THE PROMISED LAND | Red Dead Redemption - Part 6

Published on Nov 6, 2018
Why do I keep doing this to myself...
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  • Sorry for the late video today! Internet is a little scrappy in Australia

    • 👌

    • 1:33 watch the brown horse on the right

    • Markiplier now that is funny markiplier

    • Markiplier families did fight like that my great great grandma was a Hatfield idk if you know about Hatfield's and McCoy's 😬

    • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~TRY LIVING HERE FULL TIME~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • am i the only one whose xbox started lagging during the cornwall shootout?

  • The best thing about watching these gaming video is Mark’s contagious laugh

  • Its funny, he can’t find the fence even though he walks past them all the time

  • Swear to X, Mark is so negligent of the fact that his horse is a living creature and needs handling with more finesse than just leaping on it and going fullspeed into a fucking forest at night. Ran straight into a tree at almost a full gallop and was surprised, smh. Take his saddle off, wash your horse, brush him, feed him, rest him in a stable... C'mon, Mark. >.

  • Nicco belic

  • Dutch: *is dutch* Mark: GeRMaN

  • hey mark that dead guy in the river was probably hit by one of those gold bars

  • 1:17:52 I died at Markipliers face😂

  • no hosea dies dutch betrays you

  • 8 chapters

  • 59:02 not funny moment just reminder where I left off

  • 1:18:11 marki hears Ohio... 1:18:15 marki gets triggered

  • May I...

  • erom khechachodar moto korche keno ke jane

  • Mark needs to feed his damn horse

  • 1:34 I wish my problems disappeared like that horse.

  • anyone else disappointed he didnt go fishing with hosea and dutch ?

  • 38:43 that is why i always take the trails or roads never take shortcuts 😂😂😂

  • 1:18:05 Well, that lady lost any respect form Mark. Lmao I love his reactions to stuff.

  • 1:35:22 [Insert LifeAlert commercial here]

  • But I like your western accent. It soothes the nerves.

  • HORSE HORSE, NOT HERE, oh dont worry, he dont know nothing

  • from 1:17:52 till 1:20:20 i’ve been literally dying from laughing so hard OH GOD

  • I love how shook you were at the mention of "Ohio" xD, I gasped as well but your reaction...omg yes

  • Mark let me introduce you to the Hatfields and the Mccoys.

  • Why does Mark always ignore things happening? He ignores voices of people that trigger side stuff or conversations and it's annoying

  • Bessie? What happens to Shwoopl

  • Ya Mark, 1:39:42 ur game got messed up or something cause mine didn't take that long😂

  • Mark's face when she says that Ohio is someplace terrible😂 sorry Mark I had to laugh, u make the best faces😂

  • Hosea: “When does it end, the moving, the running” Me: 1911

  • Marks triggered watch out people!

  • Mark ur killing me with not knowing some stuff😂 (don't take it as me insulting him or whatever, ik he has never played the 2nd one and that's ok with me. I'm just joking around, the fact that I have to say that because sometimes ppl r a bit clueless, I admit I am too sometimes but still. Its pretty sad.)

  • 7:50, Mark. Plz sell the horse so it has an owner? It looks lonely😭 don't judge me🙄

  • *T A H I T I*

  • Mark: *turns on subtitles* Also Mark: *wonders why he’s going slow when the subtitles say that he’s getting a free item so he gets it.*

  • "Some awful place like ohio" *insert pikachu shocked meme*

  • 1:09:58

  • 6 chapters fool

  • Can someone help me? I did a stranger mission in saint denis where I had to rob the fence because there were two Mexican slaves in a hidden room inside I had to save and now I can’t sell any of my shit to any fence I go to....what do I do?

  • 59:09

  • 54:20

  • 47:00

  • 42:38


  • “Arthur we don’t leave men behind”. oh really Dutch

  • Mark turns into the worst Uber driver ever in this video

  • 45:05 sLURP

  • 1:20:29 "Nice Dildo." - Mark 2018

  • Mark needs a bigger “SACK” lol

  • I love how offended Mark was when Penelope called Ohio awful. Remember the song kids? "Nobody cares, if you're offended!"

