This Monster Has No Phone Case | Hardly Working

Published on Aug 4, 2018
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Thank god that Rekha noticed Trapp had no case on his phone. If she hadn't, who knows how long this negligence would have gone on.
Hardly Working: What really goes on in CollegeHumor offices may surprise you, unless you're already familiar with unprofessional, inappropriate slackoffs getting nothing done.
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Rekha Shankar
Mike Trapp
Avery Monsen
Director - Sam Geer
Writer - Mike Trapp
Producer - Bridgett Greenberg
Production Coordinator - Jessica Clemons
Editor - Sam Geer


  • Believe it or not, I actually did one of my high school science fair projects on the effectiveness of different phone cases. The most effective case reduced the drop impact by 12% and was like 3 mm of silicone. I decided to use that case on my phone, and it isn't bulky at all in my pocket and makes me feel a lot better when I put said phone on the table and whatnot. I get why covering ur phone with a giant minions case is impractical, and I do think cases like that make phones impossible to use, but a small case like mine is totally worth $10 on amazon

  • Is this a synonym for child protection???

  • What if your phone is ruggedized....?

  • THIS is what I've always been telling people who tell me to get a case-->"My phone is either always in my pocket, in a death grip in my hand or charging"

  • This was very annoying

  • No phone should suffer like this

  • meh.. had my s7 edge for like 3 years, had a case for the first 0.5 year.. other 2.5 - without. lol thing'sd been flying around the house and workplace.. swimming in port, vodka and beer and (possibly) in a toilet :D 3 years later, no cracks, no scratches. case business is bs.

  • Not again! lol

  • This is "humor"?? I think you might need to look up that word in a dictionary.

  • My heart broke..with phones screen😑

  • But it feels so nice without a case 😫

  • I just realized...the person at the end of the video is the person who wrote the sketch...

  • I've never had a case for any phone I've ever owned and it's never been a problem.

  • This vid has made me unironically start using my phone without a case

  • Me vs my entire friend group

  • I get scared holding my phone caseless

  • Saw that from a mile away

  • yo what is this trend ? with people not using cases on there phones damn i have a galaxy j7 2015 model i still using my case would not regret it .what is it with this trend of people not using cases lol . i really want to know from you kids . and teens is is not cool or you will be made fun off in school cause just remember that person with the case less phone will have a cracked screen and broken camera you will not .

  • Cases are for clumsy people

  • Bruh srsly just don't treat your phone like a fuckin paperweight and you won't need a case that makes it a more effective paperweight. ffs I swear to god people leaving their phones laying around and shit instead of keeping it safe and secure in their pocket are the reason we haven't colonized space yet

  • Never had a phone case, never damaged a phone in 10 years. It's not hard

  • That’s a 4 or 5, honestly me to. I’m using a 6s+

  • Am i the only one who hates cases and the people who think you need them even though your the most careful person in the world?

  • how do you feel after this after arguing

  • Real question is why are they selling us an expensive every day product that isn't ALREADY durable.

  • 3:00 Yeah, no.

  • I have dropped my phone about 20 times since I got it around 6 months ago but I have a case so now I’m able to watch this video clearly instead of having to worry about getting cuts on my hand from broken pieces of glass

  • Is that Harrison Wells?

  • using a phonecase, dropped it, phonecase is broken buy another one, use it, dropped it, several damages in the phonecase.. phone still okay play phone while babysitting a cat, cat no like phone, cat bite phone, casing is cracked, phone is dented.

  • Remember when people thought it was cool to not have a case

  • I just realised that this is a metaphor for how people tell parents to protect their children

  • Just get a pop socket

  • 1 Subscription = 1 more minute of Sinking Lives

  • i hate reika now

  • True question is, can birds cough?

  • Every time I come back to this ,it makes my days better😂.

  • Let me tell you a story

  • Who took there phone case off just for this video

  • The scariest thing about this is that people are like that

  • Replace phone with child

  • Watching with my caseless phone....

