Published on Nov 12, 2018
The Weeping Angles have returned to haunt me once again!
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  • There are weeping angels in this game? Geez, the developer must like Doctor Who or maybe he just thought that the weeping angels would be good monsters for a horror game..if that's the case then the developer did pick a good monster for this game. Weeping Angels are scary..just hope Mark didn't blink..cause if he knows anything about them or Doctor Who then he knows not to blink..because if you blink you die. I haven't watched this yet but I will. DON'T BLINK MARK DON'T BLINK!!!

  • The dr who weeping angels are a lot faster

  • *We touch down we go BOOM*

  • A flashback long time ago some years (HELLO BABY) (Markiplier 2012-2014) If i remember correctly, its been too long...

  • Markimoo has left the library, markimoo has been saved

  • Doctor who! Lol


  • I give you air from my lungs

  • When mark was saying hey sounded like my little pony fluttershy pov

  • Can't believe I survived that, considering its upside sown and ON FIRE!

  • that recording at the biging was DR who

  • This weeping angel episode scared the crap out of me

  • I like blinking so I would die. lol The game was fun to watch. Thank you for the content Mark and game makers!

  • "I'm just gonna follow any path I land on and hope for the best." - Life

  • “Ooh, that’s not good.” *runs straight towards it*

  • We found the weeping angels don't turn your back on them Cause their real BACK STABBERS SORRY

  • Im concerned that after the plane crash scene started, i heard a plane outside my window

  • WHY I HATE THESE THIGS SO MUTCH! (These are my biggest nightmare FROM YEARS) I hate when something follows me with that creepy face to kill me every time when i blinck or look somewhere esle! I HATE THEM! AAAH!

  • wait did they just rip audio off of the doctor who episode

  • "Oh no you floaty bastards" by far my favorite line

  • watched 3 seasons of doctor who all the way til the weeping angels part just to watch this vid.

  • I love doctor who

  • lol

  • Hey dude. WEEPING ANGEL! YES! AWESOME! the rest of your videos look too scary. And because of Doctor Who, I've developed a fear of statues. While watching, I'm having heart attacks!

  • Doctor What

  • No blinky oh nono No okeee

  • Yaaaaassssss finally a doctor who game

  • This is scp 174

  • I saw this video and I screamed out of pure joy.

  • The image of an angel in itself becomes an angel...

  • Did anyone else realize that the weeping angle speech was copied directly from Dr. Who?

  • Is this just Doctor who

  • This is from Doctor Who I love it

  • Legit was just watching doctor who😂

  • Look in the description. “The Weeping Angles” everyone hurry and get their sonic protractors!

  • I just realized.......the weeping angels are the opposite of Slenderman.

  • If I'd have died... **clap**

  • x: how fast can your mood change? me: 1:55

  • I thought this was just a vague reference to the Weeping Angels at first, but as soon as I heard the Doctor's voice coming through that cassette I realized that this is actually a Doctor Who fangame.

  • Colorful sperms across the screen

  • Playing at 0:75 and no difference

  • why are the captions in Japanese/Korean/Chinese?

    • Japanese. And because those are the only ones that have been added.

  • Mark play call of Cthulhu

  • Hey look it's scp-173's cousins!

  • Is it just me or does character point of view in these games make them appear to be either children or Very short people? He shouldn't be That close to the ground and I've noticed this other games too


  • Mark: "It's stupid dark." Me: "YOU'VE WALKED BY A FLASHLIGHT LIKE 5 TIMES."

  • David Tennent

  • I liked that the thunder from the lighting at 3:38 perfectly timed a Raichu using thunderbolt on my Pokemon game. x) What?! I was multitasking!

  • Now someone make a game about the vashta nerada from Doctor Who.

  • You will..PAY!!!!!

  • Hello mark you scraped us we were childres favorite things to see you devil

  • Yeah Doctor Who. They have the Don't Blink quote on here that is amazing. I love this game and I'm barely a minute in on watching it.


  • The strategy for this is to memorize where the other switches are during off mode so that you can get them all in one run as quick as possible during On.

