THE PROMISED LAND | Red Dead Redemption - Part 6

Published on Nov 6, 2018
Why do I keep doing this to myself...
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  • Sorry for the late video today! Internet is a little scrappy in Australia

    • trust me. its even better in slow mo :D

    • I just realized they poked fun at how John couldn't swim in the last game. By revealing he can't swim at all. Ha! Rockstar humor! @14:56

    • It was Dutch he was hunting down in the first game. Red Dead 1 was one of my favorite games. John hunted, Dutch, Javier, Bill and possibly Micah or someone else. For some reason I can't remember the last guy. But the main guy they wanted was Dutch, so this game is Dutch already going crazy or the downfall of Dutch into madness and his original gang.

    • Yeah should have warned you but our Internet is awful. New network they installed and it's the worst Internet connection we've ever had

    • Yeah, I live in Australia and I've always wondered how the internet here is so bad

  • Mark getting offended at her trashing ohio was perfect

  • Mark. Do you ember when you KILLED Dutch in RDR1?? This is the SAME Dutch mark. One last thing. There is 6 chapters.

  • Mark: yeah you didnt take YOUR son fishing YOUR wife asked ME to take YOUR son fishing. Me: step it up John.

  • Also funny part is in the original Dutch does hide away in a cave in the mountains. God dammit Rockstar hinting at Red Dead Redemption 1 so much. Please tell me Red Dead 3 will be Dutch and close the loop already or Hosea even. Playing as an older man and possible mentor to Dutch might be interesting.

  • In the first Red Dead Redemption it was Dutch he was hunting, along with Bill, Javier, and I think Micah (don't remember the third guy) Arthur may have been mentioned but not as in hunting him down. Dutch was always their target.

  • "You think Horse Stimulant would work for me? Would I turn horse-like in any way?" When Markiplier low-key admits to playing Fenoxo. Now I want a Corruption of Champions LP

  • Nope, John never hunted Arthur. Arthur was never mentioned, as far as I'm aware of, in the original Redemption. It was Bill, Jaiver, and Dutch that John had to hunt

  • Settler gets attacked by a tree

  • I live in Ohio, And i was literally laughing my ass off at Markipliers reaction to that girl saying they'd move her to a awful place like Ohio. LMAO

  • word of the day: pretty

  • "Fight this mob? They'd eat me alive" Ah yes, dear Arthur knows the *intensity* of feminism.

  • Turn up the volume so you can barely hear the game sounds, and marks voice peaks at screeching omg levels that cut your earholes.

  • Why does the palomino at 1:30 Ilumminati disappear??

  • "Leave the area without being seen". [runs around whistling and climbing on things like a red assed baboon]

  • so i did some reasearch, and it turns out that the 700 dollars that mark had increased by over 2700% or 27 times the value of a coin in 1900 compared to 2016, which means that mark actually has 19,000 dollars on him, impressive

  • Yeah. Ohio's the worst. I'd know because I live here. Don't cut me lmao.

  • Mark, every family isn't as wonderful as yours. Some of us get parents that couldn't care less even if they tried. She just found herself wound up in one of em.

  • "Some terrible place like: Ohio" Mark: I WILL CUT YOU AND KILL YOU IN YOUR SLEEP

  • It's a free gun, but you gotta get those customizations! ;)

  • 1:18:13 lol

  • Dutch reminds me of carver from twd

  • 1:17:51 mark.exe has stopped working

  • also, please have your webcam head thing in the corner to be smaller. it's annoyingly big lol, but in the worst way where it's compensating for something :P

  • In the game with John Marston, the three men he chased down were Bill Williamson, Javier Escuela, and then Dutch Van Der Linde.

  • Am I the only one who saw that horse disappear in 1:33

  • Little does he know that they had themselves a good ol' time on that boat..

  • 1:02:28

  • Normal people when they imitate a cowboy: Yeehaw Markiplier when he imitates a cowboy: BEEYOOORRRRAAAWWWWWW

  • No mark! You should’ve gone fishing! That’s such a good bit! 😭😭

  • 1:17:50 MARK IS TRIGGERED!!!!

  • I replayed 38:41so many times I'm in tears

  • It's so fun to watch you play this Mark! It's helping me get through finals ❤

  • Did he lower the graphics quality? The graphics quality seems worse.

  • "Gates are for chumps. And y'know what I ain't? A chum--" *RAMS INTO TREE*

  • @markiplier Hatfields and McCoys....

