This Giant Kielbasa Helped a Michelin-starred Restaurant Start Buying Whole Animals - Prime Time

Published on Apr 9, 2018
Is this sausage crying cheese?
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On this episode of Prime Time, Ben Turley and Brent Young, owners of The Meat Hook in Brooklyn, hang out with their old friend Paul Wetzel, the master charcuterie at Gramercy Tavern. Paul explains to the guys how value-add products like the giant kielbasa were crucial in the creation of Gramercy's whole animal program.
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  • Cheese in a kielbasa? My Polish grandpa just rolled over in his grave.

  • two of them look like twins

  • If you think this is actually a Kielbasa, then you've been eating too much of tha Hillshire Farms bs. Real Kielbasa has large chunks of meat and is NOT emulsified... this is some sort of Frankensausage. That being said, i'm sure it's tasty! Just not a Kielbasa.

  • I don't like these two at all, they're douches

  • LOL the horoscope reading has me shook

  • That.. doesn't look like kiełbasa.

  • 5:38 boo guts or go home xD jokes sure it was a fine sausage :D

  • Käsleberkäs

  • I find the color inside the kiekbasa was offputting but i bet its good

  • the amount of people saying the literal term for what they're doing (value added product) is pretentious is just nutty. some dude literally said "everything that a restaurant sells is value added product". buying a cut of steak and then cooking that steak doesn't make it a value added product. you take a product that is comparatively cheap, like wheat or milk, and turn it into a more valuable product, like flour and cheese respectively. so many people sit there and hear a term they can't understand and call the person using it pretentious. cooking your cut of steak and calling it a value added product would be pretentious, but that isn't what they're talking about. it's literally what all food processing plants do, and anyone who calls that pretentious simply lost all sense of the word.

  • how much does it sell for at the restaurant?

  • I would rather have smaller sausage. But , I can see this as a nice cheesy mortadella or something to that effect as a sausage with onions, bell peppers and some BBQ beans for ome helluva Fank n Beans meal that will make your heart sing.

  • fascinating!

  • Biff and the pedophile food adventures

  • I like how Americans say “degrees” to clarify wether it’s Celsius or Fahrenheit, mainly cause it just shows how stupid Americans are and makes absolutely no sense as they’re both degrees!

  • Dip it in polish mayonez and, opa, blin it's amazing

  • I have seen simular videos where the cheese oozes out of all holes.

  • parade resting the whole time

  • thats not Kielbasa thats beef and pork cheeze bolonga

  • *_7:34_**_ = My Teen Face_*

  • I love sausage but seeing it made looks like 💩 being Injected into a plastic casing... disgusting👎🏻

  • this cringefest...

  • Reminds me of KC Armstrong

  • Paul wetsel, a. K. A pwetzel

  • stupid presenters.

  • bologna and cheese

  • Is mustache dude trying to bang that chef?

  • Not enough viscous leakage in the video! That saucy thumbnail got me hotter than colliding fissile material! too much suckage, man! Not enough fatty leakage!

  • A sausage that jizzes..... cool

  • Your videos could be so much better if you two didn’t host them. Weird beta male worms squirming around in a professional world only to bother people at work to actually make them feel physically uncomfortable.

  • You guys are so weird! The fact that you actually get views is purely based on content, which to be fair is good. But honestly you two are the most awkward, cringing hosts.

  • Barf. Whats the pointa using wagyu for this??

  • Im Polish and i never saw something like that in my entire life, yet they're calling it 'kiełbasa' lol.

  • victory


  • Value Added Product ✔= Ripping off customers❌

  • So erotic

  • Hats off to paul !

  • Why do people always find something to bitch about... A video about where the main focus is FOOD, certain small minded people in the comments feel like they need to bitch about no more than a 15 second clip of them jokingly talking about a horoscope, whether you believe in it or not chill out to many people are so bitchy and up-tight now days.

  • Why use wagyu when you use ground meat? Can't you just add more fat into the mixture?

  • OMG I bet all vegans hate this channel 😭😂😭😂

  • FINALLY some not chef like people with actual skills covering food meats and whatnot... godbless guys keep up the awesome content!

  • Looks really nice! Have never seen any on the UK.

  • Call it meat..not protein

  • this is wagyu blaspemy

    • They buy the whole cow. It's probably just the trimmings

  • Zodiac killer much. He was definitely creeped out by that question

  • Doesn’t even pronounce kielbasa correctly smh

  • käsleberkäs?

  • Looks delicious.

  • ?