The Voice 2017 Blind Audition - Casi Joy: "Blue"

Published on Mar 3, 2017
A Midwestern native with a knack for traditional country singing surprises the coaches with her vocal techniques.
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The Voice 2017 Blind Audition - Casi Joy: "Blue"
The Voice


  • Plz can i get name of original singer!!

  • she sounds better than the original

  • Her voice changes gave me chills 😄

  • She's amazing

  • Adam did too much coke before this

  • Yeah that yodel ist awesome but can we take a minute to appreciate the rest of the song because that was also super great

  • Nice two seconds✋🏻

  • She should have won

  • October 2018 Am back for the hundredth time, I need help

  • WOW, not much floors me on these shows anymore, But this lady sure did.

  • She sings like an angel and her normal talking voice sounds adorable... Marry me?!

  • *Alicia turns* doesn’t even look at her *Blake turns* points at him

  • Adams walk ...

  • How is that bluUuUEe sound humanly possible amazing heavenly

  • I love at 0:21 his face. He is so proud of his girl. You can tell he really loves her. I thought it was such a cute moment poorly embraced by the camera.

  • interesting blue

  • Her voice reminds be a bit of Miley Cyrus

  • That is not her voice . Damn girl❤❤❤😋😋😍😃😃😊

  • 1:11 its over she picked Blake .

  • she kind of has a mariah carey sound to her

  • Top 3 best audition's ive heard

  • Her yodeling gave me goosebumps. 💙 I would have turn right when Gwen did

  • Whats name music ?

  • This was entrancing

  • 1:06 Alguém sabe como se chama essa técnica???


  • It was the blues that got the judges

  • "Nice.. two seconds" **holds up 5 fingers**

  • She's amazing

  • واو ههه رائع ❤️🇮🇶🔱

  • Oh my gosh. My heart. One of my favorite songs as a youngin. Melts my heart to hear it done so beautifully

  • I never get tired of watching this performance. One of the best!

  • Masterpiece ♥

  • Is it just me or does the first part of this song sound like autotune, like srsly shes amazingggg

  • like forreal i love it

  • Still one of the best The Voice blind audition I've ever seen

  • The judges really wanted her but you could tell her reaction when Blake turned it was gonna be him all along :,)

  • Great

  • De quien es la canción?

  • Wau!!!

  • And she would never have the recognition she deserve.

  • She sings it better than leann

  • Perfect!

  • came for the hot legs. stayed for the angel voice.

  • her yodelling makes me weak

  • I can't believe Im just now finding this version of Blue......

  • she casts a spell every time she yodles........i love it...hahaha

  • wow....

  • Screw the ad. Screw the company. Blacklist. Meanwhile, after blanking it, Outstanding song and singer and etc.

  • Waaaaaat those *bluuuuu* I'm shook

  • i feel lack im jus’n mah prahm

  • Reminds me of Patsy Cline. :)

  • Just tried to song that “bluuuuuUuuUuuUueeee” and I sounded like Dory speaking whale

  • Blue attack... judges gave up

  • 0:35 dat look

  • She came to my school in Kansas City and I had no idea who she was 😂 so now I do.

  • shes amazing I Love her Voice 😁

  • I think she got 4

  • 3 people got 4, nice! They are Valerie ponzio and Troy ramey and Casi joy

  • "I'd like to retract some of my statements...those were the rantings of a mad man" 😂😂😂😂

  • State Farm commercials preempting a show is one reason l fired them after 35 years.

  • WOW!!😘😘AMAZING💖💖💖🙏🙏🙏🎵🎶🎤👏👏

  • Has anyone else noticed that whenever Blake turns around he always say a little thing to himself? Lol

  • My heart skipped some beats

  • Too slow to turn guys, too slow.

  • her yodeling sounds like autotune wtfff

  • guuuuuuuurl

  • Phenomenal

  • Sounds good but there's some pitch correction going on here. Most definitely.

  • How did she not even advance that far? Like that’s just ridiculous.

  • One of the best ever!

  • Casi joy is so cool I the biggest fan of her

  • My best bleu is the 2nd 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Maybe I'm crazy but she remains me a little bit of Katy Perry 🙄 not just fisicly but the voice too.. Incredible talented girl!! I can't stop listening to her 😍👏👏👏👏

  • This was the best audition ever on the Voice! Cassie Joy should have won right then and there.

  • She sounds EXACTLY like LEANNE RYMES!! 🎤🎵🙌

  • I’ve meet her before she’s my stepmoms friend also she photographed her wedding

  • I keep rewinding the videoooooo

  • Love this angel

  • Where the people came from who disliked this video... Literally 🤔

  • Evrytime she said blue and one of the judge turn around😂😂😂

  • i like it

  • Walmart boy who?

  • I just like re-watching this video to see her pointing at Blake and telling him It was about time!

  • Oh my goodness, Y'all need to checkout Casi Joy's "Macklyn Sky"

  • alisha keys you are so beautiful no makeup its impowering for girls to know thats the way to go you are beautiful

  • She turned a judge every single time with the blue

  • Amazing

  • Oh my gawd, I love when she yodels 💕✨✨✨

  • She should've went to the went to the top 12 over TSoul.

  • She sing better than LeAnn Rimes

  • GG Casi Joy :3

  • the control she has of her voice is amazing

  • No one else had a chance when Blake turned around, haha...

  • She has such a beautiful yodle she sings like a legend

  • o my god she is so good

  • Amazing how she blows my mind every time i watch this video

  • She reminds me so much of the great Patsy Cline

  • Gwen cracking up is the best part of the whole video

  • Oh my god ! her blue yodel is so amazing :OOOOOO