  • Who here dosent have a phone case cause i dont

  • The true monster is who made the Minions case.

  • Maybe buy something that wasn't designed to break, which is of course hard nowadays, but not impossible

  • Every phone I buy gets an OtterBox Defender series case, if not it’ll be cracked within a year.

  • Honestly, this is how I feel when I see some guy bringing out his 3DS without a damned cover :,)

  • God these sketches are getting worse by the second.

  • legit -- now replace phone with a child (child abuse)

  • i would slap my friend in the face if they drop my precious phone and blame it on me.

  • Cps Caseless phone service

  • Watching in 2018......

  • “I love how thin it is!” “Then make it thicker!” *houston we have a problem*

  • Real men don’t have the metal covering the wires and shit like that on their phone.

  • Its sad that this was even thought of lol

  • I have two phones without cases

  • Make it THICKER. NO . Cover it with this minion. .......NO NO NO

  • 😆 Got mine just yesterday for my five month old phone Relieved now 😁

  • Cases make people weak :P my gf has had huge protective cases and gone through 4 phones in the 3 years i've had mine without a case and doesn't have a scratch or anything on it lol just don't be an idiot and you don't need to waste your money.

  • I dont wear condoms, what makes you think that Im going to buy a case for my phone?

  • people really have this problem? iPhones must be really fragile.

  • So I have the Moto z2, the thing is indestructible no case just a screen protector to avoid scratches

  • Maybe companies shouldn’t design a product meant to break.

  • I love how this is sort of based on protective services around children. Strong message, yet still entertaining

  • 3:33... are you trying to tell us something, CollegeHumor

  • Yo, when I see people without a phone case... I just think they're kind of dumb TBH.

  • ive droppecd my iphone 5se at least 11 times and no cracks and NO CASE :)

  • Avery is really good at acting!

  • Friend drop your phone then blames you. SLAP THE F** OUT OF THEM

  • i miss the old cast

  • This is not funny to me, but i see how it can be funny.

  • But can birds cough?!

  • live caseless

  • My phone is invincible

  • cases are for people who don't care about their phone. period.

  • The video 3:33 long . Lilliminati confirmed

  • Little to over dramatized for my taste, plus its regarding a phone which brings little humor to what little there already is in this skit.

  • I would share this but come on... the language in your skits is getting out of control...

  • Wait americans actually use inches and cm interchangeably?

  • I got no phone case.cause it's a nokia 6.

  • Does anyone understand that he payed 50 dollars or more for that and they forced him to pay extra money for a case. Also that detective tried to steal trapps phone

  • That's why I buy Android.

  • I’ve gone without a case before and things were fine

  • just in case anyone is curious, Birds DO cough and they sneeze too


  • I will just use a skin

  • You know phones don’t break that easily.I tested it by pouring my water bottle on it by spill- I mean to test it in class.Yup.Tests.

  • No case's forever

    • Ha I'm one of the lucky ones I can drop it and it won't crack

    • Gearshock 2341 I use a skin a mix between both protects from scratches but is thin

  • That was Rekha's fault

  • my phone got no Phonecase, but that has 1 Reason... its a Sony as Strong as a Nokia.. it fell down so often and got no Scratch.. and im happy i bought that one. (Sony Xperia XA)

  • Why not just buy a clear phone case

  • Is it odd that I have that exact minion case?

  • I have had a caseless phone and there are no scratches

  • Replace phone with kid or pet

  • Lmao i wish cps went as intense on my dad as the guy pretending to be cps did on Mike

  • Birds cough, all right. And sneeze, too! The reason you assume you've never witnessed this, if you've actually been near a sick bird, is that it wouldn't draw your attention. A cough sounds like a slightly different chirp.

  • Welcome to america where dumb people exist

  • I like the grip a phone case gives me. I can set it against something and not have to worry about it sliding down or when I hold it, it doesnt feel slippery.

  • Great sketch until the very end.

  • He looks like Tom Cavanaugh

  • Haha so true