Thrift Store Makeover

Published on Aug 4, 2018
Hey guys!! Sooo this is kind of a new idea. It's basically the same as my "squishy makeovers," minus the squishies haha.
I love going thrift shopping and I often run across stuff like this that could use a little TLC. I decided to incoorporate one of my thrift store findings into my makeover series! A lot of people who love that series, aren't even squishy fans, so I thought maybe trying something that's not a squishy would
If you love squishy makeover, you should love this too! It's still got paint, sprinkles, desserts, roasting, jokes, and it's a makeover. So very similar!
This is just a way to switch it up every once in a while. I will still be posting a squishy makeover next Friday and that series is still going to live on! So please don't stress :) I just like to switch things up sometimes and try different things. Just keepin it fresh!
If a lot of people happen to like this idea, I could definitely do more videos like this! I started with something very simple that I am familiar with (birdhouse) just as a test run, but I would definitely be up for more challenges in the future.
Let me know if you wanna see more of this, and if you have any requests for things to makeover from thrift store!

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NO LONGER ACCEPTING SQUISHY PACKAGES. (any packages sent are not guaranteed to be in any video)


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