This Video Will Leave You SPEECHLESS - One of The Most Eye Opening Motivational Videos Ever

Published on Jun 18, 2018
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  • still watching this he had an amazing performance in 'I Think We're Alone Now' IMO

  • I really must check in on this guy after the way he carried himself during his last prison visit.

  • His a real Giant

  • oh dear, people don't even recognize HUMOUR now?

  • Speechless...because of the clickbait, yes

  • I recommend the movie Rememory. Very good movie and Peter, as always, is just great.

  • Fantastic! What an achievement.and well deserved.

  • I love this man! Failure is so heart felt that it bypasses the heart and touches the soul. Failure is a loss that no other can see, measure or feel but you. It somehow strengthens and weakens is at the same time. Breathe. Get up. Start over. Begin again...Repeat. I have just experienced the biggest EPIC fail of my life that resembles a Netflix series of romance, living with the dying, paranormal experiences that were seen and felt by family, friends and employees, Domestic Violence, Judicial corruption, a near death experiences here all points lead to my abuser...and a long distance Energy you can imagine all this going on the Georgia...the Healer from Australia was a witness in my divorce. Being different is not always comfortable. You were made to shine, to stand out and stand your ground! It is the ARTS that remind the world to be human, humane and beautiful. Be your very own kind of beautiful- because the world needs you! Love, Teresa Sellers, born in Georgia living in Australia

  • not funny----even if it is supposed to be an innuendo!!

  • Great story and wouldn't have come across it if it weren't for your channel. HOWEVER! -->dislike because of the annoying interruptions of like-begging, i like the talks you post but the way you present it in this manner (YOUR content) is in this case disliked.

  • It is amazing that they are laughing all the time ... That's what you get after training tv audiences for 70 yeras to respond like Pavlov's dogs. I am truly sorry.

  • WOW !! HUGE !!!!

  • Great speech but still don't understand why people are laughing at some serious points.

  • What a heart centered speech. Such soul. I am a writer and hearing about the artistic struggling helped. So down to earth and you’re almost existential.

  • His life story demonstrates the power of making a choice and taking action .... Fear is paralyzing. And there is something to fear . There is real hardship and danger in the world. Yet, we MUST make the leap and take action on our intentions if we want to move forward. "Give yourself permission to fail." If we don't, then we fail by default and will die without ever having really lived. So...."Don't tell the world you're ready. Show it, do it !".....Dare greatly!.....Then persevere. Fall down seven times, get up eight!

  • Plot Twist: Tyrion is the son of the Mad King, who raped Tywin's wife. That's why Tywin's last words were 'You're no Son of Mine!". He also once says "Since I cannot prove you're not my son!". These are clues, they wouldn't say that twice if Tyrion's true heritage wasn't going to be questioned later.

  • Hilariously inspirational.

  • I know people are laughing but this not. this is real, TY for the strength.

  • Peter leaves me inspired to be more, powerful speaking TY , Dennis

  • Get rid of the music please. With the laughter it does NOT fit and distracts from his message!

  • such a dumb story by senseless stupid rubbish man

  • Casting pearls to the swine... this guys story is just a comedy act for the snobs who've never had to struggle, never missed a hot meal and live in story book style gated communities. The speaker would be better off talking at inner city schools or even prisons.

  • This is brilliant. Very deep and thoughtful.

  • I found it at a young age had it all everything I could ever want dream job house wife great life and then fell 28 FEET at work had a bad lawyer and lost it all everything money family all of it. Can't work anymore in pain 24-7 no meds or disability or life. That was ten years ago and still in same place . Can't get back on my feet I own a bag full of clothes a phone a stray dog live in someone's basement and this is wear ill die. I'm 39 no job and no one will give me one . Went from makeing 36.81 an hour to nothing when i fell all my money was stolen from my lawyer four hundred and eighty thousand dollars to be exact .No money to go after him eather . Man I had it all. Don't take anything for granted and don't trust anyone . Or you will end up like me. Goodbye and good luck !

  • I just adore him. He is such a joy to watch.

  • This Teens keep laughing as if he would perform a Comedy. He tries to sound funny, but they do not understand, that it doesn't mean that they should keep constantly laughing. This Minions have to learn a lot. I hope at least he teached them some of it!

  • Amazing!

  • Why the canned laughter?

