They See Me ROLLIN'...TURDS!

Published on Apr 27, 2018
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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote discovers some Dung Beetles doing their best to roll a poo ball the size of an orange! Seriously Coyote Pack, we promise this episode doesn’t “sink”…at least not for you!
Get ready to see the official “pooper scooper” of South Africa in action!
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For more they see me rollin’ turds moments stay tuned for Sunday’s poo battle video!
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HUGE THANKS to the Reserve Protection Agency for hosting the crew at this location. Please visit their website to find out more about their efforts to protect South Africa’s wildlife! -
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  • Larva

  • I mean turds

  • 57 that you said terds

  • They see me rollin' They hayten'

  • Interesting is that the dung beetles were one of the most famous and respected insects of ancient times. They symbolised the Ra god which embodies the sun and the one who is rolling the sun across the sky as the beetles rolling the dung . Also they symbolised Khepri, a god of death and reborn. Their eggs hatches in the poop ball where larvas grow and develop and eventually brake out symbolising the renewal of life. One specied of dung beetles is Scarabaeus sacer, common name Sacred scarab were used as a burial symbol. In a way they represented death, birth and sun. They were also imported in mediterranean countries for their symbolistic significance.

  • It's like that brown insect in larva

  • Poor righnos lost ther tusk

  • Who gets turds

  • COOL 😂


  • Dus it poop?

  • Don’t press read more

  • Very smart little doers

  • I have Arachnophobia so that close up stund me I HATED THAT CLOSE UP

  • How to die: Take a shot everytime Coyote says turd in this video

  • How did this not get demonetized lolXD

  • The 1.9k dislikes are people who don't wanna learn at all Have fun in life

  • This video is full of sh!t :D I'll leave now

  • Oh, i want to forget the word turd, but I cannot, haha

  • I think we get coconuts there nah lots of lakes wait no mountains nah impalas nah coyotes

  • Omg ewww but cool

  • So adorable😘😂

  • Poopy vid!

  • only dude i know who will pick up doodoo with his bare hands

  • 46

  • coyote:I SEE BEETLES!!!:the roller beetle:THEY SEE ME ROLLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gross but awesome vid

  • Can you see all the color of the turrrrrdsssss 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶 They see me rolling......... on TURDS!!!!!!! LOL Mark: is there a sintific way to say TURDS Mario: I would say TURDS, poop other stuff....... Coyote: I like to call them TURDS

  • This poo is so discussing

  • Someone should make a musical remix of Coyote saying turd xD

  • 56 turds

  • 7:40 lel that voice


  • 58

  • “Will it bite? Let’s see!” XDDD *NOT ME*

  • I wonder how Mario puts up with him lmao.

  • Lol poor mario that ball..the title & thumbnail got me ded xD

  • 2:57 ''ooh, look at that, see how green it is!? "

  • Ew poop

  • 1

  • 52

  • He said terd 61 times

  • 64 times he said turd

  • They Hatin'

  • It started sounding like he was chirp instead of turd

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  • There you go buddy 😂

  • Take a bong hit every time he says turd.

  • Hi

  • They see me rolling and hating and rolling and catch me riding I dont know! I forgot how it goes

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  • You ruined my breakfast

  • hi my name is turd

  • 58 * 1/3 48 * 6/3

  • 🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢

  • I'm guessing Coyote is part German?

  • your videos are so so educational !

  • I watched the video while eating 😥

  • All dislikes are beetles

  • Dung Beetle's roll oh ya Lol I love eating poop spits on Mario pa pa yuck thanks Mario

  • But he actully said it 57 tomes

  • to me it feels like

  • 100 times he said turd

  • Coyote:is this animal deadly and poisonous?... only one way to find out

  • 57 times he said termed

  • 57

  • Venom:I'm gonna rip ur hands then ur legs then I'm gonna rip ur face from ur head then u will me a hand less legless faceless thing rolling down in the street like a turd in the wind

  • Why would you touch it this video was gross but amusing

  • 57 times he said turds

  • 5737 Church 57050 7 terse turn

  • "I'm just gonna wipe this on Mario..." Mario: *Suffering*

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  • 7:41and7:43 sounds like turbs

  • 7:37 sound like towards

  • Next video: Is eating turds healthy?

  • Ew that's sick it makes me vomit

  • OMG

  • I want a coyote or a bear to fight either

  • Utamu, Utamu is in DISNEY LION GUARD

  • Im Filipino

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  • Every like I'll add a 💩

  • Im coyote peterson and im about to enter the poop zone with the dung beetle

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  • I Love ANIMALS

  • He doesn't need wipes when hes got Mario's sleeve XDD

  • Everytime he says "turd" take a shot

  • 5:13 thre ugly but their steal cute!!!

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  • Turds :)

  • I feel bad for mario

  • he said turd 61 times

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