The Conspiracy Of Muhammad Ali’s Fixed Fight

Published on Oct 5, 2018
Did Liston take a dive in this title fight?
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Muhammad Ali Taunting Sonny Liston
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Muhammad Ali Knocks Out Liston
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Cassius Clay hits Sonny Liston with a right
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Elijah Muhammad Listens As Malcolm X Speaks
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Clay-Liston Bout
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Boxer Joe Walcott
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Emile Griffith is presented with the Ring Magazine Belt
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Muhammad Ali And Sonny Liston
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Jimmy Cannon
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4th Annual New York Times Great Children's Read - The Great Literary Bru
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Frank Palermo Gesturing to Photographers
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Portrait of Frank 'Blinky' Palermo
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Frankie Carbo Entering District Court
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Police Carry Stretcher with Malcolm X's Body
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Elijah Muhammad giving speech, Cassius Clay, 1964
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Elijah Muhammad Among Crowd Of Followers
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Cassius Marcellus Clay (Muhammad Ali) with Black Muslim lead
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Cassius Clay, 1963 Heavyweight Title
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Sports Illustrated Senior Writer Mark Kram
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'Celebrity Fight Night X'
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Muhammad Ali
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'A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Cure Parkinson's' 2006 Benefit for The Michael J. Fox Foundation - Red Carpet
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Cassius Clay v Sonny Liston
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Daily News back page - Cassius Clay Sonny Liston Muhammad Ali
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George Chuvalo in Fighting Pose
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Ali Defeats Liston
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1964 Heavyweight Title Fight: Cassius Clay v Sonny Liston
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Cassius Clay Towering Over Sonny Liston During Boxing Match
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Sonny Liston v Muhammad Ali
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A white projector screen on a stand.
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Krays With Liston
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dangerous man
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Sonny Liston celebrates after Floyd Patterson fight
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Portrait of a young woman holding a sign in a boxing ring
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Cassius Clay, 1964 World Heavyweight Title
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Man in suit sitting at desk, two men standing behind him, portrait
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Boss smoking, gangster
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Lung cancer, X-ray
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UK, Heroin needles in abandoned hotel, Needle, Syringe, Danger
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Elijah Muhammad
Boxing Hall of Fame Induction Weekend of Champions
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Portrait of a doctor
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Muhammad Ali Hitting George Foreman
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US Currency: Wads of US bills fastened with rubber bands, close-up
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Boxing gloves and lots of cash
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Boxing: Empty professional ring with crowd
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boxing gloves hangs off the boxing ring
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Malcolm X Portrait
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Boxing ring ropes
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Boxer corner in fight club
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African boxer lifting championship belt
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dollars bills falling chroma key
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Cassius Clay beats Sonny Liston for the heavyweight boxing title in Miami Beach, Florida.
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Patrick Nagy
Rick Weller
Hector Felix


  • It hit landed perfectly on Liston's temple u dont need an awful alot of power to put someone on the canvas

  • The punch that knocks u out is the punch u dont see coming. That cross was legit and it connected and shook listons head. Check slo mo

  • If his right hand hit the neck hard and fast enough, he’d collapse at once due to the main artery that’s closer to the surface of the skin than most arteries in the body. So yes he was suppose to fall like that.

  • How have I just seen this

  • Ali was to respectful to do this so no Muhammad Ali didn’t do it

  • you can see the impact from the punch just look at the way listons head shakes.


  • Impeach trump 2019!

  • Yea watching the ufc for years I’ve seen people get knocked out from taps because they have been concussed in training before the fight plus weight cutting his head snaps back the punch landed enough said

  • In the end they threw ali in with realy young powerfull men to purposely end his carreer

  • Zoomed in you can clearly see listons head and side of the face wobble after ali threw a right which shocked liston and went down

  • "that looks like a dive'' - 2 dudes that have never watched a fight

  • I'm not taking nothing away from the GOAT ali. But this fight with Liston is fixed.

  • For those who think that Ali's knock out blow against Liston was weak, The punch Ali used in the video was what Ali called the "anchor punch" and this punch was so deceptively powerful because it was a counter to when people tried to jab at Ali's right side which made them extremely overextended and vulnerable, because of this overextension it allowed Ali to get a downward angle on his punch which made it far more powerful than it looks. This is compounded by the fact that Ali's "anchor punch" almost always landed squarely on the temple which is by far one of the best places to hit someone to knock them out. This doesn't even mention how in Liston's case he was so far overextended that his forward momentum also contributed to how hard the punch ended up being.