  • Click bait. Speechless? Motivational? Not really.

  • this is good

  • Healing the wounds of childhood was the most powerful work I have ever done!

  • Awesome speech!

  • Awesome and very helpful on his life and how to help others too. 2 thumbs up from me.

  • I don't understand the laughs... ok now I got it... after understanding the context. I love this guy!!!!

  • nothing to hear but "cinema laughter" the contagious giggles when everyone finds themselves constantly sniggering and giggling at absolutely nothing at all.

  • This made me tear up 😢 Me at 34 and still not happy with how I'm living my life!

  • This just beat years to my eyes and opened the them to how riddle everyone's suffering really is. And that the world is a whole duchbag of assholes and cowards!!!!

  • This man speaks Truth. I learned very quickly after my own graduation that a degree in physics doth not a physicist make. Instead I worked construction for a while, then spent two years driving a forklift - my post-graduate education. I knew how to compute definite integrals and solve differential equations, but not how to work, not how to care enough to do a menial job well. My parents let me continue living at home so I wasn't freezing or starving, but I was embarrassed and shamed that this was the best I'd managed to do. I eventually worked my way into industrial research & development, but it was a zig-zag journey with a few side trips. Happily (joyfully!) retired now, with no regrets for the dead-ends I wandered down in my youth.

  • I probably would have dated him*

  • Watch the original, without the somber music, and you'll see why people are laughing. He's profound but also hilarious.

  • Why the fucking laughter

  • You don't have to make comment on every words he says Oh I wanna Curse on them so bad

  • Hey the best editors ever please remove all the laughing from this video And add some motivating music This Video is Gold and those laughs are dirt on it

  • "I assume I can make a living writing my plays" *HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!* BRUH!!!

  • What a great guy.

  • Much more than expected...! I didn't saw GOT yet fully, but I have seen and heard lots of about him... A great actor Nd good motivator!

  • Please someone remove the laughing, those jackasses arn't listening to him.

  • I bet he's hi

  • ableism is why they are laughing, and he knows it. (also, wow he is handsome.)

  • Feels like a sitcom tv show with all the Laughing

  • Sorry, but I actually couldn't finish the video. What an annoying audience. Yes, he's funny. He is a very funny, and very likeable guy, and he is saying funny things which you expect to get a laugh from. But there are people are just howling and whooping over every bloody thing he is saying. There are a plethora of times where people laughed up to and over the punchline before even hearing it first... They actually seem to hate any moment where they are not making noise.

  • Sorry the laughter ruins the message for me. I hate taped laughter in sit coms, but this man has enough talent to survive without it.

  • Dinklage is great, as always. Hope to see more of him soon!

  • Why are these fucking retard millennias laughing?

  • Like him but don't see the life changing message

  • oh my god..his voice..wowwwwww

  • Great and wonderful, If anybody capable enough to think deeper.Thanks.

  • Can anybody tell me the name for this actor? I'm sure I recognise him from the film Three billboards in Missouri?

  • Why laughing? Fucking idiots

  • hey shorty, how is have a mind without body?

  • He's amazing. I love his self deprecation and humor about his beginnings. Don't let the laughter bother you.

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  • Fucking canned laughter

  • the biggest arrogance of mankind is to think thay THEY have any influence or power over their destiny. we are puppets on a string, in the hands of the GODS, and even when we THINK we've made a decision, we are only following the path that was already laid out for us. thats the way it is, and HAS to be. otherwise the universe would explode. use the analogy of a highway....imagine if everyone drove where they wanted. didnt follow the roads or read the signs, we would all crash. our life is a roadmap. a highway with signs, we are told where to turn, and where to stop, and in the end we think our destination was our own idea. but it wasnt. we were silently pushed where to go. and where we end up is where they wanted us to be. and the vehicle we drive is even controlled by them, and when its out time to run out of gas and stop the journey, they control that to, because they created the vehicle. so.....with all that said....enjoy fun...because in the end...your choices never really matter!

  • Yeah that's what the world needs - more actors - more fevered egos.

  • I think Hes a great actor and good person..was the audience smoking pot or something? Laughing like crazy for some reason

  • Their laughing coz their not really!!it's mostly canned!!

  • That's good motivation to NOT become an actor. Also, that's good advice: to not wait, and to go after what you want. I don't understand why people wait. Wait for what? Someone to discover you? Not going to happen to 99.9999% of people.

