The Sad Truth About the Turmeric in Your Golden Latte

Published on Jul 30, 2018
Now seems like a golden opportunity to talk about the positive health benefits of that turmeric in your morning latte.
Hosted by: Olivia Gordon
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  • What if they tried it without isolating those compounds? Oftentimes isolating the compounds takes away the regulating effects that the whole plant has

  • Dietary haldi aka turmeric is good, prevents cancer and other Rouge diseases. Used in Indian dishes from ages.forgetting your culture and time Tested food is a disaster especially for Indians.

  • My 80 year old math teacher from Pakistan said they used it to prevent Alzheimer's disease. He was a fun-loving, kind, and wise man. There's gotta be something to it, and I would put money on the combined effect of the compounds in turmeric being good for you, possibly in tandem with other foods used in Middle Eastern cuisine. In any case, I take turmeric/black pepper capsules, so I'll just see where that takes me!

  • Is she pregnant?

  • Anyone with half a brain can tell you that even if turmeric did have those properties, all that sugar and milk will throw it out the window anyway. Don't drink goldie lattes for your health. If you really want a healthy caffeinated drink, I'm sorry, but tea and black coffee is probably your best. Never trust a superfood fad. Common sense of what is and isn't good for you will always work, and you would get better results by sticking to a healthy, minimally processed, and balanced diet. AKA actual proper homecooked meals.

  • “The sad truth” okay “about the turmeric” what “in your golden” s’cuse me? “Latte” UM Who put these words together, I am so confused

  • Curcuma golden milk has helped me so much. The most important i s to use turmeric and pepper. It is great for inflamatory problems.

  • Turmeric IS a wonder food. Use it backed up with black pepper for it's synergistic action - black pepper potentiates turmeric by a factor of 20 (2,000%). Most of the world supply of turmeric comes from India and is heavily contaminated with 'pesticides/insecticides/etc' so BE SURE TO BUY ORGANIC. Check out turmeric at

  • Oh good, it’s harmless. You had me worried for a moment.

  • I despise all those health-nuts whom are ALWAYS blindly accepting the newest health fad because of its trending status.

  • Turmeric is a part of Ayurvedic medicine, it helps with acne when applied as a face mask and it is a spice but I don't think it has any benefits when added to a latte.


  • Look left, swivel head to the right. Swivel head back to the right, while swinging shoulders right and back. BUT cluck your elbows like a chicken... CURC.. CURC.. CURRRCUUMIN!

  • This is one of the most biased and un-objective videos on the subject I have ever seen. They really went out of their way to smear this.

  • I just like the taste. XD

  • Take a shot every time she starts speaking for a new take and decides to go for the exact same voice cadence. Not to say the video's bad or anything, but listening to the same melody over and over does get old after the 3rd time.

  • my dudes we south asians have been drinking haldi dood ("turmeric lattes" or "golden milk") for millennia, i'm so done hearing the traditional cold remedy as an instagram health food tend 😂

  • Haha this just in rats aren't people!

  • I think Dr. Michael Greger M.D. (NutritionFacts(.)org) would have to disagree. He is far, FAR more competent regarding a topic like these than you guys are, and while yeah a lot of these claims are either false or exaggerated, claims like it being better at fighting inflammation that anti-inflammatory drugs are true. I don't think I'll stay subbed if you guys keep pushing this agenda. If anyone's reading this, SciSchow is wrong, just check out NutritionFacts here on US-tv to get actual accurate information on tumeric.

  • How does she know about yellow tinted feces.

  • I'm sorry I know this is extremely immature, but I busted up laughing at the mention of "nut milk"

  • I give up.

  • My favorite SciShows are the debunking SciShows

  • Easy, easy. Watch what you state. The woman is assuming the benefits of golden milk drinks is due ONLY to the curcumins in the turmeric, which is not necessarily true. So, saying one would have to drink up to 88 cups of golden milk or more per day to get the benefits stated from doses of curcumins used in laboratory studies is flawed thinking. I am surprised SciShow to hear of this error of analysis on your part. It is not proper and scientific to compare the concentration of curcumins in laboratory studies with health benefits of golden milk drinks. As the woman points out, these are two different things. The way to test for health benefits is to run laboratory studies on what the claim is about: drinking golden milk drinks. Why? I hate to state the obvious, but the reason is that it's all the other compounds in the drink with the curcumins that is what is relevant, not just the curcumins alone, because they are not what one is drinking alone.

  • Essential oils 3.0

  • --> this video, aligns the same theory that pepper (piperine), alongside turmeric (curcumin) creates the reaction which is helpful to burn fats, increase sexual appetite and metabolism. I think it's worth doing a study into the interrelationships between such compounds.

  • Can you guys do a video on anti-inflammatory diets? PLEASE!

  • There are double-blind studies on Turmeric... do your research and check pub med...

  • I am sorry but tumeric is bitter and probably doesn't taste nice with coffee. Instead why not ginger, it doesn't taste bitter but a little goes a long way.

