The Secret to a Clean and Organized Home

Published on Jan 12, 2017
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Learn How to Clean and Organize your Home for 2017!
Before I begin my "Great Purge of 2017" series, I thought I would share with you first the SECRET to a clean and organized home.
Follow these 3 steps and you will save so much time and have a clean and organized home with WAY less effort. It isn't magic, but it is amazing. ;)
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  • How do I'm fine my things after I've put them away? I'm one of those that likes to see everything I need on a daily basis. I also have so many projects going and I'm not a one project at a time. I have to hold it up and look at it while thinking " how can this be better and what does this need now?" I'm also an artist/musician with art materials everywhere! I'm a guitarist with lots of wires, gadgets and toys laying around! I actually need to get help organize all thus stiff and its not cleaning its organizational issues!

  • Omgoodnesss you had me at 30seconds lol! This is me!!!

  • Good ideas, but does she have to TALK SO MUCH! Less is more, girl!!!

  • I must say i love the music in the beginning of your viedos. Cute ! Thanks for tips, enjoying your video s. Love the videos.

  • I have watched this video soooooo many times! You don’t even now! I can relate to what you were saying at the beginning and all thus info/advice is perfect! Plus, you’re hilarious! ❤️❤️❤️

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  • youtube channel "Diane in Denmark" - she's awesome, lovely and encouraging.

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  • The beginning of this video is exactly how I feel every day I am so sick of it before I had kids this was not the way it was but I feel like This is hopeless and I’ll never get back to it and then I say there has got to be a way - Thank you for all your information you have a great US-tv channel and it really shows that you love what you do!!!

  • Tip for clean kitchen: do your dishes as you use them. Like while something cooks in the oven/on the stove. After you're done cooking food. Immediately wipe down your surface or sweep the floor if necessary. Same with your stove. I learned it while working as a chocolatier, it makes it less of a hassle and you don't end up scrubbing dried out food and crud since everything gets cleaned as you go. Tip for clean bathroom: Before you go for your bath/shower in the evening, give your bathroom a quick wipe. Occasionally sweep/mop the floor. Same with your tub/shower. Much easier to clean up soap and residue before it dries out into a calcified mess. Tip for rooms: I'm guilty of keeping "junk baskets" but I empty them out once a month. If i see i haven't used something recently, I toss it out or donate. To avoid laundry piles I keep shoe boxes in my drawers. I pull them out when doing laundry and place socks, underwear etc in their corresponding "slots" as i remove the laundry from the drying rack. I lack boxes for my shirts, so I just stack them and then put em in the cupboard (..often guilty of leaving the folded stack sitting on my chair for days)

  • I find that my clothes get out of control. Something that I do now and it has made a big impact, is dealing with them immediately. If I try them on and decide not to wear them then I take them off right-side out, and immediately hang them up, fold them, or put them in a donate bin. Another problem area for me, used to be my kitchen, and now that I am married to a tidy husband, I’ve learned to wash my cooking dishes immediately by hand and then put them away. We don’t use a dishwasher often because it prolongs the cleaning steps and of the dishwasher is full, then it’s likely that we will leave the dishes. Another area that gets crazy in my fridge and pantry. So, now I go to the store once a week, and while I put stuff in, I take stuff out a toss them. We also tidy up everything before bed, my husband is adamant about this! Every Sunday is cleaning day- Do we spend a few hours scrubbing. I usually vacuum & sweep mid week as well. Of course, we don’t have little ones throwing us of course, but these practices really help us keep our house clean!

  • For step #1, what do you recommend for people who work full time? I’m a therapist and often I come home and have no energy at the end of the day. I also have to wake up early for my work. By the time I get home, eat dinner, and clean up dinner it’s 8pm. And I just want to sit down and watch a show. And then by 9pm I’m ready to go to bed. Thoughts?

  • Basic tips but they're right and they work :)

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  • any ideas for me? I've got ADHD and my wife is a hoarder.

  • That is me, by the time I tidy to clean I’m tired. I purge and stack stuff to donate, and never donate it. Then I end up throwing it out because it’s easier. My goal this year is to get my house in shape.

  • Unicorn here & love it. Clean house kept clean because i do a bit everyday even before & after work, load of washing everyday, decluttered long ago.... but purge the old when i but new. Have much more time for family/friends..... and my front door can be opened without apologizing to ppl for a messy house.

  • This is amazing, very relatable and good synopsis at the end!

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  • Hey Cass Hi there 😊 It has been a year since you did this vid but I hope you still read the replies !? 🙏🙏🙏🙏 You mentioned unicorns so I eould like to ask when you will be getting new Unicorn in Training T- shirts ?? Of course I missed getting them earlier and I looked yesterday with my little girl but theres a deadline now AND size XL is not available anymore in blue, brown or pink V-neck ...arghhhhh....So please, will there be more coming soon ?? Thank you xxx

  • Goals!!!

  • I love your honesty and authenticity. You are the real thing who we can all relate to. Life is real. We want to do the best we can, which is not always realistic or possible. Just keeping up the (or trying to) enthusiasm and inspiration sucks all the energy out of one. Thank you for your wonderful videos. You keeps us moving ahead. Who or what motivates you? I know you must feel the weight of the cluttered world on your shoulder. Sometimes we just have to give ourselves permission to trip, fall, fail or engage in a Netflix marathon. The mess, project, list is not going anywhere. I’m 65 and still working on the clutter and mess in my house. 🥴

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  • The bins and the two hours cleaning but actually moving the mess and not being able get on top of things is my life. At least I'm not the only mess at all times so I love you lol ❤

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  • Delegate delegate, I am not the only person living in this house, also not the only one making messes; therefore, they also must do chores. Makes your life easier, work smarter not harder.

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  • butterfly9274 my daughter did cleaning and reorganizing the furniture when I was at work and she was 13yrs old. she is 42 and is still a great cleaner and tidyer. x

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  • It's called legitimate suffering. You do something that you don't like doing so that, in the long run, there is improvement in your life or your day. For example: before I go to bed at night I clean my house. This is not something I look forward to and sometimes i just don't feel like doing it but I do it any way so I wake up to a beautiful home and I can do the things I want to do because I have already done the things I have to do. I also exercise every day so that I can have a fit and healthy body, feel good about myself, and look more attractive etc. Legitimate suffering!

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  • Declutter . Use dust pan and brush for a quick sweep up daily. Tidy as you go. Keep on top of the washing up ( think how de motivating it is seeing last nights washing up in the morning ) Take pride in your home it's probably costing you a lot of money.

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  • I've known you for 14:33 minutes and I love you. LOVE YOU! It's like the angel on my shoulder telling me to get it together (who's always arguing with the devil on the other shoulder telling me to relax and watch one more episode...) has jumped into my computer and her name is Cassandra. THANK YOU for making this video! I'm inspired and kind of relieved to know that someone as together as you was once more like me - swampy mess in my home. Thank you! Keep sharing!

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  • I just lost my mom to cancer and have been doing all of the basic cleaning in the house with my dad's help (occasionally) for a few months now. But I now have to go through and organize /declutter everything that she ever had and also the other projects from when I was younger. So I hope I can use these tips to my advantage to help me feel less stressed and more prepared for the upcoming projects.

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  • Every time I decide to clean I put something in the donate pile I look at it then put it in keep, then I decide it is to much work at watch T.V.

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