The Untold Truth Of Joe Rogan

Published on Jul 28, 2017
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You might know him as a UFC commentator, a stand-up comedian, the host of Fear Factor, or the mastermind behind wildly popular Joe Rogan Experience podcast, which earns over 30 million downloads a month. But no matter how you know Joe Rogan, chances are there are still some things about him you don't know. Here's a look at the untold truth of Joe Rogan…
He destroyed Carlos Mencia | 0:18
He hosted The Man Show | 0:54
He fought a contestant on Fear Factor | 1:44
He almost fought Wesley Snipes | 2:15
He loves drugs | 2:59
He's all about sensory deprivation | 3:38
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  • hes open and honest and would probably kick most arse

  • I hope this wasn’t supposed to make joe look bad. All of this is very publicly known, and half the reason I love him so much.

  • Joe would kick your ass. Hard.

  • Don't forget he talks shit but backs down when confronted. Rampage Jackson did just that and rogan looked like he wanted to cry.

  • When Joe Rogan starts a cult, I'm gonna join

  • Hate this guy

  • " just keep doing you Joe." Why so patronizing? [...oh, we just wanted to distance ourselves from Joe's open stance on drugs ... god forbid anybody thinks we are promoting his views.... please no.. please let us stay neutral :'-O ]

  • Who would have thunk it I always thought he was just another TV big mouth sorry Joe

  • joe rogan is an egotistical, self centered jackass. i hope someone trash's his ass in the near future. the asshole deserves it.

  • Joe Rogan's a Bad Ass. Plain and simple. He'll pull your tongue out through your asshole -- if you mess with him, on the wrong day.

  • (((ZOE FRIEDMAN)))

  • Wesley Snipes will get his ass whooped Joe Rogan is a badass dude

  • fuck right off with this.. you paste over the posts, you extrapolate a means to suit your ends and you exploit it.. Read, pause and read, the fucking articles he is quoting from.. this is a dick, without balls, posting this.. fuck him


  • I knew all this shit except the man show

  • p.s. Joe Rogan is finished in comedy.

  • p.s. Joe Rogan is finished in comedy.

  • Why is there happy dumb VH1 top-100-of-some-stupid-shit music playing in the background?

  • Didn't even mention Quake... smh


  • A dick

  • omg totally changed my idea about this man, i don't think i'll ever take him seriously after today

  • Ahh you mean this Joe Rogan guy This dude is jacked look at him he's jacked asf

  • Ya Joe Rogan fucking rules got to love 'em

  • Joe Rogan you're a drug taking mindless idiot, your body is deformed with all the illegal substances you take, your heads full of them that's the reason it's getting bigger

  • This video should be called "The told truth of Joe Rogan"

  • 😂So what's the untold truth we've heard all this😂

  • Rogan is a shill.

  • Low life homosexual


  • Joe is also second cousin to Gerard and Mikey Way of My Chemical Romance.

  • Video talks about garbage that people already know, joe is not funny, or that joe is a big cry baby.. or that joe is narcissistic ego maniac.. he also doesn't have a opinion he changes his opinion for the guest that hes talking with. Chameleon...

  • Garbage

  • The only untold truth in the video were the 30 million downloads, holy shit! I discovered jre back in 2014 and still didn't think he had such a huge following

  • I thought Carlos Mencia was solely responsibile for ruining reputation of Carlos Mencia

  • How is it untold if everyone knows and you found out.

  • Still give Joe my support and your attempt didn't work. Hopefully peoe research before taking this bullshit to heart. This is not who he is.

  • Useless video, absolutely no original facts or observations here... Its kinda ironic that you choose to feature Carlos Mencia, it reminds me of ummm.... oh wait, your content!!

  • This makes me like him MORE BRO!!!! btw not a homo. Not that theres anything wrong with being Gay lez or any of the others out there do you AMERICA!

  • I thought you were going to tell me something I DIDN'T know...

  • 3:47 Knew everything goddamn thing on the list, thus far.

  • Too bad Mencia is a thief. And the others are idiots...along with you or your stupid style of reporting. Your trash man.

  • this was all TOLD ON HIS PODCAST lol

  • So you're basically just reinforcing the fact that Joe Rogan is a cool MF... which we already know! I thought you were going to tell me something "untold"...

  • I knew all this stuff , except for the Westley Snipe shit. Let's smoke Joe ,fuck it ! 💨💨💨🤙

  • So ... He's basically a normal bloke then.