  • What a pain in the assy ...

  • Wake up first world people Turmeric or kunir/kunyit are just usual spice used in everyday cooking in the developing countries such as indonesia, malaysia, india etc It have natural yellow coloring properties to make some menu such as opor ayam or nasi kuning No evidence consume it everyday would prevent cancer It's superfood reputation maybe just part of its commercialization to make golden latte a trending beverages

  • The only health benefit I heard that turmeric has is that it's an anti-inflammatory. I wish you had mentioned that and not just the absurd claims (cancer cure, alzeheimer's cure) that get circulated about every supplement trend in the health food industry.

  • They're playing us as usual. Dubious incomplete research and conclusions about a popular subject with much nuance, that many feel strongly about. More arguing in the comments. More cha-ching.

  • The latte is the fad, you do in fact have to at minimum perform a fat extraction with your choice of fat to access the larger concentrations. Way to go Sci Show doing more harm than good as per usual.

  • So there isn't an actual reason for this video bc none of the human studies taught you anything. Cool 5min and 24 seconds of my life I will never get back.

  • aw dont cry rattie you're still cute!

  • I make it because it looks beautiful and the warmth helps me feel calm after a long day. I can't stand most hot drinks but sweet and spice hits the spot. 👌

  • I was a little curious ,but the video was so well done I am now going to find out more.thank you.peace.

  • True. _"Rats are not people,"_ but some people are rats...

  • This is frankly hilarious! You, young people! Ok, so here I go...I have turmeric regularly...guess what... NO yellow poop! If you happen to be in your fifties, have muscle aches and drink it in warm milk or non-dairy milk like I do... you would notice how the pain leaves your body. But you don't have a fifty something year old body, do you?... so how would you know? mike drop!

  • Last on trending

  • That hair on her forehead is bothering me

  • But it can taste good.

  • Latte? Turmeric?

  • Wow how much did you get paid by the Pharmaceutical company to say that?

  • Eat turmeric because it is delicious. Turmeric and ginger tea is perfect; woody, spicy, earthy, sweet-ish. I might have to try infusing some milk with turmeric and make a cappuccino, sounds like a good idea. Hopefully being labeled a "superfood" won't make it unaffordable!

  • A ring in the nose...just like the animals in the stockyards.....

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  • Turmeric raises the dead too.

  • god this girl is terrible

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  • Disappointing yet fascinating!

  • Turmeric is known to be anti inflammatory which means it definitely helps with some diseases like arthritis and heart disease. Do you know what aspirin is for? Honestly you guys are just skeptics to be skeptics.

  • The spicy compound in pepper you guys covered increases cut cumin availability by like 1000 percent

  • Are you suggesting that I Instagram my yellow tumeric poo?

  • Hello? Are you there? Can you hear me?

  • I can't concentrate on the content of the video. The only thing I can focus on is how she lowers her intonation so deep at the end of every sentence to a point that she totally alters her pitch.

  • You look like amy from the big bang theory but for youtube. Nice though

  • Why is an antiantioxidant not just called an oxidant?

  • Golden Milk or Turmeric Milk helps you sleep. It's also anti-inflammatory. Everything is okay in moderation. 🙄

  • I am an Indian. I know this is true. Turmuric does heals

  • Turmeric and water is actually good.

  • OK you can tell all these people what you want I am an herbalist I have been using Tumerick for many many many many years my grandmother has been eating to Mark ever since she was 12 years old and she’s at the ripe old age of 103 right now and she still Kickin she can do just as much as any 78-year-olds good

  • 1:42 anti-antioxidant, that makes things complicated, criminals calling themselves anti-antiterrorist , and cops call themselves anti-antiantiterrorist

  • Pan Assay Interference compouNds = PAINs LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I watched a program on BBC in which they explained how turmeric can play a role in gene methylation. Specifically it targeted genes that are associated with asthma, depression and eczema. However, they also found that the way turmeric is prepared prior to ingestion also matters. They came to the conclusion that you probably should mix it with oil and add it to your food, just like the Indians do in their cooking. This apparently is because the compounds in turmeric responsible for the health benefits are liposoluble. This can also explain why turmeric capsules probably don't do much to your health.

  • Colored poop instagram.

  • This is true for all super foods though. Take kale as an example, sure it's more dense in certain things than other leafy greens, but it's also less dense in other things. In reality not only would you get a better salad in most cases by using other leafy greens, the improvement in taste would easily allow you to take a few extra bites which would put you on par of the same salad with kale. Wolfberries weren't that special until they got rebranded as goji berries famed for a Chinese herbalist who didn't live for 197 or 256 years. Their claims of how good they are vary depending on where you live, which regardless is more or less counter acted by most of them being grown in China and then shipped around the world. China really doesn't have the best reputation when it comes to farming, well anything. Chia seeds packs one hell of a punch of omega-3 fatty acid. Per gram it has about 8 times that of salmon. Which sounds great, but it's not the same omega-3 fatty acid. Our bodies much first convert it to the same kind you get from fish. The problem is that we are horrible at it and in the end you would absorb about 5% more omega-3 from a the same amount of salmon. Fish is also tasty, cheap(in most of the world), and contain additional health benefits(one of which is that 100 grams don't contain more calories then a big mac). Seaweed is praised for being rich in B12(well rich for a non animal product), which you would have to eat several kilos of before you get the same amount as you would from a single egg yoke. For vegans algae such as kelp might seem like a better option, but human bodies are generally poor at taking up any of the B12 from them. Also I'm, not sure if algae technically would be vegan.

