The Untold Truth Of Joe Rogan

Published on Jul 28, 2017
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You might know him as a UFC commentator, a stand-up comedian, the host of Fear Factor, or the mastermind behind wildly popular Joe Rogan Experience podcast, which earns over 30 million downloads a month. But no matter how you know Joe Rogan, chances are there are still some things about him you don't know. Here's a look at the untold truth of Joe Rogan…
He destroyed Carlos Mencia | 0:18
He hosted The Man Show | 0:54
He fought a contestant on Fear Factor | 1:44
He almost fought Wesley Snipes | 2:15
He loves drugs | 2:59
He's all about sensory deprivation | 3:38
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  • What a waste of time. Why can't we have a video of Eric Dubay destroying Rogan in a fight? THAT would be worth watching!

  • You’re not very smart sir

  • This is the told truth Joe talks about this shit all the time he'll its half the reason we love the man

  • Joe rogan on some peds!

  • Mencia ruined his own career.

  • Carlos Mencia ruined his own career Duh Viral video He should still fight Snipes Seriously? All of this is on the podcast, dudes been a celebrity for damn near 25-30 years, cmon

  • "Here's things literally everybody knows about Joe Rogan" ....I watched it anyway

  • He loves drugs, fuck outta here with that shit.

  • Rogan at his worst.

  • He would have been better if he did not use drugs . He is a smart guy but he could have been better if he stopt smoking pod i know i have a lot of friends who smoke weed and they are diferent then before in a negative way . And the other thing about isolation i worked in prison and isolation is a horrible way of meditacion it is made as a mental torture method that was the feeling he was discribing.

  • You fogot to say hr is a masonic mason Satanist...WITH jimmie kimmel and his masters

  • Joe is one of the hottest men ever!

  • Carlos suxxxxxx!!!

  • Joe Rogan is a lawless and a dirty human being. There's no place for people like him in heaven unless he repent!

  • What a Lame video . It’s almost purposely lame. Snipe’s made a “wise choice “ is your conclusion on that story? Mencia is a victim? Untold truth? Maybe look those words up in the dictionary before using them next time.

  • Joe is nothing more than a kid that never grew up. He's never learned how to be a "man". Thats why he is on so many drugs, because his child like mind cannot handle things. So as to say everyone else on drugs, and drinks booze all the time. Grow up already all you whiny babies.

  • Is it just me or does it sound like Bill Burr narrating.

  • LOL 6.7 to 6.7 LMFAO Joe I like very much and you I don,t!!!,Asshole Grunge

  • Joe Rogan Reflects on the Carlos Mencia Incident

  • 6.7 K thumbs up AND 6.7 K thumbs down? WTF? An even split?!!! Joe kicks ass! Keep rockin', Joe!!

  • Only in America a drug addict would be so admired

  • I guess "untold truth" means "some trivia".

  • Everything about this video, he has talked about alot.. how is this an untold truth... kill yourself please....

  • fuck this video lmaooooo this the most hating ass shit ive seen in a minute

  • he loves drugs lmaoooooooooooo

  • mencia did steal jokes and he admitted it

  • Rogan didn't destroy Mencia. Mencia destroyed Mencia.

  • What's this bull "crap" video? damn what a waste

  • He is just hot.

  • BORINGGGGGG... Thought I was going to learn something new

  • Mind expanding.... stupid drug addict

  • He was in a tv comedy serie with andy dick

  • Most of this has been talked on his own podcast hahahaha

  • Joe rogan should run for president lol

  • Eat shit grunge cunts

  • But, these are known facts about Joe.

  • what is this videos point joe rogan is a human being experiencing life?

  • looking for footage of rogans cameraman catching menstealia watching his set couldnt find it on his .net....god i sound old im 24

  • Literally nothing I haven't already seen

  • We all know this stuff about Joe. He's the fucking man.

  • Nothing new

  • Has pointed out, yeah totally forgot about the title being called "Untold truth.." - so it totally should have been labeled "Facts about.."

  • It's crazy the thumbs-down is basically the same as the thumbs up. I mean, I gave it a thumbs-up but I think a lot of people are Downing at because the presenter might be coming across to them as anti-Rogan. Well, that's not how I took it. The video just showed how awesome Joe Rogan is.

