The Treacherous Treasure Hunt of Forrest Fenn

Published on Sep 7, 2018
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  • We're shooting our post mortem episode Monday, so make sure to leave your questions down below!

  • imagine him saying ‘it was just a prank’

  • The blaze is the waterfall. Its white. The load is the riverthat's coming outt of the blaze

  • Lol "what kind of fuckin game are you playin..."

  • Before he dies I want this dude (Forrest Fenn) to uncover where the treasure is

  • am i the only one that thought the blaze would be the sun? it appears white in the sky too

  • These guys should pull a try guys

  • Fenn visited the treassure around 2017, and as an old man, I'd say the tressure must be a place accessible to him...

  • I think spending a few weeks searching the rocky mountains for treasure would be a really sweet honeymoon

  • I am so provoked by the fact that you said you may have found the treasure and not told us 😭also when he said blaze I imagined the site of a forest fire or more likely a lightning strike. In that case, finding the treasure needs to happen VERY soon before the obvious evidence of this is gone. Also it doesn’t seem like you made sure you were at the right altitude and that you were at least so many miles north of wherever that was

  • This was like Finding Bigfoot.. you never find it.

  • Damn, Shane! 😅

  • I bet an arm and a leg that the box was behind that square rock

  • l think l know exactly where it is. After months of research l finally know where it could be.

  • Well he buried it 8 years ago. There could be a possibility that the private property wasn’t private at the time he buried it. I do believe that it’s near Moreno Creek

  • Why not just use a metal detector

  • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So intents

  • imagine someone has already found it and didn't tell anyone just covered up the dirt

  • Metal detector

  • "With all due respect. What kinda fuxkin game are you playin??" lol Shane is amazing

  • If there’s a forest fire you could probably find the box easier among the ashes right?

  • Its behind a waterfall, just in a different location.

  • Maybe the box is gonna get cover up due to the weather and terrain,

  • Why did Shane look like my national park uncle

  • I'm laughing cus the whole "research montage" looks so fake, and it's hilarious.

  • turns out there’s no treasure

  • *maybe the real treasure all along, was the friendships we made along the way*

  • ryan, you need to try out asmr.

  • Do a Alcatraz story with a fan

  • “oh we're still rolling?” lmao these guys

  • Hell of a way to sell a book

  • I am the only one who is thinking that they have found it.. remember that sqaure rock but they didn't focus on tht..and last they also gave us hint...

  • Jesus Christ we have the real life version of Gold Roger and his treasure that he left in “One Piece”

  • what if they had to stand at the top of the water fall and look down then when you did you saw the treasure under the water in the rocks

  • yall do realize the treasure might be knolegde and peace and beauty

  • surely white blaze is a waterfall meaning the treasure would be behind one

  • That mannequin thing scares me every time

  • metal detector

  • The museum is still open! The address is 1074 Paseo De Peralta, Santa Fe, NM.

  • Ita under thr crestel

  • Y’all what if this dude never hid treasure but made this story up to make people get out of the house 🤣

  • can yall find my mom, shes been gone for 14 years, she went out for milk.

  • I don't think it exists. Since he was a lover of the outdoors, he was using it to get people outside in nature.

  • I think Ryan's losing his mind over this lol

  • just call Nicolas Cage

  • I choose to believe that they found the treasure

  • what if too far to walk means mabey you should take a boat? idk

  • I’ve never been so invested in something before and I’m legitimately so upset they didn’t find the treasure even though they obviously wouldn’t publish it online. Heck.

  • I just want whoever finds the treasure to say that they did. Say it anonymously, but say it. Just so the mystery is solved.

  • cure for cancer

  • I’ve thought somewhere in the phillmont New Mexico scouting ranch

  • You guys should try hunting for the Forrest Fenn Treasure again! I found some hints from the internet! Somewhere in the Rockies, in the roughly 1,000 miles between Santa Fe, New Mexico, and the Canadian border, may be the treasure! What I did while watching this video, i just searched up "Where is Forrest Fenn Treasure" I clicked on the very top website and it came up with some good results! I hope this helps!

  • If you haven't yet. It would be so awesome by you guys.... Not True Crime but a Mystery (like this episode) Suggestion: Who really was Shakespeare?

  • Ok just real quick did anyone else consider that the blaze might have something to do with fire(like a wildfire or something like that) bc u know forests?

  • Real life James Halliday?

  • Damn BuzzFeed makes you fly Southwest

  • I liked the Vox video more about it because they talked to hunters and it was a multi day hunt but that just me


  • Maybe he did all this just so that the new generation gets the chance to hike and see all the things he got to see as a young person 🤔

  • Little did they know the square rock was the treasure

  • Wow that square rock was sad

  • why not the grand canyon?

