The Oscars Jokes Kevin Hart Would Have Told

Published on Jan 10, 2019
'The Upside' star Kevin Hart tries out the material he was preparing for the Oscars ceremony.
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  • the subtitles haha

  • He has got to be exhausted talking about this over and over with talk shows.

  • Too bad an onion has a core.

  • I'm fucking triggered!!!!!

  • Nice Kevin. Finally a real person.

  • I just hope he doesn't get prejudged for it. You know it always happen s

  • Stephen tried to expose his ass😂😂😂😂 but failed

  • 5:54 for those of us only here for the jokes. Because, I'm over the "scandal," too.

  • He told me not to go. I still haven't left

  • Me: I know a gay guy that sounds like an owl. Friend: Who?

  • Hear about the gay royal Canadian mounted cop? He got so excited his first day on the Job he jumped on his whistle and blew his horse.

  • Q. Why should you never go to a gay barbecue?

    • The Hot Dogs taste like Sh*t

  • That jacket is incredible

  • Proof the #LGBTQ" are nothing but Bullies!!!! All they do is attack people and try to take money out their pockets or get them off of TV or radio etc..... Too sensitive

    • This can be said about any group, just because the LGBTQ community has a few fickle members that like drama doesn't define the majority of the LBGTQ community. If one black man lashes out like an animal and beats his wife to near death state is it safe for me to assume all black men are like this? As Aries Spear said "give credit were credit is due", if you have a bunch of irrational people taking advantage of a celebrity then point them out but don't drag others who aren't involved.

  • Colbert is the worst. I loved the Colbert Report, but he's super douchey now.

  • Yes Kevin! Colbert needs to chill

  • Can we stop beating this dead horse? It’s actually getting annoying. Let the man move on

  • To say that the picture of Denzel doesn't look like Denzel, but like someone behind Winn Dixie begging for money is a nasty comment...

  • If one had no context, this is the most confusing interview ever

  • Is it just me or the title doesn’t make any sense. Just read it and you’ll know what I mean.

  • 💐

  • Did he apologize for cheating on his wife yet? Lol

  • I would've loved if that Oscar exchange had gone: Kevin: "I had some HEAT" Colbert: "really, what was the heat?" Kevin: "uhhh, I had some gay jokes"

  • Kevin Hart is another failure comedian ...more like a try hard now

  • 😂

  • Why would Kevin Hart host the Oscars to begin with? Not him - I think any comedian would take that gig... i mean that I don't understand why Kevin was considered for the Oscar hosting gig to begin with. Something different? Also, why do the Oscars still exist? They're awful. That is, the awards. Also, unlike some of the other viewers, I don't think Kevin is funny... or would make for a good host. I'd like to be wrong and be surprised, but don't think I would be. I guess it doesn't matter now.

  • Once in a life time opatunaty and throw away by sencitive little children

  • We're in an era where people care way too much about other peoples opinion. Its silly. Put your energy elsewhere.

  • cant take a joke. he already apologize yrs ago.. stop acting like you can do whatever the F you want

  • Stephen would be a great host to the Oscars. he is as uptight as the actors and directors down there.

  • This makes no sense. He apologized. What's the problem? Everybody loves Kevin and this is so unfair for him

  • What’s the purpose of words? Whatever happen to “stick and stones might break my bones but words would never hurt me”.....🤦‍♂️

  • What’s the purpose of words? Whatever happen to “stick and stones might break my bones but words would never hurt me”.....🤦‍♂️

  • About to see it this Friday. I re-watched Unbreakable and Split last night to get ready for Glass. Pretty excited yet not holding any expectations since reviews are mixed. Fingers crossed!

  • Dont care what Kevin EVER says, Dude is crazy funny and you can NOT help but laugh when you watch anything hes in

  • Thats cuz SJW's wont EVER be happy, Even if you was to be jailed and beaten to a inch of your life EVERYDAY for the rest of your life and lose EVERYTHING. all you money and fame and everything and EVEN THEN they wont say its enough, Thats why I just do NOT fucking care. Ill say what the fuck i want and aint saying sorry for shit

  • Eh.

  • Wish he hadn't apologized in the first place.

  • What did he say ?

  • Hey, Black People, Jewish Controlled Hollywood is trying to force you to accept homosexuality. It is hard to say know when they are offering you all these silver coins, but just keep this in mind: Minister Louis Farrakhan is correct about them. (Stephen Colbert has received more than his fair share of coins)

  • ‘Say what we say or we will make you regret it’. That’s what PC culture has become now. They had another word for that in the 1930’s though, fascism.

  • Was a great gay joke for sure. Loved it.

  • Poor Kevin being forced to apologize over and over again. Gave a great answer to Stephen.

  • Bill Burr hosting the oscars, I want to see that.

  • Why would he apologize for something that doesn't matter or was never an issue?

  • Damn Faggs

  • That was good

  • Give this man an Oscar 😂😂

  • As long as it’s not Jimmy Kimmel, I’m okay…

  • His theme music walking in sounded an awful lot like Martin’s theme music.

  • Give them a little fame and fortune and they become homophobic racists.

  • Kevin Hart would be phenom. He's paid his dues now...