  • Please stop saying nut milk.

  • "Its not the tumeric, but the ingredient in tumeric". Lol ummmm what difference then? Its like saying wellllll the weed is useless. Its the thc, an ingredient in weed"! Lol

  • She vocal fryed this myth to a crisp.

  • I bet she smashes the patriarchy like a mountain lion.

  • Turmeric has to be coupled with black pepper and or fat. Otherwise it's not very effective. So she's not wrong but she's not right either. If you're studying the benefits of turmeric without fat or black pepper than youre just wasting your time. But to say that curcumin has little to no benefit is highly misleading. And why would they use a girl that looks unhealthy to tell us whether something is healthy or not. She's clearly just reading off a teleprompter

  • This girl is so ugly and her facial expressions only make her uglier

  • Good for you, yes. Stains your teeth piss yellow, yup

  • This chicks monotonous tone gives a real headache, try talking out of the center of your mouth rather than the far sides of it. Eyebrows and glasses don't compilment your lazy eyelids. Your face looks like it's convulsing, not portraying emotion.

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  • To be honest, though, my Dad start taking tumeric like, 2 years ago, and before he couldn't walk for long periods of time and now he lifts box is for UPS

  • I take turmeric in a glass of milk with a pinch of fine black pepper for lower back pain and it's helped me immensely.

  • Cue the nationalist Indians trolls whining about a Western neo-colonial liberal sickular media conspiracy to put down Indians and their magical ancient science.

  • The sad truth of your golden shower. It's piss.

  • Hush. I often make Indian food, and sometimes wants to use fresh turmeric (as it has more taste). I used to have to go to a specific Asian store in the city centre to get it; but with all this hype, I can now get it in one of the local supermarkets :-) No need to tell it has no magic...

  • Honestly thought this was a new starbucks drink. XD

  • Isn't any superfood bupkis? Except for olive oil.

  • New question: I see online that one of the ways to "treat" lead in soil is to add lime to make the soil more alkaline. Why? Where does the lead go? Or does it just become less dangerous? Or does it react with something else in the soil when the pH goes above a certain level, so that it's no longer lead? Is there any way to actually get rid of lead contamination in soil or water? Or, barring that, to concentrate it and put it to practical use? Everything I'm seeing online says that once lead is in the soil or water, it's there to stay, and so the object is to prevent it from getting in the soil to begin with, which is... depressing...

  • Why does she always end her sentences without voice? Like she goes over into this voiceless groan when finishing half of her sentences.

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  • But milk baths and golden showers are still good for you, right?

  • Wish they got rid of this girl. She's still painful to listen to. Anyway, if you're interested in how GREAT turmeric can be, you should make sure you take a medicinal dose or minimal effective dose (MED) of 2-4g and DON'T take it with black pepper. That only affects the bioavailability of the the curcuminoids and negatively affects the superior effects that all the turmeric compounds have in the gut.

  • Can you guys make an informative video like this on ginger?

  • Hahaha turmeric in latte? An Indian is laughing. 😂

  • "Rats are not people" two minutes later cites a study using animals for examples of human digestion. Very smart

  • MSG is the super food.

  • My dad sometimes uses tumeric in his coffee because it lowers his blood pressure and helps his diabetes.

  • Interesting, i have always used it just to colour white rice or to get lovely golden roast potatoes. I never thought of it as a super food.. ''not that im really bothered with the whole superfood craze'' and definitely never thought of putting it in my coffee, tasting it on its own i find it to be a bland taste slightly bitter, definitely not coffee paired..

  • Anti anti oxidants are pro-oxidants lol. So effective that they end up being damaging. Fun stuff I realised in my thesis; singular antioxidant compounds are less effective than a spectrum of different types in breaking up the chain reaction and terminating reactive oxidation damage. Prolly better to eat the rainbow than snort rows of one thing.

  • I love turmeric lattes, but not because I believe it’s magical. I just don’t like coffee. How does a turmeric latte rate against other hot beverages? Pretty good in my experience!

  • There not gold there yellow

  • I never realized in nearly 30 years that turmeric had an R before the M. Mind = blown.

  • Well, I guess I can wait a couple of years. By 2020 or so there will be conclusive evidence on the effects as well as the best way to consume it in order to get most of the benefits will i be determined. (this, in case it actually helps something.)