  • 38:57 *asserts dominance*

  • 1:17:50 Markiplier: *dOn’T sAy ThAt AbOuT mY sTaTe*

  • The doctor bit wasn't even that funny, it was just plain obnoxious

  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • It's Oklahoma, I recognize that red dirt!!! but... Oklahoma doesn't have mountains... so maybe not .... Clouds of dust are normal considering how windy and dry it gets.... .... maybe it;s cali? idk

  • “There’s no way Dutch would just hide in some cave” Chapter 6...

  • "Hosea is gonna betray Dutch.." Little did you know-

  • Watching Mark take such bad care of his horse makes me so sad

  • Died when I saw Markiplier's reaction to her saying "Somewhere Ohio"

  • 106:28 that's like 2 mil now

  • “Scooose meeee... i god da git to da salooooon. Git myself aaa wiskyi. I e i eoop!” Drunk on the thought of getting whisky.


  • go to 12:56 mark makes a joke then realised how bad it was 😂

  • Without founding mothers there would be no founding fathers no George Washington. That is what i would say. Then they would want to say im wrong but are speechless.

  • I can't believe Mark turned down actually fishing after a long day of not fishing.

  • 38:42 "Awe could I forget my mortal enemy?" "The common Oak tree...."

  • 1:35 right hand corner what happened to that horse 😂

  • 54:41

  • 42:55

  • @ 3:07 The Carcano Rifle "The Rifle of both the holy & unholy ambition" is the very rifle which killed JFK.

  • At 1:09:22 the guy who was talking in the background was the same guy who mark sucked the snake venom out of.

  • Did nobody notice the guy who mark sucked the venom out of was in the town as mark was heading out to find beau 😂😂

  • "What would happen if I drank horse stimulant" -Markiplier 2018

  • I know he already finished the game by now. But just to clarify for the confusion, Mark was incorrect about hearing John call out "Arthur Morgan!" In the first game. He was never in it. In the first game the first guy you go after is Bill Williamson, the second is Javier Escuella, and the last is Dutch Van Der Linde. The only other person from rdr2, besides John's family, that is in the first game is Uncle.

  • 1:16:56 he got so pissed off 😂

  • Anyone notice gavins friend rhoads?

  • At least she didn't say Cincinnati specifically XD

  • Where's the blacklsmi...ehrm... I mean...DOC!

  • Fuck penelpope

  • You burn through the main missions too quickly, i'm over a month in and just now at last chaptef. You missed so many things that are what makes this game so brilliant. You gtta learn to balance entertaining people and letting the game immerse you within it. Screaming Over important dialogue and moments is taking away from the viewers and yourself. This is meant to be a slow paced game


  • PLEASE take care of swoompl

  • All of us from Ohio were so offended 😂

  • This guy, Dutch, reminds me of an Assassin's Creed III character. One of Haytham's men. One that I didn't like very much.

  • 1:21:07 Y E A H

  • When your name is Bo and Markaplier continues to yell "Beau" The entire video and you are like. "WHAT!?!"

  • As soon as she said Ohio and i looked at mark I died laughing for like 5 minutes 😂

  • When you take personal offense because you're from ohio

  • 𝘪’𝘭𝘭 𝘧𝘶𝘤𝘬𝘪𝘯 𝘤𝘶𝘵 𝘺𝘰𝘶

  • *runs headlong into tree and dies* What the hell!?

  • I am just going to die if Mark doesn’t use his big double barrel shotgun for this entire game

  • The Grays and Braithwaites are just the Montegues and Capuletes

  • Stop singing

  • Man, after penelope said something about Ohio, I wasn't listening at ALL... I was just watching Mark's facial expressions.


  • 1:17:52 satisfied seeing his triggered face

  • 1:00:00

  • "If I know anything about Romeo and Juliet.. nice dildo" lmfao I'm dying XD

  • 5:54 Literally my favorite part watch the horse's right foot

  • Any one else see that horse disappear at 1:33

  • BOO!

  • that joke about no swin..i get it

  • Mark you could have payed your bounty in strawberry with that moneyyy

  • *D O C*

  • Marks word of the day if I know anything about Romeo and Juliet nice dildo

  • Must watch 1:17:49 is so funny

  • You are so loud

  • 12:53 You can see the regret on Mark's face.

  • If Mark approaches you on a horse and tells you to get on, run away because he'll end up hitting a tree😂

  • 16:13 ......

  • Doc?

  • why is the game listed as the last of us lol

  • I would definitely play this game differently. Definitely hunt more and help the camp rather than going through the main story so fast but I understand others have different play methods and Mark needs to get through the story for videos. But I would do more hunting, clothes changing, baths, and a definitely dressing my horse differently

  • Marks freaking out about them hating Ohio, meanwhile I am in AGREEMENT. OHIO SUCKS.