.

  • Coyote: "Iv'e tried a snake bite, I tried a Bee sting and I tried a spider bite... Let's see how it feels to get bit by a shark!"

  • Next video: being bitten by a shark/great white shark

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  • You guys were just begging for an amputation


  • Underwater dogs uwu

  • Great XL shark in Hungry Shark. However it’s very expensive, 75,000 coins is too much. Especially when you consider that it’s twice as expensive as most Large sharks.

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  • I love how coyote narrates what is happening. Its like one of those amazing movies!

  • Looks like it will kill you but actually a cinnamon roll -Tiger shark (Just my opinion thou)

  • I’m coyote Peterson and I’m about to take a bite from the tiger shark .. 1 2 ..3 Coyote: agghhh It bit my arm off omg !! Help Mark : should we be worried ?

  • 7:23 is that shark on drugs or what

  • 7:38 Can you let Jonathan in more videos? He’s got some serious moves 😆

  • 8:10 And I thought I was tough doing that with some horses. This sure put that in a perspective. :'D

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  • When it said face off I thought it meant it bit it’s face off

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  • I saw the eye looking like it was rolling back in its skull, I searched it up and apparently they do that to protect their eye when feeding-

  • It’s like the sharks were rolling there eyes

  • Coyote, what are those fish that seemingly stick to the sharks LOL

    • They're called remoras and they attach to larger animals for protection and to feed off dead skin and lefovers from the host.

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  • The resen why there’s shark attack’s it’s because if you were black swimming suit you misted whith ells

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  • *Coyote are you okay*

  • Why do the sharks eyes go white?

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  • Fantastic job guys! Don't forget to hold your regulator in your mouth during the giant stride ;)

  • Coyote : gets bit by a tiger shark aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggghhhhhhhaaaa mark: are you okay Coyote aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggghhhhhhhhaaaaaaa mario: are you okay Coyote :aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhggggggggggg

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  • But this video proves that sharks aren't interested in eating divers.

  • Trying to make it back to shore, just swim slow while keeping your body as vertical as possible. I know it will take longer to get to shore, but you won't look like lunch to any sharks beneath you.

  • This reminds me of how sharks never attack humans unless they mistake them as a seal. I wonder about a situation when a human has to swim at surface above deep depths for quite some time. I imagine that anybody should never swim for more than 20 seconds, lest sharks look up at you and think you are a seal. So I say... swim for xx seconds, then keep your body vertical. After that, swim for (I guess) 20 seconds more. Continue this until you reach shore.

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  • Im ur new fan.. dat was totally awesome guys.. ur wer just braved enough to hav faced to faced with d tiger shark..wen i frst saw dis episode at blue world i search ur channel and subscribed.. sir coyote sir mark stay safe always.

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  • What’s your favorite type of shark?~~~ write in comments bai!

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  • Thank you, Brave Wilderness for helping teach people about the beauty of sharks and the oceans. What an important task you've undertaken. Thank you for bringing us on this incredible journey with you ♥

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