The Hopscotch Experiment | Dirty Data | Cut

Published on Apr 11, 2018
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Hopscotch | Dirty Data | Cut


  • The couple that wore all black are goals the way he kissed her hand awwww

  • The 1053 people are lame and 129 you’re dope

  • This is so me.

  • noted; will play any future hopscotch’s i see drawn

  • 1:19 he tried

  • This makes me so happy

  • 1:20 Well, he tried at least.

  • When the little kids did it. It was even better

  • i don’t get it,,, what’s the point of this ? like yeah,, it made me smile,, but what did it prove ? what were the results of this experiment ?

  • I could never resist that

  • this video is very wholeseome. everyone in the comments couldnt resist smilling (even myself)

  • We’re all still kids at heart 🤣❤️

  • when the video ends & u realize you've been smiling the entire time for some reason

  • No matter what age, I would play.

  • Wholesome

  • Anyone else confused as to how their cameras weren't stolen? lmao still a cute video :)

  • It's funny how some of the people who didn't do it walked around it and not over it lol

  • this made me so happy

  • I wonder how long this took to edit... 😂

  • What was the purpose of this experiment?

  • 1:50 i wish i was as cool as that guy

  • Sometimes childhoods never leave, never grow up.

  • humans are adorable

  • This makes me so happy!!!

  • 02:01 thats something i would have done if i saw that

  • I love it made me smile

  • Surprised how many tough looking workmen had a go! Maybe because it's considered a girl's game in the UK? That needs to stop - I'll be hop scotching next chance I get.

  • Did the suitcase man count? 😂😂

  • 1:40 isnt that the guy they hire to do videos? lmfao fake as shit

  • Yeah , the fun people played lol I would of played ! Winks Lisa

  • Brilliant. I am sharing this in a reminiscence session in a care home in Blackpool, UK this morning. We've been talking about the games we used to play. This is one people remember with great affection. Every street should have one....every care home garden should have one....awesome reminiscexercise! Thank you.

  • Everytime i see theese i hop on them bcz i would think someone is filming me

  • Humans are adorable.

  • why

  • I would’ve played

  • I was surprised by the amount of MEN who played! Just groups of adult men playing hopscotch in the street is kinda awesome!

  • I feel like it depends on peoples moods

  • Here’s to the ones who go for it.

  • Imagine whoever had to edit this had to count a shit ton


  • So someone had to watch the 10 hours of footage to find who played? Hats off to them.

  • 1:18 the guy trying to do it with a suitcase 😂

  • Those 3 dudes in high vis made my day :)

  • is it really called hopskotch? because when you pronounce it it means "jump jump" (two words meaning the same) in my language and thats strange. Its a mid Europe language

  • The ones who played totally made me smile. Good for them!

  • There is only one thing that I didn’t really like, only 126 played. I probably would have played it once or twice.

  • Anyone knows the song?

  • But like, what did that one elderly woman do? Just taking a picture for what?

  • I never pass up a game of hopscotch

  • if you see a drawn hopscotch board on the side walk, and don't jump on to it, are you really a human? 😂

  • 1:19 wtf xD

  • This was a perfect way to end this season. I need a season 2. Please.

  • Whoever sat thru ten hrs of footage and counted the ppl who played or didn’t deserved a trophy

  • Thisss

  • Great fun video

  • I must have watched this like 30 times now. It makes me happy.

  • when people actually did it it made me happy

  • I love how most of the people were men

  • This is such a pure experiment

  • It’s Seattle?

  • About 12% of everyone will play hopscotch

  • Please make more like this!

  • is there a "right" or "wrong" way to play? heh - I might do it myself if I ever come across a hopscotch in the streets.

  • I love this! Just made my day!

  • i love this

  • Now I wanna play

  • I could watch this all day

  • Never let your inner child die 👶🏻👶🏼👶🏽👶🏾👶🏿❤️

  • no matter how old we get we are still children within

  • The difference between people who take life too seriously and people who don't

    • Ian Bora this is a city, poeple were there either going shopping or going from work or to meetings

    • Hrrry South so you telling me 129/1056 people and organisations and know how to manage their time... really

    • Ian Bora or poeple who are ina rush or people who aren't

  • Thanks for the awesome silly! More please

  • I think if you grew up playing it, then you would just HAVE to do it

  • Those 129 people are so precious

  • Somebody had to watch 10hrs of this lol

  • Loved this! It’s like it gave those ppl five seconds of innocence and happiness in their otherwise I’m sure stressful (life filled) days. Made me smile! ❤️

  • this just made my whole day.

  • How do you play hopscotch again? It’s been so long

  • I watched this when it was first released, and now I'm doing it as my science fair project! Thanks Cut :)

  • I don’t why but I smiled the whole time

  • I can’t even imagine a situation in which I wouldn’t hop the hopscotch 🤔 Even if I’m being chased by a pack of wild dogs, I would still hop it!!! 😜

  • I would

  • I get it not everyone wants to play it BUT if you step on it then you MUST play!

  • Basically if you with a group you did it.unless you have a burgundy hood

  • I liked 1:50

  • I’d probably come back and play a million times omg

  • I feel like the vibe the music gives me is not quite suitable for the subject of the video

  • I love and applaud the person who played hopscotch more than once

  • 1:11 me when im old

  • What's the music?

  • I be destroying that


  • anyone know where can i find the instrumental for this video? would appreciate the help!

  • how do i get to the music in this vid I cant type w/e language shazam brings up

  • 2:34 hey, better than me

  • I feel bad for the person who had to sit the 10 hours and count the number of people.

  • I would have soon played though

  • *It made me happy when the 20-30 yo guys did it XD*

  • Whats the name of the audio track?

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  • i was smile to every second in this video :). I will do it too :)