    • Why? The opponent also doesn't see it coming because his own extended jab obscures his view. Because of this he's unprepared for the impact of the punch.

  • Wow... These white ferries probably have not had a jab in the face before and they saying the punch was light... Lol wtf..

  • The nation of islam is a cult.

  • Maybe Muhammad ali used his martials arts skills(baki)

  • Obviously he took a dive

  • "Blinky is not blinking!!!" I'm dying!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Not true, but interisting video

  • Next mystery: Where is Shane?

  • Who tf is Zack where's the other guy

  • Y'al dudes gotta understand.. everything in our society is a business.. entertainment such as boxing is a whole business.. they had large bets so they had to fix the fight in order to make money.

  • Where's shane?

  • Has no one noticed the Kray twins stood behind Liston when they were talking about the mafia. 5:58

  • Why don't u guys do your research before posting these type of videos ?!? Liston was not born in 1932, he was a lot older than stated. He was in his late 30's-early 40's when he fought Ali.

  • You can see the recoil on his face from the hit

  • That punch Definitely hit Liston

  • Sir do you not know that the phantom punch was a counter which doubles the impact so please do more research on boxing than what you see

  • You skeptics need to watch more of Ali's fights. He has knocked out several of his opponents while dancing backwards and landing a quick right.You can easily see Liston's head take a wobble. Phantom punches don't connect.

  • Liston took a dive there is zero doubt!

  • I believe Liston was playing possum, he definintley got hit but not hard

  • You guys are tryna tell me that one punch knocked out a heavyweight boxer? That wasn’t even that hard? And who tf falls like that? That’s fake asf.

  • At 3:20 you can see 2 guys wearing glasses in the stand. Who are they? And why is 1 acting like he's being told something through a microphone.

  • BuzzFeed you're cancer. I meant to click that I wasn't interested in this video. Fight wasn't fixed. FBI says no proof it was fixed, Ref says he saw the punch, Doctors say the punch happened and liston's head movements prove it was devastating. Delete this channel.

    • So you should just trust the FBI?, Not disagreeing as the punch clearly landed but don't even cite the governments 2 cents in any matter

  • Dude you ridicule the idea of Nation of Islam threatening to cap Sonny Liston.... AFTER THEY HAD JUST CAPPED MALCOLM X!!!!

  • But people can get knocked out by a clip on the face...

  • 4:16 is that my boy Jeff Goldblum on the background?

  • That fight was fix period.

  • Ali would have still beat Liston anyway .

  • Clean connection. Liston was cracked with a perfectly time and placed punches that he didn’t see coming. You see Liston’s neck move from the impact. There was no fix. Ali landed a good shot. The camera angle made it difficult to see live. But anybody that knows what they’re watching understands what happened here.

  • Where’s *Shane?!*

  • My dads name is sonny 😂 people always spell it sunny and it makes me and my dad so mad😂 idk why

  • Mohammed Ali most certainly did have enough power to send someone to the canvas. Now, did he use that power often? No, it was more sloppy, he preferd to wear down his opponent's rather than go in for the kill, as we saw when he fought Joe Frazier.

  • These guys don't believe that Muslims are capable of murder?

  • 4.16 that guy on the left is the zodiac killer

  • ZACK

  • Nope... shoot your other guy..... where's shane????

  • My dad was a friend and sparring buddy of Liston's and maintained up to his (my dad's) passing in 2014 that Liston had been killed by the mob.

  • I think you should do a much more controversial fight "The Rumble in the Jungle" George Foreman vs Muhammad Ali.

  • Do the Chris Benoit Case plz he's my favorite Wrestler of all time and the Case is very interesting

  • B.s it wasn't fixed he got shutdown plain and simple

  • yes the Nation of Islam

  • Do brazillian ronaldo on the 1998 world cup

  • fe-brew-arey

  • ....wait,so you made a 17:33 minute video on debunking a myth But you didnt even debunk it?

  • The punch connects dude, you can see liston's head jerking after he got hit. This video is just poor. This] video is bull.