  • Sadly what happened to Mencia won't happen to Schumer. And she's not even a good performer...

  • Does all these "drugs" regularly, and he is still sharp as a knife. So much for the old lie that it makes you slow.

  • Joe Rogan is a shaved ape.

  • So... which part is untold?

  • dull content about an interesting guy - epic fail.

  • Every single thing mentioned in the video was brought up previously by Rogan himself. Will try to remember not to watch a Grunge video again.

  • What is the point of this video?

  • Change the title. Joe is the man. A real dude that isn't afraid to experience life. The outer and the inner.

  • You mean Joe Rogan defended himself from a belligerent contestant.

  • You mean he's responsible for calling Carlos Mencia on his theft.

  • This video is absolute trash

  • Untold ??? Bitch wwwhhhhheeeeeeeeeeerrre!???

  • Australians think hes a flog.

  • This video is for people that were born 5 years ago.

  • Video depicts Joe as being a negative person. Anyone that follows Rogan and what he does knows he is about constant positivity. Garbage video.

  • That sucked.

  • I used to think he sought absolute truth no matter what, but anyone that won't even discuss how 911 was covered up disturbs me, overal, he cool.

  • Joe Rogan is a weak ass comedian

  • the "untold truths" that every JR fan already knows....

  • Joe Rogan ,Jesus Christ Loves you and can set you free from your demons. Believe the gospel repent and call upon the Lord and too anyone else who reads this..

  • lol waaack

  • People did it to themselves. .joe just pointed it out lol..smh whatever!!

  • Deadass u can learn all thia on his podcasts

  • Ummmm your so untold truth.....has been indeed told even joe himself. pls hang yourself sir.

  • Same shit we already knew,

  • Rogans stand up is fucking HORRIBLE

  • The most unfunny stand up ever.

  • You should have named this widely known facts about joe rogan

  • I knew everything from before

  • Joe is OK.

  • At least I learned a few things from this don't click on this video again

  • Mencia STEALS jokes. He had it coming. THIS viddie is fucked. Why is he being attacked? I'm not crazy about JR but this is HARDLY an expose of nefarious behavour.

  • Grow up Joe you set a bad example for young people. Weed is a waste of time and money.

  • Satanic worship is what joe likes

  • The title should be all the things everyone knows about Joe Rogan

  • Fuck this video. Jesus they have sewed everyirng

  • I like Joe Rogan, he is straightforward, tells the truth, and is funny - really funny. His JRE podcast, with a wide range of topics and guests, is BRILLIANT, the best I've seen. I keep coming back for his long-form, free-form, deep-dive into...?... you name it. Keep up the good work, Joe. -RB-

  • carlos mencia is funnier than joe

  • There...I made the dislikes even with the likes 🤣

  • You skipped archery!

  • He doesn't drop acid regularly. The acid shit is all fake. He takes mushrooms and DMT when he takes psychedelics. He has only ever microdosed LSD.

  • Weed is NOT A drug

  • 2:12 "Joe is gone kill him" 😂

  • is that hair

  • Ari from entourage !

  • He never did a PC on Acid

  • Mencia fucked his own shit up

  • Joe Rogan podcast. You made a video about a basic jre podcast. Booo

  • Grunge fucking sucks, you can make Rogan look bad.

  • Joe hogan

  • Garbage. Don't waste your time.

  • This is all bullshit whoever made this VIDEO the way you have worded your speech is muniplative towards viewiers you dont even state the full facts of the events of course he ruined the comedians carrer as he was ruining JOE ROGANS and many other victims he stole jokes from!

  • Thumbs down 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • cool guy, wish he didn't get into those stupid right wing pseudo-intellectuals.

  • Wow you really exposed him with this one LMAO! So what’s new?

  • I love it when people throw the character assassination shit and the smelly stuff backfires all over their smug, self righteous faces. Rogan has balls and skills and brains, which is more than I can say for the purveyor of this piece of watery crap.

  • I'd love to see whoever wrote the script for this on the podcast.