The World of Jake Paul

Published on Oct 8, 2018
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“The Mind of Jake Paul” is an in depth look at one of the fasted growing US-tvr’s of all time. From his childhood, to his teenage years, to his days of jumping on top of news vans and lighting empty swimming pools on fire; everything will be explored to find out what makes Jake Paul who he is.
Thanks to:
Jake Paul
Kati Morton, Therapist
Andrew Siwicki
Erika Costell
Chad Tepper
Alissa Violet
H3H3 Podcast
Sarah Hawkinson
Iris - Fae System
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  • Part 6 up NOW!

  • I love how Shane put this entire series together. I even love how he waited to put Jake Paul in the video until the 5th one. It was perfect and built up the suspension and the intensity. So perfect Shane!! I am so proud of all your hard work and I appreciate you doing something different, but also something you love. I cannot wait to see what you come up with next!!!

  • 26:54 the therapists face lmao

  • there's soo much sadness in his eyes.

  • 27:56 hes only doing this for fame😕 what is wrong w you people

  • This is amazing but like im having an anurizum

  • I don’t understand people that do dumb shit like that just because. That chad guy is just dumb


  • i’m not gonna lie, i hated jake paul before this and i still don’t like him very much- but honestly his face just looks tired and depressed like he’s just done i dunno

  • About the 3rd floor theory, you can hear Anthony say 'the 3rd floor'. Like what?

  • Sociopaths will not admit there sociopaths

  • That girl that said she was a sociopath wasent

  • I love how they are talking about they love and complete each other and then break up weeks later

  • noo they like you CUT Wait wtf legoos

  • *sees shane's vid* *opens ten ketchup packets with a large fry*

  • they scripted it, team 10 confidentiality ?! they said hes still the same jake now as he used to be, when did anyone ever asked if he was different of has changed ?!

  • Image the therapist was a sociopath

  • 42:19 😂😂😂😂

  • Awe I wish he brought the squad that had of been great, like Morgan, Ryland, and Garret 😂💕

  • So I’ve been up since...idek...and I’ve watched all the way up to here since then. *contemplates life choices*😭

  • Ericka is freaking pretty she’s hot tbh

  • What is the song at 36:32 ???

  • 17:28 I thought that said “I think I’m bi”

  • Why tf do they keep saying send it🤔

  • what is the name of the song in the end of the video?

    • not sure but i'm wondering the same thing

  • I mean, I don't like Jake Paul, but look at the dude! His HALF DEAD.... From the drama, fame, Logan, all of that. Even though Jake Paul isn't the best US-tvr but... I'll show him a bit of respect if I see / meet him irl. I'm not gonna be a fan girl and run up to him saying ' OMG ITS JAKE PAUL!! ' I'd just walk up to him and say ' Hi. '

  • Jake stop mumbling

  • this episode has me shook

  • Is it just me or is he in the beginning drinking WATER

  • Yes bitch

  • hey what's up you guys yeth🤑


  • We not gon talk about the fact that dude whipped his dick out?? For a US-tv video??

  • *shane’s hemorroid pad left the chat*

  • I’m so late but I’m hooked! This is amazing! I never really seen much jake Paul but this is a bigger picture

  • I have the feeling that a lot of his personality comes from the whole "being competitive" thing that he had/has with Logan and his dad. It sounds like both him and Logan were put under a lot of pressure by their father (who used to be in the military) to push themselves to their limits - both physically and mentally.

  • not sure if it's cool to go whisper to therapists in someone's home about their sincerity

  • DONT cry DONT cry oh no 😭😭😭😭

  • Jake is so misunderstood 😭

  • I can't wrap my mind around how this people got to be this wealthy. He screams and insults his friends in front of a camera for a living. I guess the new American dream is get rich and famous without any knowledge or talent.

  • Did anyone see how many times jake said “like” in this video lmao

  • The mousetrap dude probably has some serious kinks

  • Ok Shane I love you but like. Do you have another shirt?? Do you wash the same one every single day? Do you have 5 of the exact same shirt you just rotate??? That’s the real conspiracy


  • I like how right in the beginning Andrew said I don't know how to feel. Does that mean Andrew is the sociopath?

  • No idea Shane but when I watch your videos, you remind me of McDonalds

  • oh poor shane in the car, he was having a panic attak!😂he was saying his merch

  • Jake Paul = like I think like and I like that like, Shane Dawson = STOP SAYING LIKE!!!!!!

  • Shane had that fucking Diet Coke the entire video. I would’ve slurped that shit down in two seconds

  • Lmao that’s not what I do for fun in Ohio...

  • And like

  • When I was at the store a old 50-60 year old guy kept following me and was glaring into my eyes

  • Logan and Jake, they aren't sociopaths like wtf???