  • I think they should go out again and see if there’s more info they discover and just give it another try, but try for a longer time❤️

  • My theory pertaining to Fenn’s statement of “I walked less than three miles” is actually a huge hint, Horowitz up in the country my brother and I use to go hiking a bunch, and one time we got a little ballsy and walked pretty far for our little feet, and realized that “oh crap now we have to walk back” so we walked a good 3 miles and then turned and walked another three miles back to the house, equalling 6 miles, so I think this hint is that in total you should only walk less than three miles, so that could mean the treasure is only within a 1.5 mile radius of where you started your hike, and that theory is further proven by the fact that an 80 year old man did it, I’m 20 years old and in fairly good shape, and I’ve hiked more than 3 miles before and it’s not for the faint of heart, which could also follow up the clue of “not for the meek” meaning that in that 3 mile round trip you’ll encounter some uneven and potentially treacherous hike within that 1.5 mile radius. So I’d say it’d be hidden with a 1.5 mile radius from where warm water halt with the home of brown to the left and possibly downstream going down the canyon. That’s just my two cents

  • I don't even care if anyone finds this treasure or not, its just a great story!

  • A blaze could also mean according to google 'a mark made on a tree by cutting the bark so as to mark a route'

  • A blaze could also mean according to google 'a mark made on a tree by cutting the bark so as to mark a route'

  • Could u guys invesigate the Art Bell area 51 phone call from 93? Pls thx

  • The only treasure they will find is these hilarious comments

  • I think it is in a underground river in a cave

  • blaze also means a mark on the bark of a tree

  • Ryan and Shane: we’re going to go on a possibly deadly hunt for million dollar treasure in the Rocky Mountains Buzzfeed: oh ok


  • what if a random hiker who didn't know about the box had accidentely found it, and just ended up keeping it because $$$

  • Owen and Indiana Jones 😂I love it

  • maybe the hidden place is near a river and closed by rock's, he says wet that means he crossed a river that is, but... what if the treasure hunt was just a big fat fake? and he just want many people to be like him or the treasure already taken and keeping it silent? I DONT KNOW WTF AM I DOING BUT IM AN IDIOT 😥😥😥

  • Unsolved mysteries and adventures, sprinkled with comedic wit and two supa sexy guys. My new favorite show. Im over here bing watching Ryan and Shane.

  • Imagine if fenn never planted the treasure and whole world is just wasting time

  • Forrest was FIBbing! @t I prove the mathematical blueprint of his 24 line poem. You can't argue with math. It's there.

  • Good stuff

  • i want a part two of this-i want the bois to try again!!!

  • Can you find me goldfish😂😂😂

  • The “blaze” sounds like sunlight.

  • What if they really did find it? Hiding in plain sight, huh fellas?!?!? It's all a ruse 😂😂

  • Bring a metal detector

  • you guys have to go back to that spot! i think you should have been looking for slashes or paint marks in the trees for the blaze! because the clues said to look down after the blaze, which means the blaze was likely on a tree, and the treasure would have been at the foot of the tree,

  • supposedly the order of the clues may be mixed up. that is, you may not necessarily follow them in the order they appear in the poem

  • YES finally Albuquerque is mentioned in a yt video I live in Albuquerque

  • Out of curiosity...'the blaze" could refer to the colour the water turns into when it's going down in the waterfall. Maybe it's by the waterfall??

  • i want them to do another hunt using all the tips and clues that this comment section has provided

  • the treasure isn't real brother. i'm pretty sure he did this to introduce people to nature and get them to love nature like he did.

  • Shane and Ryan should definitely do more of these awesome treasure hunts! Like make going to pan for gold somewhere, or look for the entrance of some hidden tomb. Cool adventure stuff like that would be awesome!!

  • I was unaware that I needed to see Ryan dressed as Indian jones but, Thank you🙏😍

  • This poor girl's disappearance has been unsolved. Please help the family find out what happened to her. Or, at least bring attention back to the case. Thanks!

  • Do you think he meant blaze as in the sun?

  • Is that just a really yellow leaf they find on that square rock? It looks abnormal, kind of like........ THE EDGE OF AN ORNATE BOX MAYBE?

  • Thing is, Brown was capitalized at the end of a line in the poem, seeming to not be used as a word for a color or as an adjective but as a name of some kind.

  • The blaze might refer to a burnt tree? Like from a forest fire 🔥

  • You should do a video about Hitllers death because some have said to me that his body was never found

  • Maybe it was UNDER the very square rock?