  • I meaaan, I don’t like many Ohio people. Mark’s prob one of of the few things/people I even respect that came from Ohio

  • 50:48 Mark must have really liked Roman calling him every 10 minutes to go bowling in GTA 4. He’s got Rockstar on the brain.

  • Common misconception; the black rubber, or leather sometimes, lines that people call 'reins' on draft horses on wagons and stuff are actually just called driving lines since you are driving the horses. I'm just saying this because I've personally worked with draft horses for the past 5 years of my life so it just nudges me the wrong way when I hear someone call them 'reins' 😂😂😂

  • 1:34 watch the horse on the right... I'm surprised mark didn't comment on it

  • ah yes the most memorable of shakespears lines "nice dildo"

  • So it's like Romeo and Juliet Romeo Montague=Beau Gray and Juliet capulet=Penelope braithewaite btw Juliet was 13 that's very sinister that she kills herself at 13 and it's hard to understand their language it's like yoda is speaking normal compared to old English the 1500s is weird

  • Watching mark get so triggered just made my day

  • Words uttered in every episode “so pretty” and “MY PELT!!!”

  • 38:52 mark you ran a horse full speed into a tree what do you mean what happened

  • Mark 2018 wants a bigger sack

  • Insults Ohio *Triggered Mark*

  • When they caught the men 53 minutes in why did the Anderson guys hair stay up when he was facing down

  • 1:17:57 Watch marks face

  • Mark has been playing for too long, in about 5 episodes he will think he is one of them

  • Me: -Sneaks in and out of the Braithwaits without being seen no problem- Mark: -Plows straight in on horseback, seen immediately- xD

  • I find it hard to believe that Ohio was that bad back then, not like today when we have the Paul brothers coming out of it.

  • I remember at this point in the game I had about 3,000 dollars😂

  • If any of you guys were wondering Callahan is a person who served in the army a long time ago. Don't know exactly when.

  • As an Ohio resident myself, Mark’s reaction echoed my own


  • Me: Took 3 tries and a complicated strategy to get to Penelope Mark: dOoDlE dOo dOdO dOOooO- ArE yOu pEneLoPeA?

  • 1:34 the horse on the right disapered

  • looking for a girl, two buttcheeks.... TWO MIDDLE FINGERS

  • The guy who you sucked the snake venom out of the leg was in this episode. He was the one going, “That snake was pure evil it was.”

  • The "Awful place like Ohio" thing with Mark's reaction should be a Meme.

  • Bro HOW MANY TIMES do you gotta run into trees in a dense forest before you SLOW DOWWNNNN

  • Ohio IS bad though

  • I remembered that that when I played the first game, herding with Bonnie or Jack was something I didn’t really like to do, but watching someone else do it is better.

  • Mark: *sells everything* Also Mark: "Why do I have such little stuff?"

  • 1:17:50 my home state was bullied

  • "This seems cultish and scary." -Every twenty feet in Skyrim.

  • 1:17:52 I lost it 😂😂


  • And here's me hoping Mark would've run in with the KKK oof oh well


  • Hey guys imagine games like this in a first person and vr in the future.. Would feel pretty nice

  • Markiplier at 1:18:00 he’s shook

  • 1:17:45 Markiplier.exe has stopped working

  • i still think its funny that Dutch has a dutch surname hahahaha

  • I tink hes name is run in to a tree aplier :3

  • *laughs at the Ohio joke bc I'm from Indiana*


  • Mark thinks being a jerk is funny.

  • Familes- fighting Mark-just cuts a boar

  • Im lookin for a lady with two butt cheeks likes to sit

  • 50:48 hey callahan lets go bowling Hey niko lets go bowling

  • Can we agree that the story with Beau and Peneloppe is a reddit of Romeo and Juliette, Far West edition? xD

  • 38:43 one of the best parts of this video :D

  • OK OHIO IS VERY BEAUTIFUL THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! -A girl who has lived her whole life in Ohio