Published on Sep 19, 2018
For some reason I set out to try to find the WORST GAME ON STEAM... and I'm pretty sure I found it in Skyscraper Simulator.
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  • What did you expect? It's a Skyscraper simulator.

  • Well I mean, you could technically call it a video game!

  • So they dug the hole to get out all the "unstable" dirt and then filled it up with a proper foundation?

  • It’s pretty accurate to real world construction


  • You should do the game Hunt Down The Freeman, many people think it’s a really bad game and it has all the checks to make it the worst game on Steam, maybe give it a try :)))

  • This literally made my eye cramp! 10/10 i want to try it just to experience the immanent fate of boredom.

  • So he found this but not big rigs

  • can we ge a full lets play

  • Popular opinion? ..

  • We Happy few

  • If you want a bad game I'd check out Starforge, though you can't get it through steam anymore as they were forced to remove it from the Steam store after they couldn't be bothered to fix the game after the 4th patch. It upset quite a few people.

  • Who else actually started to fall asleep while watching this game

  • fallout 76 you say hu?

  • It's actually pretty satisfying watching them dig that big hole I don't know why|・ω・`)

  • Mineirinho adventures (brazilian game)

  • wtf drug wars looks like borderlands

  • Da heck be this? 5:10 All faith in integrity is now gone, corruption spread, lies, slanders, strange and really really bad edits flood the nets, who knows whats real anymoooooore... EDIT/PS: Also, this is kinda like ordering a sammich at an eatery, they serve it to you, but then immediately take it away behind the counter to frantically do something to it, before bringing it back.... You gonna eat that sammich? Cuzz I wouldn't if I was you.

  • This game really makes you FEEL like skyscraper

  • You know you’re rich when: “I actual want to spend money to be disappointed in the end”

  • You could’ve just played Diablo on mobile... or I guess not, but that would fit this fairly well

  • You should play flatout 3

  • That edit though 5:10

  • “So here is skyscraper simulator... enjoy.” *spyro ad immediately starts playing*

  • I fell asleep like 10 min in

  • BRO NO JOKE When u Said "Enjoy" i deadass got an ad for stool softeners

  • I’ve seen worse

  • I thought this would be like that one VR game where you jump off the skyscraper :[

  • thanks. i couldnt sleep before, and now i can

  • Pt.2 *fallout 76*

  • The reason they dug the hole was to build the foundation for the building and they filled it with concrete to keep it stabilized but this game is still trash

  • I love you mark, but this was so fuckin boring, I had to click off! I'm sry, to make up for it I liked the video!!! Love u!!!

  • For part 2 you should play fallout 76

  • Correct me if im wrong, but its just an idle game? On the computer, where you have to have it open the entire time, unlike other idle games that go in the background. Why was this made again?

  • Bungie jump simulator is pretty bad

  • Anyone else reminded of Fallout 76 though?

  • Ohh god, literally just wasted 15 minutes of my life doing bullcrp before the game crashed. Thanks devs! Great game

  • I was expecting Gene Rain

  • How did someone play this game for 20 hours

  • *plays video at 0.25x speed*

  • im sick right now and I was having troubles sleep so i got on the computer to watch some Markiplier and im more tired watching 40 minutes of this video than I was the 40 minutes I was trying to sleep. I'm not joking.

  • Can we get a lp of this

  • Video starts at 5:40 Thank me later!

  • Who else thought he was going to play fallout 76?

  • Do you not know what a foundation is mark?

  • I Didn’t need ASMR or ambience to fall asleep, I just needed to watch this, thanks skyscraper simulator! 8/10

  • Play get rich or die gaming

  • drug wars seems like a really shit borderlands

  • that's better than asmr

  • Mark should make a series on Skyscraper Simulator!

  • Anyone here for NeatMike's Post?

  • I actually almost fell asleep watching this, what is supposed to-

  • its not that bad

  • I wonder what your opinion should be if the game got a high rating 🤷‍♂️

  • Gotta be honest, I was half expecting a Fallout 76 video.

  • Mark: tells play bad games 13 hours later Mark: someone please kill me 24 hours later F$@k this I’ll do it my self Gun shot sound Thump Sound

  • Why am I tempted to play this? It looks lowkey fun

  • Agricultural Simulator became Farming Simulator. Lol.

  • What a way to ruin the 80's game Drug Lord.

  • Fallout 76!😅

  • I feel like this was for an architectural class

  • I expected hunt down the freeman at #1

  • So you had to pay for this …. I guess you have to pay for the paint.

  • The Chicken Little Movie Game

  • 13:54 I do love me a wet Isabella

  • Why did I watch the whole thing

  • Hey, I am anything but quiet! Oops.

  • Best game lol


  • 9:00 Somewhere around here, I swear I hear the Club Penguin dance club. Hey, the less effort the better!

  • "So here is Skyscraper Simulator, enjoy." *gets an ad* wow that was more interesting than the gameplay

  • 10/10 would watch again

  • I mean it is what it promised....

  • why don't you just play fallout 76 lol

  • This deserves a like just for him to sit through that

  • When u showed the leaderboard and disappointingly said: no one's on the leaderboard... I died laughing

  • Y didn't I listen to you

  • Should’ve just played Fallout 76

  • If I I had a dollar for every time he said oh or stuttered I'd be rich

  • I couldn't even make it through the whole video

  • What's funny is that since he made this video, it's gone from 6% rating to 7%

  • I think the only fun part of skyscraper simulator was watching the videos ads

  • Will a civil engineer in the comments please tell us why they dug such a huge hole for the skyscraper? Do it for Mark!

  • To be honest I thought the digging part at the start was satisfying. :/ I wouldn't say this is the worst game on steam, a little harsh.

  • *Steam Review*

  • Only Markiplier could make me laugh at something that utterly boring.

  • He just copied kubz scouts wth mark you're better than this

  • Fallout 76 is what your looking for. $300 is what is needed to buy certain items needed for the missions.

  • as soon as he said so here is skyscraper simulator and ad popped up

  • So I’m currently sick and took NyQuil an hour ago..... I fell asleep watching this

  • Another Google maps clone...

  • *WET JACK* x'D

  • I wasted my life watching you waste yours... Who is the bigger fool?

  • Leader board! (oo this could be sort of interesting, who are the people that sunk a ton of time into this game?)... oh, no ones on the leader board (tiny spark of interest gone)

  • I’m sorry I tried, I failed

  • Reply what u thourt of that video

  • Markiplier: When does the fun start?! One of the reviews: Do not play this game if you like fun.

  • Of course this game would take place in NYC. I recognized Bowery, Henry & Eldridge streets immediately. Lower East side/Chinatown

  • 3:28 could someone please tell me what the piano music in the background is called.... I searched for over a year now and didn’t find it...

  • Honestly, reading the reviews is more entertaining.