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The Pacers Fight Back From Down 17 To Win Game 3!

Published on Apr 21, 2018
Check out the Indiana Pacers fight back from down 17 points to beat the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 3 of their playoff series
The Pacers’ 17-point deficit at halftime tied their largest comeback ever in the NBA playoffs
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  • The Pacers won but not long. 07-28-18.

  • Victor oladipo✌✌✌😋😋🤗🤗

  • Man boggy ate the Cavs Defense alive on Friday.

  • NBA needs to a better job rigging against the Pacers if they want LeBron to win this series. Bad effort on their part.

  • Oh shit Where's the GOAT???

  • The refs were helping Lebron in the 4th and he still lost

  • lebaby

  • Lebron George and Kwahi will be Lakers in 2019

  • Wait till Philadelphia plays an actually good team like the Pacers. This ain’t lotto streak season anymore.

  • dose not look good for the cavs

  • How tf did oladipo get away w kicking the ball like that ???

    • cry more lol

  • They double-team Victor all night they will not let him get loose yes he made some shots but he couldn't do what he wanted to do because they had him double and the other players step up 💯💯💯

  • :22 look like Federer with his between the legs return.

  • Great Comeback Win Pacers but we had way too many turnovers Can't Wait Until Sunday Lets Go Pacers finish the fight 💯💯💯💯

    • Without the turnovers, we should have blown them out

  • no way in hell that bum makes 7 splashes again

  • see all those double teams the cavs threw at oladipo? the man is no joke.

  • Want to see new teams go on for once in four years !!


  • LeBron sure could use "the kid" right now.

  • Pg13 should have stayed the east has never been more injury riden so the playoffs

  • Cavs blows the 17 point lead

  • next round is gonna be sweep . just a waste of energy

  • The way Oladipo, Sabonis, Stephenson, Bogdanovic and even Collison is playing, they will plough their way into the conference finals

  • Cavs are taking the L!!! This is finna be one of the biggest upsets

  • Beginning of the season they crowned Cavs as East Champ coz of LeBron now what happened? You are all making excuses like James do not have enough help? Hahaha! Ok. I guess Indy is a SUPER TEAM like Warriors. They also have nobody and just Oladipo against LeBron? Hahaha. Come on now! Cavs won, coz of LeBron. Cavs lost, he has no help. Blame everyone except James. LOL

  • thumbnail says 7 3pm?

  • Not surprising considering Cavs defense this year

  • I told you guys stop living in the PG13 Era. Welcome to the Rated R Era of Pacers Basketball.

  • Bogdanovic je MAMA!

  • Been telling people Cavs are going out in the first round #PeopleReallyThoughtIWasJoking

    • wolves fan #1 people think LeBron is superman fam the team dead

    • si wezzy said it too go to his channel he will tell u

  • Me before the run Obviously they won’t gonna lose that Time Me after the run This is unreal!!!

  • LeBron fans got their bags packed just in case he moves again. "Where are we going now daddy LeBron? We will follow you wherever to hold your balls and stroke your dick"

  • My money on Cleveland. Still....

  • Poor LeBron

  • Korver is so very weak deffender i know he cant play dfence but atleast dont give it so easy..

    • He is a decent defender when he is in his right mind

  • How ironic cause last year the Cavs came back from a big lead in game 3

  • Do you smell that... It smells gud!!! ha ha ha ha ha... (Bbq pitboy voice).

  • Brooooo all these niggas saying Cavs ain't coming out this series y'all gonna look dumb AF watch.....yall niggas make me laugh😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Cl0utGiv3r 69 Just remember to give me credit first when the Pacers come out of this series.

  • The REAL Playoffs starts now.

  • How odd is it that all the best first round series games are coming strictly from the eastern conference part of the playoffs

    • jay nunez because western teams are more dominant. 90% of the leagues star power is in the west. The east is more evenly matched so the games are more hype.

  • 17 point lead!? Man I'm salty as hell😫

  • This Pacers team won 48 games this year Lebron is 4-6 in series against 48+ win teams with less than two all-stars next to him.

    • Sure. But without a superteam he can be beat by a competent team. And quite easily too.

    • nikosvault What an oddly specific statistic.

  • The Cavs simply gave up when they seen LeBron give up

  • That's Playoffs!

  • lebron's defense tho. 😂😂😂

    • +Matthew Teng lmao Shane Battier 😂

    • I look at his reaction whenever the other team score. Dude be livid LOL

    • LOGICAL MIND kd outplayed lebron even way back in 2012 finals. Lebron got lucky he got battier to cover kd

    • apoorv choudhary WHAT DEFENSE..HE NEVER PLAYS IT

    • Lol yes happens everytime man ! He only goes for chasedown blocks. That's it.

  • Lebron does not deserve to be on that team

  • Leneedsmorehelp already planning on which team to bandwagon too.

    • Alex D. D Rose a failure?😂😂😂 you tripping hard,nigga was injured and never been the same after but a failure?you know nothing about basketball then bandwagon ass nigga.

    • Says the guy with a failure as his profile picture lol

  • The Pacers are turning me into a fan. I like the way they play basketball. It reminds me of when I used to dominate my high school JV intramural basketball league.

    • Of course I am a bandwagon bitch. I'm a liberal, after all.


  • No worries. LeBron will easily win Game 4 to even this up and two more easy wins to STILL be undefeated in the first round - something Jordan NEVER did.

    • Mitt Mittens if he gets bounced this round the 🐐 debate is over i mean its the fuckin pacers smh

    • So you rather be undefeated in first round or last round? Because Jordan is 6-0 in finals lol

    • Mitt Mittens Yes Jordan did not also choke in a finals series and get outplayed by fuckin Jason terry. Oh by the way Lebum is struggling against the freakin pacers with one all star oladipo while the cavs have two allstars. When he loses this series I am going to hunt you bronsexuals down.

    • Mitt Mittens jordan was like rookie and played against larry bird and stacked Celtics team. Plus eastern conference was better then western at that time while lebron played wizards lead by soulja boy deshawn stevenson and hawks who were pure scam

  • But Skieeeeeeep