The FASTEST Grand Mac Meal Ever Eaten (under 1 Minute!!)

Published on Mar 10, 2018
Happy Meal Video! --
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Following the footsteps of the challenge I did years back, I've grown up and graduated from a Happy Meal to a Grand Big Mac Meal!!!
Just seemed like a fun idea, and I've seen a decent amount of requests to do Grand Big Macs!!
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  • u are insane

  • You pig

  • Moral of the story .....try try but dont cry.......

  • Every time I watch mat I am like I don't give a fuck if I ate a big Mac meal and I am onley 12. Look at this dude

  • When hot dinners at school are manky then I get home

  • مبين فيه تواحد

  • Suprised your not fat

  • My stomache is rumbling......

  • This reminds me of those video game speedrun progression videos where they optimize the attempt, shaving off every possible second

  • 5:32 when you put your face onto them tities

  • It's a burger not sandwich

  • There you have 3 days worth of uploads, save some big macs for the rest of us..

  • Matt:yo I'm hungry *makes a video*

  • Matt does this challenge in public a guy behind him “chill bro chill”

  • That was 1 minute and ten

  • it takes me 10 minutes to eat a burger hmmmmmm yeah i wouldnt make it

  • I'll be your meal if u eat me like that 😜😝😄😀😈👌🏾👆🏾

  • Warning choking hazard (Edit) lol

  • When someone asks for your food


  • who elses mouth was watering??????????

  • وات بنص دقيقة خلص 😲😲😲😲

  • what à hair

  • I just want to enjoy a good meal

  • when your mom doesn't pack you a good lunch at school and you dont eat it, then you get home and see a Big Mac meal on the kitchen table.

  • Can u eat pussy like that?

  • i dont get how he eats like 3 burgers a day and doesnt get fat

  • Anybody else watching in 1894

  • You also have to eat the boxes and the cup

  • Wanna know why he makes these vids cause he has no life and no gf

  • Put 2x speed

  • The way just he nods his head while eating sounds so intense.

  • 1:00 واو

  • I feel bad for the kids who sit by him

  • can't wait for u to die u fucking ugly asian squinty eyed dirty bastard

  • Imagen u eat like that on a date lolz

  • You can’t count fam

  • .... did you get the shits after that lmao

  • That must hurt his throut, shouving that shit down there


  • Whyyyyyy???

  • Please watch your language

  • How do you even eat 3 meals in 5 mins

  • He’s clearly not scared of diabetes... diabetes is scared of him

  • I'd puke if I did that 🤢🤮

  • In second you didn't drink a cola

  • Bu adam ne sicmistir sonra

  • This guy's gotta have the meanest shit ever

  • Did you know you have to chew a bite 20 times for your stomach to digest it

  • 2019?

  • Slow down man..ur gonna choke trying to make world record...:p This nigga jus finished 3 meals in 3 minutes

  • Watching this makes me feel like going for a number 2 and I haven't ate any big macs.

  • Tu degoutes

  • Diabeties: im not scared of any men or women!!! Diabeties looks at Matt Stonie..... Diabeties: but that guy... He scares me

  • pig.

  • Wow talent dude


  • 56 seconds

  • And you forgot to eat your dog

  • The bathroom is waiting for you to poop

  • How is him still skinny

  • me: looks away for 3 seconds. me again: wtf where did the mac go?

  • *stops eating* yummm *gets back to eating*

  • Messy

  • Diabetes: I FEAR NOTHING. **sees Matt Stonie** Diabetes: Oh no-- GET MY THINGS I'M LEAVING!!!

  • Now kids don't try this at home! 1:46

  • He just wanted more of them sweet McD's french fries.

  • Pig

  • Is that how he eats his girls pussy

  • Dude he's fast

  • It was only 1:10 not 2:10

  • I eat that shit faster than you

  • Mmm so good

  • 0:01 Free replay you dont have to like

  • who got hungry while watching the vid

  • Dude how are you not a diabetic circle of fat

  • No joke I got a burger king ad on this video

  • Anybody watching in 4567892345627365263736252637486363526373828019282726364637829383736647383930393737465282098373636383763738837363777380928273677393873663882767383926383927226353482972638492636372182373617276483982728297263648282673837272826373736266626236354289373636464829136457382?

  • Maybe you can be faster if you can put fries in the burger and then eat it as

  • When its bed time but you dont wanna throw away your food.

  • Lit

  • A can’t even finish the drink

  • You eat but your still soo skiny

  • How is he not full like if agree

  • Dang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FATASS

  • When u buy the last meal on earth and people at your door trying to get some

  • *Frustation*

  • you look disguisting when you eat

  • well thats a quick trip to the toilet

  • 5:31😂😂😂

  • Why is big mac and frites so much bigger than in my country ?!

  • Is it weird that i got KFC ad? before watching this video haha.

  • اي عربي تفرج هاذا الفديو يحط لايك 😘💜

  • 5:32 Dr. Zoidberg's comment about this challenge.

  • why the heck he eats so wierd????

  • wow....


  • I take 1 minute to eat one small part of the chicken in the burger

  • When your girlfriends home alone

  • How is he not fat?!