The Try Guys' Surprise Office Makeover

Published on Oct 6, 2018
The guys have been working out of Ned and Ariel's old house since they left Buzzfeed, but it felt like an incomplete dorm room. Watch Ariel lead the guys though a DIY makeover and transform the space from drab to fab!
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Interior Designer Ariel Fulmer,
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  • Try Guys, you make me so happy. You truly bring joy to my life💖

  • Why isn't anybody talking about Zach's awesome Jonas Brothers shirt?? LIKE GO ZACH GET IT BOI

  • okay but how does Eugene look good in jorts???

  • Ned: Your roller is a lot bigger than mine Ariel: I don’t have to compensate for something DEAD

  • Ned-`I've never focused on anything so hard in my life' 'you have a child.....'

  • Ned is trying not to electrocute himself, Keith is drawing like a child, Zach is drawing portraits of Keith and Eugene is being an extraordinary interior designer. Ariel had her hands full 😂 it looks great guys! 💙

  • La la la la la loveeee try guys

  • why’d it keep getting cut to squirrels

  • I’m so happy for you guys 😭

  • Lol keith and zack did nothing. What the fuck is that thing. So embarassing.

  • No one has a photo but they have the fossils and bones

  • Ariel is just so lovely, I like her so mucccch

  • ned and ariel are really a perfect couple..

  • Can u guys start night in vs Night out on this channel....

  • Wow. I gotta say, Ariel is a reaaally good at her job 👌

  • Zach in a Jonas Brothers t-shirt 👌👌

  • Love the beard on Ned. It's a keeper.

  • Like, how do I support these guys and make sure that my pointless view and subscription ensures they get income cause I want them all to be unnecessarily rich

  • Ariel is so good........ Ned loving her so much is the most valid goddamn thing in this world

  • Ariel is just awesome!

  • What is with the squirrels??

  • I was looking for a baby bump then I remembered the baby's out already

  • I love zacks Jonas brothers shirt

  • "Ok. Cool cool... Cool cool cool" Ned are u a fan of B99?

  • But imagine if people did start decorating their homes with just dozens of pictures of Keith framed on the walls.

  • I'm also Ned's wife NOOOoooooo Waaayyy


  • wait they don't work at buzzfeed anymore? omggg i just realized!!!

  • Eugene’s pink underwear That’s it

  • peep zach's jonas brother shirt


  • 3:26 *Wow, me.*

  • I might've knocked down a wall, just to make the space more open for shooting but I don't really know what the space is like without ever have been there, but damn it looks a lot better

  • Mazel Tov

  • *With Eugene* "It looks really good!" *Switches to Ned* "How does this look?!" Lmao

  • 7:16 does anyone know who that is?

  • Give 👏🏻 Ariel 👏🏻 Her 👏🏻 Own 👏🏻 Series 👏🏻


  • “I wore jorts for you”


  • I love how this came out, but why didn't they just use wall decals for the lettering & triceratops?

  • Can we please just all take a minute to appreciate the old school Jonas Brothers tshirt Zach is wearing? That's a man after my own heart

  • Zach is wearing a Jonas brothers shirt 😂

  • I loved this video Ariel is so talented my goodness

  • Ariel needs her own hgtv show!!! This looks so good!!!

  • 6 months... oh honey

  • Can Eugene and Ariel remodel my house plz

  • 3:16 Eugene being bashful about what he gets to do then Ariel imitating him FUCK that's cute

  • Anyone else notice a punk playing in the background? Vampire Weekend is zach's fav band.

  • Ariel is an angel

  • Where is Wes?!😳but he so cute😍

  • Mazel Tov?

  • Ariels outfit during the reveal was on point.

  • Lol absolutely love it and I love how Ariel knows them all so well and knows what they all are capable to do when it comes to making things and there artistic ability.

  • Ariel needs to be in more videos! She has a nice talking voice lol and a great personality!

  • i finally get it. a try-ceratops

  • So did they quit buzzfeed?

  • I absolutely adore Ariel

  • This is a bit too Mr. Kate, and I kinda hoped it was actually Mr. Kate doing this renovation

  • Keith is literally Gina from Brooklyn 99.

  • If Comedy Central fails we still have these guys.

  • Ned is so family friendly, while Ariel swears and makes dirty jokes.

  • Ariel, please come do my home! All that for less than $3,500 is AMAZING! You rule. :)

  • "OOOOOOOHHHH.... MISTAKE!" HAHA, cracked me up.

  • Is there any merch available?

  • I didn’t even know they left buzzfeed, no wonder their stuff is way better hahahah

  • I love the random squirrel breaks haha!! 😂

  • the walls are really great!

  • They should have waaay more subs than what they have now!!

  • Ariel called Zack and Keith nerds and I'm still laughing.

  • I only now realised that Zach is wearing a Jonas Brothers t-shirt

  • I swear Eugene slowly rolling the roller thingy on the other’s backs and then just looking into the camera like he’s in the office and saying “mazel tov” was the fucking best😂 my obnoxious Jewish attitude is satisfied👍🏼

  • zach is best boi dont @ me

  • Mr. Kate is shook!

  • mazel tov.

  • *MAZEL TOV!*

  • 10:34 Keith’ s motto 💙💙

  • can _i_ hire ariel holy shit

  • Cant we just take a moment to notice how freaking great Ariel looks! Girl you just had a baby!!!! Love this channel!

  • Also, I want Keith's T-shirt

  • Zach is wearing a Jonas Brothers' T-shirt omg 😍

  • Arial's SASS!!!!

  • Ariel, I know you wont do it for obvious reasons but..would you marry me?

  • Zach's Jonas Brothers shirt LMAO I stan

  • Why do I kind of live for Eugene saying Mazel Tof?

  • that neon sign is so sad

  • Wow! Love it you guys!

  • I love how Ariel is just no it not pink or purple in there at all and he is no no no it is there trust me

  • Try guy game time!!😁😁😁

  • im so sad they never turned on the neon sign i was waiting

  • Keith and Zach: “You guys are going to take hours.” Eugene: “I trust you, you’re gonna do great!” Ariel knows what’s up

  • Ela se parece com aquela mulher que dirige uns carrões

  • mazel tov

  • 7:40 literally me every day

  • Every one should have a Keith poster in their room. I'm thinking about it..... Maybe him and his impersonators from the prank episode? All of the Keith's together in one poster.... I love it already.

  • Like when my husband and I finally get our own house can like Ariel help us? Cause uh my husband and I will clash on what to do with our home...


  • I wanna know who spent the day with that cute squirrel? And are you looking for another squirrel person?

  • Ned is so heterosexual.

  • Ned trying to figure out what he's done wrong with the lights is actually the greatest scene ever