The Samsung Foldable Smartphone is Real...

Published on Sep 6, 2018
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  • I want a scroll phone! A phone that goes into my pocket like a pencil but can open to the size of a mini tablet.

  • its a terrible idea, all that bending WILL wear it out

  • So many companies have been the first to do something, like Polaroid with the instant photo. So who cares in the long run? I agree with's gotta be fully fleshed out, as the iPhone was when it came out. You gotta have the lineups since midnight before to make waves. If it's bulkier in my pocket, forget it

  • Am I the only one who thinks this is really fucking stupid?

  • I read affordable well only foldable.

  • Note how there's always a screen on the back so the phone breaks easier.

  • This reminds me of the DSI

  • Flip phone 2.0

  • There's a difference between folding and bending...

  • Samsung DSI

  • Looks like my old DS Light

  • Excellent assessment -- Many thanks !

  • why would you want a phone that folds?

  • I ... I don’t need a folding ☎️ phone ... put a projector 📽 on it that can display movies on my bedroom wall now🤔 you got me sold

  • Flipphone 2.0

  • Its a ds 9 ha

  • It's a really cool idea and product but I'll have to sell kidneys to get one

  • How about a less clickbait tittle? and thumbnail. you're just talking about it. how about "lets Talk about the REAL Samsung Fold-able phone." not to mention your whole channel revolves around unboxing why even make a video on this channel WITH NO UNBOXING?

  • Me after seeing this Me: i need a new phone My mind : get this one My walet: sory pal you arent getting anytging

  • If folding smartphones don't hit though, this might be end of Samsung on top

  • We I phones at I have lot of box's to

  • It better do more than fold to cost 2,000. Dollars

  • Do a video on the new event that they're doing on October the 11th

  • I think iPhone 6 did the folding smartphone thing first...

  • i bet apple heard this will be hell a shock and like omg what are we gonna make...maybe tri-filp phone haha

  • Im subbing to everyone who likes and subs

  • But the true behind it I think is that those companies have years ahead of technology locked into 7 keys and they also have some kind of agreement between them.. So we always will be they hostages 😒

  • For that amount of money I'm one of this people that is not capable either mentally and financially to purchase it and I think that if a company like Samsung launches an Galaxy 10 (example) with an reduced price going down to 600 to 700 they will break the Apple empire.

  • Are you kidding me? Who cares if it multitasks, you can sit on it and it won’t crack!

  • Lg drone ph is better than that. Wait I this we r rewinding ourselves in next 20 years we will be using telegraphs. The concept of a flip phone only name is different

  • sure will buy it

  • Galaxy skin 2 confirmed

  • *Apple* : Mmmmmmhh ..we need more notches.

  • It’ll never catch on

  • Where's the unboxing?

  • I wouldn't pay no more the 1000 for a phone.

  • But the real question is... Will it burn?!

  • Sick now I can use my phone in class whiteout being caught

  • 1:41 thats just a fucking ds

  • Samsung, the Nintendo of Smartphones. I am getting this. But watch the iPhone F come out too.

  • I told my mom they are making a fold up phone she said ITS A flip phone they have been around for a while I said no a folding phone lol

  • Nice bait

  • $1500 to $2000 for a DS phone? I’m good

  • Why the fuck do I want to fold an Iphone?

  • History repeats !

  • I still like samsung s9+ :V

  • I want one, but not first generation.

  • We already had these a few years back. Remember the iPhone 6?

  • All Samsung fans shittalking about Apple being expensive are so ironic right now...

  • Maybe 2,000 dollars. It’s ok its Samsung 1400 dollars. ITS APPLE AND APPLE IS ALWAYS EXPENSIVE AND IT SUCKS. 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  • Smartphones as it is right now barely fit in your pants pockets, if you’re not a retard than you can realize if you fold the phone in half it will more comfortably fit in your pants pockets even though it will be thicker from folding.

  • Woah a DS but more advanced

  • how do u put a case on it

  • Why would I spend $2k on a phone?! That’s rent n a 3rd!

  • *_Flip Phone 2.0?_*

  • From Where u buy these things #😎

  • Now apple will make a flip phone with 2 screens

  • It's cool but you can't really case this?

  • Did u loose weight?

  • I would buy it, but I have priorities, And I don't think my dad would appreciate it if his 15 year old son spent this money on a phone when we're saving up for college

  • They should make phones that you can just roll up and put it in your pocket

  • It's like the Nintendo thingy or a Nokia but touch screen

  • WHere are the revolutionary risk takers anymore?

  • Going back in time but its futurish

  • I phone 7 can bend

  • Where you getting all the machine phones..... From jesus

  • Who df needs a foldable phone it's gonna be annoying while you playing games or calling someone cause its gonna be folding

  • Its good but I dont like plastic screens

  • We already have this, is called tacos:)))

  • Kid: mom, I want a flip phone Mom: ok! Mom: * gets kid a black berry *

  • this gonna be apple killer if it comes out

  • Welp...back to flip phones

  • Call it unspeakables phone why because What the flip

  • Apple: The new iPhones aren't selling, let's try to *innovate* the new flexible Samsung! *1 year later* Introducing the Iflipper!

  • Introducing the Samsung Flip Phone

  • I hope apple doesn't watched this😂

  • curently watching this on a HP chrome book and in genral it sucks cant run most games slow bad grafics on some videos speakers will cut out then make a really high pitches nois untill i shut it off and turn it back on

  • Got baited

  • Hell no, I won't spend over $200 for a phone, anything more is just retarded!

  • The more it is foldable the lesser it could be affordable for average people, and the reader is so adorable

  • Samsung=3Ds

  • Next time u make a video make sure u have something to unbox

  • 1:28 was like a ds without any buttons

  • Imagine a kid folding a phone into a phone-airplane *And it worked*

  • You sound like Kermit the frog

  • This is the real innovation unlike iphone xs,xr, x+ and x++++

  • I thought it was out already lol

  • Flip phone 2.0

  • That looks gay. im not buying that..

  • my main computer is my pc if i tryed to run my programs on a phone it would be a puddle of sadness

  • 1:32 what is the name of the phone cuz i want to by this smartphone

  • when it shows the phone in the video pic click bait

  • I thought you were gonna show a real foldable phone. Clickbait...

  • Man you tried really hard to stretch one sentence into an 8 minute video.

  • What should it cost? 5000 $ ?

  • Just ask your self what is the point

  • Just get a flip phone lmao

  • 😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿

  • Samsung is a copyer on apple they called IT galaxy x and they copy the iphone x xs xs Max and xr

  • Samsung isn't the biggest player in the smartphone game right now... Sorry honeys...