The Try Guys 400 Dumpling Mukbang ft. Strictly Dumpling

Published on Feb 6, 2019
Will the guys be able to make it through 400 piping hot soup dumplings? Don't try this at home!
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  • I would eat all 400 in like like 5 minutes. I love dumplings

  • I am soooooooo hungry now..

  • first world problems

  • I'm Chinese I wish I can eat 400 dumplings :C

  •’s the point?

  • I thought Keith would be the one to eat the most dumplings, BOY WAS I WRONG

  • I love how Zach was so chill about this

  • Omg, 8-10 is my usual meal.

  • Am Chinese:3

  • I want dumplings now

  • Eugene should go against his father

  • I know what I'm having for lunch today

  • Whoa to be Asian.... Lol I feel like dumplings now

  • 12:15 anyone else think Ned sounded like banner?

  • 12:15 anyone else think ned sounded like banner from the avengers?

  • 12:15 anyone else think he’d sounded like banner from the avengers?

  • 374 + 11 =385. 4 + 1 =5. 70 + 10 =80. 80 + 5 =85. 300 + 85 = 385.

  • THE IRONY. I got an against hunger ad before this video started..

  • What is Ned doing at 8:30 😂😂😂

  • Zack was chilling at 25 while Eugene was dying at 100

  • po would be proud

  • Wait, Eugene is Korean?

  • They have to eat 80 dumplings each lol

  • Ned will go into a food coma 😂😂😂

  • Keith: wow Eugene u really are a god

  • I actually ordered dumplings just to watch this....and 100 of I the only one who did that or what!?

  • Zach is so attractive >:(

  • Eugene reminds me of Magnus Bane from Shadowhunters

  • Never had dumplings

  • sometimes im eugene, sometimes im zack

  • Strictly Dumpling bitch u left 2 dumpling.


  • You guys are not making videos fassssst enough!!!! We need moreeeeeeeeeeee!

  • I love eating these dumplings

  • Zach looks so good in a hit, just wished it was pulled down a little

  • I can barely finish a plate of teriyaki chicken and white rice at a Japanese restaurant and they can eat this many dumplings wtf.

  • i could take 100 dumplings no sweat................. i mean if they were hot i would sweat but u get the idea

  • Only a true legend like *jackie* can win this challenge

  • They need to try ice cream mochi

  • Strictly Dumplings! Your channel is the best!

  • So no ones gonna talk about 3:52 when he leaves two dumplings in the basket?

  • You guys should try to make dumplings with-out a recipe.

  • Keth looks like the dad from coraline

  • Love Try Guys & love me some Mikey Chan!

  • the whole concept of this video: *pick your player*

  • Hey it’s impractical jokers

  • An nyoung !im korean to

  • 17:23 Mike: how dare you eat so much dumplings!! Eugene: YoU aRe GoInG tO bE sO fAt

  • 10:04 Eugene dying Ned drumming on the table with the chopsticks 🥢

  • More like thanksgiving x China 🇨🇳

  • Zach is mee

  • How do I get someone to order me 400 dumplings 😭

  • I love your videos so much! I wish you guys the best life ever! You guys bring me such joy. Love you guys! You guys are so fun and I wish that I find friends that are as close to me as you guys are to each other. You bring me so much joy! Love you guys!

  • This made me crave dumplings but now watching them eat it, I feel sick to the stomach....🤕

  • Matt Stonie didn’t set the record the guy next to him set the record


  • More food chalenges

  • Fuck off, Eugene, you don't have to be so perfect. Attractive, fit, multilingual, good hair, eats a lot of dumplings... What a terrible person.

  • Oh, you’re done with your dumplings? Congrats! *You Get even moRe DuMpLinGsSs!! :D*

  • this aint a challenge, this is lunch smh

  • *TRUE ASIANS WOULD EAT 100 DUMPLINGS* i think i can do that? but like my mom is gonna be like, "U ate too much and now ur fat"

  • 8:31 Ned is such a mood 😂 Relatable

  • this is one intense version of Man V. Food

  • Is that the beyond science guy?

  • Ive never tried dumplings i wanna try them so bad

  • What did they put in those dumplings lmaooo

  • I want ddumplingsss

  • God I would vomit 💀

  • 18 folds isn’t a part of the golden ratio

  • I just wanna eat meat bun and sweet bun


  • Mike Chen from strictly come dumpling

  • Did you say that he can handle it just because he is asian? Keith sure is a racist.

  • I mean, I love dumplings, but now... now i just want dumplings more than i did five minutes ago...


  • It was actually 374

  • You guys should name your channel the try hard guys

  • Eugene is just the MVP

  • Noo it's literally medically ill advised zacky! :/

  • I would have nailed this challenge!!😂😂😂

  • I need gyoza so much now

  • Eugene was on Brooklyn 99

  • “I do the Asian thing where I just swallow it and my esophagus burns” -Eugene 2019

  • Anyone else notice that there were still 2 dumplings left in Mike's first basket @ 3:51? Cheaters! DEDUCT 2 DUMPLINGS FROM THE FINAL, MATT STONIE WINS!


  • xiaolongbao!!

  • I’ve never had a soup dumpling


  • At 0:16 I saw you peeking you can’t hide anything from me Keith (4:

  • 6:16 f i f t y d u m p l e e n g

  • 3:52 mike missed two dumplings 🤭

  • I LOVE that Mike was in this episode 😂💚😍

  • 3:45 that's the most unrelatable thing I've ever heard

  • Matt stonie actually ate 377 dumplings and lost to an other guy who ate 384 :))

  • You know you go somewhere a lot when they zoom in on the bao and you recognise the chopsticks.

  • I couldn't help but laugh when he said "It's like Thanksgiving but times 20"

  • you would have to be really hungover or hungry to do this

  • i can barely eat 3 dumplings in the time that eugene can eat 50

  • "We' re like dude perfect but we eat a lot of food" Dude food

  • The best part of this video was the chick falling at 8:16. That was hilarious!!!🤣😂😂🤣😂