the Moon is made of Cheese (but i can't taste it)

Published on Oct 2, 2018

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  • History of the 7niverse guy?

  • Swiss cheese.

  • Last time I watched u I was 8 I'm 11 now your still awesome

  • I think this is a tom and Jerry reference if it is damn bill wurtz ur a legend

  • This actually works as a really good sleeping lullaby

  • I can't wait to see birds join me on business class

  • *I want to lick the surface*

  • tHIs IS hOw I FeEl WHeN I uSE MY hAPPy DRuGs

  • Cool :)

  • I always wonder what the moon was made of but now I know thanks

  • the story of this song is a guy cant taste the moon so he tries to make it the opposite but accidentally makes the entire universe opposite

  • The moon landing was fake. This is a joke.)

  • What universe does this man live in????? THE ORCHESTRA'S PLAYING SYMPHONIES FOR FREE

  • If an Acid trip was a US-tv vid , this would be it.

  • Hold my beer

  • This is my favorite video on the internet And why is this my brain when trying to do something important

  • I feel like this has some deep meaning I fail to understand

  • *C H E E S E M O O N S O C I E T Y*

  • Are these a cry for help or a psychedelic trip?

  • Is this what being on acid is like?

  • "church holds the key" Hold it where inside of da couffin or roof?

  • why is this so relaxing

  • I thought it was going to keep going...

  • I have no mouth but I must scream

  • My mom is judging my musical tastes.

  • *_The moon is made of quiche so I can baaake it._*

  • Wut i've just watched. And why the moon is made of cheese

  • Is he a time traveler? From a different universe ? I’m so confused

  • This is the only thing, stopping me from ending it all

  • which is the correct read more Read more Bio: I make Roblox Minecraft parodies. Check them out

  • I think this is the definition of acid😂😂

  • I feel like he just writes a decently stupid song and runs it through google translate about 100 times

  • LSD? Bill.

  • Bills wurtz is 100% always on acid

  • I really wonder what goes through this guys mind

  • guess who got an F on their science demonstration project :/

  • *the moon is pretty cheap*

  • I think he's high lmao

  • What is this It’s beauty

  • At canada

  • conspiracy theory: bill wurtz is an alien

  • The ending though.

  • So, if the moon is made of cheese does that mean the sun is also made of cheese? Or is it still just a deadly laser?

  • 0:25 jojo in a nutshell

  • Finally someone gets it!!!



  • *this video is a visual representation of what i mean by ' zooming out in class ' .*

  • *this video finally made me realize what it's like to chew five gum .*

  • *this video got rid of all the acne i don't have .*

  • silly billy, the wrapper is just there protecting the cheese inside the moon, thats why you cant taste it

  • I should go to bed

  • either bill has been doing drugs or he’s in a parallel universe

  • I dont like music i like talking

  • i want it

  • Omg

  • You know those post where people tell you to press the middle autocorrect button a few times?That's how the lyrics of this beautiful song is made

  • I should stop my crack addiction now.

  • Are you on drugs or am I? I can’t tell

  • You should do the history of Brazil, because it is interestingly

  • So um I think he does LSD then writes down whatever he sees on his trip

  • imagine this being your reality and become self aware of what the fuck is going on

  • Remember Neil armstrong? This is him now. Feel old yet?

  • 🎶The moon is pretty cheap🎶

  • This song sounds like you were start texting something then just start hitting the middle predict word

  • i clicked on a link someone sent me in league of legends

  • The end

  • Im a tripping on dxm rn?

  • 2018

  • trippy.

  • The moon is not real.

  • Drugs?

  • is it bad that i sing this in the shower?

  • I love this

  • Ok then

  • Bill had some puffs before he made this

  • This is one of bill's more weird and abstract songs, but I'll try to analyze it soon!

  • "the church holds the key" i feel like he knows something hes not telling us

  • I love this guy because this guy sings his videos himself, and I feel that he has such a creative mind and his songs are so strangle and catchy, even though they are weird.


  • Nice Beautiful

  • i want money when i play my violin

  • When you are drunk and trying to explain the world to a kid

  • Lyrics The moon is made of cheese but I can’t taste it. But I like the way the texture feels when I lick the surface. And the rumors start to go around the world and it’s crazy cause I can’t even taste cheese. But I guess they don’t know me. The grass is always green, but I just changed it. To remind me of the way it was when the world was younger. And the TVs on the radio and the telephone on the stereo and the leaves turn to a colorful shade of turquoise. And the birds are made of trees, I think I’ve explained this. And they fly around in the business class section. And the ants crawl on the earths surface and the turtles roll through the street, and there orchestras playing symphony’s for freeeeeeeeee. And the church holds the key. The moon is pretty cheap.

  • And it’s getting closer together

  • moon is not made out of cheese , cheese is made out of moon 😂

  • Uh

  • total fucking thundercat ripoff

  • I cant help but feel this is some type of an encoded transmission for a treasure map or maybe even something more sinister

  • Wait a new meme?

  • How high r u

  • That ending was... How do I put th- abrupt. And that's why I love this channel.

  • This is what happens when you take LSD

  • is he on lsd everytime he edits

  • were you high

  • Person: What's your favorite song Me: *ThE wOrLd Is MaDe Of ChEeSe BuT i CaN't TaStE iT*

  • Is this Vsauce4

  • the moon is pretty cheap

  • if the moon is made of cheese... *_WoUlDnT It BE mOlDy?!1!!?!?!?!11!??/!?_*

  • I disagree