The Hopscotch Experiment | Dirty Data | Cut

Published on Apr 11, 2018
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Hopscotch | Dirty Data | Cut


  • That was fun

  • this is the cutest experiment

  • the cut is frickin bomb

  • Come to Australia.....!!!!!

  • I actually started dancing to this and I don’t know why

  • This made me so happy

  • Put this on a college campus and you'd have a line of people waiting to play *hurry up with your turn I have to get to class*

  • The dirtiest data

  • If me and my friends see a hopscotch, we race over to do it

  • I love it so I did a game and I don’t one. But not the same

  • 1058 ppl had no childhood

  • *I thought it was gonna be worse. A 10% is pretty solid considering the world we live in today...* Being honest i wouldn't even notice it.

  • i feel bad for the guy who had to look at all ten hours of this to count the number of people who did play hopscotch

  • This made my day idk why it made me so happy

  • this makes me really happy

  • 124 people accidentally missed the like button

  • 1:40 Parents: "You spend way too much on your phone"

  • That is so freakin cute this makes me so happy

  • 2:23 Adorable!!

  • 1:50

  • You schould do that experiment around the world😄

  • I don't even know how lol

  • Haven't played tho in YEARS, omg I loved this😂

  • This vid really made my day. All I think is that if I got to pass it I'd gladly play. But probably all the problems I had inside of my head would not let me notice the hopscotch in the first place.

  • I can after the remake video to check this out!

  • Bless the soul who edited this.

  • Yo, what song is this though?

  • How do you play though? Never played in my life. We have something similar to this in my country though.

  • I'll be like IS THAT HOPSCOTCH I SEE? ME FirST

  • They know they wanted to play, they just didn't want to look childish in public

  • Sorry to be a bummer but I would hate to be recorded on a bad day I mean imagine walking with your sweatpants when you're really not feeling it and then seeing yourself on yt like fuuck

  • 2:11 he tried his best, I'm proud of him

  • It should have million like

  • Idk but watching this makes me feel happy😅

  • These people who jumped are our future. Love to see the world in such good hands

  • I smile every time I watch this video.

  • *such a simple way of making someone’s day a bit better and I love it so much*

  • I'll play it btw

  • Lady with the purse at the beginning really wanted to

  • I would have done the exact same thing as 1:43. We didn’t have this at our elementary schools, maybe it’s just an American thing…

  • 2:45 😍

  • 1:39 fuck you

  • so pointless yet so pure

  • Well I mean who wouldn't fuckin play minus the people who didn't? I mean it's there might as well play :>

  • the music is on point!

  • 好き♡

  • i feel like that’s illegal

  • 12.9/hr

  • very nice

  • I remember I would do tricks when im playing hopscotch

  • Too many people grow up and forget how to play!!

  • It's a very interesting experiment.

  • I was surprised to know that foreign play also has this game. In Japan, we call it [ken ken pa].

  • 1:51!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This is one of my favorite videos ever


  • The point is...

  • Lol as dumb as it sounds I actually have a fear of hopscotch so I would probably cross the street... - When I was a kid I was playing it and then some big big big kid run into me and made me go flying I was knocked unconscious for 1 week and suffered a broken jaw, wrist and ankle soo ever since then I’ve actually been super scared when around one... Other people playing doesn’t affect me but when I’m there near one I start to have a panic attack and yeah

  • I would screw all my plans for the day and just play all day 😂

  • Cute but are you allowed to film them lol

  • Whomever had to go through this data and record it.... I give you mad props

  • This is the most wholesome thing ive ever seen

  • Anyone else come to watch this after seeing it on reddit?

  • 2:46 cute 😭

  • Who else came here from reddit

  • Adults are really just children with responsibilities and trauma, really.

  • And those 129 people had THE BEST DAY after

  • Fake their feet were paid actors ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • 129 awesome people....

  • That's so wholesome

  • Oh shit I know where this is

  • #bringhopscotchback

  • 1:29 Looks like she maybe should have done it more than once...

  • 11.87% of people played hopscotch

  • Hopscotch ! Where i am from we call this "amarelinha", it means "little yellow".

  • I would've fucking destroyed that hopscotch with my skill

  • 2:11 actually me

  • Teaches people how to dance

  • At 2:32 it shows that no one is ever to old to play hopscotch 😃😃

  • I wish someday I could cross with one like this hahaha, I would probably be smiling and waving at all directions wondering where's the camera 😂

  • This is the most wholesome random humans will seem to me.

  • Why did this restore my faith in humanity so much?

  • ID DO IT!!!!

  • NEAT!!

  • Tried to find the music and I ended up just converting the vid to mp3

  • its so amzing how a simple thing could make someones day

  • I'm pretty sure I would have!

  • I’m sorry but you can’t not do hopscotch.

  • One does not simply pass up hopscotch.

  • So sad to see so many avoiding fun on purpose!!

  • This is so cool that I'm going to try and get my company to put some around the office in the main thoroughfares and see what happens.

  • Let's do this in different cities! PS: I think this is San Francisco. Can anybody verify? If, so, then 129/1185 people played it in San Francisco.

    • +Sam Verma Ah! I've never been to Seattle (I live in the UK), so that's probably why. But still, let's keep a counter (if you can, like the video or preferably edited version). 129/1185 in Seattle.

    • It's Seattle

  • I wanna play too 😁😁😁😁

  • Aww childhood... The days that phones didn't destroy our lives

  • japan numbers be like 8 yes and 74589 no

  • The construction workers always made me laugh :)

  • Yay, people know what hop scotch is!


  • 1:20 what the hell was that?

  • We want more dirty data