  • He reminds me of George Clooney. Maybe the voice?

  • Absolutely incredible speech and inspiring motivation for ANYONE... I'm 67 and still have much to do and am poor as a church mouse right now but wasn't always... Yet have had an many, many life struggling experiences and losses of friends and family, from childhood til this exact week. BUT, I refuse to give up! I REFUSE to let life punch me so hard (and I'm in tremendous pain 24/7 daily since 1986) that I would take the easy way out as some have. There is NO "FINAL" BY MY HANDS... ONLY GOD has the authority to end my last day. So I will continue on, despite obstacles and the pain. Thank you so very, very much for posting this. I'm sharing it with a few people who need to hear this. And, I have subscribed. I love his acting and have so much respect for him as an actor and now as a man who had the courage to bare his soul. Most would not. God bless y'all.

    • L Bluebird Today matters. Live happily, live each day, live each hour, Live each minute, Live each breath - looking into the eyes of God alive. God bless u too

  • WHY are they laughing,i do not get it. he is saying truths .

  • This was a great Motivation video by Peter Dinklage, it was humorous and to the point. Sometimes it can be frightening for young people to go out into the world and things don't always seem to go in the direction they want to go, so it's easy to call it a failure, but' it is only the beginning. Don't waste your youth, keep your focus and you will succeed, no matter how many times you think you failed. I read the Bible all the time and I would like to share this with you in James 4;14 whereas you do not know what your life will be tomorrow. For you are a mist appearing for a little while and then disappearing. Just sharing

  • This dude never fails to make people laugh

  • I don't know why the F people disliked this video

  • BetterHelp? Lol tell me another Joke xD


  • Not an actor but that was the best advice I have heard for a new graduate that I have ever heard. Just a word, if you are not in the arts, fail only when you have a back-up mentor or a trued & true back-up plan. For ex, medical field. Spot on about the world not valudating you and also for you to show it, not tell it, do it, don’t ask someone else their opinion if you should. No one can see inside your heart or appreciate you like your own self. A lesson I learned very late also.

  • Love this! He is a wonderful speaker! I look forward to seeing him in more fabulous parts in the future!

  • He’s telling his truth ..

  • There is nothing funny and there is so much fake laughter. Not worth watching.

  • Gr8 vid

  • 2,693 people were not left speechless.

  • Peter is so freaking charming!

  • Love him just a little more now.

  • a minute and a half in, I was done. It is such a stencil type speech that has been done before, over, and over, and over, and over, and over again...boring...

  • Change ur title

  • For those looking for the whole video, without the irritating music the poster placed over it:

  • no need to ask why people are laughing. He is being funny. He is also telling a story of survival that he wants to relate.

  • Who the hell is he?

  • 12:22 cringe, everything else was fine, but I don't think you should be telling yet another group of millennials, "You are the shiny more important people!" when all most have accomplished is getting their parents to pay tuition to send them to this particular school that will happily stroke their egos while cashing their cheques until they run out of time and money. I'm not surprised he spent most of the 90's distracted from his primary goal, the 90's was the best decade in history and easy to be relatively happy doing most things.

  • u people are really so serrious..ppl are laughing, because he wants them to laugh..because he is a comedian..if you feel u can feel that he wants them to laugh and he speaks like comedy..masters look back at their suffering and laugh at it from the heart..they make comedy out of struggle and that makes them masters..just like me....he wants them to laugh,so they stop being so serrious and they also know they can make it..for he laughs at it..ah comedy is way to heaven on earth..children who laugh are bringing it..old and serrious remain victim..but master laughs at his darkness and becomes great... stand up copmedians also sufered comedy comes out of suffering..being serrious, we remain victims

  • Why all the laughing. I don’t get it!

  • He did very inspire me. Marvelous speech and Actor!

  • People are laughing because they recognize themselves in what he's saying. And he have a very humorous view of the world. He's just fabulous :)

  • This is the most manly man, I have seen in movies lately. Love him :)

  • interresting how people react (comment) on an funny speech with sad background-music

  • Wow. Poignant. Thanks for sharing!

  • But damn the audience needs to chill out. He’s funny but they’re all howling like sealions.

  • LOL the banality of his early adulthood is very easy to relate to.

  • I don't want The Imp to die on Game of Thrones.