The Try Guys Take A Mental Health Vacation

Published on Jan 16, 2019
Everyone gets burnout, even US-tvrs. The Try Guys decide to take a break for their mental health and learn all about the importance of achieving a more fulfilling work-life balance. Will they be able to go two weeks without working?
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Kati Morton
Jay Replogle
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  • 😭😭😭

  • Is anyone else freaking out that zach's girlfriend was in a vid

  • Ned’s vacation song is BEAUTIFUL. 😂

  • Cant get enough of wes

  • Everyday is a mental health day for me...

  • Eugene is the qkueeing of functioning alcoholics. I'm so happy to have Eugene as my royal savior

  • Who else remembers her from the Shane series

  • Hello

  • They have same mental health problem as Lilly Singh

  • That outro was one of the best things that's happened to me today 💜

  • Word of the Day: FABULOSITY

  • 8:19 "so what about you, Eugene?" "*Dead silent*" " I like animal.." Lmao I'm ded 🤣 8:59 oof, big oof..

  • Eugene! I live in San Diego! Want to go to the safari park with me (and whoever else wants to come!) next Christmas? We can feed the giraffes! 😀

  • Is it just me or does Eugene say the animals names like they're pokemon

  • Congratulations #1 Trending!! 💕💕

  • Proud of you guys for prioritizing yourselves! You deserve lovely things!

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  • They need to do a whole video of Ned clips singing haha

  • That ending was incredible

  • You know it's pretty rare to see a channel with views that either almost equal their sub count almost every video. Pretty awesome achievement guys. Love you!

  • wait is Eugene queer?

  • I'm going for a walk 😂😂😂

  • Y’all be like “ohhh this is the reason why the try guys haven’t been updating for the whole 2 weeks”

  • i'm i'm i'm on vacation bitch. best dad in the galaxyyy~~

  • im frandz with a whamen named katie morton

  • Trending number 1 let’s goooo

  • at the beginning of the video you can reallly tell ned's overworked. with the clips im just like damnnn dude, take a nap, a long nap.

  • Thank god they ditched BUZZFEED!

  • Yay! love Kati Morton! She's really made a huge difference in my life, she's a good one ❤❤❤

  • can I get a ten hour loop of that I’m on vacation bitch remix

  • Please delete this video so Far From Home can be at number 1 again Thank You

  • Love the content! Especially this video in particular 😁

  • I'm so happy that Maggie is out in the open now. Her and Zach are the cutest 😍

  • The song at the end😂😂😂

  • That roast by eugene "i don't work for buzzfeed anymore I don't have to be nice" is lit

  • Eugene : " I will fucking come for you if you come for us, because I'm fucking scary" Me :ded😂😂😂

  • Eugene go pick up Frederic

  • Theyreeeeeeeeee Baaaaaack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 💖

  • Cool hair Zach

  • i've watched all of your videos and i really wanted to watch this too, but i had to turn off after seeing katie morton. i can't support a project that involves her after her dangerous, irresponsible, and potentially license violating work in the jake paul series by shane dawson where she passively misrepresented her credentials and participated in deceitful, unprofessional practices by acting as an "undercover" therapist in a way that implied she has diagnostic training (as an LCSW she does not have the qualifications to diagnose anyone with any disorder, let alone "sociopathy"). i can't with anyone who was involved with that clickbaity shitshow. hope you guys had a good vacation! really! wish i could have seen what you got up to.

  • "i dont work for buzzfeed anymore i dont have to be nice" eugene's energy is EVERYTHING

  • It's the therapist from Shane's videos!!!

  • You guys aren't even independent US-tvrs.. just stop, you're okay.

  • Oh look the Shane Dawson and Jake Paul series lady.

  • “5 mil in six months HAS been done before.” Good shit.

  • i never knew i wanted to make my own sword until this video

  • I fucking hate buzzfeed

  • Should have these in college.

  • 23 tacos for 300 pesos?! Man, I know that's kinda cheap for tourists but you guys were robbed lol

  • Kati Morton!!

  • Kati Morton!!! I love her!

  • ayyyyy its Kati!!

  • Who ever subs to me and likes this comment they will get good luck for 2019 and I'll sub back to them.

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  • To the heavy hearted ... Jesus loves you and is calling.

  • And oh my god! It's a 4-ad video. Congrats to these guys!!!

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  • Love the DAD shirt!!!

  • Wow someone put a lot of work into the master of the night animation

  • clap clap!


  • You guys are hilarious but most importantly, REAL! Congrats on the 5m subs and can’t wait to see what The Try Guys got in store for 2019!

  • When zach said this line "I don't know how we ever poop without phones" at 3:53 my poop came out of my anus.

  • My last name is Replogle! THAT IS SO COOL!

  • #yaaasGAGA

  • I want Keith to be my kids Uncle!! Talk about some of the best childhood memories ever!!!

  • Did Eugene get his eyebrows microbladed or start filling them in? They look really full


  • Oh my gosh kati mortonnnn jdbdjdb

  • I need a full length version of the last twenty seconds. thx

  • the Doctor has 666k

  • Tell me why I love Eugene even more in this video. I didn't even know it was possible to love this man even more

  • OHMYOd WeS IS so Frickin cutetetettettett

  • Oof Katis is here...

  • Why would anyone say US-tvrs don't get burned out? It's a proper job like every other job in the world. It might seem different b/c it might not be viewed as a traditional job. But the amount of editing for a single video, churning out ideas, filming and making sure it's right, etc can easily burn them out. I hope that your break was good and it actually helped!

  • why isn't anyone talking about 17:42? 😂 best dad in the galaxyyyyy

  • um I would pay real money for a full version of the lil song at the end hahaha

  • "5 mil on US-tv in 6 months never done b4" Take a look Jake Paul

  • 15:59 five mil on US-tv in 6 months never done b4

  • I can't tell if they messed with Ned's voice @ the end or that's just ... Ned's voice.

  • Is kati morton like the new youtube trend or what!!!???(^_^)

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  • I absolutely love you guys, and that you guys took a break, I am a zoo science student, training to be a zoo keeper and I just had my first real break in probibly 3 years. I love that Eugene loves the zoo, but I just had to say that, the elephant was African. 🐘😍

  • Yesss glad to be apart of the try guys family

  • địt mẹ mày

  • Fuck yeah know fuck buzz feed it sucks now the only good think about fuck feed is here :)

  • Anyone watching in 2018 😋👍

  • “I don’t work for buzzfeed anymore; I don’t have to be nice” LOL amen to that

  • Sub to me for awesome videos, gonna start posting a lot more!🔥👍💯

  • Wow, I have no idea why but my brain registered the places as Texico, Mexas, and Lulufornia.

  • Glad y'all finally took some time off. Thank you for working so hard for our entertainment, but remember to treat yo'selves!!!


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  • The try gays try skydiving... without a parachute.

  • I took a break on video games for a month and I feel happier