The Million Dollar Game: eSports (Part 5/5)

Published on Mar 20, 2015
Today, there are more people in the world who play the online multiplayer battle game League of Legends than there are people who live in France. We wanted to see how humanity got to this point, so VICE host Matt Shea flew to South Korea, a country where competitive gaming-also known as eSports-can either make you rich and famous or land you in rehab.
In the final part of eSports, we join 40,000 screaming fans at the League of Legends world final-the highest-attended eSports match in history. As we watch the future stars of the competitive gaming world ascend to glory, we're left wondering how physical sports will ever catch up.
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  • Not relevant i know but fyi dota 2 2014 prize is 1 million, cheap lol

  • May I just add an update...Imagine Dragons...uuuum sorry? Lol I listened to them when they first came out. And look how far they both have come...It just keeps getting bigger and crazier. I know it was 3 yrs ago. Crazy how time flies. Anyhoo! I seriously love this channel and the topics they tackle. Keep pushing the envelope please!👍🏻

  • Host is ridiculous.

  • They sent this bitter no knowledge non gamer to interview and find out more about this world. Vice should of have sent him to Iraq.

  • Holy shit XD "Called Imagine..Dragons. They're one of those groups that is somehow really famous, and yet nobody listens to them". Lolol when was this made?

  • Oh yeah and rip IMP, I miss him

  • This guy has just been a condescending asshole the whole time.

  • this guy is full of bullshit and downright derogatory

  • waste tons of gift cards from league of legends but never become a legend

  • robot costumes??? hold up its called pulsefire ezreal.... everybody taking photo with cow guy bruh its COWsep... btw 6:48 is 2018 world champ

  • 1 million $?!!!😱😱😱 sign me up!

  • They are athletes. The things they do on computer would take months of practice, skill and intelligence to execute it

  • Kim jong-un tried to sneak in and thought no one would notice he’s an esports fan. He is clearly the blue guy in the thumb nail.

  • WORST HOST EVER! Dude do some research before you actually delve into making documentaries. Seriously ppfffttt!!!!

  • When pride sets in Remember :- "There's an Asian always better than you."

  • cow.... guy???

  • 5:20 Is only it me or is it that I imagine a goat Shouting like Human video meme 😂😂😂

  • Bro, the american guy speaking in the vid was like a scared child there😂🙁🙁

  • common, computer games are not taking over the world, addiction created demand, this wave only gonna lasts a few years because young people are sheeps and are vunerable to prove themselves worthy through "winning" and "losing".

  • This reporter is fucking weird

  • Vice your documentary ideas are always interesting but Dam you need to get better reporters or at least assign the topic to someone with an interest in gaming and at least does his homework or these web Docs will keep coming out looking crappy and getting such negative reviews.

  • That comment about Imagine Dragons..... lol. This dude must not know how famous they are and how much people like them.

  • He talks about Leage of Legends like it was most played game in the world. Best part when he sad that it is most important moment in life of every gamer. WTF who the fuck likes LOL. That game is for fucking virgins.

  • those pro players look hella gay

  • Bruh let’s be honest: this is just allowed cause it generates a lot of money in Korea and such countries. But the West? Idk...culture regarding technological use is different in each side

  • Wtf. A computer game😂

  • cant wait for the day "Korean esports professional drops dead while still in fantasy reality" LOL

    • or what about "Korean geek manages an early escape" HAHA

  • VIRGINS.. virgins EVERYWHERE (including the presenter... especially after the docco)

  • Imagine dragons are amazing asshat.

  • worst reporter ever

  • FastForward to 2018 , they were all wrong, esports is on the rise like nothing, everyday more people coming in along with the money increasing, its a developed industry now and caught up in west too. .

  • thats alot of nerds

  • Interviewer is just dismissive and rude as fuck to hai. Lmao. What a clown

  • wait what did he say about imagine dragons? this dude is on a whole another level of stupidity. damn!

  • I have no idea what's going on in that game...

  • 5:55 Dude totally roasts Imagine Dragons in 2014; in 2015 Image Dragons becomes the biggest breakout band of the year. So I guess joke's on him.

  • I think a lot of people have missed the point of the reporters approach to this. They're saying 'how has he not heard of...' and 'how does he know so little...' but thats precisely the point of Vice documentaries. He resonates loudly with me, in that he seems a bit sorry for the state of sports and humanity that 40,000 people will go to watch some kids sit in front of a computer screen. But then someone mentioned chess and now I think of darts and I like motor racing but I know a lot of people who just think its cars going round in circles. So each to their own I guess.

