Published on Sep 19, 2018
For some reason I set out to try to find the WORST GAME ON STEAM... and I'm pretty sure I found it in Skyscraper Simulator.
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  • Is this porn?

  • Half expected him to open up Fallout 76

  • Ummm call me insane but id prefer this game to monster hunter I need help

  • I pride myself on not getting bored no matter what the circumstances Bec my imagination is so big.....but my g-d

  • big hole = big parking lot outside

  • The reason they dug is for a sturdy but earthquake-safe foundation, since theyre a must for any new building built.

  • i couldn't watch you play this for more than 2 minutes.

  • play ride to hell retribution one of the worst games in history

  • Play circlecets

  • joke he literally warns u that u might fall asleep.............I literally fell asleep in school watching this

  • Before skyscraper simulator started I got an ad on sleep I really think US-tv is hinting something

  • Flatout 3 is an unfairly negative game. It's not good, but it's not top? 5 lowest rated games on steam bad.

  • "This is Skyscraper Simulator." *_A battery advertisement_* Too bad this is the only energy I'm gonna get.

  • (Mafia city.) That's how mafia works.

  • I’m surprised that no mans sky was not on the list

  • Its so bad that even my iPad gav up on life

  • Its really boring Just watching it is boring AF

  • What!! Oh I fell asleep oh the video is over...

  • I like to watch this video to help me sleep.

  • The game would be more fun if you were literally the skyscraper.

  • 19:03 your welcome

  • "Here is skyscraper simulator, enjoy." *add starts playing. Markimoo 2018

  • small robert

  • This is my favorite game to watch at night because it’s so fucking boring I fall asleep.

  • Literally would have fallen asleep watching this video if it hadn't been for my cat making a bunch of noise while in Crazy Cat Mode.

  • i was reading comments, came back to the video during a fast forward part where everything was all chromatic abberationy and I thought I was having a stroke...


  • 11:34 you have to water the skyscraper so it gets bigger mark

  • JAAAMMMEEESSSS BBBAAAXTER!!!! No one else ...Ok Sry...

  • *what...the...heck*

  • This was kinda?....satisfying??

  • fortnite

  • Please make more

  • nice timing ad

  • Game worse than that? Only one comes to mind, fortnite

  • THIS IS A JOKE if you know about the incedent with logan paul: why did the Asian not get a hi five because logan paul left him hanging hahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahah

  • Fortnite is a pretty shitty game to play

  • Man thought this was ganna be a fortnight video

  • Someone needs to make a skyscraper simulator where you are a skyscraper going around destroying other skyscrapers... Just overtired and trying to think of something ridiculous that would be better :P

  • He said this is skyscraper simulator and it played a chemist warehouse ad and I was like, this really is boring

  • "Here is Skyscraper Simulator. Enjoy." (Cuts to commercial)

  • You really weren’t kidding when you warned about falling asleep... the last thing I remember was you loading up the game and the next thing I know, I’m waking up this morning.... yikes

  • Big Rigs was even worse

  • just play summer time saga mark.

  • this game is complicated and boring despite being beautiful at graphics, that is why is hated

  • I can see how this would suck to the dumb average person. Which is most people. Seems interesting to me.

  • Don't insult people's games mashal lee

  • when u use your 2 dollors on sheit

  • It aint' on steam but one of the worst game you could ever pay for has to be Last Rebellion.

  • I'm only here cause im up at 2;10 P.M. n can't sleep so this helps

  • Finally, the cure for my insomnia

  • 3:28 neat mike?...

  • Unpopular opinion but this was low key satisfying for me

  • Anyone notice he read NeatMikes review of the game?

  • Still better than US-tv rewind 2018.

  • it only took people 1 yr and 45 days to build the empire state building and it took these builders 2 yrs and 119 days to build this skyscraper which according to the big map isn't nearly as big as the empire state building.

  • He does want to pay money for the game but what are the odds he refunded :D


  • Silly Samantha?

  • i own this game and the others because they came in a bundle with a game i wanted " the forest" for 7.99 but i never installed it or the others

  • I watched this on my phone and it wouldn't let me close it

  • Its bad but not 6% bad

  • There is now something more boring than watching paint dry, watching someone elae watch paint dry.

  • Bet u @Justin Y. won't show up :)

  • I couldn’t finish the video.

  • Right after he said, "this is skyscraper simulator, enjoy." I got a freaking lotion commercial

  • Mark: "So let's play Skyscraper Simulator." Ad: "Welcome to Chucke Cheese headquarters!"

  • Couple day later fallout 76

  • *Didnt you guys see the new diablo trailer? XDD*

  • I actually use this video to sleep now

  • "oh God, this is the game" how you know Mark lost it

  • Play Catlateral Damage

  • Wow even Markiplier couldn’t make this game interesting

  • play hearts of iron 4

  • If you want to be disappointed have a kid

  • My names Hannah I feel special😂

  • “I want to spend money to be more disappointed in the end.”

  • Nerdcubed was ahead of the curve on this one :P He's played allll the crappy games

  • No mans sky.

  • That looks like the worst game EVER!!!!

  • me:it couldn't be that bad its super boring me:oh

  • “Here is skyscraper simulator” *MCDONALDS AD PLAYS*

  • Sounds like a game for me

  • Build a skyscraper and call it Amys Baking Tower. You only want to play this game to experience how bad it is.

  • I didnt even have enough time to click off od the video before i fell asleap

  • i think a skeleton is lying down in front of their pc in the middle of playing this game.

  • I don’t normally comment on videos... but I have to say this Markiplier. What in the hell possessed you to play and film this god awful game besides to show it was awful. That was painful really painful. Im gonna go watch subnautica videos so I can laugh at you screaming at shadows for half the video

  • idk i like it i'd play it. it is tedious and wastes time and you can just run it in the background while you take a nap. it's pretty good for anxiety tbh. it soothes my ocd needs.

  • Play Bad Rats, the game has good reviews, but its for the joke.

  • After hours of not being able to sleep, this made me pass out in 5 min flat

  • This is like the most hardcore auto clicker ever i guess

  • What was that dumb game Jay from the Kubscoutz played that wanted to be a rip off of Yandere Simulator but wasn’t even that?

  • Hunt Down the Freeman

  • At the title I thought he was talking about Hunt Down The Freeman

  • Phew I thought it was animal jam-

  • the name of my dog is Baxter lol

  • “So here’s skyscraper simulator.” *FIVE MINUTE MICROWAVE FOOD PORN AD PLAYS*

  • Kyle: You Dtf? Me: yes I am “down to forgive”

  • Do more idek if i was asleep or day dreaming or jest spaced out

  • hunt down the freeman