The Deadliest Being on Planet Earth - The Bacteriophage

Published on May 13, 2018
A war has been raging for billions of years, killing trillions every single day, while we don’t even notice. This war involves the single deadliest being on our planet: The Bacteriophage.
Created with scientific advice and editing by James Gurney.
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The Deadliest Being on Planet Earth - The Bacteriophage


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    • Interesting, this was just on quirks and quarks on CBC radio.

    • Whaaat???

    • The problem is that a phage is highly selective which means it will kill some bacteria while not other bacteria and they could kiĺl good ones as well and leave the bad bacteria. So I think more search is needed

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  • 4:28 i love that part.

  • aww i have little pet bacteria killers on me

  • The problem with medicines and new cures is the monopoly companies that have sunk their teeth deep into politics and the health market . I believe that health system should be seen as a market but should be controlled half by private sector amd half by the government.

  • It's 3 am and I'm scared

  • got it, so phages are nazis

  • Their heads look like the triforce.

  • 4:43 is that a worms reference 😅

  • But if The bactheriofage can evolve, that doesn't mean that The bacteriofaghes can evolve and kil humans too?

  • They sound like they will evolve into anything to kill bacteria... But what if one day they said we need a bigger fish to fry...

  • Super bacteria: (gets into the human) TIME TO DIE Human: (almost dying) ohhhhh sheeeeeet Other human: (injects phage into him) Human: WHAT!!!! WHAT ARE YOU- Phage: HELO MOTHEFUKAAAAAA!!! Super bacteria: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Phage: (kills bacteria) Human: ... Phage: (looking at human cells) HEWO Human cell: sup (fist bumps phage) Human: well then.....

  • I looked at the thumbnail and thought I saw a Gem Injector from Steven Universe. Weird.

  • These are like microphages and microbiome in the gut! Yuckers🌰!

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  • World war 3

  • Nice

  • Fuck fungus. I'm allergic to penicillin and every other cillin. I'm screwed...

  • What if it evolves and finds a way to destroy human cells?

  • i don't know ..this bacteriophage makes me feel exposed and violated's like a really good villan

  • I'm paranoid now 😕

  • We should probably run computer simulations before committing to this 100%

  • Anti phages

  • Is it just me or does the phage look like the kindergarten drills from steven universe

  • The virus and bacteria can't be a friend right?

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  • What if the phages evolve to be able to hurt us?

  • do you mean the phage is not alive do you mean its dead?

  • 這中文字幕翻譯得太棒了 感謝作者

  • If I roll it, will I actually be able to use them in DnD


  • *where's the dislike button?*

  • but couldn't the bacteriophobes evolve to harm us?

  • *He is Jesus in desguise.*

  • Then they realize we are using them and they get revenge and kill us

  • Where do you get your sources?

  • They actually aren't viruses -Alice Agnew 2019

  • That whould be like anti vaxxers all over again

  • I was very interested in this until I saw the Bill and Melinda Gates tid bit at the end...kinda hard to get behind when Bill blatenly says in a Ted Talk we must decrease the population by 90%. Maybe these phages will work faster than that of antibiotics and vaccines from years past.

  • So the deadliest virus is our protector and age by age it evolves and our organism is much stronger, I think in future human will recieve one more chromosome making him post-human

  • Who is the man who got the phages? For a school project


  • If we use 2 much phages wont they evolve to maybe attack our cells which would be the most common or smth

  • скиньте ссылку на русскую версию

  • Does this mean aids can cure the cold?

  • If these two species partnership with each other then together they can end everyone welcome to the hell

  • Holy crap it's a gem drill....

  • So we basically just flip flop between phages and antibiotics every couple of decades or would phages be the new permanent antibiotic, and medicine would just be plan Z

  • Bacteria says shit

  • y'all I have a cold while watching this and am soo scared!!

  • The enemy is pharmaceutical

  • But what if Bacteriophage s evolve into killing us?

    • +AL Hmmm... interesting, Bacteriophages, indeed is like us humans, I think if it were to evolve, I believe it will take a long time for it to change. I guess we won't be able to see it alter in our generation...

    • If it did, why didn't it do it now? They're specialized. They don't affect eukaryotic cells.

  • Please phage kill the acne causing bacteria

  • the battle of survival amazes me

  • Damn that’s deep there’s a war in our fucking bodies going as I type this comment holy shit

  • This is honestly horrific But cool

  • so they're basically chestbursters?

  • If the microphage is good at killing, can it kill Ebola?

  • I hope the phages don't evolved to use human cells for reproduction.

  • More like the bacteriofag

  • The second deadliest organism on the planet utilizing the deadliest to our advantage. Doesn't that effectively make us the deadliest?

  • It looks like it’s from Steven universe in the kindergarten the giant robots that made them looks exactly like that

  • a phage kills bacterias by shoving its dick inside a bacteria

  • Yhe sure but you said that the phages are evolving too sothey evolve and evolve until they might kil us

    • 1. They're specialized. 2. Phages do not affect eukaryotic cells.

  • Thanks to the Eastern block isolation. They created that concept in medicine. The Soviets did not used antibiotics but instead bacteriophages. I guess the West had spent all it's ideas and found the solution on the East.

  • 2:07 ... A castle falls from within its walls!

  • But couldn't phages evolve to attack human cells?

    • Nope.

  • If I can give this video more than one like I would, thank you !

  • i kinda feel bad for the bacterias now...

  • when phages are gonna be completly normal cure: anti phagers come in

  • The sound tho 5:12

  • Play this in 1.25 speed. Don’t sound different but it gets the episode done quicker xD

  • Until a new type of Bacteria develops, and it eats the entire planet.

  • 5:16 Goodness. Never thought I'd hear the Wilhelm scream in a educational video.

  • This channel always reminds me how stupid humans can be

  • Why isn't this a thing yet? It's 2019 for Pete's sake!

  • Killer bacteria,defender bacteriophage!

  • It's like a never ending WW2 on a microscopic level, Very epic

  • Pharma companies are fraud and kill people for money. Depopulation Agenda

  • Imagine if phages attacked human cells?What would we do?I think we would go extinct!!

    • Good news, won't happen.

  • I love phages now

  • Fuck i hate life i wish i die to go to heaven

  • Phages can evolve like an group of sientis taking a sample and create a weapon that how phagea work

  • Played a videogame like this on ps3 Forgot what it was called Anyone know?

  • Seems Familiar. [Steven Universe Theme Plays]

  • So when the bacterial phage injects it’s dna inside a cell it’s like getting a girl pregnant?🤔

  • Sometimes the worst things are the best things

  • Worms reference 4:53

  • You're scaring me

  • Superbugs are created in america due to its stupid people

  • 2:10 so phages are it

  • Very cool ... isn't the singular of bacteria bacterium (1'37")? … Many might also argue that viruses are not beings.

  • In Eastern Europe they have been using phage treatment for years. Poland has an institute devoted almost exclusively to phage treatment. I have read somewhere that they have vials of different types of phages gathered from various sources including sewage (!)

  • Lol

  • Idea! inject a mix of phages and antibiotics for every single thing. Minor cough? Phages and antibiotics Cold? Phages and antibiotics Cancer? You get the idea

  • I really want phages to get rid of cancer. And is it possible?

  • :they are one of the most dangerous viruses in the world Me:😓 :they are living in us right now Me:😱 :but they can kill evil bacteria :😶😃

  • Phages look cute.

  • So a virus is like a immune system kill one type learnt already ded bacteria

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