the Moon is made of Cheese (but i can't taste it)

Published on Oct 2, 2018

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  • Is This What It’s Like To Be High? Thank God I’m Still Young...

  • hi yes um this is the youtube content i needed thanks

  • This is probably what you see and hear when youre high.

  • you should make a kids show on pbs kids

  • Then im buying it

  • Wut

  • Better the *THE SUN IS A DEADLY LAZER*

  • can i have your drugs

  • Ay yo the birds in the business class section are an army of Archimedes

  • The moon is pretty cheap

  • "The moon is pretty cheap" - bill wurtz

  • moon licker.

  • Bill... are you... okay?

  • 0:41 O Canada! (earrape)

  • This is pretty deep if you listen to the lyrics.

  • Your videos are literally my will to live

  • Every single one of his songs have hidden messages about what bill wants with his life and it is all very serious like...licking the moon

  • That texture sully MMMM

  • You’re so positive, yet so dark, yet so cool, yet so smart, yet you curse sometimes, but even in moments of war and chaos, you remain peaceful. HOW?!

  • I want to dance salsa to this.

  • stupid diamond store, why didn't they make the moon as cheap as the orchestra's symphonies did?

  • This brings back memories

  • Is this what it’s like to be on drugs

  • It's so freaking random and freaking awesome for some freaking reason.

  • Parallel universe

  • My new chant for the next esbat

  • this is the best drugs

  • I still love this song

  • K

  • No joke, 0:22 - 0:40 actually sounds good.

  • yes.

  • more cheese gromit

  • 0:09 but it tastes like a liar?

  • why is this so inspiring?

  • Hit or miss

  • Have u ever seen a comment and wish u commented it?

  • Bill is Canadian right? There are so many videos of his that mention Canada.

  • I unironically love this

  • Ok Bill is having a crisis

  • *Depression rates drop to 0% because this video is so stupidly funny*

  • All his videos are an acid trip and a half

  • The moon rocks!

  • Moon made of rocks

  • the moon is indeed pretty cheap

  • The moon is pretty cheap. But I can’t buy it.

  • Cool

  • The sun is made of salami

  • How long does this dude take to edit his videos

  • I came out of this video with more questions then I began with....

  • My most favorite one yet

  • Dude where's the rest? Can't end it like that

  • yuck

  • Turqoise is my favorite color!

  • LYRICS: The moon is made of cheese, but I can't taste it. But I like the way the texture feels, when I lick the surface. And the rumor starts to go around the world. I'm crazy 'cause I can't even taste cheese. But I guess they don't know me. The grass is always green, but I just changed it to remind me of the way it was when the world was younger. And the TV's on the radio, and the telephone's on the stereo, and the leaves turn a colorful shade of turquoise. And the birds are made of trees, think I've explained this. And they fly around on an airplane in the business class section. And the ants crawl on the the Earth's surface, and the turtles roll through the streets, and the orchestras play symphonies for free! And the church holds the key. The moon is pretty cheap.

  • Oh, so you've found out that you're lactose intorelant?

  • 0:27 proof that Bill is an immortal being

  • 🌙

  • We could make a religion out of this!

  • The moon is pretty cheap 1:07

  • he has the perfect infomercial elevator music voice

  • Easy solution: Assume the victory position

  • the weed really got to me this time

  • If blink you miss 1 hour of editing

  • The pussy is made of candy but i can't taste it XD

  • The moon is really cheap but i cant afford it


  • "to remind me of the way it was when the world was younger" that lyric really hit me for some reason, its so wholesome. why do I think this way? by the way w h e r e t h e h e l l a r e w e?

  • LSD, ladies and gentlemen. LSD.

  • ???

  • this justmade me question my existence

  • This is my favorite Bill Wurtz video

  • I feel as if this is a message about something.

  • Matpat needs to get on this

  • *This* is what Hipsters will resort to when recreational use of marijuana becomes mainstream.

  • People playing music or giving any kind of service for free?! Wow this video is out there man

  • When you first have drugs

  • What universe in Bill living in? Whatever universe he’s in, *I wanna go there*

  • Possible reference to "Slow Down" at the end with the clock on the church?

  • How high bill exactly is?

  • I don’t know what kind of drugs you take but I really want to try that shit!!

  • is he... randomly looking at his house and singing about the placement of his furniture and the color of things in drawings he has on the wall?

  • All These subscribers you definitely deserve them...XD

  • mood i love the moon yum

  • What did I just watch

  • NO,the sun is a deadly lazer

  • Is this fun to watch while youre high

  • Of course at the end they put “the moon is pretty cheap” cause that’s how every song ends. I love this channel.

  • Bill dropping some mad knowledge right here.

  • Okay its settled Bill is not human

  • True cause I saw the moon turned yellow and look like a cheese I think I'm addicted to cheese

  • I think what bill is trying to say that sometimes us as humans try to soar too far to realize that we live ina magnificent world which is why at the end he says that the moon is cheap

  • does the moon represent happiness or purpose but you can’t get to it

  • the moon is pretty *cheap*

  • Hence proved

  • This makes me feel like im watching vaporwave

  • Dude, acid is just somethin' else Oh, it was just a video?

  • This song is about Bill being a God who can do anything except taste cheese. Bill is an international treasure.

  • Guys not high *TALL*

  • iT's fReE rEaL eStaTe.

  • bill, you will have to accept the world for changing and getting older, everything is fine 👍