Published on Oct 17, 2018
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  • Knees!!!

  • It's Darwinism - survival of the fittest.

  • DO 100

  • I wanna see someone try to make a human like an actually realistic human

  • hey can anyone link this game and/or tell me if its free i doubt its free but eh

  • 0:06 "downroads"

  • fuckn cocktober

  • can someone plz send mark a video of a spider documentry XD

  • O-O okay...

  • Sorry its just that they keep showing me the shaving ad


  • How it feels to be God... I'd rather be a normal human thank you very much.

  • Elifant and giraffe

  • YES!YES!YES! 18:30

  • I was playing DOOM 2016 earlier...

  • This video is recommended to the folks with dirty minds:) if you are one of those people, like this comment.

  • 1 of the best

  • Darkipupper and darkiplier. The perfect pair! Lel

  • markiplier is my God

  • Is he DRUNK!?!?

  • Oh god the sound effects 😂😂😂



  • Spiders lay eg gs

  • What about the egg sacks?? 18:35

  • “This is a family friendly channel”, wait did I hear that right?

  • I believe the fastest runner is actually something I have named "The Meat Wheel" You just arrange as many joints as you can in the tightest concentric circle you can without the grid, or with the grid arrange 8 joints into an octagon, connect them with bone, and connect all, or at least all the opposing and adjacent bone with muscle. At first they may act really crazy, deforming and bouncing all over the place, but after a couple dozen generations, or if you're lucky after as little as one generation, the Meat Wheels will start to roll pretty fast. Ok so it isn't actually "running" but it moves horizontally faster than any other configuration i have seen

  • i knew id be preparing for tears of joy

  • Why Mark. Why. The sex sounds....

  • 25:25 that's a Stand!

  • Oh no this gives me anxiety or sumn ion like this

  • Actually, spiders rub their front arms on their genitals and collect sperm. Then they shove their front arms into what is basically a spider vagina and run away before she eats him. Hot.

  • Make proper legs

  • 👁👁 👃 👅 Help.

  • 18:55

  • Thanks markiplier for an update on sex ed.

  • lol I think Mark needs a lesson in Spider Biology

  • Hi

  • what is this thumbnail XD

  • Markiplier spiders lay eggs trust me

  • THE ULTIMATE LIFEFORM Draws shadow out of bones and joints and stuff

  • Please give me the link to this game

  • Spiders lay EGGS like a shotgun


  • “This is life“ (2:25)

  • Markiplier your number 1 go to guy for the birds and the bees for spiders

  • Yes Markiplire is now a certified spider doctor

  • Sorry chica looks like a cow

  • That legit just looked like a bunch of cows falling down a long staircase...?

  • A pipi and a v? .o.

  • It looked like the people at the end were doing stretches lol

  • Life... Finds a way...

  • Blue whale and bacteria

  • Go chica go

  • They look like matches

  • video game + beer + mark = ???

  • IM SO scared

  • I ain't a hater that you will need to stop cussing if you want this to be a kid friendly channel

  • Just play this game with the Mii theme playing in the background.


  • I tried making a cat. I broke the game. Cats are apparently perfect lifeforms.

  • The last one looks like the subnauitica crab

  • Chica broke a lot of bones today

  • dogs and ducks

  • 16:56 Chica high jump competition🐺😂

  • Look like a lot of zombies fighting

  • Markipler is my favorite wish to meet him in person

  • Steam?

  • I was laughing so hard i had to stop the video so i can breathe

  • im pretty sure this video was demonetized

  • You should have named some of them Jeffrey billy samwyze marshal

  • No spiders have egg sacks

  • I live for 21:22

  • Is it just me, or did Mark seem drunk?

  • I added a single bone and muscle to the original "A" frame design at the beginning, and now I have something that does short hops like a bunny. I added a bone from the bottom-left joint that extends 3 grid units to the right, then attached a muscle between that and the left side. :)

  • Is mark drunk?

  • Who is he talking to?

  • Educational video Bois, this is how Markimoo escapes Article 13

  • I made the worst abomination and let it go all night.

  • You know the add I got before this video was about a guy named Mark who was cheating on his girlfriend

  • bro spiders walk right away cause one time I thought it was a bunch of specks of dirt but it was spiders and I was afraid

  • Close to spider birth but not really.

  • I tried making a living wheel and they ended up tapping into the dark world and teleporting randomly

  • He is the best dad ever

  • Spiders lay egg sacks, sorry Mark no baby spiders flying out of spider vagina's.

  • Ok smart guy, explain skeletons... cant can you markimoo. 😈

  • 🍆💧💧💧

  • no nut november

  • XD

  • It looks like the head spider from the thing

  • This is mildly terrifying

  • Chicaplier

  • Best biology lesson on spiders. 10/10 would do again

  • 19:31


  • also, 20:54 Pladapuses rule marks channel... CONFIRMED

  • 20:41 SLIME VIDEOS

  • Human and cow

  • Spiders do lay eggs, but many species carry the eggs with them, which can sometimes seem like live birth when they hatch.

  • I have this game