  • Jesus shane sounds like a little bitch in that car. Sounds like minnie mouse with a sore throat.

  • I literally do not under why people can hate on Shane.

  • My mom read The Sociopath Next Door and it's what made her realize that my dad (her ex-husband) is a sociopath...

  • shane: we have so much in common. jake: no, they like you. ohh...

  • Im still debating to like him or not

  • I was 8 when my parents divorce

  • I want to see him in team ten

  • My two favourite US-tvrs come together

  • yeah hes an asshole


  • The therapist seems so off and nutz to me

  • To me he just sounds like a guy who hasn't figured himself out but being famous is holding him back which results to making the wrong decisions...

  • Shane is literally a therapist😂😂😂

  • Of course they don't want to watch the build up. They don't care about why people are the way they are. They just want to see him act crazy so they can go "See Shane we told you!!" They're feeling for him and they don't like it...I'm feeling for him and its a very confusing feeling. I've despised the Logan brothers since the Vine days. I still hate Logan but.....

  • Who else put there hand in

  • This series is amazing so far, but the only real criticism I have is the therapist. Although she is a therapist, she did mention that sociopaths were not in her realm. She does have a general knowledge about what a sociopath is, but Shane should have found a different Psychologist skilled in the area of sociopaths. At the same time, I could see why he chose her; In regards to sociopaths, there's probably not many psychologist that work actively with sociopaths due to the fact that therapy doesn't work for them. Like Shane said, therapy doesn't end up helping it, but it does end up coaching them to better their manipulation skills because they can get input from the therapist on what is acceptable or not.

  • The mouse trap stunt was a missed opportunity to have him dress up like Chuck E. Cheese!!!

  • Why isn't anyone surprised

  • Shane wore the same shirt in every episode lol

  • 42:21 Shane is literally me at every single roller coaster

  • this makes me want to subscribe to jake...

  • What's the music/song called at 1:59

  • “What in the unseasoned chicken is going on here” 😂😂😂

  • 34:49 I can relate I do the same thing for like 7years now

  • i just realised he does seem really nervous (im only 20 minutes into this rn) butttttttt he says LIKE alot

  • I never really knew who jake paul was and people calling him a sociopath!! Well i personally don't think he is a sociopath its like his dad is the one who is like a sociopath! And also logan is more like his dad and because jake was living wid them offcourse at a yonger age so to match up wid his brother he started acting like them but tbh i really feel bad for jake!! Cuz all the hate he is getting and all is like too much! Ppl here only want the "TEA" in real life we don't even know what dey are like! Cuz videos never show us the real person without knowing him personally people should not judge him!! He don't deserve that much hate!

  • Jake Paul: the only man who has a Teen Choice Award in his residence

  • Jake paul hides his feeling because he doesn't know how to feel and how to show emotions

  • Jake got a new and a loyal supporter now!

  • If Jake Would be like this in his videos. I would totally watch

  • *God I love this series*

  • Shane: Jake where we are?! Idk why I’m crying 😂

  • Omg I can´t stand it! Jake says "like" aaaaaall the time! HOLY COW

  • 28:32 What am I watching?

  • I was literally laughing when Jake started to drive and Shane starts going crazy 😂

  • i have mainly supported jake bcoz he really is a good person but people dont see that.

  • Go to Team 10 house to talk to Jake than See's a dick why??? Lol

  • 42:03 laughing so hard because this was my childhood in 4-wheelers

  • yeah the doc is cool and all but Kati is thicc

  • I think doing these documentaries on people I don't really like makes me think differently after I've watched them. Like the mini series on Jeffree Stars was very interesting but I think I liked the Jake Paul ones slightly better just because they changed me more. I always liked Jeffree Star. But before the Jake Paul mini series, I absolutely hated the Paul brothers and now, leaving the documentary, I have a new mind set on them. I wouldn't say I enjoy their content now because I still find them annoying. But I see that Jake has a real personality and he isn't a terrible person. I think doing these documentaries on people that most people don't like, is a good way to go. And I know for Bella Thorne it's either a love or a hate. I personally don't really like her. But I would like to see what you do with a mini series about her to maybe change my mind 😊 either way; keep up the good work Shane 🤘👍

  • 4:31

  • Jake looks so exhausted and sad is it just me or what?

  • the thing he said about fire being an ohio thing is true cause there is a lot of fire in ohio like idk shy

  • What song is playing at the end of the video?

    • Aaron Glick Feel My Love (That’s what it calls)

  • He's just a dumb young guy with money like justin beiber or mike tyson young guys with fast fame and money goes wrong, I decided he's not a sociopath when I heard the pranks were fake

  • i need to stop watching this this is like me 6th time

  • erika goes the people who left just used us. YOU LEFT ERIKA