  • This reporter keeps pissing me off

  • Reportar such a hater. There’s actually ppl who love gaming and it’s so awesome I don’t know how u became a reporter dude ur lacking a lot of knowledge ! U suck as a reporter

  • No match for football tough :D

  • still doesn't match the roar of 100,000 at the MCG

  • talk about major distraction worldwide

  • That c9 guy thinks he is as tough in real life as he is in his virtual world, LOL

  • That calming background music at 9:20

  • No need to hate on the reporter, think he did a good job, he was realistic as any normal person would when faced with something so extraordinary. Particularly like the 'Cringe' parts - as a non gamer I can understand he's perspective, he's not hating on it, just showing beweildernment and actually a good amount of open minded-ness. The average man knows Jay Z, Linkin park, TImberlake e.t.c. - not so much Imagine Dragons - just fact. I mean the guy actually says Gaming is getting it's woodstock moment and is something that's taking the world by storm - how's that hating? o_O

  • Lol IMAGINE DRAGONS is popular

  • This guy is terrible- definitely out of his element.

  • He's never met anyone who listens to Imagine Dragons?

  • I have more respect for 'nerds' in E 'sports' than VICE employees. At least the nerd is honest and not out to make a profit calling themselves a news organization while being perpetual fabricators of information on a grand scale. Either this video is a joke.... or VICE ran out of things to complain and lie about. Or maybe they're just mad because the feminists can't have their way with the gaming culture because the top 10% of female gamers perform as poorly as the bottom 10% male gamers on average, just like they do with high yield academia in sciences and physics, basic mathematics, or physical tasks. Sounds about right. VICE is a chronic perpetuator of the false 'female power' narative, so it wouldn't surprise me.

  • I get the feeling that Matt looks down on the whole e-sports scene and considers traditional sports/athletics as inherently superior due to the physical rigours involved; which is ironic because he is in no way athletic and appears to fit the "socially awkward nerd" stereotype as well as anyone in the documentary.

  • I just gotta know why you sent this guy to do the story. You didn't have anybody more charismatic and more into pop culture than this guy?

  • Korean love pc games, westerns love alcohol.. so what? So negative man.. jealous of the gaming world? Come on!

  • God the Host is such a loser.. fucking mainstream sheep

  • They're still nerds no matter what they do. 😬

  • 3:20 (staring at the ground) alright cool man, thanks. Thank you. Goodbye. lol you can feel the hatred growing. Also calls him "lai" 5 seconds later

  • this guy is really disrespectful. what a dick

  • Wtf is wrong with this reporter pls he must have autism or something

  • I think he's upset he chose not to be a "nerd ath-Ah-lete" . . . lol

  • This guy is a goddamn idiot, vice do better

  • this host sucks

  • Reporter wasn’t that bad. It was kinda nice to see someone who doesn’t know video games experiencing it.

    • except that he had no intention of trying to understand it and acted as if he was better than all the gamers

  • Wow, didnt expect to the the final of 2015 here Do you guy know any doc which contains the final 2017? its my most favorite

  • Asian countries get into gaming because they know they have no chance at real life.

  • Lmao that was like the first Ti in dota 2

  • This reporter sucks

  • So many virgins

  • This is shit.

  • Dislike this fucking video, the host is a fucking ignorant and ghey party fucker.

  • its kinda weird to compare a national championship to a world championship

  • If the black man can't dominate, then it ain't a real sport.

  • congrats you are now the nerd in a geek world

  • I went here to expect stories about dota2 ugh

  • I wonder if anyone in the comments still listens to imagine dragons. I'm glad to say i never did. Never seen twilight either.

  • ~Dota 2 is better!

  • this is the shittiest video ive ever seen lol

  • everyone knows imagine dragons .-.

  • 3:10 the interviewer could not have been anymore awkward

  • Nice job vice... Awesome Documentary...smooth story telling...u can make part 2 of this season including games like Dota 2 and pubg...keep it up..

  • What song is that that started playing at the end of the documentary ?


  • I thought doublelift is in the thumbnail lol

  • Wonder what's the virginity ratio within that stadium? Being genuinelly curious, not trying to be rude

  • wake up old man this is the future

  • get a different reporter for fuck sake

  • Its no longer just a computer game. Love it ❤

  • too many korean people using a glass because they addicted for a game..

  • Even before this started i new it would b so me need playing league

  • I just get the "if youre a gamer you must like league of legends" feeling from this lol most of us actually dont. League is ass.



  • All I have to say Future is doomed ! Edit : playing pc and mobile esports games doesn't make athelete with belly fat in Ur stomach chest become breast : u r not athelete ..

  • Who the fucking fook is cloud9?

  • I just want to say World Of Warcraft rules!!!

  • u guy should remake or update this video, dota 2 ti8 (international 2018 tournament) currently is at 24millions prize pool and it still growing lol

  • Are Chess Players Athletes? So are Gamers. Gamers culture is bigger than the Olympics by head count (I have no stats)

  • I didn't mind the art style of the documentary, and he's right about imagine dragons. Nobody seems to listen to them intentionally but they're famous. Change my mind

  • Why is the host so bitter I'm tasting so much salt did someone spit in his food or something?

  • lol this guy is so salty hahahaha

  • This would b nba 2k if they fixed ther lag situation 😂😂

  • 5:22-5:27 when your releasing a fat shit