  • So basically he's Awesome then.

  • Joe Rogan for president !!! One of the most Genuine people on You Tube ! I got to meet Joe before I die because the dude is my Hero !! Keep on giving Joe !!

  • fact 12: he is secretly married to edwardo bravo


  • We should rename this "Reasons We Love Joe Rogan"

  • Everybody knows about his pot smoking 😩😩😩 hahaha

  • So then he's a freaking wanker!!!

  • Give me a break. Rogan is not a comedic talent, his audience are naive millennials who will laugh at anything, they are devoid of what talent is. Rogan also has that little man syndrome, acting big when he is physically small.

  • Ro gf an joenrogan Roche Hogan Joe rogan roe bogen

  • You fuckin hacks, everyone knows all of this shit

  • This video is stupid. All of this is shit he has literally said openly and also explained much better than this asshole did.


  • These are pretty common facts

  • Make some useful videos, yeah?

  • retitle to "The Told Facts of Joe Rogan"

  • Nothing new here. Shit vid riding on Rogan's back for views

  • Think there's a difference between "fought" and nearly fought. All he did was grab the guy by the back of the neck because he didn't wanna get sued for choking him. Afterwards the guy called the police claiming he hit him but Rogan didn't.

  • We know Joe is a stupid know nothing,

  • you can traon for 20 yrs but you never see the pussy in the ring once.get his ass handed to him

  • Menstealia did it to himself, He admitted it because everybody knew it and he had no choice.

  • I listed to my first JRE for the first time 2 days ago, and I knew every single so called, "Untold truths" mentioned in this vid. Waste of time ppl, just go to the source!

  • basic Wikipedia introduction of Joe Rogan would fit as title

  • This proves you can find someone to hate on anything on the internet

  • Weed isn5 a drug.

  • are you stupid or something...what is your point you fool...….fucking 3d hater

  • This guys facts aren’t straight

  • already knew all this

  • The untold truth (for anyone that has not watched or listened to one podcast) of Joe Rogan* Fixed it for you.

  • Rogans gonna smash you narrator.

  • Holy fuck.... he hosted Fear Factor...

  • A functioning doper

  • JRE's a man's man and a husband and father too. He had Dan Bilzerian on his podcast as if the latter is some sort of aspirational figure. Far from it. It only served the highlight the difference between fake as fuck and real as it gets.

  • Wesley also thought it was a funny idea to piss off Mike Tyson

  • Joe rogan didn't fight anyone on fear factor, he just controlled the situation in a calm manner. Had it escalated, it wouldn't be a fight anyway lol.

  • Well that was complete waste of time. thank fuck for adblock, or else this shit might have made .0001 cents off me hating this

  • We call him "male pattern baldness boy....

  • So many right-wing people at Flocked video to try to defend this dude when all of the information they got was from Joe Rogan... Moreover it's like they didn't even watch the video... None of this information was out to get him it was just basic extra info

  • As soon as you did the first section you lost my respect. Joe stood up for all comedians that night and gave an excellent account of all his accusations. You never mentioned any of that

  • What a Crap video, virgin on pointless, stick to flipping burgers

  • 6883 likes and 6882 dislikes. Wow..

  • He is a hard working guy but unfortunately has no charisma at all on anything he does.

  • What a waste of time. Why can't we have a video of Eric Dubay destroying Rogan in a fight? THAT would be worth watching!

  • You’re not very smart sir

  • This is the told truth Joe talks about this shit all the time he'll its half the reason we love the man

  • Joe rogan on some peds!

  • Mencia ruined his own career.

  • Carlos Mencia ruined his own career Duh Viral video He should still fight Snipes Seriously? All of this is on the podcast, dudes been a celebrity for damn near 25-30 years, cmon

  • "Here's things literally everybody knows about Joe Rogan" ....I watched it anyway

  • He loves drugs, fuck outta here with that shit.

  • Rogan at his worst.

  • He would have been better if he did not use drugs . He is a smart guy but he could have been better if he stopt smoking pod i know i have a lot of friends who smoke weed and they are diferent then before in a negative way . And the other thing about isolation i worked in prison and isolation is a horrible way of meditacion it is made as a mental torture method that was the feeling he was discribing.

  • You fogot to say hr is a masonic mason Satanist...WITH jimmie kimmel and his masters

  • Joe is one of the hottest men ever!

  • Carlos suxxxxxx!!!