The Time Steph Curry Talked TRASH To Kobe Bryant & FAILED!!

Published on Jan 16, 2017
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  • What's up guys. Here's your daily reminder that GSW blew a... nah I'm just playing but I hope you enjoyed the video. Be sure to Subscribe if you're new and let's aim for 3K likes. That would be amazing! :) I'm actually in Thailand right now so if you want to watch my Day 1 Vlog you can check it out here: Thanks, #NICKSMITHNATION

  • KOBE The best trashtalker

  • Holy Mamba, thanks for the video dude!

  • This video should legit be 3 minutes. Some of us have stuff to do!

  • Kobe look like tupac

  • who has the best handles kyrie or curry or iverson

  • Man, dont fucking act like you talk like a british man. You are american

  • Wasting everyone's time to hit that 10 minute mark. Get to the point.

  • this dude money hungry as fuck

  • the greatest trash talker players "dota players" lol

  • Larry bird

  • stephen cary

  • Nah, you just thought you'd use those two names for the easy views. Its cool though.

  • This was the worst video that doesn't match the title at all. You talked about the Steph Curry trash talking for less than two minutes. The rest of the time you were sucking on Kobe's nuts giving him praise. In fact, change the title to "Sucking on Kobe's Nuts as I Give Him Praise."

  • Stephen kyrie?

  • I still miss Kobe.

  • Kobe is no God Jesus Christ is the one and only true God watch what you say about the creator Praise be to our lord.

  • Sick rapist the manna money got him out of that one.

  • As I recall the piston trashed Kobe and shag

  • Are you there yet

  • Kobe was also a rapist sick.

  • Stephen Carry? :/

  • Steph wasn't scared he was intimidated

  • Kobe is a beast!!!

  • Great video, bro!

  • Shut tfu and play the video

  • Kobe's a bitch and Robert hory got 7 ships.. suck a dick!!

  • Fuck Kobe

  • Curry is LeBron's bitch!! Curry knew that if he didn't get Durant he would never win another ring!! Shows how dominant LeBron is that they need 4 all stars to defeat him!!

  • Stupid Video. No video coverage. Just a waste of my time.

  • Well kobe was lucky because curry wasnt curry before in his rookie year

  • Gary Payton

  • You should be stoned for making this stupid drawn out useless video

  • Make a story about how Childs punch him for trash talking 😁

  • Kobe Is good but he is kinda a jerk

  • I thought Kevin Garnett was the biggest trash talker

  • *Reminds me of Gold D. Roger and Monkey D. Luffy*

  • Kobe stole everything from MJ. That's why he nobody has him in their top 5 greatest players because he is just a lesser copy of MJ.

  • Never new that story man thx for telling it

  • Curry didn’t trash talk him curry respect him bro

  • My favorite game: Kobe Bryant talked trash about the new NBA player, Jeremy Lin, and said, "Who is that? I don't know him." Jeremy Lin SHUT HIM DOWN. XD

  • The only person I seen back it up was Kyrie he single handedly smoked the entire team USA in every practice .

  • god I miss Kobe

  • Christ Charles couldn't be intimidated,

  • Hi Everyone

  • You kan always see MJ really loved kobe

  • Koby was a great copy of MJ but never the original

  • This could've been a 5 min video...

  • Kobe is more good player than curry fuck gsw

  • did you know the Indian basketball team love goat curry

  • This British moron has no clue how to tell a story. Shut it off around half way.

  • oh boy this is that video

  • It's the chipmunk look

  • Didn't know about that you are a,great sho really in forming entertaining

  • kobe is such an asshole

  • "i know that had nothing to do with the actual story" kinda like 98% of the video? trash.

  • sounds like some aerochord in the background.... make the ground shake~!!

  • Good lord what a boring video

  • You should talk a lot less.

  • i think that was smart to say that to kobe. i think it would decrese his free thow percentage a tiny bit by being a bit of a distraction. a quiet rookie suddenly talking.

  • Kobe death stared lol

  • A fuckin WASTE!!!!!!

  • Kobe is and was a beast

  • Subscribe to my channel please 🙏🏾

  • You can't mention trash talking without mentioning Larry Bird lol.... Greatest trash talker to ever play the game.

  • Could of had six but he was a little baby brat 2003 Finals..

  • Can’t watch B-ball without Kobe! LeBron James has big shoes to fill in LA!

  • A lotta redundant narration going on here...

  • Jst shut up Nick u dont know shit

  • Jesus Christ, learn how to write a script and have someone competent proofread it. Even if you were just trying to hit the 10 min mark, you didn't have to be redundant as fuck.


  • Gary Payton?

  • 3 minutes of this video is all you really need.. the guy just says the same thing over and over again

  • Stop trying to bait your video to stretch it out.

  • I had no idea Kobe was a trash talker

  • Dude you really tryna stretch these vids out huh lmao

  • Get yo hands off me *wink*

  • curry is just a kid

  • I love Curry's nerve! and watching him play - baby Kobe. If he gets some of those balletic Kobe moves he will be Kobe 2.0.

  • Bryant's a piece of shit and always has been.

  • You sound like a gay Steve Irwin

  • Love this video love the work put in nice job

  • Kobe is the greatest!!

  • Kobe Bryant = BBHAT Can anyone guess that?

  • When kobe and MJ gave that look i had this chill down my spine.

  • Slapped curry in the ass Not in the gay way ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Kobe copied everything mike did. An that look your talking about is a apex character trait also a egotistical borderline psychological serial killer lol a bit far yes but all the same.

  • Anybody old enough to remember Dennis Rodman. Known for talking people out of there game.

  • Kobe schooled curry all day long. The rookie getting a lesson from the master.

  • kobrick is nowhere to find now

  • I enjoyed. Thanks Nick

  • So fuckin repetitive, had to get this vid to ten minutes huh?

  • I trash talk on cod, I must get it from jordan??

  • Damn is all you do is repeat yourself..

  • 90% of this video was unneccessary

  • Curry wasn’t a rookie in 2010

  • The last time kobe trashed talk MJ was changing his number to 24 to say I'm 1 better then you. Just my theory btw.


  • First time I heard this story....I love it!!!! Thanks!!!

  • The story was weeeek! Click bait?