The Goblin - JACK AND DEAN

Published on May 11, 2018
That? That's a goblin living under the stairs...
A ColourTV Production
Executive Producer - Jay Pond-Jones
Directed and Edited by Jack Howard
Written by and Starring Jack Howard & Dean Dobbs
Co-director - Matt Holt
Featuring David Elms, Lizzie Daykin, Bertie Gilbert & Savannah Brown
Produced by Rebecca Hewett & Leah Draws
Director of Photography - Ciaran O'Brien
Camera Operator - Ade Goss
First Assistant Camera - Rachael Hutchings
Camera Trainee - Em Cooke
Gaffer - Christine Alexander
Art Director (and pretty much everything else) - Reb Day
Sound Design by Dan Pugsley
Sound recordist - Will Loxley
Costume - Cecily Mitchell
Make Up by Diandra Ferreira
Runner - Charlotte Gordon


  • i dunno how to feel about this in its entirety

  • This freaks me the fuck out but I keep watching it

  • this is bloody excellent!

  • Fucking lost it at ‘gimme a kiss FITTYYY’

  • So that was odd. Where, Jack, can I find you reviewing films nowadays?

  • That got fucked up

  • looks like President Putin



  • Disease disease disease is that basil bashil hes got some basil lmao😅😅😅😅😅

  • I don't remember this Harry Potter movie

  • This was the best! Had me laughing all the way through.

  • Gimme dem *L I P S*


  • "that is a goblin that lives under the stares" um thats me on a saturday night

  • This was the funnyest think I've seen in years XD

  • I can’t stop watching honestly

  • Lipstick

  • Behind The Scenes?

  • I love the savannah and bertie goblin personas at the end

  • wt

  • Don't tell me the husband in the video didn't look like that guy from The Shining

  • lady:i think it came from under the stairs me:HARRY POTTER?!!????

  • Why is goblin dean simantanously disturbing and cute..?

  • wow

  • Lips


  • I’m not even sure how to react to this...

  • I saw the thumbnail and this is NOT what I thought this fucking video would be

  • Hey um quick question what the fuck


  • Ahahaha what the fuck


  • Maybe lips will be your always

  • “Oooh your gonna have kids” They’re worse than the goblin

  • If I pause at 3:22, then it can have a happy ending.

  • That ended way darker than I expected.


  • "You're fookin niiiccee pretty boi"

  • This needs its own bloopers video please

  • harry potter is looking great.

  • Follow that cold shiver running down your spine

  • if you want some deep shit, turn on captions and skip to 4:30

  • Dean is a natural goblin! This was amazing

  • I was scrolling through the comments after it ended and all I heard was "GiVe Me ThE aMuLeT" and I shat

  • What will they do with Jack tho???

  • this was uploaded on my birthday •o• :3

  • GiMmE the BabEee

  • Well I'm not terrified

  • Lads your sketches are for real, brilliant! You could easily get onto BBC comedy series. Like a Jack and Dean equivalent of the peep show

    • It’s not as easy as you might think but thank you x

  • _lips_

  • FiTtiE

  • 2:43 gets me every tiem

  • Is it was that this scares the fuck out of me

  • um...was the goblins language just distorted japanese because a lot of it sounded like japanese

  • I had to rewatch that sketch several times over the past days. It may very well be my favourite one from anyone ever. It is just so perfect. The portrayal of the goblin is golden and the subtitles are a nice bonus. Love it!

  • I can't stop watching this it's so good 😂 Dean makes me die

  • I fucking love this!

  • Still don't understand why you guys don't have a million subscribers since you've been doing US-tv for years with amazing content mate I don't understand. Also hope I get to meet you two at summer in the city :D I'm going in the 10th so hopefully I'll meet you two after loving the channel for years

  • FITTY YOU FOOKIN NICE is the best part about this video

  • Loved it! Can we have some bloopers, please? also, Bertie and Sav ♥

  • I don't understand how this has so little views wow

  • Why is this so funny!?!? 😂😂😂😂

  • "Unending silence in place of an end theme, reminding you that in the grand scheme of the universe, you are nothing more than an insignificant speck in the centre of a limitless void" Why did I laugh so much at that caption ahaha

  • yesssssss

  • So funny, was actually laughing out loud xD x

  • That's it. You're both crazy. I love it

  • L I P S GIMME THE BHABHIEEE KHISSES KHHHHHIIIIIIISSSSS Dean's delivery in this is absolutely flawless. This has to be my favorite one so far. I love it, guys. Keep it up!

  • That was totally Planet of the Apes.

  • when is the good, the bad, and the just plain sh!t parts of 2017 coming out???