The Ultimate Triple-Decker Cheesecake Tower: Behind Tasty

Published on Sep 9, 2018
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  • Can like alvin and alix make something together please that’d be awesome

  • Hot damn!

  • those two cant high five for shit

  • The “high five” tho😬😂😂😂

  • Says heart, points to head

  • New episode

  • Be careful tasty, the cake mix that you guys used “ Duncan Hines “ has now been known to hold salmonella

  • Can you guys make a giant dumpling

  • this could be a thing

  • I love my layers, Brenda. - Alvin - that belogns in a play lol!


  • That girl is so annoying. especially if y all already watch scott 100 layers cake vid. u will know why

  • I think I would've used semi chocolate ganache for the filling instead lol.

  • Oooo I like the rap and da cake I wish I can eat it

  • Hahahahaha alvins Drawing

  • chocolate is already almost red velvet...they go together!

  • This video attracted many armys and blinks. Me too😅

  • Mega thic c c 🤣🤣🤣

  • You should have named him ‘THIC C C BOY O CHEEZCAKE’

  • Yummy af!

  • You should do a tasty junior with recipients kids can do

  • „Brinda“ reminds me on heyitsfeii

    • ARMYYYYYY I'm finding so many fellow armys!!! I swear, it's getting creepy Your name...😏😅

  • is it just me who paused the video to read the instructions on the refrigerator...… aah iguess it really is just me... :|

  • Okay I completely understand why he used store bought cheesecakes but I kinda wanna see him do everything from scratch

  • I love... I love that cake. I wish I had some

  • I want this to be my birthday cake!!

  • 2:14 :) wow

  • BrAlvin 😏 👌🏽

  • All of those depressing highfives made my life more depressed

  • 5:11 it should be thiiiiiiic not thic c c c

  • the sounds quality... man

  • I got to say the cake looks good however Brenda looks better I mean she is fine af

  • *THIQQ*


  • How did he make the 3 cheesecakes that's inside the cakes? He didn't show that. Can anyone tell me? X

  • RIP Bub

  • Am i the only one who ships alvin and brenda

  • Am I allowed to ask how they eat so much unhealthy foods and STILL be so skinny

  • Rie needs to make a behind tasty

  • This made me crave chocolate cake

  • The missed hi-five...

  • 2:42 AaaaaaaaaaaaAAAASSAAAAAA

  • Chocolate and red velvet are the same, red velvet is chocolate with red color

  • the failed high fives made my day I relate on another level

  • I wonder what would happen if Brenda droped the cookie cheesecake

  • Alvis needs to cut his nails asap

  • I got a tasty ad

  • He's a layer king

  • guess what's going on my restaurant's menu.

  • I'd swallow his tower anytime daddyy

  • Wait, who eats all the wasted food 😔

  • Am I the only one who spotted that HOGWARTS LOGO in 5:18? If you didn't, you're probably a muggle HAHA

  • we need more cheesecake like these... or is it just me

  • "straight from the heart" *points at head*

  • *how much sugar is in that*

  • Alvin’s IG is alvinzhoupwns if anyone wants to follow him and see all the food he has on his IG 🤤🤤🤤

  • 1) he's freaking handsome 2) does he really have a mistape? XD

  • "Perfect, straight, clean"...sounds like a conservative talking about the ideal teen, but...😂😂😂

  • Alvin and Brenda makes the funniest team ever :)

  • "..straight from the heart" *points to head*

  • alvin can like gET IT

  • These two have 0 chemistry


  • So he mixed a bunch of substandard boxed cake and premade cookie dough together and added frosting. This would have been special if it was made from scratch using Tasty's brownie, cookie, and cake recipes.

  • Hey David, I dare you do this!

  • Red velvet cake is just a cake that

  • David Seymour squad where you at? 🙋🏼

  • Whenever I'm hungry I watch their videos and it somehow makes me full, mentally

  • No high five for you!

  • Alvin is cute af, though

  • David seymour where are you

  • Can we talk how beautiful this asian men is !!! :3

  • Hate the guy's attitude


  • 2:07 when my mom asks me to clean my room

  • 2:00 (?) Bottom-left corner of paper: AYY I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERR

  • Next: 100 layer cheesecake

  • I fell inlove with Alvin.

  • oooo hi phie 🤣🤣

  • High five

  • Good job on the triple decker! 😁 looks delectable. Kudos! PS. Alvin is cute. Why is everyone in Tasty cute!? Alix (from the other episode is cute and bubbly) jeez! 😂

  • lol isn’t his job to like cook things? not used store bought?

  • Try rendang!


  • I love this friendship

  • Why did he keep looking up?

  • Alvin: -Straight from the heart *says this while pointing to his head* Me: NANI?!

  • "_chocolate doesn't go with red velvet" red velvet is literally red chocolate cake

  • I mean Brenda really likes him

  • Yeah, we in the studio, here at Tasty, Trying to pull of something Crazy, i don't know how long it's Gonna Take, But I'll Mix the icing on that cake ohhhhh 6:09😂

  • This whole video: THICCCCCCCCC

  • "I love may layers Brinda" that hade me so dead

  • My brothers name is Alvin

  • *"wHeRe'S tHe BoTtOm?"* oh i haven't heard that for a while, usually it's " Where's the top?"

  • i want alvin to marry me

  • Points at the head Then says ‘Straight from the heart’

  • i wish they dont throw away the rejects.

  • 7:30, IDK which is more impressively huge, his arms or the cake

  • I love Brenda’s accent

  • I love Brenda