  • To people who says it is fixed: In boxing a counterpunch doesn't need much power. Accuracy matters just as much. Liston was swinging hence his weight and momentum was shifting forward, Ali just need to hit him enough to use Liston's momentum against hinself. If the punch connected to his temple or his chin, his brain would've shook his brain regardless of how strong a chin someone has. Sugar Ray Leonard was a similar fighter who lack power but makes it up with his technique and accuracy. Just because a fighter lack power it doesn't mean he can't score a knockout.

  • There ain't no theory dudes chill lol

  • NEXT mystery is how joe buck keeps his job

  • Radical Islam

  • We love Shane AND Zack


  • Nah.... Save the 17 minutes n watch the other videos on this channel instead..


  • Mike Tyson is the goat

  • The footage clearly shows him getting hit. The argument should be if it was hard enough to knock him out, which is pure speculation

  • The two persons so silly and illetre

  • Ali was an overrated loudmouth narcissist

  • That punch 🥊 was obviously 🙄 not a knock out and it was a dive

  • Sonny had a great fear of needles so it was suspicious 😒 of his needle marks

  • Blinky sounds scarier than sweetheart

  • It was a dive. Liston was a better boxer than Ali.

  • Do sonny Liston’s mysterious death next

  • There's only one way it was a dive and it was that Sonny didn't want to go on getting beat so he dived

  • White people were mad that Ali reverted to Islam and was a black man in the 60s, which is why they didn’t want to believe he connected the blow.

  • Did anyone else realize there was a guy facing the back of Ali with a camera? He has to have film/photo of Ali’s punch.

  • I could see both sides.


  • Bro Zack's reason for every conspiracy being fake is sour grapes SMH

  • Ali being connected to the NOI is interesting as they have well known connections to Freemasonry and their is a possibility that the Freemasons wanted to push the mob out of boxing, like they did with Vegas, local lotteries and with the assistance of the FBI (Hoover was a gay Mason who the mob had dirt on but eventually had to go after and did) they seem to have accomplished their goals. Which makes you wonder who the real gangsters are... Crime is not better without the Mob, it is worse. They were bad, but the mobs that moved in are worse. Even in Italy Cammora, Ndranghetta, are the power, not the "Mafia."

  • People who don’t know about Boxing shouldn’t make video about it and make false claim...Oh wait this is Buzz Feed

  • Liston's head got rocked because he went into the punch

  • Can u talk about aliens 👽 again

  • Watch forest griffin vs Anderson Silva 🤷🏾‍♂️ IT HAPPENS!! A hit on the sweet spot doesn’t need much force

  • you can see his head move when he got hit.

  • Your video is very poorly organised , without even slightest of insight.

  • What about the mystery of the roided out Steelers of the 1970’s. There’s a theory they were so dominant and won their 4 Super Bowls because they were using steroids to gain an unfair advantage.

  • If you watched SONNY head when Ali punches, you can see his head move suddenly when it gets contacted

  • I'm not saying it isn't fixed but Liston was moving into the punch and it was a lightning fast over-the-jab counter. Combined, that could very easily drop someone as they usually don't see counters coming.

  • Did anyone here see the punch from Seth Petruzelli that KOed Kimbo slice? it was a short right that looked weak, but down goes Slice, Same here with Ali- Liston it was a short corkscrew right, yeah it was enough to ko Liston. same as the Kimbo KO was the LIston KO.

  • The guy in the right side at 10:39 looks like a hybrid of Shane Madej and Liam Neeson!!!

  • He landed that right cross on liston's temple knocking his equilibrium. A punch there well disorient a person, and ultimately knock them out or put them in a daze. Most of those people calling it a fixed fight probably never stepped foot inside a ring

  • Ali is the best he hit the punch

  • Watching someone who has clearly never thrown a punch or had one thrown at him call Liston’s jab “terrible” and Ali’s counter a “weak punch” is pretty hilarious. Maybe the two least athletic guys in the world should show just a tiny bit of respect for two legends of boxing.

  • Ali clearly fades back to slip Liston’s jab, and throws a cross over the top of the jab. A perfectly placed cross, thrown by a true heavyweight, on the jaw of a man moving forward can easily knock them out. The punch clearly lands and moves Liston’s jaw when it impacts.

  • Man, he hit the hell out of Liston. That was a hard punch. Slo-mo proves it.

  • mob dont do loose ends

  • Hosts watch video and see Listons head bobble due to Ali's punch "oh yeah it's hard to tell if it connects". Lol what?? You can clearly see Liston's head react to the punch. Like CLEARLY.

  • Y'all be geeking too much