The Voice 2017 Blind Audition - Casi Joy: "Blue"

Published on Mar 3, 2017
A Midwestern native with a knack for traditional country singing surprises the coaches with her vocal techniques.
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The Voice 2017 Blind Audition - Casi Joy: "Blue"
The Voice


  • She sounds EXACTLY like LEANNE RYMES!! 🎤🎵🙌

  • I’ve meet her before she’s my stepmoms friend also she photographed her wedding

  • I keep rewinding the videoooooo

  • Love this angel

  • Where the people came from who disliked this video... Literally 🤔

  • Evrytime she said blue and one of the judge turn around😂😂😂

  • i like it

  • Walmart boy who?

  • I just like re-watching this video to see her pointing at Blake and telling him It was about time!

  • Oh my goodness, Y'all need to checkout Casi Joy's "Macklyn Sky"

  • alisha keys you are so beautiful no makeup its impowering for girls to know thats the way to go you are beautiful

  • She turned a judge every single time with the blue

  • Amazing

  • Oh my gawd, I love when she yodels 💕✨✨✨

  • She should've went to the went to the top 12 over TSoul.

  • She sing better than LeAnn Rimes

  • GG Casi Joy :3

  • the control she has of her voice is amazing

  • No one else had a chance when Blake turned around, haha...

  • She has such a beautiful yodle she sings like a legend

  • o my god she is so good

  • Amazing how she blows my mind every time i watch this video

  • She reminds me so much of the great Patsy Cline

  • Gwen cracking up is the best part of the whole video

  • Oh my god ! her blue yodel is so amazing :OOOOOO

  • she wasn't the first

  • Woww... she sounds JUST like LeAnn Rimes

  • This song should be much much longer... A minute thirty is just a tease!

  • To me, this is a "proof of the pudding" song. Anybody who can sing this song can sing. She can sing.

  • did she win?

  • I loved her voice!

  • i’m from Kansas City!!

  • Gwen and Alicia you just been outclassed

  • Alicia, DAT FACE :D

  • No one like LeAnn

  • It's so good it sounds like autotune

  • LeAnn cannot be beaten

  • After watching the youtube clip exposing "the voice" as being a bunch of crap! I now know why Casi lost, they DON'T CARE about REAL TALENT!!!

  • She got cheated out of her place on the voice! She deserved to win!

  • Lmao every time she yodels someone turns. If she keeps yodeling who knows who she will get to turn. Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, hell maybe even Michael Jackson will turn in his grave.

  • Watch out..... she has some competition waiting for her at walmart lol

  • Not that good in my opinion 😕

  • great song

  • Damn i kept on repeating 0:05

  • 블루우후우후우

  • poor Adam!!! hahaha she went with Blake, unbelievable hahaaha

  • the way she said blue woah there!

  • Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeed

  • que voz no dejó de escucharla enamoré no mmm!!!☺

  • Linda, linda, que interpretação, que voz, que pessoa, adoro.

  • The Rantings of a Madman by Adam Levine. Now available on Amazon!

  • her dancing

  • What happened casie joy

  • Is that Chloe from Smallville 😂😂👀

  • 0:42 blakeee!!! I died.

  • So Alicia Keys wants SOME white people, good to know....this girl though can SING. That yodeling was insane.

    • What a nonsensical & trashy comment. You obviously didn't watch the seasons she's been on. She's had many white people on her teams and turned for many white people. She's also had asians and latinos.

  • i love 2017's season more than 2018's season💕💯

  • I came here for the legs.

  • The Cadillac commercial never completes so you can never see this video. Cadillac pays for 30 seconds and gets minutes free from a glitch US-tv has not caught on to.

  • Blue a ba dee a ba doo

  • Alicia Keys facial expressions while Adam was speaking had me rolling😭😂

  • Shes got nothing on the Walmart boy.

  • Why I keep coming back to this??

  • Que voz lindaaaaa... arrepio d ouvir.

  • 0:18 I think each finger of him equals 2/5

  • Walmart yodelling boy is better

  • Haha...Alicia..." C'mon Casi Joy.! "........I pick Blake..😂..


  • She got competition...Walmart kid

  • Walmart kid is better

  • Not as good as Walmart kid

  • LeAnn Rimes was great.

  • thought it was marina and the diamonds' "blue" :((

  • better than that walmart boy

  • Beautiful Voice

  • Gwen is so girly lol 😀

  • I can't listen to this without thinking about that yodeling walmart kid

  • Casi is great

  • I' pick Blake....LOL

  • Where did this girl go? Like... how did she not win?

  • Simply delivered. Simple moves. Her voice...beautiful.

  • LOVE this team of coaches!!!

  • What ever happened to Cassie Joy? She is a great 👩‍🎤

  • She literally got the audio from the original song. I looked up the original song and not a difference. They sound the same. Or (she)

  • WHY ISN’T SHE A HUGE STAR YET? So obsessed with that voice 😍😍

  • I had this playing in the background and the second miss ma’am started yodeling I turned to watch so fast I literally just injured my neck

  • Alicia at 2:25 😂😂

  • That voice!!!!

  • yodeled my heart away ❤

  • Blake says LeAnn Rimes came out with this song, but she only covered it. Like for the OG Patsy Cline

    • FRANCESCA CLARK Patsy Cline never recorded this this song

  • That yodel makes me Believe in everything.

  • 1:11 she happy with the preson she want

  • I keep coming back nly for dat Blueeeuuuuuuuuuuue

  • 0:28 My thoughts exactly Alicia Keyes!! 🎼 Amazing and just...Wow!!😱 Gives me chills!

  • I don't normally like country, but when I do it's classic.

  • Leeanne is pissed

  • BEAUTIFUL voice & young lady

  • alicias face expressions when adam was talking lol

  • Leann Rimes is proud!

  • for all those who are asking for ringtone, here you go