  • We're living in a society where if you're a man and you don't wanna have sex with another man then you're HOMOPHOBIC AND SHOULD LOSE EVERYTHING YOU'VE WORKED FOR...... the gays are like a scrawny kid who hates Bullies because he was bullied but then hit the gym gain some muscles and now he's bullying any and everyone who doesn't share the same views....

  • I knew it from very beginning that the moment that #LGBT community will get power they will bully people.

  • Love Kevin. Good attitude

  • Much respect to Kevin for how he handled this. Colbert pressed him a little too far as far as I am concerned. Kevin was class right here.

  • Stephen Colbert is not a nice guy

  • How about actually apologizing for your homophobia instead of beating around the bush and playing the victim for losing a job? He can be over it if he wants but I hope that it continues to linger over his career. He never apologized, he complained about apologizing

  • Was it cringy?

  • Why's Kevin Hart's not Ant man?

  • 🤣😎👊🏽

  • It's Meryl not "Merle", Kevin.

  • The same way you have the right to be gay, I have the right to hate your guts. I won't follow you down the street and stab your heart out just because you're gay, you will find your punishment ahead of you in the judgment day, with that being said i will not let you shove your bull shit and mental illness down my throat. And that's that.

  • The Oscars missed out on one hell of a host/performance from Kev. Good job guys, wont watch it anyways lol

  • Surprised nobody was offended by the "some guy asking for spare changes" joke Colbert told


  • I’m gay. I support Kevin Hart, and I think his stance is mature and is what America needs in these overly sensitive times.

  • the oscares are full of Homosexual trigered people? i dont get it o.0

  • Geez Stephen..... what’s happened to you?

  • They did not just bite off of Martin's opening theme song to replace it with Kevin's name... wow

  • if only actions were taken on more serious issues... America, Seriously? 😂

  • Love Kevin

  • Now a days folks are so sensitive and soft, you cant even have an opinion or even a thought that you can express without offending someones feelings. whatever happened to the good old days where I can just express myself say what I need to say and move on and folks wasn't so sensitive and soft this is why this world's going to hell in a handbag everybody wants to be right everybody wants to be politically correct everybody wants their opinions heard and no one wants their feelings hurt and everybody wants their life to be fair everybody wants the world to be fair everybody wants things to be equal and balanced the trying to create this Utopia but the shoetopia is f****** chaos and murderous I'm dangerous no hope.

  • Saw the Up Side this Weekend.. 2 thumbs up🖒👍Perfection.. Js

  • If you're not Kevin Hart, you can say: "It was 10 years ago, let it go" or "He apologised for it already hundreds of times, so that's enough" or "Leave Kevin alone, he's a human being" and anything else. If you are Kevin Hart, you can't say: "I apologised for it already" or "I'm done apologising" or "It was 10 years ago and I have apologised already" or "How many times do I have apologise" or "OK I'm sorry, happy now?" or "I am sorry for the homophobic comments I made in the past. I was wrong to have said those things, and they do not reflect my values now. Thank you for hearing my final apology that I am making about the homophobic comments I made 10 years ago." Get my drift?

  • Dat Patek though...

  • The whole gay thing is gone too far. It used to be do ur business in the bedroom. Whatever. Now its in our face. Men in drag. Its like wait this is not normal bx

  • Why hasn't colbert being attacked for comparing denzel as a homeless man begging for change behind a winn dixie? That's RACIST

  • He should apologize for being the worlds tallest midget

  • Happy I don’t have to give a shit what the LGBTQ or whatever initials they are or have added thinks.

  • Good on Kevin, man

  • "am ovet it"

  • Used to love Kevin until he showed how much of a garbage person he is. After cheating on his wife he basically said it's hard being famous and that's why he cheated. Then he says he apologized for jokes and tweets, which nobody can find. He could have actually apologized and become an ally but he hasn't. Now he's playing the victim of his own action/inaction.

  • Stephen Colbert would be a dive of a host because his got no heat baby !

  • If you don’t like Kevin Hart you’re GAY

  • If Kevin was white he would've never come here again. I'm just being honest

  • He let the haters win by not hosting.

  • “That’s not Denzel Washington! That was some guy asking for change behind the wind Dixie”- Stephen Colbert

  • Wow. Colbert’s a cop all of the sudden.

  • 5:10 for the title content

  • "I dont want to talk about this" Interviewer keeps asking the same question cmon bruh

  • I love ❤️ you Kevin!!!! Thank you for being the happiness in my home! My lil’ girl loved your movie & it brought true meaning of life! Your a true human & man! You don’t need to try to pleazzzze us🥰

  • that's right! Stand your ground against snowflakes!

  • "im true and honest" but hides the endless cheating on his pregnant wife? i love his stand-up and movies but stop saying bullshit if you were true, u would't try and hide that shit

  • Drake should host

  • Hadn’t seen him in a while. Colbert has really turned into an ass

  • He look fresh

  • Does anyone else think stephen was being a bit condescending to kevin?

  • Stephen wanted yet another apology on his show. He wanted to hear, “I’m sorry.” Kevin gave him: “I’m..... over it.”

  • Imagine kevin hart is white and always says "im white!".