The Secret World of Jeffree Star

Published on Aug 1, 2018
Me & Jeffree’s Video on his channel
Jeffree’s Makeup
Jeffree’s New Thirsty palette
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  • I dont like him(it)

  • If shane is poor then wtf am I😂😂

  • I live for this series TBH Shane's so creative for pushing these contents

  • I loved this. Thank you for sharing your life. You are a beautiful inspiration.

  • LOVE IT😘😉😃😊:D

  • I want a show called “Sex and the Stars”


  • 41:34 is the cutest thing ever

  • 25:03 is that jessie buttafuoco?

  • Ce jeffrey star a une tête de déranger il fais peur

  • Shane makes my day much more nice because I was really scared for tomorrow because I just can't trust nobody

  • I want to know about how this dude is so rich but I can’t fuck with all this drag queen shit

  • tea sis

  • How long have i been gone. Whats with all these in the life of/dark side of videos?

  • @jeffreestar i loveee you please come to brazil. *i wish the interior was more ornamented and art nouvau.*

  • I just love Jeffers personality so much

  • 0:34 ummmm😂

  • When jeffree hurt Her nose i hurt my nose too

  • OMG!!!! Both you and @jeffreestar are hilarious, I really needed a good belly giggle I love you both 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • me - watches shane when he has fourteen million subs- - comes back 5 days later- wow he got 4 million more subs

  • Holy shit Jeffree is honestly is a Business man like fr! 😳💙

  • in my opinion jeffree is so beautiful! inside AND out

  • Who tf is this queer mother fucker

  • jeffree star doesnt seem that bad. i used to think he was rude anybody else think thst?

  • This video is so funny 😂😂💙 damn i love jeffree

  • omg im shook

  • This video!! I can't! 🤣😂😂 Dead! Lmao

  • $125,000 purse and $3 walmart hangers.....

  • HE IS 57? I never known that...

    • Who? 😳

  • The way Andrew interacted with them and laughed in this video is the cutest

  • Did u realize how there is half drank jack daniels but he says he doesn’t drink

  • hes actually really kind

  • The entire video the only thing I was thing was what the fuck

  • wheeze

  • i love jeffree because of his weave snatching tea

  • I love you and I don't have money hahah jk

  • I just notice how thicc Shane is Lol

    • Hes been always so sexy

  • 57?!

  • 8:40 and davincci or however you spell I can't

  • Coming here for the 4th time😄

  • I DIED🤣 when I saw Shane in the end talking😂💀

  • 🙌😍

  • This series gives me so much LIFE!!!

  • Why is Andrew so adorable??? 😂

  • 18:34 when Nate whips his head around and smiles like “do you know how crazy you sound right now?” 😂😂 im actually glad this little series on Jeffree Star came out cause not only is it sort of funny and light hearted but it also shows that Jeffree is not a robot. He is a human being, he has feelings and has gone through a lot of shit. And sure he’s made mistakes but he doesn’t deserve to be demonised for them. ❤️

  • Jeffree Star is so lucky

  • Jeffree's kitchen is bigger than my house.

  • Rich or not rich - still Jeffrees whole house is messier than my own room

  • You can hold her and then Shane is just stareing at the bag

  • "I'm an alien"

  • Am I the only one who thinks Jeffree's laugh sounds like chandlers from friends? I love the laugh, just so we're clear

  • "Yeah ima alien" JefferStar

  • Jeffree must be the coolest person in the world to meet..

  • It's like Jeffree Star tries to impersonate James Charles. Like if you agree

  • i was in a restaurant when watching this and when they exclaimed "the air!" suddenly there was a whiff of smoke coming my way like lol bACK THE FUCK OFF

  • That moment when you realise Jeffrees closet is bigger than your room 😂

  • This makes me sick I feel so poor

  • Am wearing rent I died lmfao

  • Why do you make fucking 40 minute videos

  • And Shane you look so nervous

  • Like slayy Jeffree but are you really 57

  • This is the first time I heard about this dude..

  • Jeffree, if your house need a garbage can, I’m here!

  • Just realized that jeffree has eyebrows on in this video so when was this filmed?? 🤔

  • i died at the "el torito" comment hahahah

  • I literally just started watching his videos and I'm addicted omg I love him

  • Did anyone else see the mini arcade when he showed the assistants

  • While I was watching I got a tampon ad...

  • He’s very beautiful in this x

  • Jeffree star makes me feel like gay is normal... I’m not saying that gay isn’t normal just not as common

  • The camera mans laugh 😂😭

  • So sad. This man is clearly living on credit, over purchasing over priced stuff to fill an overly gaping mental wound. The McMansion is worth $600K tops with its stucco construction and cheap Bobby Trendy interior design, but I’m sure he shelled out well over $5M. The “maid” should be fired at once since the whole house is dirty. Really, how savvy could he be with a rent boy as a mate? So sad. I hope that boy is lying about never being with a man. I’ve never seen anything more pathetic than selling your soul for a skateboard ramp. Actually there was this documentary on a straight guy letting guys blow him on porn so he could earn money to go ski in Aspen. Maybe this is the same guy.

  • Jeffree: Me, Beyoncé and Rihanna have it Me: .-.

  • She is weird and ugly

  • Don't worry, Shane, I'm scared of Jeffree too. His makeup look is creepy.

  • I had never heard of Jefree Star until I saw this

  • How are people this rich like really 😵 it sucks to be African

  • I watched the whole thing...

  • Jeffree scares me too Shane "That's the throne to sit and feel humble in" wHAT 😂😂😂 Also "I feel like Make a Wish this is depressing" I'm dead asf 😂😂💀💀

  • I love how Shane is trying to say he’s poor

  • Has anyone else noticed how he like wears that shirt ALL the time

    • yeah that's the brand since 2008. welcome newcomers lmao

  • This my friends, is the perfect example of 'new money'. People who are wealthy, and maintain their wealth throughout generations, *watch their money* . 'Old money' requires the executive to pay attention to things like the cost of Gucci tennis shoes. This diligence allows the established funds the opportunity to be inherited by future generations. There's a lot to be said for a self-made entrepreneur like our subject, Star. He's demonstrated time after time that he's a savvy businessman. The key is to *live sustainably within your means* and *save 10-20%* .

  • Excuse me jeffree does not look 56

  • i am so confused of when jeffree said nate was straight

    • Charli Bate he said that before him he had only been with women. I don’t think he actually used a label.

  • Best Serie Ever

  • Ha! Boy preach about Grand Rapids, although my neighborhood is affluent, I feel him about Michigan.

  • Jeffree Star could have been a hottie lad :'(

  • Finally got to watch this I’m Mexican half white woman I loves Jeffree star so much he made mistakes in past n we are have demons in our closet we’re not perfect an we learn from them an move on to better ourselves people needs stop coming for him love ya beso miss ⭐️ 🌟 💫

  • We don’t even have 2 bathrooms

  • Why don't you buy another shirt dog? lol

  • 4:50, 6:28

  • Go away thots your all internet cringe I mean Jeffrey star he’s a hoe

  • what does threesome mean??

    • Olivia Loves Milo if you don’t know you’re not supposed to know yet...

  • Nate is the hottest thing to ever walk this earth

  • Am I the only one that lived for the zoomed edit of delicious..

  • When his purse cost more than your house 😒😒😒

  • The value of his golden spoon can make me live for 1 month.

  • Shane is thicc

  • I wanna be famous one day ❤️

  • 38:45 Shane was so SHOOK omg I cried laughing