Published on Oct 17, 2018
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  • Mark: "Looking through the internet normally leads to bizarre versions of porn" 5:24

  • what about a female crocodile and a male human, what type of baby does that produce.

  • go chica go Go GO GO

  • When a paisano sticks his spaghetti noodle into a mama mia's ravioli, a little bamboozle covered in prosciutto comes out about nine months later.

  • I’ m dead of laugh after earing « baby shotgun » And YES they lay eggs

  • 7:19 i hear DSIII music :0 cathedral of the deeeep

  • Spiders lay eggs ;)

  • We need more of this. WE NEED MORE

  • 18:58 Mark did you drink again?

  • Daddy spider nuts in sac daddy spider throws sac in mommy’s puss and babies

  • 19:16 no thay have eggs

  • Is that a jojo refrence?

  • Mark's noticing me ended up in the video xD 22:09 "Mark this is horrifying"

  • Eating while watching this was a mistake

  • *_Is nobody going to mention the terrifying thumbnail_*

  • Alligator x Monkey

  • 4:32

  • I'd really love it to make this but with a game like the first spore stage.

  • nope, they DO lay eggs, :/

  • "ihM nOt ThE wEiRdO hEr3." (Just got done describing a suprise spider facial)😂🤣

  • Tsugi Ni Omae Wa... [Either] "Is This A Jojo Reference?"/"Fuckin Weeb/Weeaboo"/"Please Stop"/[Or] "Ketto Bujokusuruna、Jojo!!!" (Your Next Line Is...) (Don't Besmirch Our Fight、Jojo!!!)

  • I actually made a working running thing, at evo. 1-3 it can run

  • Ruff day

  • So much for family friendly 6:32

  • U NEED to play more of this!!!! Pls

  • Mark please stop making me google stuff up, that i can't EVER *UN-SEE* and or *UN-LEARN* I've seen enough of this shit man! I can't do this anymore!!

  • This is like spore

  • 4:10 **megalovania plays in the background**

  • is this a jojo's reference

  • 5:03 I be flossing

  • And the "Most Child-friendly Video Award" goes to... Markiplier!

  • 7:22 what music is this? It sounds familiar...

    • Dark Souls 3, Deacons of the Deep theme

  • Am I the only one who laughed so hard at the Chica generation

  • No matter how detailed the spider is I will always be afraid of spiders

  • Spiders lay little web cocoons full of little Spidey eggs

  • I bought the merch in the description below plz pin this and like here \/

    • I'm liking mine because I never get any likes T_T

  • I thought the ultimate life form was my undying me

  • 5:19 6:20

  • markiplir.EXE

  • At 10:26 Mark threw his own doggo down the stairs.

  • Larry will give me nightmares...

  • They lay eggs

  • Spiders come out of egg SACS!!! XDDD oml lmao XDDD


  • AND FOREVER GO AWAY!!!!!!!? * Ad *

  • It's been 2 weeks, I don't know if I will survive any longer. The creatures have took over the Earth. They look hideous, just bare bones with some muscles and joints. They have a face, though. It resembles Mark's face loosely. I'm at a farm right now, so food isn't a problem. The creatures' meat doesn't taste good, but it doesn't have any toxins, so in the event of an amergency I could sustain on it for a few days. Drinking water isn't a problem either, there's a creek a few meters away from my house. The creatures attack only when you get too close, but I ain't planning to do that right now. I will continue this journal soon.

  • The Spampers' mating season.


  • 4:10 sans confirmed.

  • Thumbnail mi dude

  • Can’t tell if your joking with the whole spider thing

  • I think most of this failed cause you forgot one major thing.....KNEES

  • This episode Mark makes the spider head from The Thing

  • Your wrong about spiders mark

  • The description says "suppor the channel"

  • I’m a simple man, I see that thumbnail, I click, simple

  • 3:34 bullies at school

  • How'd you become the ultimate lifeform without a red aja Mark?

  • God does not exist

  • 25:43, his masterpiece

  • kinda like carykh

  • Mark. They lay eggs. Look it up. They have sacks of eggs.

  • 18:55 No Mark...Please just stop before- 19:02 Aaaaand there he goes...


  • That thumbnail though XD

  • spiders in fact lay eggs they are disgustingly webby and silky and if u break them premature spiders come out (MILLIONS) because matured eggs have 100 because they submerge insode eachother and thats y they grow 5millimeters

  • Anyone saw the thumbnail and thought it was Filthy Frank?

  • On the thumbnail of this video. Is that one of Darkiplier's demonic forms? Or is it like his own demon spawn?

  • *That's how life works*

  • 1:40 Still better progress than each generation of Intel Cores.

  • What I learned today...... Spiders shot out baby's like a shotgun..

  • the ultimate evolution....THE WARFSTACHE!

  • hey Markiplier I've been subscribed to your channel since like 2016 so can you give me a shout out on this live stream please and thank you

  • hold on is that a jojo reference in the title????

  • That part with the daddy and mommy spider made me apologize to my parents

  • I remember when this video was new. Btw now I don't care who overtakes pewdiepie in subscribers i just want him to be dead and overthrown! By me. :D

  • Mark please play RESIDENT Evil biohazard

  • DADDY SPIDER wink wink wink wink wink YEET *dab*

  • Platapuse lay eggs there the only mamel that does that and spiders lay eggs to. but unless I'm mistaken you were only joking around and no matter how gross it sounded it was funny nonetheless

  • You did

  • 18:56 thank me later

  • 7:07 what're you drinkin' huh?

  • 7:19 - Dark Souls 3, Deacons of the Deep theme.

  • that is one of the most sucessful human ive ever seen im not joking

  • Where can I get this game

  • Why is the game not linked in description? I guess markiplier got so inflated with his ego and position that he doesn't to give credit to whoever gets him views.

  • Tiny scoot

  • Mark i asked my teachers and they confirmed :D

  • 4:31 *MY PEOPLE NEED ME*

  • when in dought leg it out

  • Spiders do lay eggs

  • A for Anthony

  • they lay eggs and then die. Its in Charlottes Web.

  • 4:16 CONGRATULATIONS!! You just made an eldrich horror! :D we are all doomed.

  • THEYRE DOING PUSHUPS!! Great job Mark XD

  • PLEASE DO MORE!!!!!!


  • *I like being stable dad* Mark - 2018

  • This is as disturbing as that thing in "The Thing" or WORSE. I am so horrified OH my god

  • There