The Secret World of Jeffree Star

Published on Aug 1, 2018
Me & Jeffree’s Video on his channel
Jeffree’s Makeup
Jeffree’s New Thirsty palette
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  • The cutest laugh at 24:52

  • Could not stop laughing I love Shane Dawson I could not imagine life without his videos. 🤣🤣

  • *i’m sh00k asf with Jeffrey Star’s 10 unspoken businesses 😱😱😱😱 speechless tbh*

  • WTF why am i so LATE to this series??????

  • Rich but ugly af

  • I lowkey want shane to do a makeup line

  • I feel like the bf isn't rly gay tho

  • shane has really made a breakthrough in this video series. Everybody trusts Shane. He's a neutral, wise, good person that everyone can relate to. His enthusiasm for the tour of the house is so awesome and makes you feel like you're there. Shane has worked for so much in his life! I'm so happy that he can bring this priceless content to viewers and change people's lives and make a living off of it


  • Love this LOL

  • this video is just soo interesting! (and hella well edited)

  • @shane you should do a 3 part series about finding morgan love ❤️ Part 1: making the account Part 2: talking to matches/picking 20 of them Part 3: interviewing and eliminating them and the finding LOVE 💕

    • • Birdycole04 • no one gives a shit lol dumb idea


  • This is like my 5th time rewatching this series Lol!!!

  • This video is so SUPER INTERESTING I’m so excited 3mins into it!!! 😃😃😃

  • Im Madison so hi

  • 18:50 I'm only here for this

  • Faget

  • i have those oreoss

  • How is Shane not crying in the secret closet? I am!!! It is soooo beautiful!!! ❤😭❤👠👜👗💄👝💎

  • Redbull for breakfast

  • Jeffrey star is amazing one thing I wish is that to meat him and learn things with him like the make-up and some other things that's the one thing that I do wish though but I don't think that would ever happens from some like me meating a solaberty and learn things from them and be there true friend then a fack one but I do wish it though but that wish prablably never going to happen though but if it dose I would be in shock and happy but Jeffrey star he is amazing I would like to meat him, be his friend and learn how to do make-up with him in pursen even though I never did make-up at all ecapt a few times and I was not good at all I admit that and I've been watching Jeffrey star US-tv video and I did follow him to learn from him on US-tv but half the stuff I don't even have it's really bad for someone like me so I do wish that me and him could be friends and him showing me how to do make-up in pursen but I don't think that would ever happens

    • It’s “ meet “ not “ meat “ your hungry 😂

  • What ever happened to shanna

  • "What am i" God "A QUEER"

  • 0:41 song?

  • If the house is on fire grab the Himalayan

  • When Jeffree said Madison (because he was introducing the assistants) I died because my name is Madison

  • tlc, we never heard of her.


  • Jeffree has an obsession with Sloths?... ME TOO!! I HAVE 4 SLOTH PLUSHIESS AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

  • That diamond had thing is worth my mom's paycheck

  • I love every time Andrew zooms in on the dogs😂😂

  • awww the way natter looks at him

  • also nates fucking hot

  • how tf is he 57

  • ^.^ Can't wait to know more about Jeffree Star

  • Had a bad today... but this made me laugh so much...So cool to watch

  • In famous and iconic words "I am dead" - Basic

  • i think i broke my laundry basket from too much excitement from this video. i’m surprised jeffree said they don’t have much friends when they seem like such cool, chill, genuine people to be around.

  • I found something amazing in the store today...BACON FLAVORED RANCH


  • Wow

  • Welcome to my crib

  • Shane has to be one of the only youtubers who gets as many views as he has followers!! Wtf!

  • Shanes smile is everything 😂😂😂

  • i’m really watching & enjoying this shit like it’s a movie .

  • i love that jeffree is filthy fucking rich and still has like, mismatched plastic hangers in his closet like the rest of us garbage humans

  • “what if he has some kind of drug business” “i invested in a marijuana business”

  • I’m dying for this collaboration both of the together are honestly such a good duo


  • Wow we love a movie

  • I love Shane’s laugh 😂

  • doesnt Kathy live near the Kardashians

  • Jelena Karleusa is Jaffree as woman

  • "nate i found plans for us later" AHHHAHAHAH

  • Not as big as jake paul

    • hmmm I totally agree


  • *"you have a m o u n t a i n ?"*

  • Jeffery and nathans relationship is SO CUTE im crying i wish

  • I can’t believe this vid amazing..i love andrews laughs and shane’s laugh on how jeffree is rich😂😂💕👍

  • Shane: Why does it taste richer in your house? Jeffree It’s probably the air 🤣

  • I’m gonna make a petition for Shane to have a Netflix series. Who’s with me

  • "I am going to be switching lives with jeffree star... who i am terrified of." honestly me too shane

  • but but but googling Jeffree Stars net worth says only 5 million

  • bitch has a mountain i'm fucking done

  • I loveeeeeeeeeee it


  • Lmao I love Andrew’s laugh 😂😂

  • shook! Subscribe him❤️

  • You don't question the illuminati SHANE!!

  • I think she’s richer than the kardashians

  • Wait omg I watched this again and I’m legit thinking now how did he/she get so much money he’s a US-tv and I’m surprised he owns a drug like idk “ store “

  • "Girl this Is just play money " (gunshot) lol followed by a long snort lol

  • 22:25 "Never had alcahol" why is there like 5 jack daniel bottles in the fridge?😂🤔🤫

  • Please :(💗

  • Do more conspiracy theories

  • But that like to dislike ratio though....

  • 2:37 - what song is this?


  • I'm late, but honestly I love Jeffery, and now watching this made me love him even more. And a Michigan girl myself it gives me hope! Work baby!!!!!❤❤❤❤


  • Your a famous US-tvr but you always wear the same clothes

    • Olivia Holden he does that because he is being himself

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  • The nonstop background giggles hahahahahaha

  • Keeping up with Shane Dawson YAAAHHHSSS

  • what's funny is that they almost have the same net worth

  • Re-watcing for the 3rd time!! I wish I could LIKE this 30,000 more times!!!

  • 29:09 - 29:16 is the best joke 🤣🤣🤣 GET OUT! Go to your bathroom!

  • Omg that she is a he get the fuck out of here

  • 😘😘🤣👌🏻👍🏻😍loves this series thanks Shane & Jeffrey wish I was there to join in the fun & get my make over. Keep being you Jeffrey! You’ve worked too hard to get where you are! Kudos!!kudos!!

  • ugh i love them so much 💗

  • The size of my house is his bathroom 😂

  • I saw 3 bottles of jack in her left fridge

  • Jefree talks about marijuana bussiness, how? It is not legal right or do I don't know fgbhsdgfhd

  • Wow 16mill

  • Jeffrey is really sweet and nice!!

  • Jeffree: i don’t cook all I know how to make is pop-tarts... Why is that literally me 😂😂

  • the 7 million dollar closet is how much my city is worth!🙊

  • When u buy something expensive,leave the price tag on so people know I rich😂😂😂😂

  • I bet when they left he,he threw away everything they touched and sanitized the house😂😂😂😂😂

  • I love the delicious entrance😂❤️