The Hopscotch Experiment | Dirty Data | Cut

Published on Apr 11, 2018
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Hopscotch | Dirty Data | Cut


  • I wish someday I could cross with one like this hahaha, I would probably be smiling and waving at all directions wondering where's the camera 😂

  • This is the most wholesome random humans will seem to me.

  • Why did this restore my faith in humanity so much?

  • ID DO IT!!!!

  • NEAT!!

  • Tried to find the music and I ended up just converting the vid to mp3

  • its so amzing how a simple thing could make someones day

  • I'm pretty sure I would have!

  • I’m sorry but you can’t not do hopscotch.

  • One does not simply pass up hopscotch.

  • So sad to see so many avoiding fun on purpose!!

  • This is so cool that I'm going to try and get my company to put some around the office in the main thoroughfares and see what happens.

  • Let's do this in different cities! PS: I think this is San Francisco. Can anybody verify? If, so, then 129/1185 people played it in San Francisco.

  • I wanna play too 😁😁😁😁

  • Aww childhood... The days that phones didn't destroy our lives

  • japan numbers be like 8 yes and 74589 no

  • The construction workers always made me laugh :)

  • Yay, people know what hop scotch is!


  • 1:20 what the hell was that?

  • We want more dirty data

  • i’d gladly play hopscotch with that pideon tho-

  • This made me smile

  • Lol I would love that you gotta have fun sometimes

  • it was really interesting to see how many construction workers did it :0 go them!

  • I would if I were with someone. But not if I were alone. Funny how you can get away with things if you’re with another person. But it’ll make you look kooky if you were just by yourself.

  • Now i wanna play hopscotch

  • Should have been one made for the people coming from the other way of the road but still fun to watch !

  • 1:11 I would really like to see her in her childhood years. Must have been enjoyed her youth.

  • i feel bad for whoever had to count all the ppl

  • 1:50 that guy got super excited I love him

  • i feel like they shouldve blurred the faces sdfkjsdkfj

  • anyone who walked normally OVER it has something chemically wrong w them 🙌🏻😂

  • There's something like hopscotch (but not hopscotch) in front of a special kids classroom. I would play it when i'm otw to my classroom after recess 😆 it's just UNRESISTABLE !! Hahaha.. .so much fun!

  • Seattle 💔

  • I understand for the old and overweight people but... when did hopscotch become something you need to hold on to somebody else to play? Great video anyways :)

  • I would do it in a heartbeat

  • The older people and the construction workers are my favourites.

  • Why does shit like this make me tear up?? Also the couple in all-black near the end was real cute

  • I got hungry while watching this video..?

  • Rip the peoplr who counted the people 10 hours..

  • For the first few seconds, when no one was doing it, I was loosing faith in humanity. But then they started and I had a huge smile of content.

  • I would play hopscotch. fuck 1,056 those people that didnt play it.

  • It would drive me nuts if I walked past it and didn't play haha

  • This made me smile so much wow people can be so pure sometimes

  • who do i love more... the guy who did a lil spin as he finished his off, or the guy who after finishing it, turned around to complete it two more times

  • This would be fun to watch live

  • We are the future

  • Why did this make me so emotional

  • WHO TF TAKES A PICTURE OF HOPSCOTCH like are you THAT into your phone you don't even play and take pictures. I bet she posted on Facebook "LOOK AT THIS ANCIENT WRITING I FOUND ON THE SIDE WALK....WHAT IF ALEINS DID IT?!?!?" Like c'mon put your camera down and do it!

  • This makes me cry for some reason

  • You people all pretend to be mature adults, but no. We know your dirty dirty secret, all 129 of you. You all have a little childhood inside of you, just like us.

  • Reminds me school

  • I just realized that hopscotch is another thing I missed out on being disabled.

  • Wow people really just walking over it

  • Sometimes I forget how cute people can be

  • 1,185 people either participated or didn’t

  • Loved this

  • The guy at 2:12.. absolutely adorable

  • This was a very cool experiment. 😊

  • @geauxgang bjftbloodbrothers-hop

  • 2:11 lmao me

  • How do u play hopscotch

  • We have hopscotchs in some streets, too! It makes my walk to bus stop fun.

  • Going through 10 hours of footage sounds so painful

  • All we've learnt is that some people don't know how to play hopscotch

  • 💯 would defo do it have u no heart it’s a game that u have to play and the plus side is that it’s colourful and yes I’m british so I spell it colourful not colorful

  • 1:18 that woman went to help someone with directions

  • I will definitely play it.

  • Only 130/1000 played it? That’s so sad Alexa play Despacito

  • How did so many people resist the urge to play???

  • 1:03 squad goallls :)

  • Why was I so happy watching people play?😂

  • Imagine seeing hopscotch on the sidewalk and *not* skipping through it. Wild

  • I loved all the grown ass men having the time of there lives doing it

  • 2:36 find someone who's willing to do crazy stuffs with you

  • Why did this make me so happy

  • If i see this i will play this over and over again


  • wait this is so cute and i love the diversity skjdls i didn't get bored at all

  • Faith in humanity has been restored even though it’s just people having fun!

  • Lmao they counted the baby as not playing at the end. Wtf, you expect him/her to jump out and do some crazy acrobatics on that chalk drawing?

  • this was the cutest thing i’ve ever seen

  • The people who played while walking by themselves look the happiest

  • I can never not play it lol

  • seeing everyone’s little hops made me so happy

  • This made me so happy. What the back 😂

  • My friends used to play a game where you did a cartwheel and whatever number you landed on was how many year 4 kids (who were huge to us at the time) you had to say hi to randomly.

  • This is honestly just so wholesome and pure !!

  • I wanna do it

  • The Asians ruined it

  • how can you go over a hopscotch without playing?!

  • this makes me so happy lol

  • This made my day for the people who plays :-)

  • I Would Do The Hopscotch

  • We’re all still kids at heart

  • *kudos to the person who had to count 10 hours of hopscotch footage.*

  • I would keep hoping like forever 😂😂😂

  • I’m happy for those 129 people.

  • I’m happy for those 129 people.