  • At like 1:37 the tape recorder is from the 9th doctor from DOCTOR WHO and his name by all holy means is DAVID TENNANT. and I believe he was the first doctor we see with the we see with the WEAPING ANGELS


  • Mark: I hear them. Me: Oh lawd they comin

  • Whoever made this game didn't 100% get how weeping angels worked,either that or they did and just didn't want to bother and implement all there stuff and what not.for instance,weeping angels don't kill you,they merely send you really far back in time,far enough to where you'd die by the time you got back to the day they sent you back,also when they were in that trio,presumably around Mark,I noticed that they were facing eachother,meaning they should have been neutralized since they can't move if anything can see them,even if one looks at the other,the other should be imobalized.also the Angels are supposed to be able to sap and absorb energy from anything within a certain radius,that radius is presumably based on the size of the weeping angel,meaning that the flashlight should have started going out whenever they got really close to mark.other than that I see no problems with the game.

  • * reads title * hmmmm....Okay

  • Don’t blink, don’t even blink, blink and your dead, they are fast, faster than you can believe, don’t turn your back, don’t look away and don’t blink.... good luck.

  • The forest’s beginning looks like ‘Slenderman:The arrival’s beginning. :0

  • "I suppose I'm gonna be okay, until I run into a whole lot of not okay." -*Markiplier November 12 2018*

  • *I suppose I’m okay until I find something not okay*- Markiplier 2018

  • I have something to say to all the David Tennant Doctor Who fans I don’t wanna go


  • all i could hear throughout the video was deja vu because of the lines

  • Dona Noble has left the library. Donna Noble has been *saved*

  • What the fu

  • 1:51 well he hasn't blinked since he got out of that crashed plane so I guess he's fine

  • 1:17 is it me or is Mark really short in this game? Maybe it's just the perspective😏

  • You need to play the forest‼️ it’s like the forest version of subnatica from what I’ve heard

  • Bunch of Whovians in the comments.

  • The way the weeping angels kill you is very interesting. They don’t snap your neck the don’t tear you apart they don’t physically kill you in that moment. What they do is they send you so many years in the past and it is timed so that you die of old age at the exact moment you were sent back in the first place. The angels are a very interesting species.

  • *flashback to fnaf* Schmidt •-• As in Mike Schmidt

  • I think that fast tapping is the weeping angels’ footsteps.

  • The Weeping Angels aren't trying to kill you they are trying to send you back in time to feed off your anomaly also Don't Blink what ever you do don't blink

  • best video since despacito 2

  • Did anyone else feel like it was chica's level in joy of creation

  • Am I the only one who's watching markiplier less than before and watching Shane dawson even more?

  • Make a pt2

  • 11:20 "I don't like my guardian angels. My guardian angels are sacks of shit!" But Mark, what about "Hello BAY-BEH"? From Amnesia? Is she not your guardian angel?

  • I can do suspense. I can do horror. I can do Five nights at Freddy's. But for the god damned life of me I cannot do these jumpscare games!

  • 2:06 I thought one of the donators was Stan Lee..... RIP

  • The fact that they used the tentg doctor audio honestly love him

  • I knew

  • I feel like Mark is at his best when playing Horror games

  • He's tiny in this game

  • sooo umm when i clicked this video the default CC was Japanese

  • The weeping angels are literally made to make you lose all sense of comfort and security

  • Scooty wooty there cominong for dat booty

  • He said Doctor Who and I FLIPPED

  • i literally cant see any angel statue without having panic attacks. i love dr. who so much tho. same for david and matt ( 10 and 11). so hearing 10s voice made me soooo happy. but this vid is gave me so much anxiety

  • "the weeping angles"

  • Like? It is the exact same speech from that episode

  • "Easy breezy beautiful cover girl" It's from Ellen Show when she was doing Snapchat

  • The reason why you need to keep the flashlight on the angels is because they don’t go by the same BS that SCP-173(Billy) is because in the show it’s as long as you can see the angels not if you are looking in their direction.

  • why is this guy so sort or is it that i'm so tall and no use to other people being shorter than me i'm 6'5

  • I'm right here peeps

  • Only 2 sec and l am already laughing 😂