The Ultimate Triple-Decker Cheesecake Tower: Behind Tasty

Published on Sep 9, 2018
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  • I don't even like cheesecake but alvin's here 😍

  • Alvin can like get it

  • this is true love

  • This dude gets rejected every time he wants a hi-5

  • #Alvin d champion 😃😃

  • Why at the end did it play (I nkow you I walked with you once apon a dream) from sleeping beauty

  • do a what tasty employees arent doing when they arent making video's video .lol

  • There are so much thing I could put here but I'll only put this one. 7:32 That's what she said

  • **they need high-fives**


  • This cake is a adventure.. :-)

  • 10 mil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I don't see any label on that red velvet cake. It should have been tossed.

  • Awkward toast two2 times or more ahahahahahahaah call pewdiepie

  • He is so cute 😍

  • Alvin and his mix tape is frickin' LIT

  • cake is like ogres they have layers

  • Drop a mixtape

  • Idk why but I ship Alvin and Brenda

  • “Needs to look straight, perfect, and clean.” So my dream guy?

  • Every time I see a tasty vid Brenda’s in it she lie a professional tasty person?? 😐😑😑😑😐😑😑😐😐😐😑😐😐

  • That was awfull using all pre made stuff took away the fun. Please never do that again

  • This video's comment section is straight trash

  • Dude Red Velvet is a type of chocolate. 😂😂😂😂😂

  • I don’t like chocolate with berries

  • It is so beautiful & creative looking. This is a good idea for when you cannot choose what dessert to eat when you have so many options, you just mix them all together & share (or not).

  • *my standards is a fancy mattress*

  • Diabetes and cholesterol had a kid called David.

  • kind of annoying how he keeps looking up all the time at the camera but cake looks good

  • Alvin is too hot, is he really straight

  • Thic c c c c c c c c c c

  • Brenda is my spirit animal

  • I need a slice of this in my mouth NOW!! lol

  • Diabetus

  • I remember watching the official videos that they made and I would be like dammmmmn how did they do it perfect the first time Suddenly I see behind the scenes and I be like rele nigga

  • A high five rejection sucks But this guy doesn't give one

  • "fhghhfhgf fancy mattress??"

  • He nailed it💓

  • Straight, Perfect, Clean, my antithesis

  • Alvin is cute 🌸😊😘

  • 7:30 "OHH ITS A HEAVY BOY BUBB WHY U GOTTA BE SO BIG" lolll i died

  • 2:14 oh no

  • im fairly certain that the reason why they didnt make everything from scratch is because it would take too long

  • Can I just marry Alvin

  • OMG, I am going to be big as a house if I ate that! Yum but no thank you hahaha

  • Chocolate vanilla and strawberry guess what flavor it would probably be

  • Alvin so cute and hot ugh

  • Did anyone else see the Hogwarts symbol at 5:16 ?!

  • *THICCC!*

  • he cute

  • This is exactly what my brother wanted me to make for his last birthday, now I know how to do it

  • this video is SO thi c c c c c

  • I just can't stand Brenda.

  • Chocolate does not go well with red velvet? You do realize red velvet has cocoa in it...right???

  • Brenda is an adorable mom. She has positive vibe, I like it. For everyone who said that Brenda is annoying...your life should be missarable you stupid!!

  • I need summa dat

  • David Seymour

  • Blueberry cheesecake 👋🏼? Hello?

  • You should try making a giant mooncake

  • Alvin is soooooo hottttt!!!!! and superbly cuteeee!!!!

  • damn is it weird seeing a pig snout on a human being lol

  • i wanna know how many times people have said “ AAAAALLVINNN “ to him

  • Who thinks Brenda and Alvin would be the cutest couple, no just me ok

  • I high-key ship them

  • its good he can bake ( in the part of the rap )

  • Hands up if your crushin on Alvin hard during this vid x

  • *Read more*

  • This looks absolutely amazing!!!!

  • That's amazing! I wish you could make such a cake for my birthday!!! Awesome :)

  • I'm crying

  • Mmmmm diabetes 😩

  • Alvin is the type of man I would bring home to my parents.

  • It’s gonna be a yes from me dawg..


  • Alvin is so yummy.

  • Alvins working out you can really see those gains 🙀👍💪🏽

  • Great cake! Great recipe...from a flavor standpoint...I wonder if a hit of acidity from a raspberry or orange might help cut through the natural thick/fattiness. Regardless...massive kudos, looks great!

  • small comment, i think that a crumb would have tasted better on the exterior of the cake. maybe just me.

  • I saw old videos about alvin and I can say it guys....Alvin has perfectionist And this is looks so damn good on him....I told you guys I did not say it directly but...Alvin looks...good ( okey I can die ashamed )


  • The two of them are not in _sync_ .

  • David Seymour

  • I wanna shove that entire cake in my mouth!😩😍

  • David Seymour, where are you? 😍😍😍

  • that rap is uncalled for but man, he good tho

  • Tasty looks like a nice work environment lmao

  • *thicccc ccc ccc*

  • #davidseymor

  • you guys need to stop hating because u know at least every cook on tasty know at least one recipe on cheesecake so they just want to display there ideas

  • It should be homemade

  • Alvin: Nice we got it *tries to get a high five* Brenda: Continues clapping

  • Bad boi bertha the blender

  • that looks like modern art

  • Chocolate doesn't go with Red Velvet? What flavour do you think Red Velvet is? This video told me so much.

  • Pre-made cheesecakes and boxed cake mix? Anyone can do that. Try harder. You have the budget, the equipment, and the skills.

  • No high fives were made that day...

  • i miss these kinds of vids. hows rie btw i miss her

  • That guy is so annoying.


    • Also if "all bakers" made stuff from boxes, then nibody would go to the bakers. They would just make it themselves

    • You've clearly never met a baker. Bakers DO make these things from scratch because they car about what they're doing

  • Can I just ask who cleans all the dishes