The FASTEST Grand Mac Meal Ever Eaten (under 1 Minute!!)

Published on Mar 10, 2018
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Following the footsteps of the challenge I did years back, I've grown up and graduated from a Happy Meal to a Grand Big Mac Meal!!!
Just seemed like a fun idea, and I've seen a decent amount of requests to do Grand Big Macs!!
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  • I watched this before my dinner and I’m officially full 😂😂😂💪🏻

  • That just made me hungry

  • Dang i want his metabolism

  • Imagine how fast he could eat yo mamas ass😮

  • Probably when I hungry and saw 3 burgers

  • Damnnnnnnnnn

  • U making me sick

  • *you gotta go super sonic speed on that burger!*

  • How you dont get fat or full?

  • The food reminds me of getting fries from McDonald's 😉😆😆😆😆😆

  • How does this dude not bite his hands

  • The thing I like about Matt is he never askes to subscribe

  • l fell bad for the grand big mac meal

  • Owh god his kidney is in great torment

  • Matt stonie VS Joeysworldtour

  • You inspire me how do you do this?

  • Teacher approaching... Sees you with Grand Mac a minute walk away

  • Can you eat pussy like that

  • Yeah dude. The more you eat the faster you get. Just like a pitcher warms up before throwing faster. Does that make you a food athlete? 😂🤔

  • I want your mouth,stomach and eating habits

  • Wtf

  • For every like this gets it will make me feel lightheaded after watching a man eat several meal that would last me a week

  • Nigga how can you fit that in yo small ass body also I like how you speed up the video but not the timer

  • Hi are you gonna eat that much cheese burgers 🍔 My parent only let me have it like once a month

  • Your killing your body. Your gonna die at a really young age

  • I enjoy watching this while dieting 🤗

  • He didnt eat the package tho😂

  • Njami very good

  • U remind me of Shaggy in scooby doo

  • I mean... Why

  • how the fuck...

  • Man Matt Stonie is a BEAST!!! 💪

  • How can you even enjoy the food when your stuffing it down like that I know it’s a challenge but dang lol

  • Then y is the damn video 8 mins

  • This is America for ya

  • Press F to pay respect to matts toilet.

  • *insert minecraft eating noises during video.*

  • Finds out he accidentally eats hair that was on his burger

  • He can eat fries under 20 seconds meanwhile I stay half an hour eating 6 nuggets and 🍟

  • When you get mcdonalds and ur siblings come around

  • My record is 3 minutes

  • Do you eat pussy like that And am not being mean but the way he eats

  • Dang how are you not fat

  • I could not even eat a McDonald’s burger for free

  • Can you eat p*ssy like that

  • Who else got really hungry while watching this Like if you agree

  • When your friend asks you if you could have some

  • *Five minutes later...* (He wasn't here to tell the story)

  • What are your teeth made of

  • Why you not fat? You ate so much

  • Why you not fat? You ate so much

  • Why isnt he getting fat

  • Oprește muzica deoarece nu se aude nimic ce spui

  • I pity him doing all the challenges (what if he suffers a conditon) :(

  • do not eat so fast this is not good for your body takecare

  • So apparently eating food fast is a accomplishment please tell me how this is cool? Honestly this is sad that you eat it really fast people eat food to enjoy not stuff it into their face just to do that like come on man. No hate by the way just saying

  • Eres bulimico definitivamente

  • De que jeito esse cara fica magro??

  • How did you not get a heart attack

  • I can't even eat one burger in 10 minutes...

  • Eating a bigmac under a a 8 minut video

  • They got rid of Supersize because of the movie

  • Matt: Eats 3 grand Big Mac meals . Eats large cheese fries . Eats a life size bowl of cookie dough with ice cream. Doesn’t gain a pound Me: Eats one snickers bar. Gains 50 pounds

  • Imagine seeing someone eat like that in McDonald's 😂

  • Animal

  • Already cold when you're halfway through

  • you should send this video to mcdonalds they will be inpressed

  • I am so hungry that I want to eat my profile

  • I wish I could do this to my pizza

  • Why tf do i watch his videos when i’m starving?? I’m literally torturing my self

  • حتي انا كملت اندوميتي في ثانيه الله يحفضني.

  • What the duck??

  • How the heck his belly is not growing

  • *NOICE*


  • Big Smoke from US-tv : Fast Food

  • This guy's stomach is black hole... 😂 😂

  • Molly would demolish that in seconds.

  • When someone ask you for your food but you don’t share and wanna make them feel bad 🙄😂

  • I can’t imagine how long it takes him to digest the stuff with the way he breathes food like air.

  • 1:10.... Check your math, that's more than 1

  • It takes me this long to eat 3 fries

  • You forgot, to eat the box.

  • He’s fucking eating like he haven’t eaten in 10 years lmao 😂

  • Why does he always close his eyes when he eats really fas😂

  • How do u not get fat :O

  • I got 48:39 seconds to eat the grand Big Mac meal

  • I beat your time 49:11

  • Take 1 1:10 04. Take2 00:59. Take3 00:48

  • I’m hungry

  • Maybe when you first start your throat starts to open more and more and it allows you to swallow more chunks after?

  • 5:17

  • omg how lol i be taking my time to avoid choking AND i still end up choking a little lol

  • When your’re lovin’ it too much


  • When i watch these videos I can't imagine watching him eat normally

  • 3:38 sounds like my dog whimpering

  • How are you not fat xD #ILoveYou

  • You need to enjoy mcdonalds

  • you're insane