This Monster Has No Phone Case | Hardly Working

Published on Aug 4, 2018
Thank god that Rekha noticed Trapp had no case on his phone. If she hadn't, who knows how long this negligence would have gone on.
Hardly Working: What really goes on in CollegeHumor offices may surprise you, unless you're already familiar with unprofessional, inappropriate slackoffs getting nothing done.
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Rekha Shankar
Mike Trapp
Avery Monsen
Director - Sam Geer
Writer - Mike Trapp
Producer - Bridgett Greenberg
Production Coordinator - Jessica Clemons
Editor - Sam Geer


  • were just gonna ignore he got a iPhone 4 in 2018

  • *the entire plot of Detroit become human*

  • Death Grip

  • This makes no sense for people with Huawei phones, or Blackberry phones. Those phones are bulletproof witout a case. I had a Huawei phone, it was in the pocket of my pants when I dropped them down my laundry shoot. 30 ft drop onto hard plastic. The phone landed screen side down. Unharmed. My friend has an iphone and he fumbles it over his desk in school, falls less than 6 inches, screen shatters. Yeah apple products are great

  • You don't need a case if you have a phone with a plastic screen or if you just aren't a klutz lmao.

  • i don't... use a phone case....

  • I don't have one either

  • Loooooool

  • I want a jobbbbbbb

  • Now the phone will be *Hardly Working* 😉

  • I love that while they’re arguing about the phone case, Rehka is just talking to the phone. *“You like the coco?”* 😂😂😂

  • Wtf?

  • 2:39 all iphones starting from the iphone 8 are waterproof, and all samsungs starting from the s7 edge are watetproof. So invalid argument there, i used to always take my s7 edge into the pool with me and shoot cool underwater videos, then i lost my phone cause it fell out of my pocket.

  • I sended help they are comming

  • I’ve dropped my phone multiple times nothings happened and it has the worst case ever

  • Phone cost like $5

  • I don't have a case.

  • I have an iPhone 6 Plus and I have no case and have ABUSED IT because I have dropped it many times

  • A case is an upgrade looks wise for the vast majority, honestly just care about the insides since I always have a case.

  • I dont have a phone case and my phone works just fine (sort of)

  • So phones are more important than laptops? WHY AREN'T THERE ANY LAPTOP CASSING

  • ...why does this exist

  • When will Mike punch someone? That is my question

  • This video made me what to kill that girl at the end. And the guy in the suit too.

  • I’m surprise dbrand didn’t come in and save the day lol

  • smartphone lives matter

  • Why these bitchs

  • Moral of the story: don't hang out around women

  • You see without a case, "your rely on your senses not your rubber"

  • Not again

  • I thought this video would be funny but it just made me angry. If you want to keep your phone vulnerable because you like the way it looks, that’s your business. Analogizing it to childcare is insane.

  • This video gave me an aneurism

  • �Tears are words the heart can�t say.� *( Pdfdownload2015*com )* 5042

  • Fk, I am a Criminal.

  • Lol, the guy who played the agent is a really good actor.

  • The otterbox clear case is perfect.

  • they dont make cases for my Phone \/.\/

  • I also don't like phone cases there cumbersome useless and make the phone look and feel bulky

  • This annoys me for some reason

  • I never understood phone cases either. I've had cell phones since my Nokia back in the day, and never needed a case. Never dropped a phone in my life.

  • This video makes me sorta mad because im always Trapp in those conversations while my friends who have cases have cracked screens and i have none

  • U should see my phone

  • My phone has been run over by a school bus, out of a car, out of my attic and of my roof

  • Haven’t had a case on my phone for so long... I’ve dropped it so many times... Still works...

  • The lil book in the phones hand is so cute Edit: I’m so tired did I just say a phone has hands

  • ok but why is it an iPhone 4 tho

  • Damn i hope its already *case closed*

  • birds can actually cough

  • Good thing that i use sony xperia phone it waterproof

  • I still remember pulling out my caseless phone, and my friend saying "whoa, what phone is that?" and I'm like "YOU HAVE THE EXACT SAME PHONE", to which he goes "oh yeah". His phone has been hiding in a huge otterbox shell forever

  • The Tik Tok ads are so uncomfortable and I don’t get it.

  • These are serious actings. The Suit guy is awesome 😂

  • I have no phone case

  • “I don’t want my phone to get objectively worse just for a little bit of protection” FINALLY, SOMEONE SAID IT

  • Who in their right goddamn mind would turn down a minion case

  • 1:24 lol that's my old phone case

  • Ironic that their intervention(protective services) actually led to damage not Trapps actions.... Was that a deliberate reference that SOCIAL services can blow up non problems and only make them worse?

  • Watching this on a phone without a case...

  • Who else is watching this with a big ass case.

  • I have no phone case

  • I dropped my phone and now I bought a case to hide the cracks

  • I was wondering why they were using a 5 year old phone and then of course they dropped it. Gotta lower production costs right?

  • cant drop it if you dont have it, thanks communism!

  • I never drop my phone when I have a case on but I almost drop it all the time when I don't mainly because it's too thin without one and doesn't have a decent grip

  • This, this isn't that great...

  • It's been 2 months I haven't used a case on my s9. I like to live dangerously

  • The funniest shot in this whole thing is the yellow minions case shaking in Trapp's fist.

  • By the way, I just looked it up; birds CAN cough. (Drops caseless phone) SHIT!

  • this bit reminded me of how people used to act about Tamagotchis.


  • He needs a Dbrand Skinn =D

  • Why is Meechum from HoC here?

  • Why does the protective services guy sound like Connor from Detroit Becoming Human?

  • My phone doesn't have case.

  • This dudes one of my favourite guest stars

  • Isn't the same with vaccines? 🤔🤔🤔

  • This was from movie ..THE HITMAN BODYGAURD ❤️

  • Just use a see-through case from the dollar store. People will stop harassing you and it looks good. Protection is debatable though.

  • eeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i'm with Trapp

  • This is why you need a rugged IP68 phone.

  • phone cases for the win. lol

  • His tie is too long

  • He has a name. It's in the description, its the first word said in the video.

  • DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO! I do not have a case on my iPhone. I have the same phone as seen in this video (an iPhone SE.) Literally a week after watching this video, I dropped my phone on concrete and SHATTERED THE SCREEN! This video is a bad omen. Avoid.

  • I have no phone case.

  • Crusin'90 down the highway,Wind in your hair, booze in your head

  • His phone is hardly working

  • Lol it’s clearly an iPhone but they covered up the logo


  • Lol I have an ad for phone cases 😂

  • The way they treat a phone like some kind of abused traumatised kid 😂

  • Top notch acting in this one. I legit wanted to strangle everyone but trapp....

  • I don't even have a phone.

  • This is why my phone an android

  • It's a iPhone 5 why would you.

  • Ok!! Find!! I will buy phone case for mine!! Are you happy now CH?!

  • What about those people with those Nokia fossils? THEYLL NEVER NEED CASES!!!!!!

  • I was case-less for about a week bc Amazon shipping took too long.

  • You know if it's such a problem my phone is different and i can't find a phone case so you could send me one if it's that big of a deal.

  • I had no case on my phone, I get dropping it (not as often though), never cracked, one time I drop it from the second floor of a house and it survives. I put a protective case on it and I drop it from my hands while sitting on a chair, it drops from hip height and bam, the whole phone cracks leaving a dozen noticeable streaks across the phone. Comes to show that protective cases are completely garbage and useless.